T-McBee’s Favourites of 2013

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 2013 had ended like… almost a month ago and I bet some of you are wondering what were my favourite things from 2013. Maybe even what things I liked during that year. Well, I’m going to tell you what they are with this list of T-McBee’s Favourites of 2013!

Now before I start mentioning my favourites, I’ll need to remind anyone reading this that I will not list many categories from everything that came out in 2013. So if you don’t see a category that you were hoping that came out last year (i.e. a comic book series, a song, etc) it’s either I missed out on it or didn’t like it.

I got a list of recommendations that I checked out in 2013 too, though the following film, show or whatever media source I’ve discovered were released in 2012 or even 2011.

And finally, I’m not going to mention anything about video games on this list. Since I already did a list of my Top 5 Favourite Games of 2013, it would feel redundant for me to repeat my favourite games from that year. If you haven’t read that post yet, click here to check it out.

Well I guess that all I got to say about the rules of this latest article. Now let me go through the best things I’ve found enjoyable in 2013!

Favourite Live Action Film of 2013


Live action films were somewhat mixed for me in 2013, whether it was finding a comedy film, drama movie or a film with some kicks and excitement. I missed out on some films that were nominated this year or really well crafted. Though with me being too occupied with school, I never got the chance to go to the theatres and watch these films. The closest film that I can think of that satisfied me throughout was the comedy film, “This is the End”.

This film isn’t 100% perfect, but I really like that This is The End took a lot of risks to have actors playing as themselves in a fictional plot of the apocalypse hitting Earth. You get James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jay Barchuel, Craig Robinson, Jonna Hill and Danny McBride being the only people on Earth (including Emma Watson for a brief moment) that survived the aftermath of the apocalypse. These actors also had to keep themselves sealed in James Franco’s house from the demons and dangers that are roaming around outside.

Not only This is The End had a lot of great laughs, it surprisingly had some jump scares that literally made me slightly jump out of my seat. I also find it interesting that the movie highly focus on Seth Rogen and Jay Barchuel characters and their friendship in the movie. Seth was trying to help Jay to socialize with the other actors before and after the apocalypse. However, Jay believed he didn’t fit well with the actors that Seth is/was friends with. Two Canadian actors in one heck of an adventure…now that’s my kind of thing!

But I think the best part of This is The End was its ending scene. I don’t want to give the ending away for those who haven’t seen it, but it had a 90’s vibe that brought me back to my younger days. It seriously brought a massive smile on my face when I took a glance at that scene for the first time.

Alright, the adult humour can be a bit too much or not executed well for an adult rated comedy film, but it was a movie that brought many risks and surprises that made This is The End more than just a comedy movie.

Congratulations This is The End! You became my favourite Live Action Film of 2013!

Favourite Music Album of 2013


I’m pretty speechless that I’ve actually found a music album in 2013 that I can highly appreciate since I don’t buy music albums or CDs.

Surprisingly, I found out that the U.K. wicca/pagan band, Inkubbus Sukkubus released a new album in 2013. The results overall left me with great satisfaction! This is a band that can actually still stick with the same dark sounding riffs and beats for their music for so many years and they showed it triumphantly with their latest album, “Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell”. Songs like Queen of Heaven, Queen and Hell and The White Stag are my favourite tracks from this album.

If you are a fan of Inkkubus Sukkubus or fan of wicca/pagan rock music, then I highly suggest get a copy of their latest album.

Congratulations Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell! You became my favourite Music Album of 2013!

Favourite Animated Film of 2013


Obvious choice, I know.

2013 was pretty a disappointing year for animated films. There were a lot of animated movies that didn’t spark my interest with concepts that were mostly marketed towards little kids or just didn’t interest me. The only animated feature that I thought was above average that came from North America at the midpoint of last year was Despicable Me 2, even though it wasn’t a perfect film throughout. But of course, I didn’t choose that animated film of 2013 **points at image above**

Disney’s Frozen left me pretty speechless as Disney saved animation last year from films that were either decent or down right terrible. I’m going to go with majourity of the crowd and say that this film was fantastic. It had a set of great characters, stunning CGI visuals and songs that were quite memorable. Songs like “Let it Go” and “Olaf’s Summer Song” were catchy and stuck in my head for days.

Now I wouldn’t go far and say this is the best Disney film ever due to some things that were never explained in the plot and things that felt out of place or weirdly executed. I will admit that the beginning was going too quickly with many songs feeling too crammed in one sitting. However, the movie does get better and exciting once the movie moves further.

Frozen combines the things that people admire from the first Renaissance Disney films, but writes the tale of the Snow Queen differently to fit it well to a modern audience or innovate Disney animated features. For examples, poking fun of the idea that true love doesn’t happen all in one day, Or! Telling the tale about the bonding love of two family members than a romantic young couple.

Overall, Frozen is a must seen movie for the whole family. There were scenes that made me laugh, shocked and feeling completely touched. It’s amazing what the animators and hard working people at Disney can do with CGI visuals now compare to before.

Congratulations Frozen! You became my favourite Animated Film of 2013!

Here are other recommendations that I got to discover in 2013. They are the following:

Other Recommendations


My runner up favourite live action film of 2013 and a solid sequel to a great comedy classic. Anchorman 2 pumped up the comedy and silly antics higher than ever, though the execution of the jokes wasn’t as strong as in the first movie.

This new chapter of Ron Burgundy and his crew went through a different tale that’s quite different than the first movie, bringing even more wild breaking news and crazy shenanigans than ever before.


By far the best animated TV series that Disney has ever brought to this decade. Gravity Falls has great humour, colourful visuals and surprisingly more meaning to its plot than just wacky misadventures for each episode.

I got to thank my sister and her fiancé for getting me to appreciate this series now. I still got to catch up with the rest of the episodes before the new season starts this year.     


I really got to thank Gexup for getting me into Saga last year. After reading the first and second volumes of this series, I’ve met friends at college who are fans of Saga too.

Despite the graphic adult content and images displayed in this comic series, Saga is a well written sci-fi fantasy series with awesome illustrations, cool intriguing characters and an adventure that shows life, death, love and hope. Not to mention it’s the first adult comic book series that I’ve ever got into.


This musical finally came to Toronto last year and I was lucky enough to see The Book of Mormon with my sister, her best friend and her fiancé.

It’s a controversial musical (creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone did write it after all), so I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, especially those who gets highly offended with explicit language and adult humour, unless they think someone singing out “I got maggots in my scrotum” funny as hell.


Nightwish’s film “Imaginaerium” may have came out in 2012, though I manage to watch this movie in 2013. This movie had a dark whimsical tale provided with songs composed by the band themselves and scenes that literally made me cry.

Some scenes were too contrived with the actors trying to act believable, but the tale of an old musician going through a fantasy world while going through a coma seemed pretty intriguing for a movie concept. Plus being a fan of Nightwish got me to appreciate this movie even more.


 The Painting was a film that original came out in 2011 in France, though it’s English dub was released in 2013. The Painting brings a remarkable style and animation techniques of a tale of painted and drawn figures coming to life. Think of it like Toy Story, except with a Shakespearian touch to its tale.

The Painting was the one film Gexup was so intrigued by in 2013 when me and him were thinking about our choices of favourite animated features of 2013 for The Legit Animation Podcast (when it was around of course). I also saw this movie around the same time I gave up on a few things in life from last year, like traditional portrait paintings for instance.

Now you guys understand why I had to mention this animated film in my recommendations. A solid animated feature that was nicely dubbed in English (though not the best) and a film that I can highly relate to when it comes to my artistic life and experiences.



2013 was a meh year for many people, including myself. We lost a lot of memorable celebrities and iconic people during that year, like Paul Walker, Marcia Wallace and Nelson Mandela.

Also, many places around the world was dealing with some strange weather during the winter and summer seasons (especially Canada with its many rainfalls and icy weather). Though despite the devastating things that happened in 2013, it wasn’t the worst year of my life. Almost! but not the worst.


But most importantly, I cannot forget about the drastic changes and struggles that itstailtime.net went through at the mid and end of 2013.

Gexup stopped making videos and his podcasts, Zookstar stopped making videos and even myself decided to quit making videos on youtube. Us three all did this for change in our lives to move forward, as well as the other members on our site. Just because Its Tail Time went through many changes, doesn’t mean visiting the site now is in bad. Sometimes change is good!

We had many new members like CrashJakFan1994 and ClassyQuinn to be part of the community, as well as recurring members like myself, Hannu, Cendoo, Kaiser, Gaming Beast, Joe and the others having the opportunity to post more content on the site. Its Tail Time went through thick and thin this year, though we survived another year and are ready for 2014.

Speaking of 2014, I can’t wait to see what events and media will hit this year.

Mention your favourite things from 2013 or what you liked during 2013 by leaving a comment below or by clicking here. Thanks for reading everyone!

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