T-McBee’s Q and A (Round 1)


Here’s a new segment for T-McBee’s written blogs called T-McBee’s Q & A. This is where fans and members ask me questions at itstailtime.net and I get to answer them in a posted blog. If you wish to ask me a question for future Q & A posts, you’re welcome to ask me at the forums at itstailtime.net. Please do NOT post any questions here. I will not look at them at all due to occupied reasons.

Now let’s start Round 1 of T-McBee’s Q & A!

This first question comes from goldenguy43. He asks:

“If you had a time machine what would you do?”

My Answer:

Assassinate Hitler!


lol Seriously… Everyone wants to do that on their time traveling to do list.

I only got two things I want to do when traveling back in time, which are…

Be in the Crowd to Watch Queen Perform at the Wembley Stadium in ’86


Being a fan of Queen, it would be awesome to see Freddie alive singing with the rest of Queen at the Wembley Stadium. This event happened a year before I was born and it was one of the bands’ greatest concerts that they’ve ever performed. So as a Queen fan, I would love to see at least one performance of this band on stage when Freddie was alive at the time.

Seeing what my grandparents from my dad’s side did


My grandparents from my dad’s side passed away before I was even born, so it would be interesting to see what their lives were like at the time. My dad’s dad was born in 1889 (my older grandfather) and my dad’s mom was born in 1905 (my older grandmother), so they wouldn’t possibly have made it to 1987 in order to see me.

Luckily, my older grandmother saw my older sister when she was a new born, but by 1986 before I was born, she passed away with diabetes at her mid 80s. As for my older grandfather from my father’s side, he passed away somewhere in the 1960’s and his death from what I heard was pretty depressing.

I’ve always wondered what they were like when they raised my dad, as well as his three sisters (aka my aunts) and his half siblings (his half siblings unfortunately passed away too). There are always interesting stories when it comes to my father’s side and I bet they had some fascinating events happening to them too.

I know quite a lot about my grandparents from my mom’s side since my mom mentions many stories about them. I grew up with my young grandparents every year when I visited them in Portugal at a very young age until around 2008 or 2009 when my younger grandmother was getting worse with her illness until she passed away in 2012. Now I got only one grandparent living in this crazy world.


Time traveling is a touchy subject to talk about since one move you make in the past could cause something drastic to the world in the future. It’s still convoluted as to how time travel works, so I would rather just see what the past was like rather than being highly part of it and changing history. And that’s all I can say about it.


Next question comes from Cendoo. He asks:

“Having only done one written review, I know they take a lot of focus to achieve the high level of quality that you and Hannu have. How do you maintain that focus?”

My Answer:

Interesting question Cendoo!


Might be tough to answer this one because it really depends when it comes to writing reviews or lists for a site. Well, one thing to actually maintain this focus is time management. If you feel like you have nothing to do during your day or need a bit of distraction from school and other occupations, stop by at your computer or pad of paper and start planning your review, countdown or article that you want to do for a few minutes. You can even start planning it in a rough draft with images, videos or other set ups (if you’re doing your review in a blog).

However, if you feel like your schedule is too tight to do written reviews at the moment, then I suggest leave them for later (can be weeks, months, or even years) or keep them brief as possible. You don’t have to mention every single detail about what you’re reviewing if you don’t have the time.


Maintaining this focus can also come from conversations from people you know or friends when talking about something from the media or other things. For example, if there was a topic that you’ve discussed with your friends, an idea may click in your head and you may want to write a review about it. Inspiration is also another major key to maintaining these media focuses. That, and also knowledge. Throwing in some research in your review helps you work cite the facts about whatever you’re reviewing.

I do multiple blogs and written work during my spare time in need (one for Its Tail Time and the other for my personal/artworks), so I guess practice with writing can really help you improve on your writing skills, speaking and organization. It likes riding a bicycle. Just keep peddling the wheels until you get the hang of it. Like my dad always tells me out loud, “practice makes perfect”.


Next question comes from ratchetandclankfan99. He asks:

“What gaming memory do u want to relive?”

My Answer:

Oh man! Do I really have to choose!?!

But seriously though, I guess the gaming memory (or memories) that I want to relive is back in the late 90s and early 2000s. Those were the years when I would go to my best friend’s house and play N64 games with her, her brother and her brother’s friends.


Let’s call these friends of mine “Rebecca”, “Ted” and Ted’s friends to hide their real identities for this blog. We would always head into their basement and play games together. We would play many multi-player games like Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 64, Mario Tennis, Perfect Dark, GoldenEye 007, Diddy Kong Racing, South Park 64 and much more for so many hours. Sure, there were times where we got into arguments when one of us would be cheap in a game, but majourity of those gaming experiences were fun, especially when we ate nachos in the middle of the night.

I remember saying some ridiculous things when playing these games back in the day. One day I played Super Smash Bros with Rebecca and Ted and I remember yelling out the most dumbest things I’ve ever said to a computer player. I would say things like, “Donkey Kong is going to get a smooth kick in the ass!”. I am aware now that sentence doesn’t make any sense one bit, but I was like 12 or 13 when I said that. You can’t give someone a smooth kick in the ass.


As a matter of fact, the years when the 5th Generation of Consoles were around had my favourite memories of my gaming experiences and childhood. I even watched people or other kids play games that I didn’t even bother asking if I could play as well, like the games available for the PS1 or RPG games. Though I never got to play many PS1 games when it was around (except for Tony Hawks Pro Skater, DDR and one of the Need for Speed games), but it was kept in my head for so long until I finally got the chance to play those games on my own many years later. Final Fantasy 9 and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature are great examples of this.


There were other great gaming experiences in my life too, like playing DDR drunk at someone’s house, playing Harvest Moon 64 non-stop till I reached year 13 in the game (yeah, that happened) and beating every level of Super Mario Bros 3 in one sitting. However, the fun times Rebecca, Ted, Ted’s friends and I had fun playing N64 games for hours is something I can never forget.


That is it for Round One of T-McBee’s Q & A! I want to thank my fans and followers at itstailtime.net for the opportunity to ask me a question and have me answering them in this fun posted blog. Thanks everyone! Hopefully a Round 2 will happen for the next T-McBee’s Q&A.


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