T-McBee’s Favourite Christmas Songs

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Oh Christmas! I sure enjoy the comfort of the Holiday Season! The giving, the times with family, the Christmas music – Say, that’s one thing I haven’t talked about yet with Christmas. Christmas music!

There are countless of Christmas  and Holiday songs that gets played during the holiday season, so I’m personally going to name the ones that are very close to me. So if you don’t see your all-time classic holiday songs or some of the most popular songs on this list, then don’t get so mad about it. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like some of the classic songs that people would always play on their stereo systems or the radio. It just doesn’t give me a strong impact than the ones that I’ll mention below.

Well anyways, This is T-McBee here going through my Favourite Christmas Songs. So sit back and relax as I tell you a tale of these personal Christmas tunes. So here we go!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays – N’Sync


Yeah, yeah, I know. Boy bands are cheesy and lame. I get it! But keep in mind that many people out there do like boy bands to this day…And I will admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for boy bands from the 90s. Though I wasn’t a huge fan of N-Sync (I was more into the Backstreet Boys when I was young), but I have to say that N-Sync’s Christmas hit “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” always kept me in a  joyful mood during this season.

There’s this soulful vibe that makes this generic sounding lyrics so catchy for a Christmas song. I also like the fact that N-Sync are singing with a positive attitude, which provides that message of Christmas being about giving and spending time with those that you truly care for. It is a cheesy song, but then again…Christmas is a cheesy holiday overall (look at them Christmas sweaters!). In other words, I don’t have any trouble listening to a song by a boy band during this time of year.

Happy X-Mas (War is Over) – John Lennon


It’s strange that I like a song sung by one of the members from The Beatles, but I am not a hardcore Beatles’ fan myself. The late John Lennon with ex-wife Yoko Ono did a meaningful Holiday song that had a message of peace and war during the Vietnam War in the early 1970s. That song is called Happy X-Mas aka War is Over.

When you think of Christmas, you think about the care, giving and times with family and friends. But what about those in the world who are suffering and are dealing with war and poverty? Well John Lennon wanted to make that point across with this song and show that parts of the world are living in war during the holidays. Heck, I find it interesting that Lennon and Ono brought an iconic  slogan that they’ve used all over billboards to bring this message of world peace in the States, which was “War is Over! – If you want it – Happy Christmas from John and Yoko”.

Thanks to John Lennon’s song of bringing this world peace message across, there are other singers that have sung this cover over the years during the holidays, like Sarah McLachlan for example. So it is great to have a thoughtful song like Happy X-Max that shows how we can help worlds from other countries around Christmas time, which the main message of the holidays is about helping and giving too.

Even if it is a sentimental tune to listen to (especially when you see clips of third world countries in war, poverty and pain with this song rolling), but there is that touch of hope in the song’s ambience that you hear throughout Lennon’s Happy X-Mas.

Feliz Navidad – Jose Feliciano

José Feliciano - Feliz Navidad

It might be the Portuguese in me when my family do enjoy some Latin or Spanish atmosphere during the Holiday season, but Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano is one of those catchy tunes that can get into my head easily and doesn’t bug me one bit. I would rock my head back and forth like a plain doofus if I hear this song on the radio or on a stereo system. There are those catchy Christmas hits that people will like for its cheery holiday spirit and this one is one of them.

Some people would prefer Rocking Around the Christmas Tree or The Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Song as their favourite campy Christmas hit. Feliz Navidad is my favourite catchy X-Mas song that I don’t mind listening to every year.

South Park Christmas Songs


South Park being one of my favourite animated sitcoms on TV, of course I would definitely mention at least some holiday songs from the show. I’ve mentioned a lot about the South Park Christmas specials in my Top 10 Favourite Christmas Specials and Episodes, so I’m not going to go into extreme detail about South Park’s history with their Christmas specials.

Let me focus on the Christmas songs that South Park had over the years, whether it was from a holiday episode or in the Christmas album “Mr.Hankey’s Christmas Classics”. I would sometimes sing songs from South Park when I’m in a silly mood, though never with my entire family. These songs were best to sing along to when I’m with friends or with my old sister.

Here are the following Christmas songs that I personally like from the show:

I still remember the days when my sister giggled happily when she heard Kyle said the word “Hebrew” in the song. I really have no idea why, but my best bet is when she studied multiple religions one year when we were in our preteen and early teenager years.

My sister and I were intrigued by “A Lonely Jew on Christmas” sung by Kyle because this was the song that we learned that not everybody doesn’t celebrate Christmas, except I think my sister  knew about it already. This is so far mine and my sister’s favourite South Park Christmas song. It’s sweet, funny and you do show some sympathy for Kyle when he sings this tune.

Oh come now Mr.Garrison! You don’t have to be such an ass to these different cultures from the world to shove Christmas down their throats! 😛

An offensive tune I wouldn’t recommend everyone to sing along to, but I will admit that the first time I heard Mr.Garrison sang “Merry F***ing Christmas”, I was on the floor laughing my ass off. A great Christmas song from the show if you don’t mind some crude comedy in the lyrics.

It’s Christmas time in Hell! I just love Matt and Trey’s interpretation of what the Holiday’s in Hell is like. So campy and cheery with a lot of great laughs.

This version of Eric Cartman’s O Holy Night just has a subtle powerful tone overall. Plus you got to have Eric Cartman’s touch of spoiled personality into the mix.

A duet starring Santa and Jesus. (sings) Her Name is Rio and she’s dancing on the sand!

Christmas Star – Home Alone 2


When you think of the movies Home Alone and Home Alone 2, what do you think right away? The slapstick comedy with the burglars? The story of a kid being a lone on Christmas? Well those are the things that people will easily remember when watching the films, but what about the music and choir tracks in Home Alone 1 and 2?

I remember the first time I watched Home Alone 2 as a kid and there was this touch of sincere whenever I heard the song “Christmas Star” in that one scene. You know? The scene where the boy is waving outside at Kevin from his window? Not sure why, but I personally thought the song playing during that scene was pretty touching. I remember feeling teary eyed during that scene years back, but seeing it now, it makes me feel silent, bringing a sincere smile on my face.

Overall, Christmas Star is a touching song that I like listening to.

The entire Nat King Cole: The Christmas Song Album

Nat King Cole Christmas album cover

Over a decade when I was in my preteen years, my mom got a CD Christmas album of Nat King Cole: The Christmas Song to play it one year during Christmas time. Even to this day, she would play this album when Christmas comes around the corner, which made my family and I love listening to this Holiday album every year. Heck! Me and my family would talk about how much we love Nat King Cole’s singing and the album we got a copy of.

I seriously couldn’t pick one favourite song by Nat King Cole in this album because his singing is perfectly smoothing and very relaxing to listen to. His voice is so angelic to the human ear that it is perfect for the Holiday season. Whether the song is calm toned or energetic, he can still bring that beautiful voice of his into the tune.

Here are a few Christmas songs by the wonderful singings of Nat King Cole from The Christmas Song album in 1961:

The All-Time Christmas hit “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole is just the perfect song when you’re siting on a cozy couch in front of the fire place on Christmas Eve.

I personally love the marching ambiance throughout this enchanting Christmas tune.

(singing) I saw three ships come sailing in! On Christmas Day in the morning! (singing) Oh such an uplifting song!

This is the Christmas album that I can literally sit down comfortably to while staring silently at my Christmas tree, fireplace or the night skies through the window. It holds a special place in my heart and I believe that these Christmas classic hits still holds up well today.

Do They Know It’s Christmas? – Band Aid


There was a time when many British and Irish pop artists in the 80s gathered together to record a really meaningful song to raise money for anti-poverty for Ethiopia. The charity supergroup Band Aid brought out not only to support the cause, but it became one of the most memorable Christmas songs – Ever! Not to mention the song became a number 1 hit sensation in 1984.

You get famous singers and bands like Boy George, Phil Collins,  Duran Duran, Bono from u2, David Bowie, Sting and other artists and bands from the 1980s generation singing this tune. When I think of this song, I immediately think about one aunt of mine (also my godmother) who is nuts about easy listening tracks and 80s songs like this one.  And since I’m an 80s child (though I was born three years after this song was released), I too easily love this Christmas song.

Sure, there had been criticisms with the song and how people thought Band-Aid promoted the cause in a negative way. Plus there have been articles shown that the millions of dollars that was suppose to go to Ethiopia unfortunately was spend towards weapons. You know, some political stuff that confuses the whole truth about where the money went to. I’m sure someone is going to point the real facts about it since I don’t know if the news is fully official.

Despite the history and controversy it went through, I will still listen to Band Aid’s iconic tune “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” At least many of the singers, bands, and musician that were part of Band-Aid wanted to get the message across for this special time of year.

Carol of the Bells – Trans Siberian Orchestra


Instrumental tracks during the Holiday season are normally done in a classical presentation with classical instruments like the music pieces from the Nutcracker. Well, if you don’t want to hear the Sugar Plum Fairy track again this year and want some energetic tunes for instrumental Christmas songs, then check out some iconic Christmas tunes from the Trans- Siberian Orchestra.

And the one Christmas track from Trans-Siberian I’ve been listening to every year since 2008 is “Carol of the Bells”.

If you want to hear a bad ass rocking version of “Carol of the Bells”, then this is the one you need to listen to. I love the rockin’ drum beats, wicked guitar plucks, the calm melancholy strings, the subtle piano playing – everything in this tune sounds unbelievable. Imagine listening to this tune at a live concert. I can picture a lot of happy cries and cheering from the audience if I ever saw Trans-Siberian playing this song on stage.

This is personally one of my favourite Christmas tunes of all time! Not to mention it is the most epic tune that I ever heard during the Holidays.

And those were my Favourite Christmas Songs everyone. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year! Relax and stay safe this year readers! 😉

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  1. Happy to see this post. Very beautifully described and i am also a great lover of music.

  2. Ivan Mendis Says:

    Great post. Music is my life.I am loving it.

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