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L-L-Legit! You are now reading another article of the Legit Animation Blog! And Happy 2014 Everyone!

Legit for 2014 will have some new article segments a long the way, as well as familiar ones that were used in the Podcast version like Rendering Thru Reviews and Animation Topic of the Day.

I’ll be starting Q & A articles this year, where people at the forums at can post questions that they want to ask me that relates to the topics for TLAB. I’ll post the article every two months (or when my time is available) with their questions as well as my responses.

But enough of my rambling on my 2014 resolution for Legit, let me begin the latest article with another Frame by Frame Countdown of the hottest guys in animation. Whether these fictional hotties are shown in films or TV shows, these are the guys that I want to chase after. The only reason why I haven’t add ones from video games is because I already made a list about it last year. Click here if you haven’t checked it out yet.

This is T-McBee here listing down my Top 10 Hottest Animated Men. Let me get my running shoes to nab these sexy targets to begin the list. Here we go!

10. Prince Naveen

(Disney’s Princess and the Frog)


Okay, Prince Naveen was mostly a frog in Disney’s Princess and the Frog, but in his human appearance, he is one gorgeous guy to boot. Prince Naveen provides some distinctive face features (hazel-like eyes, long chin, likeable smile), a fun personality and a charming accent. Oh man, listening to his accent always makes me giggle like a teenage girl who just spotted a cute guy in school!

While Prince Naveen is a fun guy with an attractive look that can sing and dance well, he is one spoiled guy that shows too much of his ego. I guess there’s a reason why his butler Lawrence and Tiana see him as an irresponsible guy in the movie. While he may start off as an immature and naive guy in the first half of the movie, at least Prince Naveen builds a more respectable attitude in the rest of the film.

Prince Naveen is a Disney prince with a likeable accent, a comedic attitude and the type of guy that will make parties and celebration far more exciting. Despite his irresponsibility behaviour, Prince Naveen’s attitude is positive and highly welcoming to fall in love with.

9. Mako

(Legend of Korra)


Now I’ve seen a few episodes of The Legend of Korra last year and find it to be an intriguing show from time to time, though I keep missing it when I’m watching TV. From all the characters I’ve seen in this spin off series to Avatar: The Last Airbender, the protective firebender Mako became the most attractive young man to drool all over for.

Mako is a fictional character with an attractive look, solid fire bending moves and has a protective side to his personality that he will defend his friends and little brother, Bolin. I like a guy that will be pretty concern about others and be serious in  his actions. Plus Mako had some interesting things happening to him in The Legend of Korra (or from what I’ve seen in the show), like working as a cop for a while.

I’m sure many young females of this generation would definitely put Mako way higher on the list, but since I am not highly aware with The Legend of Korra and don’t know the character extremely well, he only made it in the 9th spot. But hey! I don’t blame them if they have a crush on him. He looks like the guy that will burn every girl’s heart with passion. Ahem! No pun intended.

8.  Flynn Rider

(Disney’s Tangled)


Flynn Rider from Disney’s Tangled is the Disney male hero that had reach on many lists of most hottest guys in animation from many fangirls and I can understand why. Even if Flynn Rider didn’t make it to number one on my list, but the character got some attractive features that I consider him pretty likeable…and sexy too.

I was a tad bit afraid with Flynn Rider’s character when I first watched Tangled because he looked like one of those cocky Disney characters that acts too over the top in their occupation with that generic, hero personality. Flynn is  kind of like the CGI version of Aladdin where both are thieves with heroic traits and do hide a secret from the love interest. However, Flynn in the second half of the film eventually tells his true self and name to Rapunzel that the viewers get to see Flynn as a sensitive and compassionate guy. I’m glad that Flynn was written that way because I would have been so disappointed if he had became another Aladdin. Aladdin lying to Jasmine in the the second half in Disney’s Aladdin somewhat annoys me now.

Flynn Rider had his share of annoying moments in Tangled, but at least he had made me laugh pretty hard a few times. While I didn’t go gaga over Flynn Rider like many ladies did when watching the film for the first time, but I can understand why a lot of girls would choose him as an attractive fictional character in animation. Can’t go wrong with the tanned complexion and his little goatee. 😛

7. Kristoff

(Disney’s Frozen)


It seems like there is some competition as to which is the better CGI animated guy from Disney now; Flynn Rider or Kristoff. After watching Disney’s Frozen this year, I got to admit that the character Kristoff looks pretty handsome.

What I find Kristoff a more likeable guy character in animation is that he’s up to reality about work, life and a love relationship. I thought it was hilarious that was so shocked to hear that Anna was going to to marry her first love in one day (a running joke in the film). Kristoff can be a bit selfish since he thinks as an individualist due to his loner life style. However, he can be a  really caring guy for anyone who treat him with sympathy and respect, like his reindeer friend, Sven. He’s so adorable with Sven that he even gives him a fun dopey voice whenever he speaks to him. At least that certain display shows his soft side – and love for animals.

Overall, Kristoff from Disney’s Frozen is a sexy fictional character with a more outdoor-ish appeal. I personally like how he was written overall and didn’t sound as annoying as previous Disney guys in previous films. He has distinctive features that girls may tend to nitpick on, but I certainly don’t mind, such as his big nose. I found it rather appealing on Kristoff… and he looks attractive with a big nose. 😛

6.  Spike Spiegel

(Cowboy Bebop)


At least one Anime character made to my list of hottest men in cartoons and animation.  While I am not highly familiar with Cowboy Bebop like many people are, but what I’ve witnessed in the first couple of episodes and the full length film, I got to admit that I was building a bit on a crush on the bad ass future bounty hunter, Spike Spiegel.

Not only he’s a bad ass cutie that is not afraid to hold a gun, but I really like Spike’s laid back personality and how he can feel pretty damn calm when flighting off his foes. He’s got a sexy voice to admire, funky hair that actually looks good on him and such sarcastic quotes that doesn’t make him sound too obnoxious like most main guys in Anime would. While the whole violent display and his smoking habits wouldn’t be my forte for a man like Spike, but he sure has a sweet outfit to make him look handsome and hip. Plus he’s such a big sleepy head – and for some reason, I find sleepy guys like him cute. 😛

I may not know Spike Spiegel that well to put him higher on my list, but know somewhat of his actions, appearance and personality from I’ve seen so far in Cowboy Bebop. Just don’t expect me to know everything from the series at this point. Spike Spiegel….Bang!….That’s hot!

5. Matrix (Enzo Matrix)



This next character maybe a sprite that lives in the computer, has green skin and a replaceable fake eye with an M as  his pupil. However, can you really blame Matrix from Reboot looking like a sexy beast once he turned into a badass renegade? The first time I’ve witnessed Enzo Matrix turned from a fun and patient kid to a badass adult, my jaw literally dropped for how cool he was. Not to mention how sexy he looked and sounded, especially a CGI character that came from the 90s.

Once Matrix became a full grown adult, he had a more bitter attitude towards others, though he did show a nervous and calmer side when he’s with his best friends, AndrAla and Frisket. His buffed torso, renegade moves, massive deltoids and even his beard makes him one sexy guy to be around with. Normally guys with beards are a tad bit mixed for me when it comes to a man, but it feels acceptable on grown up Enzo.

It’s cool that Matrix is a bad ass hottie that had a taste for revenge on the main antagonist, Megabyte, who had his life taken away from Megabyte that turned Enzo Matrix into a really stubborn man. Though Matrix is too serious and negative as he got older, but with the devastating events that had happened to him, can you really blame him?

4. Gambit

(X-Men: The Animated Series)


This next choice is for nostalgia purposes when me and my sister used to watch X-Men: The Animated Series back then when we were young kids. We were so fond about the character Gambit in this version of X-Men with his flirtation talk with Rogue and that sexy Cajun accent of his. Since he was the most likeable and attractive guy character in the show, of course I would put him on this list, especially in the top 5.

I am aware that Gambit is a mutant with black and red eyes that might creep the hell out of the ladies. However, if they check that built body of his, badass outfit, his romantic attitude and that surprisingly Cajun accent of his, I bet the ladies will probably want to get their hands on a sexy mutant like Gambit. Not to mention that he has such a loyal personality that I like from this character, and I do like a guy that shows loyalty to me and others, even if the X-Men wouldn’t trust him from time to time.

That is pretty much what I can say about Gambit from X-Men the Animated Series.  He was definitely the best rendition of Gambit that I’ve ever seen from the X-Men franchise and still is today. I guess my one complaint that I have with this Gambit is that he’s a little too flirtatious for my taste and I personally find it a bit annoying when a guy does that to me. Oh well, Rogue (one of my favourite female characters) can enjoy Gambits lovin’ words.

3. Martin Gold

(Delta State)


I did mention about the TV series Delta State on the Legit Animation Podcast with Gexup last year, so I bet some of you have checked the show out, right? *Sigh* Well, what are you waiting for? You’re missing out on a sexy guy with psychic abilities! Martin Gold is the sexiest member from the show that even I remember liking the character’s looks when Delta State aired on TV in Canada back in 2004.

Delta State is a very stylized show that uses rotoscope animations to makes these characters move. If the whole show wasn’t done in rotoscope, the whole cast of characters would feel less appealing. Though my favourite character in the show is Phillip due to his comedic remarks and intriguing past, but when it comes to fashion trends and attractive appearance, Martin would be my choice.

Martin is displayed as the leader of the group with this punk rock trend that makes him very stand out from the crowd, and I think he looks good with white spiky hair and punk style clothing. Martin may do things that is none of his business, would act too much of a smart aleck or becomes stubborn for decisions he doesn’t agree with from his roommates, but his calm behaviour and rightful thinking near an end of an episode does make him a better and planned out guy to be with. He’s not always perfect, but he is aware about his mistakes later on. When I’m in the mood for fun, he can jump into my mind and read my thoughts any day . 😉

2. Dean McCoppin

(The Iron Giant)

Picture 49

The younger version of me would think that Dean McCoppin from The Iron Giant is an unattractive guy to admire. But as I’m getting older and have analyzed the film more after watching it a few times, I think there is a sexy appeal to this character. I guess it’s because Dean has an artistic taste to his fashion sense with a cool tongue that I can somewhat relate to.

I like a guy who is calm and doesn’t give a s*** about what others think of him, and those are the best character traits that I like about Dean McCoppin. His snarky attitude and facial expressions are so hilarious to see in The Iron Giant that it’s hard not to giggle like a school girl on how he presents those actions in the film. His minor short fuse is something I wouldn’t want in a love relationship, but at least he builds a patient personality in the final act of the film. Plus I like how he’s smoothly okay in talking to kids like Hogarth, even though I don’t like the idea of him giving a child expressos in the middle of the night.

Dean’s artistic appeal is what makes me draw attention to this character more since I am an artistic person as well. Plus I love his advice that he gives to characters like Hogarth that who cares what people think of you. He could make a great father figure with those advices to kids. Unlike Kristoff from Disney’s Frozen, Dean McCoppin is a loner that he doesn’t care of what others think of him and moves on feeling mostly chill as the days goes by.

“Yeah!?! You have a problem with me liking Dean? Well…Dean!”

1. Prince Eric

(Disney’s The Little Mermaid)


I’m sure you’re all surprise about this choice, huh? I guess you can say that Prince Eric from Disney’s The Little Mermaid was my first attractive guy character to witness in animation. Surprisingly, I still find Prince Eric to hold up well today as a Disney prince compare to other hand drawn animated Disney princes. He’s got so many likeable features to his design and personality that it’s hard to avoid. Not to mention that he’s a man with dark hair and blue eyes. Black hair plus blue coloured eyes, equals sexy!

Here are the reasons why I consider Prince Eric the near perfect animated guy for girls to go gaga all over for:

– He has a love for dogs. Since I do love dogs myself, I think that’s one thing that we would have in common.

– He will take a girl out to places and have do fun things together. Dancing, browsing at the marketplace, riding on a carriage, riding on a small boat in a lake – At least he’s a guy that will not bore a girl out, except not sure what to say when making the move on the girl.

– Even though if he may have other things in his mind when talking to a girl that he’s not interested in or needs help, at least he’s generous enough to treat a  lady by having his servants pampered them in his glorious castle. Ariel was lucky enough to be taken to Eric’s palace to stay there for the night and she couldn’t even speak in that part of the movie.

– Prince Eric is an adventurous dude that enjoys sailing the seas. He even would risk his life to save the girl of his dreams and his pet dog, Max.

– Prince Eric can play the flute well. At least he has a fun hobby that he’s good at.

– His voice sounds likeable and  gorgeous. Surprisingly, the voice actor that voiced Prince Eric was 16 years old when getting his lines recorded for The Little Mermaid.

And there are many other reasons why Prince Eric is a fictional guy to fall in love with.

Is Prince Eric 100% perfect for a lady? Not entirely, but nearly perfect to be the right guy to treat a lady with respect and love. Prince Eric is not only the hottest guy in animation, but a nostalgia pick from my childhood and one of my favourite sexy fictional guys from Disney Animations.

And that is my list of the hottest guys in animation. For you ladies or men out there, you’re welcome to mention your hottest men in animation by leaving a comment below or at the forums at Thanks for reading the list everyone and I’ll see you next time in another Legit Animation Blog!


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