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Howdy Hey Everyone! I got a new Favourites list up!

A few days and weeks back, I’ve listed my favourite Video Game protagonists and sidekicks. Those character types in games are important, though there is another character type that is also very important in gaming. That’s right! I’m talking about the villains! In today’s post of T-McBee’s Favourites, I’ll be naming and explaining some of my Favourite Game Antagonists.

I’ll be completely honest with you… as important villains are in video games, they don’t really spark my interest unlike the heroes and sidekicks do. Not sure why, but I guess that cliche vibe of always rooting for the protagonists for many years just makes me care less about the bad guys, but not entirely. Therefore, thinking about my personal favourite game villains for this written blog was pretty tough to do. But despite all that, there are a few that drew my attention when playing an iconic game or game series.

Well without further ado, let me go evil on your ass and cause havoc to the world to begin this Favourites list…though not literally of course. 😛

Majora/Skull Kid

(Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)


And you thought I was going to put  Gannondorf/Gannon as my favourite Legend of Zelda villain, didn’t you? Well I gotta say, when I first played Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, I will admit that Majora was one bone chilling villain that actually had a more disturbing plan than any other Legend of Zelda villain. He takes a moon with a scary face and make it crush down the world within 72 hours… Now that’s pretty messed up.

Majora shows little as to why he’s doing this except for the fact that the mask was part of an evil ritual that’s still anonymous about Majora’s origin. However, he uses Skull Kid’s body to cause trouble around Termina Fields, including turning a young man into a small kid a few days before his wedding. His presence of being evil is what makes Majora unstoppable. He maybe possessing a body to cause trouble in Clock Town and other locations, but Majora’s true identity is more menacing and disturbing than ever, with multiple weird transformations he’s got. Oh and did I mention he’s using a scary moon to crush the Earth? 😛

Sometimes it’s great to see a villain that is just evil because they were made by evil, and Majora was an enemy that was created with a mysterious and disturbing presence. Good to see that Nintendo took a risk to use a new villain for this Zelda game. At least Majora with the skull kid’s body would do some funny actions in the first hour of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, like taking Link’s ocarina and having fun playing a single note on it. At least he had his share of having fun once in a while.


(Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie)


Gruntilda from Banjo-Kazooie has the most typical witch concept that you will ever come across in a game. However, the one thing that made this wicked witch entertaining were her comical rhymes and determination of getting rid of the bear and bird. She doesn’t know when to quit and will even stop Banjo and Kazooie if she’s nothing but a skeletal figure or a head in a jar. No matter how many times she gets crushed or trampled on, she will bounce back. So I basically like how she still continues her job after dealing with lots of psychical damage.

Gruntilda was a pretty memorable villain who had kidnapped Banjo’s sister to steal her beauty, including killing off one of the side characters in Banjo-Tooie. Plus players got to know the character better in the first game when her good sister Brentilda revealed juicy and mean gossip about Gruntilda. Wow, you’re an a-hole to your sister, Brentilda! Don’t tell people that she can perform a scary striptease as one of her party tricks! …This game got an E-Rating!?!

Overall, I feel like that Gruntilda is like the female version of Bowser, who just comes back every time to stop the heroes so can reach to her main scheme, except she provides a more hilarious personality than Bowser does. Speaking of Bowser, look who had made it to my list of favourite video game antagonists!?!…


(Super Mario Bros. series)


Yes, we are aware that Bowser doesn’t know when to quit sometimes. He always kidnaps Princess Peach and lets Mario clobber him down in the end. But to give Bowser a little credit, he provides a fun personality and sometimes intriguing motivations in the Mario games, like the RPG style games such as Super Mario RPG or Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. Sure, he’s clumsy and shows his massive ego too much, but at least he’s has his moments of doing something comical in the series. Take a look of some of these for example:

Bowser’s iconic “trying not to pee” dance in the N64 Mario Party games.

Look at those spinning arms go at 2:45!

Bowser is just a simple dragon/monster villain with a bully attitude. He may not be the most deepest villain to admire nor the one of the most clever villains in video game history, but his evil ways and hybrid design is what I find Bowser memorable. And once in a while you would feel sorry for the king sized turtle monster that just wants to claim victory over the hero, even though that’s never going to happen. Bowser isn’t the villain that cannot be taken too seriously, but he had his bad ass moments of growing twice as big to crush Mario down.

The Queen



The Queen from Ico is a simple villain that just wants to use her daughter for her own selfish needs. She may be a simple villain right out of a dark fairytale story, but it’s her haunting appearance is what draws my attention to this video game villain. She just gives me the chills every time I see her on screen, especially that theme song of hers. Everyone who had seen my video of my Top 10 Character Themes in Video Games, you know I ranked her theme song at the runner up spot.  It still remains high today for my personal favourite character theme songs in games.

Oh god! This song is giving me the shivers!

The Queen is shown only three times in Ico, but it simply doesn’t bug me since this antagonist is suppose to have a mysterious vibe overall. Her main objective in the game is to use her daughter Yorda as a spiritual vessel since her old body is slowly falling apart. So therefore, she needs the new one in order to live longer. She looks like the queen that wouldn’t do much besides commanding her minions to do the work for her. However, she can defend herself and provides powerful attacks that Ico cannot easily defend, like her destructive force field in the last battle.

In results, The Queen is just a simple evil character with a cool ambiance whenever she appears. Like I always say, less equals more!




Oh Kessler…oh goddamnit Kessler! You are that kind of villain! The villain that confuses the protagonist with your crazy riddles, life/death choice situations and convoluted reasons to torment poor Cole McGrath. It’s really hard to explain what Kessler’s motivation is without giving away some huge spoilers from the story, though there is a reason why he’s doing this in Infamous.  Let’s just say that he is a bitter man with an unfortunate past that provides better lightning abilities than Cole does.

I always find the hooded type villains in games or any fictional storytelling to be fascinating since they are shown as anonymous individuals that you know that they’re doing something wrong, but you’re always wondering what they look like underneath that hooded coat and/or jacket. Sometimes the reveals with these type of characters can be a let down, though I personally think the design for Kessler was acceptable since it fitted extremely well with the plot.

Even if Kessler displays a lot of negativity whenever he appeared or talked to Cole in Infamous, but deep down inside he does care about him and the quarantine environment that Cole and the people he’s close to have to live in from now on. Hmmm…I wonder why?

Romulous Slag and Rusty Pete

(Ratchet and Clank Future Trilogy)


From all the Ratchet and Clank villains that I would choose from, it would definitely have to be Captain Romoulous Slag and Rusty Pete from the Ratchet and Clank Future trilogy. Some fans may think that these two don’t count as villains now they don’t do evil things after A Crack in Time, though the pirate duo did try to defeat Ratchet and his buddies a few times in both Tools of Destruction and Quest For Booty. After all, pirates are ruthless scallywags always doing reckless things.

Captain Slag and Rusty Pete are just my favourite Ratchet and Clank villains because they just provide the best dialogue in the series ever, as well as still doing evil pirate things outside of stopping Ratchet and Clank. Come now! If you didn’t laugh at Romoulous Slag’s confession of stabbing a man over a cheeseburger and didn’t want it in A Crack in Time, then I don’t know how you wouldn’t laugh at a quote like that. I thought it was funny, though I guess I have a bit of a mess up sense of humour to enjoy that joke. 😛

Normally people would root for villains like Chairman Drek, Percival Tachyon and Dr.Nefarious as the best villains in the Ratchet and Clank series, but I personally thought Captain Slag and Rusty Pete were the most entertaining villains in the series by far. They were charming, funny and overall cool for futuristic pirates – Well, more like robot pirates to be precise. Plus they would sing like actual chanty pirates would sing, which that easily made me like these villains a lot.

Count Veger

(Jak 3)


Now I know what you’re thinking? From all the villains that appeared in the Jak games, I had to pick Count Veger from Jak 3. Why? Because of the following reasons below:

1. The design. His classy fashion sense, big nose and bald head makes Count Veger a very distinctive villain in the series. He kind of reminds me of Dan Castellenta (voice actor of Homer Simpson) if he ever was an elf human character.

2. The personality. I thought Count Veger’s personality stood out more than the other villains in the Jak games. Count Veger had his share of laughs, like the times he’s correcting Daxter to say his name right. However, there was a side to him where he showed a cruel determination to stop the hero in order to get things his way. He had a lot of power under his name to get Jak into a lot of trouble, though he could be kind of prissy with things.

3. The evilness. Count Veger was the one villain that was more involved to stop and torment Jak, including working hard to reach the one thing he desires the most, which he almost did until the very end. Plus he sure had the balls to taunt at Jak at the wrong time in a few scenes, especially in the third act of the story. Some fans hate Veger for doing these things to Jak and his friends, but it personally didn’t bug me completely since he was just playing his role as the villain, and villains are meant to give the heroes a hard time.

I know a fact people will argue that they prefer the other villains in the Jak series like Gol and Maia, Kor or even Erol (who is a complete a-hole in my books), but Count Veger just drew my attention more since he had a lot of distinctive features to his design and traits. Too bad players never got the chance to fought him off in Jak 3.

King K Rool

(Donkey Kong Country trilogy and DK64)


From all the Nintendo iconic antagonists I do enjoy that not a lot of people mention about has to be King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, including Donkey Kong 64. Sure, he is one of those bumbling villains that will get defeated in the end like Bowser, but his motivations are different when it comes to stealing DK’s banana hoard or getting revenge on the Kong family.

King K Rool started off as a king stealing DK’s bananas in DKC1 (Not sure why though). Then he was a pirate who captured Donkey Kong in DKC2. After that, he became a mad scientist that made a robot and captured both DK and Diddy Kong in DKC3. And last but not least, he was back as a king that captured DK’s buddies, but presented his last fight as a box fighter near the end in Donkey Kong 64. In other words, I really like that he changes his outfits and plans in each installment of the games Rare made back in the day. Not to mention that he was the creepiest looking crocodile I’ve seen in a side scrolling platformer. That big vain popping eye of his… Oh man! It’s like it wants my soul or something!


King K Rool in the Donkey Kong Country TV series

Plus the one thing I cannot forget about King K Rool was liking his interpretation from the Donkey Kong Country TV series. I will admit that he had a prissy vibe that I bet fans got turned off by, (Though I guess he was suppose to act like an actual ruler from many centuries ago), but it was an additional trait that gave more to King K Rool, including being one of my favourite characters in the show, along with the other Kremlings like Klump and Krusha.

Sure, King K Rool doesn’t look awesome now compare to Rare’s interpretation of the villain, but he is an unforgettable antagonist from my childhood when I used to play DKC1 and DK64 countless of times back in the 90s and early 2000s. This is one gigantic croc you don’t want to mess with.

I said croc! Like crocodile! You know what I mean!

King Dedede

(Kirby Series)


Like King K Rool from the Donkey Kong Country games, here’s another video game antagonists that doesn’t get that much appreciation from Nintendo fans. Kirby’s arch rival King Dedede is a fun and colourful villain with a great colour scheme to his design. Plus he’s just a penguin king that’s more about greed and taking over palaces than causing critical harm on citizens.

King Dedede had times when he had to team up with Kirby to stop stronger foes, like in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. But for the most part, King Dedede’s way of being evil is just being selfish than wrecking havoc and trouble like the other villains on this list. Like King K Rool in the Donkey Kong Country TV series, King Dedede had an appealing interpretation in the Kirby anime series. Remember Kirby: Right Back at Ya?


King Dedede in Kirby Right Back at Ya!

Despite being a more bumbling and mean villain in the anime TV series, I thought he was somewhat likeable. But I guess I say that because I love how he was drawn and animated in the show, including how over the top he could be. Even his dubbed voice didn’t bug me too much back in high school since I thought he sounded like Foghorn Leghorn from Looney Tunes, though I bet someone is going to say they like his Japanese voice better. 😛 Strange how I think video game villains in TV series are quite enjoyable than in the games they’re in.

I find King Dedede to be a really unique character to admire, especially when it comes to his overall design. Come now! You can’t go wrong with a blue penguin in a royal king outfit wielding a hammer as his main weapon! Even if there were times I didn’t care too much about King Dedede, but I know there were those moments where I highly can like this villain a lot.

Carmen Sandiego

(Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?)


Now this one villain might be a cheat since I haven’t played any of the Carmen Sandiego games as a kid except for one. However, I had to pick this video game villain on my list because people who were gamers or non-gamers knew who this fictional character was. Carmen Sandiego was basically a thief that she and her gang of baddies brought crime to the world (mostly robbery), and the player had to go through some educational problem solving in order to find out “where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” See what I did there? 😉

 Carmen Sandiego was SO huge in the 90s that she became popular in educational computer and video games, as well in other media like TV shows and books. Remember the TV Game Show of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Oh that game show… that is basically the TV series that introduced me to this video game villain! Now sing that do-whoop intro everybody!

Carmen Sandiego is a typical thief with little personality that forces young players to learn about geography, but I can’t stay mad at her when I admire that cocky smirk and red sexy trench coat and hat of hers. She has one dashing design that is overall appealing in my books.

Professor Von Kripplespac

(Conker’s Bad Fur Day)


I know everyone goes for the Great Mighty Poo as their favourite video game villain in Conker’s Bad Fur Day, but it seems that gamers who have played the game barely talks about the other villains in the game. The one villain that caught my surprise and thought he would be a side villain throughout until the very end was Professor Von Kripplespac. This evil weasel professor seemed to know what he was doing compare to his royal master, the Panther King.

Professer Von Kripplespac (or Ze Professor as I like to call him), was the one that solved the situation to the Panther’s King problem of his glass of milk placed on the table, which using Conker would replace the broken table leg. That sounds like a really dumb idea, but it seems to completely fool the Panther King well. It is not the thick German accent, silly nature and sinister behaviour is what I find Ze Professor a fun villain. As a matter of fact, there is more to Ze Professor’s past that players wouldn’t expect from this cartoony  villain, whenever it is playing the original or remake of Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

Ze Professor seem to live for so many years, who was once a ruler of evil teddy bears known as Tediz. He commanded the Tediz to head off to war and fight against the Squirrel High Command troops. This villain kept changing his path and somehow had a lifespan that he can live on for so many centuries. Not sure why, but I’m sure a die hard Conker fan will explain that to me better.

In results, not only Ze Professor is a scientist, but he was once a leader that closely resembled a World War 2 dictator. When you have Nazis referenced in a cartoony looking game like Conker’s BFD or Conker: Live and Reloaded, you know that this game ain’t for kids. Remember that parents! Cartoony designs aren’t always for kids and this game proves it!

Ansem: Seeker of Darkness

(Kingdom Hearts)


I personally think many Kingdom Hearts villains are too emo, hooky or just too convoluted to understand what their motivations are, though I have a soft spot for one villain from the series. Ansem: Seeker of Darkness (Ansem for short) showed little appearance and presented as a mysterious figure in the first Kingdom Hearts, though he became enjoyably over the top once he revealed his true identity by the climatic act. Plus the character was voiced by Billy Zane, so he had such a hauntingly fun tone whenever he spoke. Too bad this character’s voice changed in the other Kingdom Hearts games and the cameos Ansem appeared wasn’t as interesting as in the first one. Therefore, I’m talking about Ansem only in Kingdom Hearts 1.

The first time players saw Ansem was when he was talking to Sora in a small cave in Destiny Island, except Ansem was wearing a hooded cloak which I could have sworn I’ve seen his cloak design in a dream long ago. So he too had that hooded appearance vibe that I seem to like from fictional villains. Not only Ansem is consumed with darkness and nearly destroyed many worlds in the Kingdom Hearts universe, but he also possessed Sora’s best friend Riku, to do his evil needs. Now that is a cold thing to do!

The only gripe that I can see people complaining about Ansem is that he does say the word “darkness” countless of times (especially near the end of the game). I used to found it annoying at the time, but now that I’m older, I see it as a hilarious aspect that makes the villain trying to be serious, though the results becomes incredibly hooky.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I haven’t chosen other Kingdom Hearts villains that are connected with Ansem like Master Xeahnort and Xemnas, though I don’t think they weren’t as memorable as Ansem in my opinion. Plus the series is so confusing now, that one villain is identical with another villain, who is also connected with a newer villain and they have the same appearance… though they are different characters. Just keep it simple Square-Enix!

….Now you guys know why I only highly praise Kingdom Hearts 1.


(Mortal Kombat 2)


Fighting games isn’t my favourite video game genre, though back in the 90s there was one game fighting franchise that I would play a lot as a kid. That game would be – MORTAL KOMBAT!

The first time I played the sequel, Mortal Kombat 2 for the Sega Genesis, I would always choose Mileena. She was the one female fighter that could suck up her opponent and spit out their bones as her Fatality move. Little did I know that I liked playing a video game villain from a popular fighting game franchise all this time.

Mileena’s designs in recent Mortal Kombat games have been too creepy or would reveal too much skin in her design, but her appearance in her debut to the MK series in Mortal Kombat 2 has been my all time favourite and still is to this very day. I also find it funny that when my sister and I used to play this game with very close friends of ours, She would always play as Kitana (the good sister), while I would play as Mileena (the evil sister). That maybe a reason why I don’t mind weird and mess up characters.

Say what you want about Mileena’s monstrous jaw and sais as her weapon of choice, but I got to admit that her fatality moves are easily unbelievable that became much memorable than the other fatality moves from the other female characters. She was the first ever video game villain that I ever appreciated as a kid, even if I was so blind sided about her story description in the series. I believe a decade later when i was in high school, that is when I found out Mileena was a villain this whole time. 😛

And that is all the game villains that I highly appreciate in my list of Favourite Game Antagonists. You are welcome to mention your favourite video game baddies by leaving a comment here or in the forums at itstailtime.net. Tune in next time for another written post of T-McBee’s Favourites!

Let me give a break on all this gaming praise for these lists since Christmas is coming around the corner. Yay for Christmas! You know what that means?  The next T-McBee’s Favourites list will be about the holidays! See you soon.

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