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Siblings…Sometimes we love them. Sometimes we hate them. But no matter what, having a brother, sister or even more siblings will bring a special feeling in a family. Even for the ones that fight a lot will shockingly bring a touching moment that makes the two or more become the best of friends.

This latest Frame by Frame Countdown is by far one of the most important lists that I wanted to type out for Legit this year. My older sister will be getting married this July and I wanted to write a list that involves siblings in tribute to my older sister. She’s a very best friend, a second mother, and a well spoken adviser to me though our times together and I’m truly happy to see her moving on in life with a spouse she’s truly happy with.

This is T-McBee here listing down my Top 10 Cartoon Siblings! So let’s begin this fun and thoughtful countdown in honour of my older sis.

10. Anna and Elsa

(Disney’s Frozen)


It’s great that Disney are putting more family and sibling concepts in their interpretations of classic fairy tales. The sister relationship between Anna (right) and Elsa (left) from Disney’s Frozen was magical to see, despite their struggle to communicate with one another in the movie.

Anna is the socially awkward younger sister that shows a lot of fun and confidence in herself while Elsa is the quiet older sister that has trouble controlling her worries due to her ice abilities. Though it’s weird that the movie never explained how Elsa got them.

***This next paragraph may run into some Spoiler territory. So watch out!***

It was heart braking that these sisters couldn’t see each other over the years just because Elsa didn’t want to use her ice powers after the shocking incident that almost injured her sister. It was also amazing that Anna wouldn’t judge Elsa after witnessing the ice powers she brought in the palace of Erindale in the first act of the movie.  It shows that Anna will do whatever she can to support Elsa to come back home and control her powers. Not to mention that Elsa wanted to hide her abilities away from Anna as possible so that she doesn’t hurt her again…until she does it again in the mid act of the movie.

***End of Spoilers***

These sisters from Disney’s Frozen are simply sweet.  They really showed some heart felt scenes when it came to their sibling relationship. Although Anna and Elsa aren’t my all-time favourite siblings from a Disney animated feature, though they do come at second best. Plus I somewhat have mix feelings towards Anna at times. She can be humorous and fun, but also annoying at the same time.

9. Andy and Kevin French

(Mission Hill)


I have mentioned enough about Andy and Kevin French in my review on Mission Hill, so I’ll just briefly explain their relationship. While they do not get along due to jealously at home with their parents, but deep down inside, they do care for each other.

Andy and Kevin in Mission Hill have extremely different personalities, which this leads to their rivalry. Andy’s the older brother that’s careless, struggles to make a living and doesn’t get respect from his folks. Kevin is the younger brother that’s holds better responsibilities, does well in school and gets spoiled by his parents. Yeah, I can see why these two don’t get along that well.

They tend to act like complete douche bags to each other in the show, but by the end of an episode, both Andy and Kevin resolve their conflicts and become the best of friends. The ending of the episode “Happy Birthday, Kevin” (my favourite Mission Hill episode) is a great example of Andy and Kevin’s brotherly bond.

Andy and Kevin French aren’t perfect brothers and you may think you’re going to hate these two a lot. but if you sit patiently to see Andy and Kevin further on screen, they do tend to surprise viewers in moments when they do get along.

8. Yakko, Wakko and Dot



Animaniacs was one of my childhood TV series as a kid, so obviously I had to add “The Warner Brothers, And Warner Sister” on the list. Yakko (middle), Wakko (right) and Dot (left) were the trio siblings that stood by each other, providing wacky humour that drove the other characters in the show absolutely nuts.

These three have such stood out traits that matched their cartoony designs very well. Yakko was the leader always cracking jokes, Wakko was the weird one who had a stomach made out of steel, and Dot was the cutest one that purposely displayed her cuteness at others. These three always presented comedy in their acts and they delivered such hilarious material in family TV programming, though there were times where it got out of hand. I don’t know if I want to be stuck in a room with these three in real life. They’ll drive me insane!

Though what shocked me about The Warner Brothers and Sister was their roles in the movie, Wakko’s Wish. They continued to display their comedy in the film, but it surprise me more that these wacky kids were able to show some heart, like that scene when Yakko was telling a bedtime story to Dot. Watching that scene in that film always brings a sincere smile to my face.

These Warner Kids are cooky, weird and voiced by my favourite voice actors! Yakko, Wakko and Dot brought laughs and even heart to my years of watching cartoons as a kid.

7. Leo, Don, Raph and Mikey



I definitely had to put the Ninja Turtles on the list just because my older sister grew up with the TMNT series back in the 80s and I grew up to follow liking the turtles afterwards. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo consider themselves as brothers that will stick by one another to stop Shredder’s plans and train hard with the help of their sensei, Master Splinter.

Many of us are aware about the Ninja Turtles’ existence, from films, TV shows, comic books (which are pretty violent by the way) and in other media sources. There are fans that love Leo’s leadership, Don’s wacky inventions, Raph’s tough guy attitude or even Mikey’s enthusiasm of partying and pizza. These four brothers of turtles have such distinctive traits, with variations of drawn interpretations done by various artists (i.e. 1987 cartoon series, 2003 cartoon series, etc). Not to mention that these brothers do stay by each other no matter where they go… well, for the most part.

Even with the conflicts that happens between Leo and Raph (though I don’t think that was shown in the 1987 cartoon series at all), those two turtles in particular would come back to resolve their arguments. I’m not a fan of those two always bickering at one another, but I can see why Leo and Raph are written that way.

Depending on the animated series you’re watching, the sibling bond of the Ninja Turtles can either be mentioned a lot (2003 version or 2012 cartoon) or barely at all (1987 version). Either which animated series you watch, you’re still going to love these four mutant turtles that can fight like ninjas…and kick ninja butt.

6. Dipper and Mabel Pines

(Disney’s Gravity Falls)


I got into Gravity Falls last year over the summer, which was a show that I wasn’t too sure if I would like – But that proved me wrong! I really got to thank my sister for getting me to like this show. It’s simply that great!

The twin siblings Dipper Pines (right) and Mabel Pines (left) really surprised me for a brother and sister that mostly got along pretty well. Usually the brother and sister team would always bicker at one another, but Dipper and Mabel’s relationship don’t highly play much of that negative sibling trope in the show, except for a few moments.

Dipper and Mabel’s personalities are in the oddball category, though they’re both presented in different ways. Mabel is more over the top with her actions and has a very bubbly trait to her attitude. Dipper is the average character that keeps focus on the mysteries in Gravity Falls, with a touch of quite awkward behaviours whenever he’s freaking out or making moves on Wendy (who is a few years older than him).

There were times when both Dipper and Mabel get into arguments, though in a competitive way. The episode “Carpet Diem” is a great example of this, where both Mabel and Dipper fought over for the extra room to make it their own personal bed room (good episode by the way). Mabel and Dipper…What a pair of fun, comedic twins!

5. Bart and Lisa Simpson

(The Simpsons)


Bart and Lisa Simpson are the typical brother and sister that simply don’t get a long. However, they are times where they do sympathize for one another and can act like the best of friends. I could have added Maggie in this choice too, but I feel the sibling bond with just Bart and Lisa is far more interesting. I have nothing against you Maggie! You just fall, trip and do cute things when you’re with Bart and Lisa. That’s it!

We are all aware about Bart and Lisa’s opposite personalities. Lisa is the sister with the brains that works hard in school and Bart is the trouble making brother that doesn’t act too bright. Though their arguments and fights can really get out of hand and somewhat annoying, but when they do get a long, they can become an awesome team to help each other or other characters in Springfield, like Krusty the Clown, Apu or even their own dad.

The best episode that stars Bart and Lisa was “Lisa on Ice”. This was a great episode that made Bart and Lisa compete and fought one another constantly during their hockey tournaments until the final act of the episode. I don’t want give the ending away for those who aren’t familiar with the episode, but all I can say is that it is a very good one. The ending has a feeling that families with a son and daughter may fight a lot, but their brother and sister bond are much closer than what others think.

Of course with the Simpsons still going, Bart and Lisa continue to pull the brother and sister rivalry that tends to get old now. If you want to see many laughs, heart and adventures with these two, check the earlier seasons from 1 to 7 first, including the shorts that aired on the Tracy Ulman show in the late 80s. You’ll definitely see Bart and Lisa at their finest there.

 4. Kyle and Ike Broflovski

(South Park)


Who would I want to pick? A Jewish boy who’s little brother is Canadian, or a young American boy that get’s his ass beaten up by his head-gear wearing sister? Ummmm…I’ll go with Kyle and Ike Broflovski. Their brotherly display in South Park is just adorable to watch whenever these two are together on screen. I squeal like a little school girl when I see them do something cute together.

I find it neat that Kyle has an adopted brother who’s Canadian. I guess my Canadian pride finds that pretty cool. At first Kyle would kick Ike around like a football in season 1 and didn’t accept Ike for being Canadian in “Ike’s Wee Wee” from season 2, but as the show continued to air more episodes, Kyle and Ike’s relationship were becoming sweeter than ever.

Kyle would always protect and support Ike, including being a great influence to his younger brother (especially in later seasons). There were times when both Kyle and Ike get themselves over dumb arguments and fights, though I got to admit that their complaints are kind of funny to watch, except when Ike disturbingly hit puberty in the episode, “Taming Strange”.

Are Kyle and Ike perfect brothers? For the most part. They sometimes verbally fight like brothers would, but they do show more brotherly love than any characters I’ve seen in adult cartoons. Not to mention that they’re the most adorable set of brothers I’ve ever seen in a cut-out art style in animation. Seriously! Can you think of any other adorable characters done in this style?

3. Edward and Alphonse Elric

(Fullmetal Alchemist and FMA: Brotherhood)


If I had to choose fictional siblings from a Japanese animated series, it definitely has to be Edward Elric (right) and Alphonse Elric (left) from Fullmetal Alchemist. These brothers been through thick and thin after the loss of their mother and causing a terrible taboo that nearly lost their lives. Trying to bring their mother back using alchemy, Edward lost his right arm and left leg while Alphonse lost his entire body, which he had his soul attached to an empty suit of armour.

These two young alchemist brothers are fun together with some great laughs, especially when people mistake Al as “The Fullmetal Alchemist”, even though Ed is marked with that title. However, they are also pretty emotional brothers due to what I said in the last paragraph, as well as other dramatic events. Ed and Al are also not quitters for what they desire and I pretty much like the determination that these brothers got when it comes to learning new things on alchemy or finding certain methods (like the Philosopher’s stone) to restore their full original bodies.

Even if Ed and Al are really well written in the intense scenes in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, their comedy and inside jokes are quite mixed for me to enjoy these days. Ed raging furiously at people for calling him “short” or Al shoving people and cats in his armour can feel somewhat redundant or not too hilarious in my opinion. These two were mostly written for the emotion for the main story, which their brotherly connection does show that display the best.

Overall, Edward and Alphonse Elric are well written characters with a solid balance of heart and laughs. These two brothers with alchemy knowledge and powers are a great team that will stand tall and move forward for what they believe in.

2. Louise, Gene and Tina Belcher

(Bob’s Burgers)


If I had to choose fictional siblings from an animated sitcom starring an animated family, its gotta be Tina (left), Gene (middle) and Louise (right) Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. These three wild characters are perhaps the funniest trio of kids that I have ever seen in recent animated shows intended for teens and adults. They’re like the new Yakko, Wakko and Dot for me, except not drawn very cartoony and a little more subtle in their wacky dialogue.

Tina, Gene and Louise have such entertaining personalities that certainly makes each character uniquely different. There’s Tina, the older sister that’s moans a lot who says and thinks of odd things. Then there’s Gene, the brother/middle child that craves for attention with a love for music. And then there’s Louise, the younger sister that says and does diabolical and wild things to people (like giving one of the members from a boy band a satisfying slap in the face) .

Whenever you see these three on screen, you’re going to see a lot of crazy scenarios and humourous scenes, especially from Louise. They’re not usually fighting a lot and they tend to stick by each other like a team would, even when they’re hanging out away from their parents. They are comical and entertaining that surprisingly don’t get too annoying for my enjoyment of watching Bob’s Burgers, which is hard to pull off child characters in many adult animated sitcoms.

Though Tina, Gene and Louise can sometimes drive Bob and Linda up the wall, but at least they have decent parents that don’t exclude their own children, or at least one of them like in other animated sitcoms (i.e. Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, etc.).  I personally think these three are by far the best siblings in a family animated sitcom that I’ve ever witnessed on television these days. These wacky three definitely don’t disappoint.

1. Nani and Lilo

(Disney’s Lilo and Stitch)


I’m sure this has surprised you all, hasn’t it? Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen may have showed struggle and heart with their sisterly love, but I personally believe that Nani (left) and Lilo (right) from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch showed an even stronger emotion. They even displayed a realistic sisterly bond than any other animated show or film I’ve seen. These sisters lost both of their parents and Nani had to become the owner of the house, including a second mother in order to support her and her younger sister, Lilo.

It’s kind of hard to watch Lilo and Stitch these days just because Nani and Lilo’s traits and relationship somewhat reminds me of the relationship between me and my sister. I always saw my sister as a second mom and higher supporter like Nani, as well as my true friend. I’m sure anyone who has an older brother and sister would sometimes see them as a secondary parent or a really close friend.

Even my childhood past kind of reminds me of Lilo’s scenario in the film. I was a child that didn’t fit well with the other girls in school and was considered a bit of an outcast in school due to my “odd” behaviour. I know I wasn’t the only girl that felt like this in elementary school.

Nani’s display to raise Lilo in the film brought me laughs of joy, especially when Stitch appeared on screen. However, these sisters also left me with many frowns of emotion when they got themselves into tough arguments or having a sentimental time together. There is a scene with the two sisters that left me completely speechless. I’ll not explain the emotional scene to avoid spoilers, but I’ll say it’s a expressively great scene from Disney’s animation.

I just love how believable Nani and Lilo were presented in Disney’s Lilo and Stitch (minus the sci-fi content from Stitch’s side of the tale), which they became my favourite fictional siblings in animation of all time. Watching the film now will  not be the same without my sister, since Lilo and Stitch is one of her favourite Disney films.

Once the big day comes for my sister and her fiancee this summer, I’m going to give the two many happy and healthy wishes for their lives together and their future.

And that’s my list of my favourite cartoon siblings in films and TV series. You’re welcome to mention your favourite cartoon siblings by leaving a comment below or at the forums at Thanks for the time to read this latest post and I’ll pass by another day to post a new T-Lab article.


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