T-McBee’s Top 10 Terrifying Moments in Video Games

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Well everyone, it’s that time of the year. The time we spook people and get into the spirit of Halloween. Last year I made a list of my Top 10 Animated Halloween Specials for the month of October. This year I wanted to do something a little different in terms of making a written countdown that is somewhat associated with Halloween. There have been scary and terrifying moments in video games, so why not do a list about it even though it has been overdone? But hey! I think it is a fitting list to make for this month.

T-McBee is here to list down my Top 10 Terrifying Moments in Video Games (Both Non-Horror and Horror Games). Here are the rules…

1. One game per franchise

2. The terrifying moment can be a cinematic sequence, enemy/boss, a game level, etc.

3. There’s going to be Spoilers on the list. So check carefully on the games that are mentioned before reading the list further.

And most importantly, these are my personal choices. Not the best ones, not the most favourites…just my choices.

Well without further ado, let’s get in the spirit of scary things and things in games making us feel disturbed to begin the list. So here we go!

10. Climbing up the Asylum Tower


Psychonauts 2012-06-20 21-44-26-46

I will not explain too much about the game segment shown above in Psychonauts because it contains many spoilers if I describe the “Asylum Tower” in complete detail. Let me just focus on the atmosphere and design aspect of this specific level location.

When players enter the Asylum Tower for the first time, he or she will feel unsettled by its abandoned atmosphere as there is no one in sight, except for rats and a creepy woman that briefly pops her head from opened ceiling and pillars. There is fog everywhere, dark rooms and absolutely no music while going through this spiral tower of insanity. In other words, the silence vibe and sick colour palette in this bizarre building made me felt quite uncomfortable. I can even admit that I was a tad bit scared the first time I played this part in Psychonauts, and that happened like almost a year ago.


The outdoor areas of the Asylum Tower isn’t something to worry about than the interior parts, but the level location still brings a disturbing vibe either way. I’m glad this place in Psychonauts didn’t lead me to an actual insane asylum. If it did…then god help us all.

9. The Chomping Piano

Super Mario 64


Oh that chomping piano from Super Mario 64…the one thing from a Mario game that made many children scarred for life back in 1996. When I got the chance to play Super Mario 64 at the age of 11 or 12 in 1998-1999, I will admit that seeing the piano chomping angrily with its sharp fangs and pounding piano key sounds made me jump out of my seat. I had a feeling something scary was going to happen, but didn’t know what the scary surprise was going to be.

“Do you find the evil piano from the N64 version scarier or the DS version?”

Many gamers are aware about the chomping piano and the outcome that it gives to the player, which is why it isn’t number one on the list. Whether it is the N64 version or the DS version, this piano with sharp teeth in Super Mario 64 is something kids don’t wanna go near to if they see a piano in real life. Too bad for those kids who are forced to take piano lessons!

8. Checking the Headless Jenova

Final Fantasy 7


Jenova from Final Fantasy 7 is a pretty messed up enemy….character…. fictional deity…whatever you want to call it. It is also a tad bit weird that the almighty Sephiroth called Jenova “mother” in an important backstory event from the game. Final Fantasy 7 in general had a lot of disturbing imagery in the game and from all the things that I felt quite disturbed was seeing the headless Jenova in Shinra’s HQ.

“Sephiroth called that headless thing with blue nipples for eyes his “mother”? He certainly got issues.”

When Cloud, Tifa and Barret sneak into Shinra’s HQ into Hojo’s laboratory to rescue Aerith and another party member, Cloud comes across a locked chamber with a headless Jenova inside. Jenova in this contraption obviously has no head with blue things on its boobs and no clothes on. I think this scene becomes disturbing when Cloud sees the thing actually moving inside the metal chamber. It doesn’t help when he goes nuts and hears the shrieking sound as he looks at the headless freak. Oh! And let’s not forget about that creepy music track that plays while Cloud bops his head in pain.

If the Headless Jenova was real, I’m sure all of us would be crapping our pants if we saw that thing in front of us. I’m sure people who played this game at a young age were really scared about this scene. However, I think it’s stupid to be scared at a headless thing in a locked chamber that cannot escape. Yup…I’m acting like Barret on this one. It is completely stupid.

7. The Shadow Creatures



Oh Ico…I will always prefer you more than Shadow of the Colossus, despite your challenging flaws and slight annoying escort task with Yorda. While Ico is a game that people wouldn’t root for, players will have to admit that Ico had one haunting vibe of isolation that makes you feel like you’re alone, but not completely alone. Once you first meet Yorda around the beginning of the game, dark shadow creatures come out of the ground and try to take Yorda away from you. So, who was overwhelmingly creeped out the first time they stumble across these shadow creatures?

The shadow creatures from Ico are quite creepy enemies that come in different shapes and sizes and appear on screen in various ways. If one of them lays a hand on Yorda and takes her into their hole of abyss, you turn into stone and it’s Game Over. The one thing that drew my attention for the shadows being terrifying were their animations. They move pretty life-like as they run hop towards the player and tries to attack him or her. I found the movements from these creatures pretty believable and it is amazing that their animations move this fluidly in a 2001 action adventure game for the Playstation 2.

“Holy mother of Jebus! Look at those mother f****** shadows move!”

These shadow creatures would have been higher on the list if they weren’t such a nuisance. When these things appeared the first time, they gave me the shivers. However, I got annoyed every time I saw these enemies on screen. In results, the shadow creatures have such great designs and amazing animations, they’re just too damn repetitive to easily make me lose interest in them.

6. Dead Hand

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


The Legend of Zelda series are know to have creepy moments, enemies and other gaming elements placed into their games. I believe Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask were the superior Zelda games that pushed the limit of haunting moments and ideas in the series (Twilight Princess had some haunting moments too, but I found it less scary just because I was older when I played the game).  While making this list down, it was hard to choose one terrifying Legend of Zelda moment. However, I’m sticking to my childhood/pre-teen gaming nightmares with Dead Hand from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Basically the concept for Dead Hand is just out of place and unsettling for a Zelda enemy, even if you see this thing twice in the game. Coming across in fighting Dead Hand is weird since the first thing you see are many long stretched hands raised in the air. Getting close to one of the hands will grab your face and that’s when the blob-ish freak with fish fins and the long ass jaw will come by and bite you. Like the chomping piano from Super Mario 64, I’m sure many children or possibly pre-teens were terrified by this enemy/mini-boss.

“Ewww… stop wobbling towards me with your head in the air and bloody hands! That’s why you can’t get yourself a girlfriend.”

Designs with blob-ish figures and long massive jaws can really creep the living hell out of me and seeing the two combined into this one video game enemy disturbed my little mind at the age of 11. Dead Hand isn’t number one on the list just because my experience in playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time so many times made me found the thing less scary. You hear that Dead Hand! I’m not afraid anymore!

5. Zombie Squirrels

Conker’s Bad Fur Day


Conker’s Bad Fur Day is one hell of a surprising game that Rare had put out for the N64 with its adult content and controversial humour. Besides the game making many players laugh so hard with its immature comedy, who knew that Rare would also make players get scared by the game too?..Or at least in one level.

The Spooky Chapter is filled with haunted elements like the eerie music and the Bram Stoker’s Dracula parody reference. However, the addition of moaning, psychotic zombie squirrels really tops up the terrifying vibe in this chapter from Conker’s Bad Fur Day. All those cracking bone sounds and brain eating munches on Conker’s head makes these furry zombies a complete threat. Sure, you may think zombie squirrels aren’t scary, but think again when trying to shoot these creeps in the head with somewhat difficult controls.

Time to take some zombies down… (singing) with my shotgun!

I will admit that shooting the zombie squirrels are easy to take down the first time with all those tombstones around. Players can jump on the tombstones and shoot the zombies from there if they aren’t too confident to shoot them from the ground plane. However, inside the mansion is where things get tough to pass through these furries from the dead. They would have reached number one if they weren’t so many of them with their annoying growls.

4. The Descendants

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune 


Oh Uncharted, I thought you were going to be an adventurous game like Indiana Jones, which you were in a way. That is until you pulled out these creepy gollum creatures unexpectedly and made the near end tail of the game like Resident Evil. I was somewhat on a roll in my first play through of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, but it lead me to hesitation once I encountered the Descendants for the first time.

Playing the 18th and 19th Chapter of Uncharted literally made me sing out loud while stumbling across the trashed abandoned hallways and rooms through the bunker. I carefully check through every crook and nanny to hit one of these Descendants down and these segments aren’t a place to speed through since there could be one Descendant that can sneak up on you out of nowhere.

Oh Chapter 18 and 19…the levels that made me never want to replay this game again.

Despite the Descendants being terrifying creatures, I do admit that they play quite an interesting role in the story for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. They wouldn’t reach number one on the list by the fact that I was at the right age to play Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, even though I am not going back in playing this game for a long time due to these creepy white freaks.

3. No Face and His Backstory

Twisted Metal Black


Okay…Twisted Metal Black isn’t a game I couldn’t go back to due to its terrible controls and difficult gameplay (literally numbed my thumbs the last time I played it) . However, I will have to say that the game had a disturbingly set of strange characters going in a death match car combat, including having interestingly unsettling backstories for each character. It was a bit tough to choose one that was messed in the head or was completely creepy, but there was something about No Face that I found terrifying in both appearance and his past.

Sure, No Face’s stitched up eyes and mouth face is terrifying enough, but how he ended up this way puts the icing on the cake for his creepy matter. Before his freak accident, No Face was once a boxer named Frank “The Tank”. Unfortunately, he got brutally defeated in one boxing match with a broken jaw and nose, which made him end up in a cheap hospital that he could only afford.

Ever been afraid of going to the doctors for a check-up or surgery? Well, you’re certainly not going to like the actions the doctor does to poor, bruised up Frank in this game.

The Following Video Below Contains Spoilers

the story…of No Face.

I seem to find No Face’s backstory somewhat believable as there have been real disturbing stories about bad doctors doing unwanted surgery on people, except I haven’t found an article that had a brutally unsettling story like No Face’s surgery. No Face is both to me an creepy character for his face, but also somewhat sympathetic for what happened to him. It wasn’t his fault that the doctor sliced his tongue out of his mouth and ripped his eyes out of his sockets, especially when he did it in spite just because he lost amount of money for betting on the wrong boxer.

The 2001 graphics and animations in Twisted Metal Black do not age completely well (especially seeing those cartoony looking eyes on the doctor’s tray), including asking many questions to No Face’s character like “If he has no eyes, how in the hell can he drive?” or “How can he speak if his mouth is all stitched up?”… “Is No-Face like Dare Devil?”. While I do admit that some plots were far fetched or never explained well in No-Face’s tale, but there is still many creepy elements when you play as this character. What did we learn today kids? Do your research and don’t be cheap before getting into surgery.

2. Poo’s Mu Training



Now, this specific pick from Earthbound is an odd choice since there aren’t scary elements or enemies to this scene. Earthbound did had a lot of disturbing moments and if I had to choose one, Poo’s Mu training had to be the one that shocked me the most. This scene is scary in a gamer’s perspective as you accept Mu’s words and see your HP going down. You think this is all a trap, but with no other objectives to do in Poo’s homeland, you have no choice but to do this task and just hope for the best.

Everyone seem to like talking about Giygas when it comes to creepy moments from Earthbound, but I find the Mu training to be pretty unsettling. It caught me completely off-guard when I saw Prince Poo (funny name, I know) meditating on a lonely island and setting his mind to the place of nothingness. The floating head of Mu tells the young prince some dark things like tearing his arms and legs and feeding it to crows, which you need to accept his advice. Then the sound is off once Mu cut off Poo’s ears and only seeing a black screen once Mu tear off his eyes. All that’s left is your mind and you’ve completed your training! Yay!

“A simple scared concept that didn’t need creepy monsters and disturbing music. Good work Ape Studios!”

Sometimes less equals more when it comes to thinking of any concept that will amuse the gamer. Poo’s Mu Training in Earthbound really pulled it off with making a simple idea that will scare the players. Though it isn’t number on the list, but I got to give this moment credit that it was immersive and brilliant for its time back in 1995. Accepting death is everyone biggest fear…

1. Corroder’s Entry Cutscene

Clock Tower 3 


That’s right! A scene from a horror game made it to the number one spot on the list, even though I am not a fan of the horror genre what so ever. Depending on the subject matter for the story concept, I either find the horror genre overall too scary or too stupid in my perspective. While I haven’t played Clock Tower 3, but I did watch one of my best friends play this game at a sleepover party back in high school of 2003. The first thing that shivered my spine about Clock Tower 3 was the cinematic scene of Corroder’s entry and here’s my reason why I found this cutscene terrifying for years.

The first thing that Alyssa sees while hiding behind some things is a old blind woman coming in the room talking to a middle age man also known as her son. The middle age man gives his mother a scarf, which provides a touching moment between the two character. This makes players say “Awww, this is simply heart warming”. Then out of no where, this crazy psychopath with a gas mask on beats the living hell out of these people, put them in a tin drum and pours gallons of acid on them while they are burning alive. My god Corroder! Seems to me that you had family issues as a child or something.

“Way to ruin a heart-warming scene you son of a b****!”

Seeing this cutscene from Clock Tower 3 now does feel hooky with its English dub voice work (surprisingly the scene in Japanese is more believable than the English voicing), but back then it scared the living daylights out of me. I was terrified being alone or going in my basement at night for days after watching that game cinematic sequence. It even took me years to finally not be afraid of the Corroder’s entry scene. This sequence really scared me completely with the concept of how these two individuals got killed, the way this scene was storyboarded and the dim lighting in the room the characters were set in really captured the moment right. Those are the reasons why the Corroder’s entry cutscene in Clock Tower 3 made it to the number one spot.

Oh by the way, do you know what’s even more disturbing about the Corroder character? His character was inspired by John Haigh, who was an English serial killer in the 1940’s that disposed his victims with sulphuric acid.


Hope you aren’t terrified even more. So…ummm…


Enter Jack

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