T-McBee’s Favourite Video Game Sidekicks

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Welcome to a new list of T-McBee’s Favourites! Today, I’ll be listing down type of game characters that can play a bigger role than the main heroes- The Sidekicks! So sit back and enjoy a good read of T-McBee’s Favourite Video Game Sidekicks.

Keep in mind that the choices you see here are my personal favourites and have to be characters that I am pretty familiar with. So, if you don’t see some or any of your favourites on my list, you’re welcome to mention your favourite video game sidekicks by leaving a comment below or in the forums at itstailtime.net.

So let’s grab our partner and Dosey Doe to begin this list of T-McBee’s Favourites. So here we go!

Murray the Skull

(Monkey Island series)


Oh goddammit Murray! You can’t leave Guybrush alone with your attempts of trying to sound spooky, now, can you? However, you’re one heck of a humourous bone head.

Thanks to Hannu for letting me be part of his Let’s Play of The Curse of Monkey Island (which we will finish it someday), I wouldn’t have added Murray the Skull on my list of favourite sidekicks. Though he isn’t with Guybrush all the time in the Monkey Island games, but he pops up once in a while to help Guybrush solve puzzles or trying to torment him with his “scary voice”. He’s just an over the top character with a lot of great laughs, even in a sub-par Monkey Island game, he can be hysterically entertaining.

Look at those bouncing and spinning moves Murray makes in Escape from Monkey Island!


(Jak and Daxter series)


In my opinion, Daxter from the Jak and Daxter series is decent at best. I say this because he’s a cowardly jerk ass that shows too much of his ego and can act annoyingly rude to others, including his best buddy Jak. However, he’s one comic relief sidekick that does make the dialogue of the games entertainingly funny. Without Daxter, the series would feel way too serious and completely dull.

I personally prefer Daxter’s humour and character in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy the best, only because he seemed to have a point to act rude to others after being changed into an Ottsel (half weasel and half otter hybrid) from falling into a pool of Dark Eco. Plus the town villagers and Samos do not give him any respect what so ever. In the sequels he was okay, but at least he showed some care and bravery for Jak and the other characters near the end of the games, though it’s pretty rare to see from this wise cracking rodent.

Though I do have this love/hate relationship feeling when it comes to seeing Daxter on the screen, I will say that whoever animated him sure had a fun time bringing the character to life. His model design, animations and sometimes his comic relief is what makes this sidekick entirely fun.

P.S. Who had “Timon” from The Lion King in their heads when they spotted Daxter for the first time? You know you’re not the only one who thinks of it! 😉


(Jet Force Gemini)


Lupus from Jet Force Gemini is perhaps the most underrated video game sidekick on my list. There aren’t to many significance elements to Lupus besides being a canine companion that has a gun…attached to its back… that can shoot out rockets, automatic bullets and other explosives. Now that is pretty bad ass for a small pup!

I cannot forget to mention that he was the coolest character to choose from out of the three playable characters. Juno maybe the main leading character in Jet Force Gemini, but he ain’t as awesome as Lupus in my opinion. This dog can hover in the air without breaking a sweat! Some may compare him to Rush from the Megaman series, but since I am not highly familiar with Megaman, I guess I’m okay liking this pup from this overlooked Rare title.


(Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch)


Here’s another underrated video game sidekick, though this one admits that he actually wants to be a sidekick for the main hero. Mr.Drippy is a Welsh speaking fairy like creature with a wise and bold attitude that he is perhaps the most memorable character in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. He was put into a curse by Shadar, who turned him into a doll in his world until Oliver owned the doll. Oliver broke the curse by weeping on the doll, which brought Mr.Drippy back to life. Don’t ask me how that was possible, but my guess would be magic on this one.

Mr. Drippy somewhat helps the player in battle by dropping HP and MP orbs in the battlefield. Later in the game he obtains a special ability where we heals everyone in the party, though it is set to random when he activates this ability. Besides teaching the player to go through the tutorials and healing your party once in a while, there isn’t anything else that Mr.Drippy can do when helping you in battle. He even has the gull to jump around like a moron when you get a game over. Such a bastard that Mr.Drippy is!

I will admit that some of the things Mr.Drippy says is cruel for a whimsical like character, but you get easily fond by his Welsh accent and ridiculous animations, which I got to say that the things that he does made me smile like a happy doofus. Like seriously! What was the deal with him wearing that hat during that touching father/daughter moment!?! Way to ruin an emotional scene and made it hilarious, Mr.Drippy!

Overall, Mr.Drippy was a completely memorable sidekick, even if he doesn’t look like a fairy – I mean, “High Lord of the Fairies” as he calls himself.

Agent Ford Cruller



Senior citizens have the traits of being senile, stubborn and just impatient to be around with, but keep in mind that they hold the most wisdom than any age group in the world. Agent Ford Cruller from Psychonauts does act as a forgettable old loon from the surface world (or more like his copies), but the real Cruller is very knowledgeable inside his hidden sacred hall, thanks to the massive powerful rock that hold his mind together. He’s a secretive figure that trains Raz to become a true Psychonaut.

Cruller provides helpful items and tips when Raz (or the player) feel stuck in an objective. With all the information he gives to Raz, it engages the player to continue on in his adventure. Think of him as Navi from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but not annoying and more comical instead. Let’s not forget that he likes bacon and giving a piece of bacon to Raz was an oddly great device for useful tips or to transport back to the sacred hall. Gotta love that bacon!

Interesting Fact!


Did you know that the same voice actor of Agent Ford Cruller also voiced Clank from the Ratchet and Clank series. It blew my mind the first time I heard that David Kaye voiced this character.

Ford Cruller was a unique sidekick that focused more on wisdom and strategy than brawn and fighting. He had made me laugh a few times the first time I played Psychonauts and he’s the one character that can literally pop his head out of Raz’s ear when help is needed…. Gross.

psychonauts rasputin agent ford cruller 1920x1080 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_16

Old man has a thing for ear wax or something…

Bentley and Murray

(Sly Cooper series)


Sly Cooper maybe one thievish raccoon, but he wouldn’t do the heists alone without his close pals, Bentley and Murray. Describing this sidekick duo is like Donald Duck and Goofy from the Disney cartoons or just two very best friends that will do anything for the hero. Bentley and Murray provide such witty remarks and silly antics, but they surprisingly develop different roles and motivations in later Sly games, like how Murray stops becoming a brawn fighter of the Cooper Gang after witnessing a characters’ critical accident.

As you can tell that Bentley is the brains of the Cooper Gang, while Murray is the brawn of the group. Both characters provide different traits and abilities that are useful to specific heists. Bentley uses his hacking computer skills and dart gun, while Murray relies on slamming and punching attacks. These two have made me laugh once in a while with their silly catchphrases and dialogue, especially Bentley telling Sly the controls in the first level of every Sly game. It’s great that there is a decent balance of comedy and drama with this cartoony sidekick pair. Speaking of cartoony sidekick duos, here’s another one…

Donald Duck and Goofy

(Kingdom Hearts series)


Have you always wanted to team up with iconic Disney characters in a grand adventure? Teaming up with Donald Duck and Goofy would literally be a dream come true if that ever happened!

When Kingdom Hearts was announced in 2002, I was amazed by the overall adventure of the game and how cool it was for the main hero Sora to hop onto many worlds with Donald Duck and Goofy. Like watching the Disney Cartoon Classics, Donald and Goofy always brought a smile to my face whenever I see them doing something comical, fun and even thoughtful things on the screen. They definitely showed those actions throughout their adventures with Sora, Riku and the other characters in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

What’s different about Donald and Goofy’s roles in Kingdom Hearts compare to them in the animated shorts, films and TV shows is that they are less comical and have more fantasy elements embedded in their traits. Donald is a wizard that uses magic spells in battles, while Goofy’s knightly skills relies on melee and defense attacks. They know when to help the hero out, though I don’t think their A.I. wasn’t the greatest, especially when wasting healing potions at the wrong time during a battle. What’s wrong with you guys!?! Thanks for wasting a good amount of elixirs, you dumbasses! But what the hell! I still think you’re awesome despite your stupidity. 😛


(Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)


Link had his share of annoying fairies or one dimensional partners by his side over the years in the lands of Hyrule or other adventurous places. Although there was one sidekick that Link team up with who had an interesting role. That’s right! I’m talking about the twilight imp, also known as Midna.

The first I met Midna as Wolf Link, I thought I was going to hate this character due to her rude and snarky attitude. However, the more time I progressed through the game to go further with the story, the more I cared about Midna as a character. She’s the one sidekick I know that bonds a strong friendship with the main hero and that she can help Link attack enemies (or at least in the Twilight world).

Sure, Midna from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess had some rude moments, but her plot of the story and her dark impish look easily made her an appealing sidekick. She is definitely my favourite partner from the Legend of Zelda games so far and it is a real shame that she only appears in this game. Way to go to get rid of a cool character Nintendo….Way to go! 😛


(Chrono Trigger)


Chrono had many allies teamed up with him in Chrono Trigger and they were all cool in my books. However, if I had to choose one of them, I would definitely pick Chrono’s best friend, Lucca. With her inventing skills, fire abilities and her knowledgeable thinking, Lucca was the girl that can fix machinery things when her, Chrono and the others needed help. Seriously! It’s best to have a smart person by your side and Lucca was the gal to mostly save the day.

There’s even an interesting back story to Lucca’s childhood in Chrono Trigger that proves her decision to become an inventor as a kid had changed her life for the better or for the worse, depending on how the player succeeds on this one and only objective. She even bonds a strong friendship with the robotic ally named Robo, who she had showed him the meaning of human emotions. I would have also gone with Robo or Frog as my favourite sidekicks in Chrono Trigger, but there was something about Lucca that drew my attention more. Must be her purple hair and nerdy glasses. 😛

But seriously though, Lucca had a witty attitude and one creative mind to think of so many inventions, including a Japanese singing robot and a time traveling machine. At least she had accomplished some things that people will remember her by.

 Vivi Ornitier

(Final Fantasy 9)


If I had to choose an ally/partner/sidekick in the Final Fantasy universe, there is no deny that I would choose Vivi from Final Fantasy 9. Not only he is adorable and can summon strong magic spells, but his role in the game makes him possibly one of the most heartbreaking characters that I have ever seen in Final Fantasy.

Vivi is like the ticking time bomb of the ally that his race has a time limit to when they can survive to exist in the real world. To make the matters worse, the race that Vivi is associated with are created to do evil objectives, which Vivi is the complete opposite of that. He’s shy, gullible and just a curious individual to know more about his existence. He had his share of feeling too scared and being the damsel in distress at times, but there were moments where Vivi showed some bad ass moves and became truly confident for his actions.I could tell more about Vivi, but it would lead to major spoilers for those who haven’t played Final Fantasy 9 yet.

I always liked using Vivi in my party group not only for his cuteness and role in Final Fantasy 9, but he is the best character to use in battles and boss fights. I’m sure younger gamers recognize Vivi from Kingdom Hearts 2, but Vivi in that game is just… Meh! So if you really want to get introduced to this adorably bad ass character from games by Square-Enix, check him out in Final Fantasy 9. You will not be disappointed.


(Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie)


To those who aren’t familiar with the Banjo-Kazooie franchise, think of Banjo’s flying sidekick Kazooie, as the female bird equivalent of Daxter from Jak and Daxter…but funnier and more adventurous. This bird with an attitude knows how to insult characters in a hilariously, crude way that would make players chuckle with laughter. It’s also great to see that a sidekick like Kazooie has a craving for adventure and wants to kick Gruntilda’s butt unlike her kind, lazy partner Banjo.

As a matter of fact, Kazooie has better attributes for a sidekick than the hero does. Majority of the attacks that Banjo and Kazooie use are mostly done by Kazooie and both the original and sequel of the franchise would have been completely dull if she wasn’t around. Sure, she doesn’t have a deep back story or other heart inspiring elements like some of the other sidekicks I’ve mentioned previously. She’s just a wise-cracking bird that just makes players laughs. Not to mention that she gets transformed into a dragon in the sequel, which is pure awesomeness in my books.

Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong

(Donkey Kong Country series)


The Donkey Kong games had some likeable sidekicks, from Donkey Kong Country with Diddy Kong to characters like Lanky and Chunky Kong in Donkey Kong 64. It was extremely difficult for me to choose only one sidekick from this franchise, but I took a leap of faith and picked both Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong. These two started off as partners in the Donkey Kong Country trilogy and had a role of being the heroes once in the sequels.

Diddy Kong was the young cool kong that could run faster, jump higher and do crazy cartwheels moves to attack his foes. He also provided a jet pack move and a pop gun weapon in later installments, which became running attributes for Diddy. Dixie on the other hand was the girl kong that could glide in the air with her banana shaped ponytail, including having the strength to carry a fat baby like Kiddy Kong to throw him up onto higher platforms. Not to mention that she could play the electric guitar so radically amazing whenever she cleared a level in Donkey Kong Country 2.

Overall, I think Diddy and Dixie Kong are really outstanding sidekicks that seem to stand out better than the other characters. They’re like the Tails and Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog, which both Diddy and Dixie are the sidekicks that made the Donkey Kong franchise more memorable than ever. I’m so glad to see that these two are going to be together to help Donkey Kong once again in the new game, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. I can’t wait to try that game out someday!


(Ratchet and Clank series)


Of course I got to add Clank from the Ratchet and Clank series in my favourites, for this small robotic pal sure had developed differently over many sequel instalments in the franchise. Clank started off his adventure in the original Ratchet and Clank by being created in a robot factory under the name of the greedy Chairman Drek. Years later until A Crack in Time was released, players found out that Clank is the son of Orvus, who controls time in the Great Clock. Clank had other events happening to him in the games, like starring in a fictional spy TV series called Secret Agent Clank. These multiple roles is one of the reasons why I find Clank far more interesting than Ratchet.

Clank’s gameplay changes differently, though all of them relies on puzzle solving in his segments. He has the ability to control tiny robots following him, wielding a Chrono scepter to fight off enemies, throw time bombs to slow down things…Basically this little bot can do many things, including being an extra glider or jumper to the hero’s jump move.

While Clank can be a bit bland or too goody good in his personality, but there are many things to appreciate this sidekick, whether its his dry humour, gameplay, role in the stories or just that cute laugh of his. Oh man! I can’t forget about that chuckle whenever I talk about Clank. It is just adorably cute!


Makes me squeal like a young teenage girl every time! 😛


(Beyond Good and Evil)


As much as I love Jade from Beyond Good and Evil, I will say that I have strong feelings towards her sidekick/family friend Pey’j. Pey’j is a humanoid pig that has raised Jade for mostly all his life and there is a strong family bond between him and Jade. I would even say that sometimes Pej’y reminds me of my own father. He almost has the same stubborn, yet jolly-like personality as my dad, except my dad is more bold than Pey’j is. Not to mention that he’s got some witty dialogues to boot! Once again, it easily reminds me of my dad!

Besides Pey’j’s personality and look being so darn likeable, Pey’j is also a mechanic type of character,  who can open metal gates or fix elevators with his trusty wrench. He’s even an inventor with his special Jet Boots, which it had helped him fight off foes or to help Jade get onto higher platforms. He may not be strong in battle like the other sidekick Double H, but I feel like that his variety of attributes and attitude makes him easily memorable.

In results, Pey’j is a helpful and wonderful sidekick. I really like his voice, design and just his role in the game, which left me pretty speechless many times to really care about this character so deeply much. Though he doesn’t stick with Jade in the entire game, but players will feel strongly attach to Pey’j when they realize that this adventure holds something more precious for Jade besides stopping a government conspiracy.


(Super Mario series)


There has been so many characters and sidekicks that had helped Mario in his adventures. However, if there was one partner from the Super Mario games that I had to choose as my favourite sidekick of all time, I would definitely pick Yoshi. Sure, I may have gone with Luigi for this decision or maybe obscure characters like Mallow (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars) or Vivian (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door), but Yoshi was the one video game character that brought a huge impact for my love of games and use of imagination when I was a kid.

When I first saw Yoshi in his debut from Super Mario World, I went nuts and wanted to control Mario riding this dinosaur creature like a noble steed. I had a huge interest in dinosaurs back in second grade, so seeing Yoshi obviously made me love this game character a lot. Yoshi is a cool and cute sidekick that eats up enemies, flutter kicks in the air and plays like an extra life for the player. Sure, he had his share of disappointing roles in some Mario games or games he starred in, but you can’t deny that you always want Yoshi by your side or want to play as Yoshi in other Nintendo games like Mario Kart 64 or Super Smash Bros.

Yoshi is not only one of my favourite video game sidekicks, but also one of my favourite video game characters… Ever! His cute talk and adorable nature makes me all cuddly inside every time I see him on screen (unless I get too competitive and have to ditch Yoshi sometimes). Even if he’s pooping out eggs and throwing them at enemies, I will still be charmed by this character. Yoshi is one unusual, but cute sidekick that I will always remember from my experience with video games.

Those are my choices of Favourite Video Game Sidekicks. Stay tune in the future for another list by T-McBee in T-McBee’s Favourites. Take care y’all!

P.S. I don’t know why I’m talking like a Southerner in some of these paragraphs. Must be drunk on something. 😛

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