T-McBee’s Top Dozen Video Games of All Time


Some of the admins from itstailtime.net (or ITT) are starting to post their top twelve/dozen list of favourite games of all time in tribute to Gexup’s retirement of reviewing media on the internet. Here’s my Top Dozen Video Games of All Time, which I dedicate this list fully to Gexup for his last farewell on the ITT community.

As a female gamer that appreciates video games for many years, it was extremely difficult for me to just choose only twelve games. I thought really hard for this countdown and thought of the games I’d played that brought a big impact to my gaming experience. The choices of games on the list aren’t the best one. They’re just my all time favourites.

Well without further ado, let me grab the dozen games that brought an impact to my life to begin this countdown.

12. Harvest Moon 64


I know I placed Harvest Moon 64 on the 7th spot on my list of favourite N64 games, but to be honest, there is quite a personal and nostalgic vibe whenever I play this game. My closest friend who lived in my neighbourhood long ago called me over one day for me to check out Harvest Moon 64. At first I thought a game about farming was a dumb idea, but it literally changed my mind about it since I was expecting the game to have gritty 3D graphics rather than looking like a sprite game in an isometric bird’s eye view.


I immediately got my hands on a copy of Harvest Moon 64 (most expensive game I ever got) and I just couldn’t stop playing it. I always played Harvest Moon 64 for hours (maybe even for the whole day) over the summer when I was 13 years old back in 2000. I would even stay up until 4am just to play this game. I felt like there was a sense of accomplishment and a surprising factor whenever I played Harvest Moon 64, like growing crops, raising animals, extending your home, making friends from the town, making money, upgrading your utensils, and meeting the girl of your dreams so you can marry her and have a baby together.


I am aware that people always prefer Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for the Playstation 1 over Harvest Moon 64 due to its cool and necessary features for your farm. However, there was something about Harvest Moon 64 that felt more livelier, faster paced and more open to wander in town  than the PS1 version.  Sure there are glitches, some hilariously bad dialogue translation and the timer going extremely fast for working in one day (it gets pretty intense when you start the game), but I think they are flaws that doesn’t makes the game extremely sufferable. Some of the glitches in the game can actually help you out.


Harvest Moon 64 isn’t for everyone, but for a game that holds a huge gaming nostalgia from my pre-teen/early teen years, I had to put it in the top 12. My closest friend (the one who gave me her copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 to me when we were kids) got me into this series and we will definitely think about the good times that this game satisfied us with its story events and gameplay, especially those silly drunk references. You know, a game for everyone!

11. Rayman Origins


From all the Rayman games that were released, Rayman Origins is my favourite from the series. That’s right! I prefer Origins over Rayman 2, Rayman 3 and Rayman 1, especially Rayman 1 because that game was hard as hell. Screw Rayman 1! I personally believe that Ubisoft put a lot of care with Rayman Origins by bringing back the fun challenging 2D platforming days of gaming to the 7th generation of consoles, but added 4 player co-op that is done right.


I’ve always liked the art style and concept in the Rayman series for its original, European cartoon vibe. I think the odd ambience the series is known for was displayed best in Rayman Origins in the visual department. The odd vibe was also displayed through its humour, level designs and even gameplay (like slapping other players just for kicks). Rayman Origins has the option to play the level from point A to B or you can try to collect as much Lums and Electoons as possible. Collecting more Lums and Electoons gives you additional skins or unlocking the chasing treasure chest levels. Completing all the treasure chest challenges will give players tooth diamonds that unlocks an additional level that is tough as nails, but an entertaining experience overall.


The best part in Rayman Origins was its multiplayer and how it doesn’t have online multiplayer at all. I’ve always prefer inviting people over at my house to play a game together rather than playing a game with strangers who I don’t know that end up saying some “colourful” language at the game. It brought me back to a time when online multiplayer didn’t exist and inviting friends and family to your house was a fun experience instead, like Mario Kart 64 or Perfect Dark 64. Even playing the game with my close friends from high school surprisingly had fun with Rayman Origins when we played it a year ago. They aren’t usually open to games that I prefer to play more of due to different interests in gaming.


I just wish that Rayman Origins had a more satisfied ending to the additional level and other characters that you play as besides Rayman, Globox and the two Teensies, but other than that, it is a fun side scrolling platformer with such amazing 2D designs. I enjoy going back to Rayman Origins when I’m in the mood for challengingly fun gameplay and I surely cannot wait until Rayman Legends hits in stores this fall.

10. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


I know, I know! Most overrated game from the Legend of Zelda series. However, there’s going to be that one Zelda game that will get gamers to get into the Zelda franchise. For me, it was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I had to put this game on my Top 10 favourite games of all time because of its wonderful ambience and the risks Nintendo took to make their first Zelda game in 3D. It didn’t felt pretty padded as other 3D Zelda games and makes the player more like an adventurous hero through this epic adventure.


Not only that Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was a revolutionary game for 3D action-adventure genre video games, but Nintendo brought out an amazing presentation with an outstanding fantasy ambience through the locations, temples/dungeons, the music and even the character designs. I will admit that the story is basic and doesn’t age well (the story in Majora’s Mask is more fascinating for 3D Zelda games), but it is the longer gameplay, the amount of dungeons, the memorable bosses and the quite non-linear gameplay is what made Zelda: Ocarina of Time such a stunning game.


The criticisms that Zelda: Ocarina of Time gets today from gamers is mostly Navi’s shouting of “Heys and Listens” and the fishing mini-game. However, I can’t possibly ignore the great aspects about the game, even if people find those elements annoying as hell. I especially love the colour scheme and lighting on the graphics. I honestly believe the game’s atmosphere cannot compete with the remake for the Nintendo 3DS (though the details and model upgrade are slightly better in the remake). But last but not least, the introduction of playing an instrument whatever you like was a nice touch to help players solve puzzles or just play music for kicks and giggles. Try playing the Simpsons Theme with those C buttons on the N64 controller.


Whether you hate this game or find it overrated as hell, you got to admit that Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was the game that got people into Legend of Zelda. It is a game that took years for Nintendo to develop and possibly the most controversial Zelda game that had content that needed to be changed in other cartridge versions. This was the E-rated game that surely surprised many gamers in the late 90s. My copy of Zelda: Ocarina of Time shows the red blood in the final Gannondorf/Gannon fight! 😀

9. Okami


What’s really funny about my first experience with Okami is that I became easily annoyed by this game and stop a quarter away from its gameplay. I couldn’t get through the crazy gibberish talking from the characters and some of the objectives really confused me for the first time. I gave the game a second chance last year when I bought the PS3 HD version and I remember just realizing how stupid I was to judge this game harshly on just the small things. Now I understand why one of my friends from high school admired this game a lot.


Okami is a gorgeous looking game that plays like the Legend of Zelda games, but I think it is handled way better than any 3D Legend of Zelda game that has ever come out. There is an amount of space to explore to, an odd sense of humour that fits well with the game and an original combat system where the player draws out calligraphy designs in order to attack their opponents. It is really a game that you appreciate the beauty of nature and environment in the Okami universe because seriously, who knew that feeding animals can be so satisfying to do?


Besides the visuals and exploration being so magnificent in Okami, the gameplay had a good balance of difficulty and challenge with its puzzle solving and boss fights that felt exciting to play through. While I really like the presentation in this game, I do have a few nitpicks with Okami such as the later fishing gameplay objectives and not skipping the cutscenes on normal mode (some of these cutscenes can go up to more than 10 minutes). Sometimes the calligraphy designs you draw out in battle or in the 3D environment don’t respond very well and end up being a different command. Though Okami isn’t 100% perfect in its gameplay, but those flaws can’t be ignored by looking at the beauty and good aspects in the game.


It is very refreshing to play an action-adventure game starring a white wolf with a soul from the sun goddess that fights with a shield. Ameratsu herself is so enduring that she can make you smile from her wolf/doggy instincts. In fact, some of the things Ammy does in this game reminds me of my closest friend’s pet husky, which he would act energetic and playful like Ameratsu. It is a good thing that I gave Okami a second chance just because I would miss out all the cool and mesmerizing things from the game if I never got the chance to beat it. An original game concept that you should at least try it once.

8. Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando


Now, this was probably the most difficult decision I ever made when it comes to picking a favourite Ratchet and Clank game. It is too damn tough to choose only one game from the series. Even though I would prefer Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time for its storytelling and animations, but I do admit that the gameplay for the PS3 games cannot compete the ones for the Playstation 2. I always found myself being pretty satisfied in replaying Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando than other Ratchet and Clank games that have been out so far.


Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando is basically the game that improved the Ratchet and Clank series by introducing weapon upgrades, armour upgrades, arena combats, ship missions, gadget puzzles, strafing while shooting your enemies – practically all the elements gamers still see with the Ratchet and Clank series today. I personally like the wide variety this game had in terms of its gameplay and combat, especially when the game have racing missions and open world crystal searching objectives to achieve more currency. So more things to do when you’re earning more bolts!


I mention before that I like the epic vibe from the Future saga of Ratchet and Clank series, but the thing that I really miss in recent Ratchet games was the sense of humour from the PS2 games. I like the humour that Insomniac Games created for Going Commando and how it didn’t took itself too seriously, whether it is from the dialogue, the cutscenes or even just little details in the levels (like pizza ships flying around in Planet Endako). Even the story in Going Commando was surprisingly good for a mis-adventure style kind of premise. Just like Tools of Destruction and a bit of A Crack in Time, it kept the story strait to the point, except providing its trademark quirky comedy that is known to the series.


I did like the balance of easy and hard missions that was provided in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, though it did had its share of tedious missions like the second Thug Leader boss fight from Planet Snivelak. Even to this day I literally groan annoyingly at that specific boss fight. Everything else in the game satisfied me a lot that left me with great excitement from beginning to end. I forgot to mention that the Thugs 4 Less minions were very amusing in this game and I can’t wait to see those type of enemies again in Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus.

7. Kingdom Hearts


I will admit that I do like at least one Kingdom Hearts game and I’m not afraid to tell it to people. The first Kingdom Hearts game was the one game that got me to get a Playstation 2 to begin with and I still appreciate the magic and ambience that SquareSoft (known as Square-Enix today) did to develop this game. I can even defend Kingdom Hearts 1 for being one of my inspirations in creating my own original characters and writing my own stories back in high school, though not as much today when I want to be inspired by something.


The first thing that comes to mind about Kingdom Hearts is its oddly crossover concept. It starts off as a simple plot about three teenagers wanting to explore many worlds until dark creatures took over their home. One of these teenagers name Sora wields a Keyblade that teams up with two iconic Disney character to travel to many worlds to find his two friends and Mickey Mouse. Kingdom Hearts builds a grander plot scenario as players progress further to the game. I especially like when the tone of the game can be quite bone chilling in some of the cutscenes and gameplay, though there are a lot of moments that were ridiculously cheesy, even ones that were “trying” to be serious.


Not only the cutscenes and storytelling were engaging in Kingdom Hearts 1, but the level designs, music and even its gameplay just felt pretty magical compare to other Kingdom Hearts games. I don’t think gamers will ever see the unreachable shortcuts, the amount of detail in the level designs, the mushroom heartless puzzles and the unexpected moments ever in recent Kingdom Hearts games. I will agree that there are some flaws that doesn’t make this game perfect like the clunky controls, stiff camera movement and the uninspired design of the Gummi ship battles, but it something I kind of got used to once I played the game so many times. I would easily point out for I hate how randomized revisiting Monstro was. When I want to revisit Monstro, I WANT to revisit Monstro! Stupid whale in space…


Everyone criticized Kingdom Hearts 1 mostly for having Disney characters in the game. I personally was rooting for this crossover concept before the game’s original release in 2002. I am a Disney fan mainly my whole life and have always wanted to play an adventure game where you can interact with other iconic Disney characters in worlds based on Disney films. I even remember playing Kingdom Hearts with my two friends together for the first time during a snowstorm in March of 2003. Its quite a flawed game today I must say, but it combined Disney’s ambience with SquareSoft’s RPG elements that made this game concept actually worked and became a big success.

6. Kirby Superstar


The Kirby series is one of my favourite franchises from Nintendo, so I got to at least add one Kirby game on the list. I thought either Kirby’s Dreamland 2 or Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards was going to make it on my favourite games of all time, but there was something about Kirby Superstar for the Super NES that I found myself enjoying more. As a matter of fact, why avoid a Kirby game that has around 8 small games (though some are pretty short) embedded into one cartridge?


What I really enjoy about Kirby Superstar is that you are open to play a game that you aren’t forced to play in a linear format, even though you need to complete the games successfully in order to unlock more games. I also like the fact that just like in Rayman Origins, you have the option to play the side-scrolling games alone (with an AI partner if you want), or with another person in co-op mode. This game is pretty fun with some of its side-scrolling platforming, ninja style mini-games, a game racing against King Dedede and collecting treasures in a platform maze (which is my favourite from all the games in Superstar).


Kirby Superstar is a pretty colourful game with charming music and solid gameplay. The reaction gamers get when playing Kirby Superstar is easily amusing, like your partner exploding rapidly when he/she ran out of lives or hugging (or kissing) your partner when you want to heal them up. The game is one 2D side-scrolling platformer that makes you smile for the little things and I feel it brings quite an impact to the game. Even the boss fights are different from each other which provide some great challenge to them. There are ones that you really got to get serious with because it will literally kick your butt if you’re not careful, like the RPG turn base kind of boss fights. As creative those fights were, they were pretty tough to beat.


Kirby Superstar was amazing for its time when it had 8 games in one cartridge, but I have a feeling that today’s generation of gamers would possibly want more if they ever played this Kirby game. I would say that my criticism with Kirby Superstar is the controls. Don’t get me wrong, they are mostly handled well, but there are times where I accidentally press a button that I don’t mean to press. So there’s a learning curve when it comes to controlling this game. But for the most part, this game is fun as hell, whether you play it alone or with a friend.

5. Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy IX [Disc4of4] [U] [SLUS-01297]-front

I’m sure you guys are surprised by this pick since I am not a fan of Final Fantasy. However, there was something about Final Fantasy 9 that brings a lot of personal meaning to my life and how it changed me to become confident about myself. I was a shy, anti-social and a difficult person to talk to that took things way too seriously and this stress and attitude affected me mentally at one point. Back in April 2012, I received bad news that my grandmother passed away when it was my second last week of college (which I had a lot of assignments and tests to do) and FF9 was the game to calm myself down from this stress and depression. There were scenes in this game that shun a light above my head that literally changed my attitude and made me want to talk to people. Without this game, I probably wouldn’t be an admin at itstailtime.net and still be stuck in my little bubble of isolation.


Now let me put the sentimental vibe to the side and talk about the great elements in Final Fantasy 9. One would have to be the story. I never seen a Final Fantasy game that literally made me care about the characters with stand out personalities and being useful in combat (except for Quina). Speaking of combat, it’s cool that there are 4 party members that can fight in battle rather than 3  like in other Final Fantasy games. I will admit that there were some really frustrating boss battles, even times when the Trance meter got activated at the wrong time. However, I found myself getting exciting for these battles, even if the random battles can be so annoying to deal with. But then again, that’s old school PS1 Final Fantasy for you.


I think the one thing that Final Fantasy 9 doesn’t get credit for is its visual presentation. Sure the exaggerated cartoony proportions on the characters isn’t for everyone to admire about, but I personally like how beautifully rendered these characters look, whether it is in the gameplay or in the FMV cutscenes. I even like the environments from FF9 by combining medieval with steampunk designs when exploring through the many castles, towns, caves and ruins in this game. I do have to say that the environments and overall soundtrack wasn’t extremely memorable like in FF7, but for a game that has a good story like Final Fantasy 9, I somehow enjoy moving forward when spending more time on the game.


Though it throws in the typical tropes that people nitpick about older Final Fantasy games, but when developers make a game with fun characters, a good story, heart stringed moments and a beautiful presentation, you know you will have some feelings for Final Fantasy 9. There is going to be that one game that have helped people changed their lives or have some hards emotional feelings to and I believe Final Fantasy 9 is that game. Not to mention that it became my favourite PS1 game of all time.

4. Donkey Kong Country 2


It was tough to choose whether I wanted to put Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest or Donkey Kong 64. Donkey Kong 64 had a huge nostalgia factor for me in gaming when I used to play the game a lot with my older sister. But since I never got to beat Donkey Kong 64 and got pretty annoyed by some of the difficult objectives in the game, I would root more for Donkey Kong Country 2 instead. I’ve always liked the gameplay 2D side-scrolling style from the Super Nintendo in the Donkey Kong series and DKC2 really surprised me for a game sequel.


While a lot of people always liked Donkey Kong Country 1 for the game that brought these revolutionary 2D presentation for the Super NES, but I personally think Rare improved on the series with Donkey Kong Country 2 for collecting objectives, exciting bonus challenges, lost worlds that challenges the players’ skills and two game characters that move equally well. Playing as Diddy and Dixie felt faster when jumping and gliding when playing these two in the DKC trilogy, whereas characters like DK (DKC1) and Kiddy Kong (DKC3) moved slower and made the platforming a bit difficult to do.


The consistent dark theme in Donkey Kong Country 2 was nicely presented that provided many pirate themed levels in the game. However, Rare threw in other level concepts that made the game a little more exciting like castle levels, forest levels, lava levels, roller coaster levels, bee-hive levels and mine levels. I personally think the music in this game is fantastic that captured the atmosphere and levels perfectly in this game. I am aware that this game gets gamers huge raging fits in some of the levels and I do admit that there were times where I felt like the game was unfair to me. Some of the animal buddies make a comeback in the game with some newer ones in the mix, though I think the controls for Rattly the Snake could have been tweaked better.


Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest may have its frustrating moments (needing two coins to save your game? Ridiculous!), but for a DKC game that had a darker ambience and some newer additions than its predecessor made it a worthy game to check out. Even if I had to take a year break from the game to finally get the 102% completion, I still appreciate the overall package that this game offered. I remember the first time I play this game in early 2010. I didn’t had a job or didn’t went to school during that year and would play this game along with Super Mario RPG in the morning while drinking a cup of cappuccino. So every time I consume some caffeine during the day, Donkey Kong Country 2 will definitely come to mind. Oh weird nostalgia, I love you.

3. Earthbound/Mother 2


Earthbound (or Mother 2) was one of those game that got me so curious this year to know what makes everyone like this game. I missed out on Earthbound for the Super NES (it’s rare and expensive to track this game down) and I don’t have the money now to buy the Wii-U just to play this game only. I unfortunately played Earthbound recently on an emulator due to the things I’ve mentioned before, but honestly…I think it was worth it. Earthbound is a game I haven’t seen before in a JRPG that isn’t like other RPGs I’ve played in the past. It’s colourful and playful on the outside, but surreal and dark in the inside… just like some of the Kirby games.


Earthbound just has a simple concept about four kids with psychic powers that are summoned to stop a  powerful alien invasion in their world and… that’s it. It’s cool to see a JRPG that is highly inspired by western culture and how there are no fantasy/medieval themed content to its concept. It feels refreshing to play an RPG like Earthbound because it isn’t generic and can throw in some dark and mind blown things at the player. I say it’s pre-Psychonauts, but an RPG in an over top 2D sprite style. Plus I love the neighbourhood and family vibe in Earthbound because it reminded me of my neighbourhood when I was kid. I remember the time I played with my friends in my neighbourhood, bounding to have at least that one kid acting like Pokey that hung out with me and the other kids.


The battle system in Earthbound may look simple on the outside, but it can be pretty exciting in the inside, as players strategized their brain carefully to decide on the move they want to make to the unusual enemies and bosses in the game. It can kick the player’s butt harshly that will get them Game Over screens multiple times, but even if they die from a battle, the party members’ statuses keeps moving forward even after the last checkpoint. The only problem is that there is some backtracking if you gotten far from the last save point. While I have my share of moments of enemies pounding me to death many times, I somehow wanted to explore more of this suburban environment with trippy creatures and odd characters.


Now I can understand why many gamers give amount of praise to Earthbound. This is a Nintendo game that took many risks by adding surreal content in the game and I approved mostly everything in Earthbound (except for the backtracking parts). The game made me laugh, shocked, sincerely smile and even speechless with its simple visuals, catchy soundtrack, odd tone, massive world and unexpected moments. Earthbound left me with a lot of satisfaction, which also brought a nostalgia vibe from my childhood. If I ever wanted to get the Wii-U and get it for a cheaper deal, getting Earthbound from the Wii-U Virtual Console with be the first thing on my to do list. Everyone say “Fuzzy Pickles!”

2. Beyond Good and Evil


Ah-Ha! You thought that this game was going to be my number one favourite game of all time, now didn’t you? I know I’ve mentioned this game many times and praise it a lot in the forums at itstailtime.net and my guests appearances on the Boochow Radio Podcast featuring Gexup and Amuia, but I got to say it isn’t a game I see myself playing every year. Don’t get me wrong, the game was fun and was one of the games that got me invested in video games more. However, I don’t think I can give a short experienced game at the number 1 spot.

Beyond Good and Evil HD - Screenshot 5

Beyond Good and Evil is played like a 3D type Zelda game, but you play as a female reporter name Jade (one of my favourite females in gaming) tagging along with a humanoid pig and a soldier in a sci-fi world.  But that’s not all in what made Beyond Good and Evil so fascinating. The gameplay changes a bit when it throws in some stealth gameplay and other objectives in this action adventure game. I personally love the look of Beyond Good and Evil because it is not very realistic looking nor cartoony. It has its own unique style that is pretty appealing, especially with the colour scheme and lighting that is displayed on the model designs and level environments. The presentation itself just looks fantastic, especially when the game throws in something that you wouldn’t expect to happen.


 While I love the story and the surprises the game gives to the player, I cannot forget to mention about the diverse soundtrack in Beyond Good and Evil. I love the wide variety of music genres and the unique sound that Beyond Good and Evil offered. Even throwing a made up language in the lyrics of some music tracks sounded cool. The gameplay feels great from the exploration to the wide variety of objectives to achieve, though I will admit that sometimes the controls can be a bit finicky to deal with like the Looter vehicle chase missions or zooming in and out when taking a photo. But despite the mistakes that I have made when playing Beyond Good and Evil, I manage to continue on with the missions that I need to do because I was highly invested in the game.


Beyond Good and Evil starts off in a hooky fun vibe until the drastic changes happen when the game surprisingly changes its mood, even pulling on your heart strings around  the tail of the plot. It has one of the most heart warming stories that I have ever witness in a game, though it isn’t perfect due to some parts feeling too open or unexplained. Sure the game can be beaten around 5-8 hours and can be glitchy once in a while, but I’ve easily gotten used to its flaws. It’s one simple game that brought a huge impact for my love for games and made me felt close to home. Plus I can’t say no to Jamaican rhinos. They make me wanna say….”Mammago!”

1. Paper Mario


A Mario game at number one! What a surprise! I expressed my admiration for the Paper Mario games at itstailtime.net (especially the first two games) and playing Paper Mario 64 for the first time in 2008 really blew my mind away. There’s always that one Super Mario game that will relax someone from a hard day at work, at school or other busy occupations like the beach atmosphere in Super Mario Sunshine or the calming galaxy vibe from Super Mario Galaxy. For me, the pop-up storybook style in Paper Mario is the game that always eases my mind and love going back to every year.


This turn-base RPG Mario game really has an above average turn base style gameplay that even people who aren’t RPGs gamers can possibly jump to and have fun with its combat system. Its simple combat isn’t difficult to understand and the timing hits on the enemies are handled responsively better than Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. While the main story in Paper Mario is like Super Mario RPG, though it shoves the familiar tropes from cannon Mario game premises. It didn’t bug me that much since I was enjoying the cute ambience, the characters and exploration of this game. Sure, reading the bubble text from the characters can take long and can slow the game down, but at least there is enough hours of gameplay to enjoy Paper Mario.


I’ve always felt like that I was in a huge adventure discovering new worlds, meeting new and familiar characters, and getting encountered by dinky and intimidating enemies when playing Paper Mario. Every place I stumble across to brought a lot of exciting reactions for me as to what was going to happen next. Plus it is great to see an RPG that has additional things to do to advance your gameplay once you reach to Toad Town. If I wasn’t in the mood to move on with the main objective to save the seven stars, I would do something else, like obtaining stronger items and badges, collecting more star pieces, levelling up my status or earning more coins from the turn-base battles. The presentation in Paper Mario is magnificent with its pop-up book visuals and catchy music soundtrack that makes me feel happy every time I pop this game on my N64 console.


Paper Mario is one of the greatest experiences that I ever gotten from a video game. I’m so glad that I managed to get a copy of the game at an Anime convention long ago. Even though I spend 50 dollars on the game, I certainly thought it was worth the purchase. There is enough content to do in Paper Mario while at the same time gamers will get intriguing by its magical atmosphere, witty characters, colourful visuals and outstanding surprises in the overall experience. I know a lot of people like Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door more than Paper Mario, but I found some things in TTYD that lacked the magic in some parts of the game. Don’t get me wrong, The Thousand Year Door is a great game, but I’ve always liked playing Paper Mario a little bit more. if there was one game that I wanted to put in a time capsule, Paper Mario is the one that will come in mind.

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