T-McBee’s Q & A (Round 2)

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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to Round 2 of T-McBee’s Q and A! I’ve only received one question for this round, but that’s okay because that gives me the opportunity to write more and make this post a small quick article for people to read through. If you want to ask me any questions for future Q and A posts, you’re welcome to ask me in the forums at itstailtime.net. Don’t post any questions you want to ask me here because I will NOT read them.

Now let’s begin Round 2 of this Q and A article, shall we?


goldenguy43 asks:

“Do you think gaming generations are getting worse?”

My Answer:

It’s in-between for me, but I guess it really depends on what you’re targeting on, whether it is the game industry, gamers or anything else related to video games.


For purchasing matters, I would stumble on a game that will catch my interest and purchase or pre-order it right away. It all depends on what you’re interested in. Some would like playing a Mario game every year. Others would want to play another generic shooter. So at least there are options to the game you want to try on consoles, mobile devices, and the computer compare to 30 years ago.

The only thing that bugs me with video games now are the price tag. Some games for consoles nowadays are going for the $64.99 price tags rather than $59.99. I call bull nanny on that one and just start sticking with games that are cheaper or Steam games (ones that are on sale) for now.

TheLastofUs ratchet bioshockinfinite

Game development for videos games, especially for triple A titles, are very high demanding these days and are really hard to get into. With the latest programs and technology that are being released, it is pretty difficult to work for the top notch developers that are out there like Naughty Dog or Ubisoft for examples.

Many game developers want to take the risk of adding more layers, textures, detail and lighting to their game meshes for 3D video games, as well as innovating video games done with such great quality to them, such as using updated softwares to make the game look impressive or bringing convincing storytelling to video games that are told much better than a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Though not every game needs to have the latest technology or the prettiest 3D visuals in order to become successful (though it would be nice for those who can afford it). Just as long you got hard working people, talented individuals and a stable company to create a splendid game.

Journey Portal-2 TheWolfAmongUs

The creativity in video games these days whether its visuals, music or gameplay are rather mix for this generation for me. However, there are some games that uses the genre styles in video games and make something unique out of them, like sandbox titles (InFamous) or first person shooters (Portal). Maybe even bringing back a genre that’s been forgotten for years like point and click adventure titles (The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us).

With indie games becoming much well known than ever before, many people have the opportunity to get a career in game development and sell a game to consumers. Though you got to have a lot of technical knowledge in order to make a game, including practicing with the softwares that you have available to access.

It all comes to the creative minds and skilled individuals that puts hard work into a game, which has been shown in previous game generations as well. Keep in mind that every generation of games had their ups and down when it comes to innovation and marketing for gaming consumers.  

COD_fanboys FanboysDepressgameconsolewars

The gamers of this generation…I guess that’s the one thing that I’ll critique somewhat negatively on, but it all depends on who you talk to when discussing about video games. At least people are now understanding that not every generic FPS, Sci-Fi, war type, or other typical style game sales successfully like back on the 7th gen consoles. Plus with a wide variety of games out now on many devices, there are many options that people can choose from. But of course, there’s going to be those people who only stick to one franchise like Call of Duty, Mario or Final Fantasy and say it’s the best series they’ve ever played… or j*** off to. 😛

As for the whole consoles or handheld wars that goes on in every gaming generation… who the hell care and just enjoy the gaming systems and devices that you prefer more. If we only had one console in this day of age, the gaming industry would easily plummet down hard on its ass and had another game crash like E.T. the Video Game back in 1983.

January 29th, 2011 @ 19:11:28assassins-creed-scenery

My issues with console games these days is that I don’t like the fact that many gamers or critics would criticize a game for its visuals and graphics only. I agree that graphics and visuals are extremely important in a game and they got to be presentable, but you got to remember the other elements in a game too like music, sound, collision, gameplay (very important), creative ideas, obstacles, animations, coding and much more. Without those other elements, your game will turn out either decent or mediocre depending on how hard you make the game.

I personally have nothing against realistic looking games if my followers are reading this article and believe I’m bad mouthing games with realistic graphics and textures. They’re just not my personal preference when it comes to playing video games. I would look at them and say those games looks amazing, but I can’t really picture myself playing a lot of video games with that level of detail for hours.

Playing video games with such realistic detail also depends on how the game is played too.  A lot of people loved the linear action adventure combat of the Uncharted series and I was one of those individuals who just found it to be okay at best. Heck, I even met people in my game college program who actually prefer the first Assasin’s Creed as their favourite game in the AC series.But once again, you can say this to any kind of game out there, no matter what art ascetics the game is presented with.


BrokenAge DK_TropicalFreeze inFamousSecondSon SouthPark_TSOT

Overall, I think this generation so far has been decent and fixing many of the mistakes that has been made in the 7th line of consoles and devices, so I don’t think they’re getting worse at this point. However, the industry is still not perfect with some game companies handling advertisements for promoting their video games. 

Sometimes I do feel like this new generation of gaming has become way too spoiled with games now than ever before, especially making game consoles do more than just play video games. Sure it’s great that a console can also be a BluRay Player or watch TV on it, but I guess the old person in me just likes video game consoles as only video game consoles.  

There are moments where gamers today are just sticking to continue playing the same type of games that they have with the last gen consoles and handhelds. Though there are other gamers that are willing to try out something different for the 8th generation of consoles, computers or other electronic devices. So that’s a plus right there.




You know, sometimes we need a game that’s not always a FPS shooter!…

Sometimes we need a game that is not always done in 3D with realistic assets and textures!…

Sometimes we need a game that will not always hold your hand in the game’s difficulty!…

Sometimes we need a game that’s truly innovated!…

Sometimes we need a game that continues to obtain old mechanics from previous games…

Sometimes we need a game that’s not always done as a side-scrolling platformer!…

Sometimes we need a game that’s not always done with sprite visuals!…

But most importantly, sometimes we need a game that can push the limits and risks of creating a game concept and executing it with full potential!




What I’m trying to say is that we need variety in gameplay, no matter how much game developers uses those same game mechanics and gameplay styles all the time.

We do need many types of games that will consume and entertain a wide variety of people. If we stuck with the same ideas over and over in video games, people will get easily bored with the games right away. Maybe developers cannot innovate too much on a new video game genre at this point, but they can put an idea that can make the game a whole new experience for gamers to try out.


That is all for Round 2 for T-McBee’s Q and A! Do you agree with the article? Or do you wish to add more gaming feedback to this post? Thank you all for reading and I hope to receive more questions in Round 3 of T-McBee’s Q and A in the near future.


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