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L-L-Legit! You are now reading another article of the Legit Animation Blog!

For the first time ever in T-LAB, it’s got a new segment! And that segment is called “The Legit Q & A”. This is where members and my fans at can ask me questions about me and I respond back to them in a posted article. If you want to ask me a question that you want me to answer, log in to the forums at Its Tail Time on my Q & A Threads. Do NOT send your questions in the comments here. I will NOT read them at all.

When I was helping Gexup as his co-host on the Legit Animation Podcast, my favourite segment on the show was the Mailbag Segment. I’ve always liked answering to people’s questions, which always brought interesting discussions that us and the guests had talked about.  After Gexup left the podcast to focus on the important things in his life,  fan-mail segments continued to happen in other podcasts on the site, like Hannu’s White Devil Podcast.

I thought to myself, “I could do a Q & A for my part of Its Tail Time too, but somewhat innovate it!” And here it is! — Presented in a written Q & A interview, which has never been done before on ITT yet. So everyone, let me begin Round 1 of The Legit Q & A!

This first question comes from goldenguy43. He asks:

“What are your favorite endings from animated movies?”

My Answer:

I got a few in mind. I’ll just name the films rather than giving the ending spoilers away for those who haven’t seen any of the animated films below. The following films are:

Rock and Rule (Canadian Version)


Le Roi et l’Oiseau


Disney’s Princess and the Frog


Disney’s Aladdin


Disney’s Beauty and the Beast


Disney’s The Lion King


The Prince of Egypt


South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut


Who Framed Roger Rabbit


The Lego Movie


And those are the animated features that I thought had satisfying endings.

goldenguy43, I just read your question!



Next question comes from Cendoo. He asks: 

“What are your motivations for the things you choose to talk about? Like, is it about personal favorites, a desire to get said animation more exposure etc.”

My Answer:

Good question, Cendoo!


It really depends in what motivates me to write an article down for Legit. It can be inspiration, wanting to express my honest thoughts on the topic or perhaps getting people more exposed to the content that gets overlooked in the media. So yeah! You can practically say that I choose all of the above for my final answer.

I do mention a lot of personal favourites and moments when it comes to cartooning and animation, but at the same time I would like to see if people who had read my articles or had listened to my appearances on some podcasts would actually get invested in the content I’d mention at


It’s usually 50/50 if your viewers are following the receptions and words you say something from artistic media like animation and comic books, but I simply don’t mind if only some of the readers will follow what I say. I can’t force everyone to like or dislike the same cartoons, animations and comics as I do.

I’ll just joke around for anyone who keeps missing out on the things that I’ve mentioned. You know, just for s*** and giggles, but I won’t be too harsh about it. People have questioned me on some of the things that I haven’t checked out yet, like not seeing The Dark Knight yet.

….Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhh. I don’t want to talk about that now….

Cendoo, I just read your question!



Next question comes from thehande. He asks:

“Who do you think would win in a fight? Milo Thatch or Kenai from Brother Bear?”

My Answer:

A very random question from thehande aka Hannu, but I would say Kenai from Disney’s Brother Bear.


I don’t know Milo Thatch from Disney’s Atlantis that well, so I had to pick a character that I am quite familiar with. And besides… Bears are mother f***in’ scary!  Look at these images displayed below!

bear roar





Rawr Kick!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 9.49.35 PM

Rawr Scream!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.00.58 PM

Rawr Rawr Punch!

As cute as bears look, they’re just one animal you don’t want to mess with. Like every wild creature, you must be a wild life professional in order to be near a bear. I’ve only seen both Disney’s Atlantis and Brother Bear once in my life (more like half of the films), so choosing the two main characters from these specific movies in a battle was somewhat difficult for me to decide.

Overall, bear pawns skinny guy with specs!

Though I bet 5 bucks that someone is going to say something about Milo Thatch in his defense. 

thehande, I just read your question!



The next question come from blackbeltdragon95. He asks:

“What do you think of the show Wander Over Yonder?”

My Answer:


 I don’t think I see the show airing on Canadian networks yet, but I’ve checked some clips on youtube to see what’s the deal with this latest Disney Toon series. I will say it’s a very colourful and well animated, including having some laugh out chuckles here and there. Not as hilarious and intriguing as Gravity Falls, but looks like a solid show to watch so far.

I don’t have full thoughts about Wander the Yonder yet since I haven’t seen a whole episode of this show to get me invested in the story and characters right away. Perhaps once Canada finally plays this show on DXD or The Family Channel, I’ll throw in my thoughts about the series. But for now, I don’t have a full opinion about it.

blackbeltdragon95, I just read your question!



This last question comes from CrashJakFan1994. He asks:

“What advice do you have for people who want to review anything cartoon-related (comics/graphic novels, shows, and movies)?”

My Answer:

That’s a pretty good question, CrashJakFan1994!

Well, I’ve only did a couple of reviews for the Legit Animation Blog, but here is what I can think of when reviewing anything that’s cartoon or comic book related:


 1.  Obviously story and characters should be explained first. It’s best to describe these two categories right away so your viewers can get invested in the animated film, cartoon series, comic book volumes or graphic novel series that you are reviewing.


2. When you are reviewing a story in a cartoon or comic book, it’s best to keep things brief without giving away too much plot development or many important spoilers from the story. It’s like a movie or video game review. You don’t wanna give too many good things away to people who haven’t experience it yet.

As for characters, describe the main characters first and explain their personalities, likes or dislikes and their main goals. Supporting cast can be briefly explained since they’re not as important as the main ones. And of course, try to avoid many spoilers from some of these characters, especially in comic books and graphic novels. Once again, think of it like a movie or game review. 😉


3. Talk about the presentation and art design when it comes to cartoons, comic books, animations, etc.

If it’s done in animation like Mission Hill, focus both on the art design and animation quality (timing, weight, creativity, stretch and squash, ease in and outs, etc.). If it’s in a comic book format like The Bone Comic Series, talk about the illustration quality (shading, rendering, colour scheme, perspective, etc.) and the scenes presented through drawings like all comic books and graphic novels.

It really depends on how you wanna elaborate the presentations of a cartoon or a comic book. You’re open to go in depth of the art ascetics and the elements and principals of designs with these reviews.


4. Feel free to add some personal stories or trivial information in order to make the review interesting to read through.

Sometimes I throw these things in to honestly explain my interest in cartoons, comics and animations, including to make the written reviews entertaining from beginning to end.

From someone who is still an amateur in writing reviews in general, those are the best advices that I can think of at this point. I’m sure I’ll improve my writing along the way when I write more reviews or anything written related in the future.

CrashJakFan1994, I just read your question!



Thanks for the questions to make the Legit Q & A segment happen. I’m glad that I answered your questions and hopefully I’ll see more in another Q & A for the Legit Animation Blog! Thanks for reading!


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