T-McBee’s Top 10 7th Generation Console Games

TMB_7thGenConsoles copy

Well folks, this is it. It is finally time for me to talk about my favourite games for the 7th line of home consoles. While I haven’t found games for the Wii, PS3 and XBox 360 to be as amazing as games that came out in previous gen. consoles, I came across a few games that were worthy to play.

The one reason why I made this list is because I’ll be giving a break in purchasing the latest games and tech for home consoles these days. I find myself too occupied  to make time to play video games, plus I cannot afford to purchase any of the 8th generation consoles at this point. I’m sure I might be able to try games on the Wii-U, PS4 and XBox One at people’s houses one day, but I’ll be sticking to what I can afford and enjoy playing at the moment, like games on Steam for instance.

This is T-McBee here listing down my Top 10 7th Generation Console Games. Please keep in mind that the choices here are my personal preferences and not the best selling video games for this list. If you want to mention your favourite 7th generation console video games, you’re welcome to leave a comment here or in the forums at itstailtime.net.

Now without further ado, let me grab my 7th gen controls and consoles and reflect on the most enjoyable games and times I played from 2006  to this year. Let’s begin.

10. Kirby’s Epic Yarn



Kirby’s Epic Yarn was a game I wasn’t too sure about due to its very innocent tone. After I’ve checked many followers on youtube who appreciated this game, I had to give it a try. I managed to find a copy of Kirby’s Epic Yarn this year for a cheaper price, and all I can say is this–What an adorable game this was!


I personally believe Kirby’s Epic Yarn is the remedy that turns gamer’s frown upside down. The first time I played this game, it seriously made me felt all warm and cuddly inside after a long day of stress in my personal daily life. Sure, the game is not difficult and you can’t die in the game, but there is a solid variety of things to do in the gameplay, great consistency of hand crafted textures, and solid creativity with the level designs. There’s even some challenges in the game that also would take some skill too. Sometimes holding many jewels in a level without getting hit a lot is somewhat difficult, especially when you want to collect the items and furniture to design your own apartment.


I couldn’t rank Kirby’s Epic Yarn as my favourite Wii game or 7th generation console game of all time due to the game being too easy, including some stiff or sensitive controlling in some parts of the game, like changing Kirby into a car to move faster or making train tracks when pointing the Wii remote at the screen as Train Kirby. So hardcore players will not appreciate this Kirby game right away, though for those who are okay with easy streak gameplay or innocent looking games will find it a-okay.


Kirby’s Epic Yarn isn’t my all time favourite Kirby game ever, but I would definitely rank it in my Top 5 favourite Kirby games of all time. This game feels like the perfect casual game to play with your spouse/lover or even with little kids like your younger cousins and siblings. I wouldn’t mind popping this game in my Wii and play it with my baby cousin once she gets a bit older someday. There’s gotta be that one game that makes you feel happy inside and Kirby’s Epic Yarn is my happy game.

9. Puppeteer



Now I’m sure you’re all confused by me picking this game over Ni no Kuni since I ranked Puppeteer lower than Ni no Kuni on my list of Top 5 Games of 2013. Though as I replayed some levels in Puppeteer a months ago after I posted that list, the game started to grow on me a lot more than Ni no Kuni did. It was great to see Japan Studio releasing a new I.P. exclusively for the PS3 in 2013, especially not charging the game at 60 dollars.


I won’t go into long detail about Puppeteer just because I’ve already described a lot about the game, so I’ll just mention what I liked best in this side scrolling 2.5D platformer.

1. The game presented like a theatre show is just brilliant! It really fits the world of Puppeteer so well, especially the way it changes scenes once the player completes a stage from point A to point B.

2. The 3D model work is crafted very uniquely with fun crafted textures and models presented with massive scales for little Kutaro to pass through. Seeing little Kutaro fighting off a massive boss is just mind blowing and dare I say… “epic”?


I still wouldn’t put the game at number 1 due to its floaty controls and weak melee attacks on smaller enemies. But other than that, Puppeteer is an easy going game if you don’t want to play a game that’s too frustrating, except for completists that want to beat it at 100%. Collecting all the heads will make you repeat playing the levels a few times. And yes, I’m still happy to get this underrated game over GTA V…. I don’t care if GTA V is the best game ever. Different strokes, for different folks. 😛

8. Infamous



After Rocket Robot on Wheels for the N64 and the Sly Cooper trilogy, Sucker Punch’s latest IP about a young man with electrical powers debuted on the PS3 that surprisingly shocked many gamers… No pun intended.


The original Infamous is the only sandbox title that I really enjoyed from the 7th consoles. You can either make Cole McGrath a super hero or a troublesome villain with these electrical powers that he has obtained in the game. The quarantine city that the player roams around in makes them feel like you are stuck in this city, making these one only decision tasks to make the already destructive town better..or even worse. It can become pretty intense for the player as some of these choices will never be redone,  especially its storytelling becoming surprisingly gripping to dive into. I was even surprise to witness some deep emotions in the character’s dialogue, which was another thing that made me jump into this game right away. Normally moody and gritty games aren’t my thing to play, but I thought it worked pretty well in Infamous.


I know a lot of people would prefer Infamous 2 over the original game for it’s updated model designs. However, I personally thought the story and the missions in the sequel didn’t felt as intriguing or intense as in the first game. Plus Cole wasn’t as powerful or interesting in the second game what so ever. What happened to those awesome electrical storms that you could do with the Six Axis controls!?! That ability was awesome!  Now we just became weaker in the sequel and used an Amp Sword weapon thing to defeat enemies instead? *Sarcastic tone* Great! Yeah, you can tell that I hold mixed feelings towards Infamous 2.


Personally, Infamous 1 left a more exciting impression on me than its sequel or any other sandbox game available for the 7th line of home consoles, even though there were some missions in the game that made me curse like a sailor. I still remember the whole debate in 2009 whether Infamous or Prototype was the better comic book style like sandbox game to play and own. It seem like people believe that Infamous was a more electrifying seller in the summer of 2009. YAY! More electric puns!

7. South Park: The Stick of Truth



If you’re looking for a definitive game that’s based on a cartoon that looks like the cartoon itself, then South Park: The Stick of Truth is the mother f***** game to play. This game is not only the best adaptation of South Park, but perhaps Obsidian’s better game to try out despite the few glitches and bugs in the game.


What I find amazing about this game is that your customized player is in the world of South Park and how they silently interact with many characters from the show, including ones that team up with you like Butters, Cartman, Kenny, Stan, Kyle and even Jimmy. While the world of South Park might be small and simple to explore, the game has a lot of collectables, missions and replay value to try the game out a few times. As for the RPG combat system, it’s mostly easy. I wouldn’t say the combat difficulty is intense like Earthbound nor the Final Fantasy games, but it is easy to jump to for casual players. Even to those who aren’t fans of RPGs at all.


The Stick of Truth is a great game, but I do have my share of major nitpicks with the game itself.  You think the bugs and glitches would bug me a lot about the game, right? Not really. What I found irritably annoying was some of the button mashing in the game. The sensitivity with some of the button mashing in the gameplay felt so freaking hard to do. It felt impossible to accomplish one thing that looks easy, but difficult to control. There is one difficult button mashing gameplay that is unfortunately mandatory, so just hold down the control on a hard surface and use a pen in order to pass that segment. That’s my best advice for ya!


South Park: The Stick of Truth may had a few flaws with some content taken out in its final product (including the offensive content that got censored outside of North America), the game really impressed me. It took me to a nostalgia trip when I got so intrigued in playing RPGs for hours like Earthbound and Paper Mario. The only thing that makes it different is that it’s suitable for adult audiences only. It’s not highly polished like many classic RPG titles out there, but it instantly became one of my favourite comedic games, games based on a cartoon and even M-rated games of all time.

6. Super Mario Galaxy


Super Mario Galaxy 2

(2007, 2010)



If there was one but possibly two games that were worth owning for the Nintendo Wii, it definitely has to be both Super Mario Galaxy 1 and Super Mario Galaxy 2. These Mario titles innovated Mario’s adventure and platforming by sending this iconic mascot soaring through the galaxies and roaming around floating meteors as platforms. Plus these games are the most beautiful looking titles to have in the Wii library (in terms of 3D rendered graphics).


Super Mario Galaxy 1 really innovated the whimsical touch and concept for this Mario game that blew many people’s mind. Players loved the vibe of space gravity, the fun boss fights, the new character Rosalina, the Luma stars, the over world hub of the Observatory, the enchanting music, and much more. Mario Galaxy 1 really puts me in a very relax trance, which I’ll admit that the game has made me felt close to falling asleep at times, but not in a bad way. The game is calm and subtle, with some fun challenges and platforming along the ride. Except for those rolling ball missions…I hate those a lot!


I know Super Mario Galaxy 2 gets harshly criticized for rehashing many assets from the first game, but it personally didn’t bug me since I played the sequel first, and then the first game years later. There were more levels, challenges and star collecting in the sequel, as well as riding Yoshi, newer power ups (gotta love that Cloud power up) and a new hub world shaped as Mario’s head. I personally thought the sequel seem much more memorable with its levels and gameplay (though had those stupid rolling ball missions), but I do agree that its simple story wasn’t as great as in Mario Galaxy 1.


Both Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are just enchanting single playing Mario games to try out. Even though it doesn’t have big open world explorations to roam around in, such as Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine, but somehow the many linear paths fits well for these specific Mario games. Mario has visited the galaxies, I wonder what’s the next innovating concept that Nintendo will bring to a new single player Mario game in the future? Hmmm… Super Mario Heaven? Super Mario City? The opportunities is open for this Italian Plumber!

5. Donkey Kong Country Returns



For a gamer that grew up with the DKC games back in the 90s, I was so disappointingly stumped to not spot a good Donkey Kong game ever since DK64 back in 1999. But thanks to Retro Studios in 2010, the studio revived DK that we all loved back when Rare was with Nintendo at the time –And that game is Donkey Kong Country Returns. I also had to put this game on the list because this was the first Nintendo Wii game that I ever got, as well as the first game I’ve received for Christmas in 2010.


While the game isn’t highly memorable as the the DKC trilogy for the Super NES, it became a solid DK game that had some things that we loved starring Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, like the secret areas, mine cart riding, vine swinging, riding on Rambi, and collecting KONG letters. There were also additional assets and obstacles that were new or different for the franchise, such as the newer villains and the newer boss fights. Sure, fans have complained about the Kremlings not being the main enemies in DKC Returns or the game feeling a little too cartoony compare to the Super NES Donkey Kong Country games , but it wasn’t disappointing as the game overall was exciting, fun and even challenging.


I guess my biggest complaint with Donkey Kong Country Returns is that you can’t switch your characters around like in the DKC trilogy titles. Player 1 will always be stuck playing as Donkey Kong whereas Diddy Kong will be played by Player 2 or as an extra life in a single playing experience. I just wish there was an option to swap the characters around when jumping through obstacles or fighting off the bosses in single player. Nintendo making Diddy Kong like Yoshi from Super Mario World isn’t good enough.


Despite that major nitpick and its really difficult moments, I was happy for Retro Studio to revive a proper game for this iconic Nintendo franchise. Being a fan of the DK games back in the 90s, it seems now that Retro Studios is my Rareware of the 2010 decade and I can’t wait what they have in store for future Donkey Kong games.

4. Bayonetta



It kind of puzzled me on how to react to a sexy appealing, but badass female like Bayonetta when the game Bayonetta came out. At first it didn’t intrigue me right away, that is until I spotted someone I know playing this game on their XBox 360 at their house back in Spring of 2010. What I witnessed really amazed me for how fast paste and crazy this game looked, which made me had thoughts about getting a copy of Bayonetta until I was able to get it for a cheaper price last year. Bayonetta is like Devil May Cry, but playing as a female witch instead. A sexy witch that is…


What I really liked about Bayonetta is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Not every mature rated game from the 7th line of consoles had to be too moody nor too serious, and Bayonetta was one of those games. Okay, the game showed a serious side near the end, but still kept its over the top vibe and odd flair in the game. I got to admit that the story is highly convoluted that doesn’t make any sense what’s so ever, but it still had enough entertainment to keep me playing this game.


 Some gamers have made arguments that the XBox 360 version of Bayonetta is superior over the PS3 version. I can see why they say that with the PS3 port being slightly choppier in the animation frame rate and feels rather grainier with its textures. No matter how much people criticized about the PS3 port of Bayonetta, I still purchased a copy of that version and had a great time with that port overall. Not to mention that it’s hack and slash gameplay just seem rather fitting on a PS3 controller than on the XBox 360 controller.


There were many great elements and satisfying surprises that made Bayonetta officially my favourite game in 2010. The fast paste fighting, the memorable characters and the cool sounding soundtrack is what made this hack and slash title worth the time to check out. I still can’t believe I’ve purchased God of War 3 over Bayonetta in 2010! Ugh! That was the dumbest mistake that I ever made in that year.

3. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



There’s still a debate whether Zelda: Skyward Sword or Zelda: Twilight Princess are the better Zelda games for the Wii console. It’s 50/50 with the likes and dislikes of these two particular Zelda titles, though if I had to choose one, it would definitely be The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


Zelda: Twilight Princess was a much memorable experience for me that felt like a traditional style Zelda game with its dungeons, item collecting, music and so forth. Though the gritty visuals, the dark ambiance, the character Midna and Link’s wolf form is what made this game different and even unique in some parts of the game. Interesting to know that my very close friend named her pet dog after Link because of Link’s wolf form. In other words, this game build quite a big impact in my life, as well as some of my best friends that I see face to face during our spare time.


Sure, the Wii version is reversed with its screen compare to the Gamecube version, but the game is still playable as it is the same game except with the game screen being mirrored with Wii controls. I say that this is quite a solid port, especially for those who wanted to play Zelda: Twilight Princess, but didn’t own a Nintendo Gamecube to play it like myself for one. Maybe those who aren’t right handed will not appreciate the Wii version due to its motion controls, but at least the game is quite easy to control unlike Skyward Sword. I also cannot forget that this is the first Zelda game that got a teen rating. So anyone who wanted a somewhat dark and mature Zelda game, well… there you have it.


Would I say it’s better than Zelda: Ocarina of Time? No. Though I would definitely rank this Zelda game in my top 5 favourite Zelda games of all time. It’s definitely better than Skyward Sword in my opinion, though I will admit the visuals and story presented in Skyward Sword is better handled than in Twilight Princess. But none the less, Twilight Princess brought a bigger impact in my gaming experience during the 7th gen line of consoles as well being a much talked about game in 2006.    

2. Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction


Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

(2007, 2009)

Ratchet_&_Clank_Future_Tools_of_Destruction_Game_Cover 256px-Ratchet_&_Clank_Future-_A_Crack_in_Time

Ratchet and Clank brought a huge surprise for many fans and gamers with this series that started on the PS2 and continued this platforming adventure series onto the PS3. Normally fans either choose Tools of Destruction or A Crack in Time as their favourite Ratchet and Clank games for the Playstation 3, but I personally had to choose both of them as my favourites for various reasons.


Tools of Destruction is one of my guilty pleasures in video games, especially when it was the game that got me into the Ratchet and Clank series. It was a great introduction to learn a bit about Ratchet’s origin, with newer and familiar faces to be part of this new adventure for the dynamic duo. I seem to have a love and hate relationship with the game though as I’ve experience a crash in the game the first time I played it. I literally thought the game was broken as I kept exchanging the copy at the store I’d purchase it at.


But besides that bad experience with Tools of Destruction, I still found the game to be pretty intriguing as it contained solid weapons, great model designs, nicely composed music, and the solid voice work and comedy that felt like playing the PS2 Ratchet and Clank games, just with higher graphics and had an introduction to a deeper tale. For anyone who complained about the Six Axis controls in Tools of Destruction, at least there was an option to have those controls in the game (except for one weapon). Plus some of the Six Axis control were mostly tight and were way better handled than previous PS3 games before TOD such as Lair for example.


A Crack in Time is a continuation to Tools of Destruction and Quest For Booty and it’s a sequel that innovated the gameplay that still made it like a Ratchet and Clank game, but made it a bigger, better and one heck of an experience with space traveling, Clank’s time puzzles and a deeply epic story. Not to mention that you got newer faces  as well as familiar characters to be part of this time traveling tale. Who freaked out the first time they saw Dr.Nefarious made an appearance in ACIT?


At first I thought A Crack in Time was an anticlimactic experience when I beat it for the first time, though I began to love the game the second time I finished it. I thought I was expecting a little more with the game, especially having my share of nitpicky criticisms with the consistency of the visuals and how they were rendered in the game. However, the beautiful animations do really hold up the game’s presentation very nicely, so the consistency of the graphic renders doesn’t bother me now compare to before. Though what did bug me with A Crack in Time were the many floating bolts after beating a time puzzle as Clank. Seeing all those bolts all over the screen literally bugged my eyes.

RatchetandClank R&C_greatclock_nefarious_and_lawrence

Both of these Ratchet and Clank titles are a must own for PS3 users or fans of platforming/action adventure games. They’re stunningly gorgeous in their presentations and are both one of the best looking exclusive games for the Playstation 3. After playing these two Ratchet and Clank games back in 2009, this series became one of my inspirations that got me back to drawing again.

1.  Rayman Origins


Rayman Legends

(2011, 2013)

rayman_origins_PS3_pack_2D_PEGI _-Rayman-Legends-PS3-_

Side scrolling platformers that provided co-op were mixed in the 7th generation of consoles and it was difficult to choose a game that’s worth the time and purchase to play alone or with other people. When Ubisoft finally released Rayman Origins in 2011, it satisfied me to love side scrolling platformers once again. Then I continued to love the side scrolling genre even more when Rayman Legends came out last year. I’m sure many of you knew these two Rayman games would make it to the number 1 spot. For those who are new to my articles, Rayman Legends became my favourite game in 2013, whereas Rayman Origins was my game of the year in 2011.


What I really love about Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends is the amount of creativity that was put into the art ascetics, the gameplay, the music and the overall presentation itself.  Not to mention that the co-op in both of these games are so much fun to play through, as well as having solid controls and range of difficulty than other co-op titles I’ve played on these line of consoles. But the best part of these two Rayman games is that they are available on multiple consoles. So you can’t complain if you can’t get a copy of these games (unless you don’t own any of the 7th consoles or one of the 8th gen consoles with Rayman Legends for the Wii U).


I guess my love for 2D art, whimsical elements and quirky sense of humour really describes my personality and interest a lot and that’s what I enjoy most with these two games. Therefore, both of these two Rayman games really satisfied me from beginning to end. I also like to point out that both Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends got me to appreciate the Rayman series more since I thought the Rayman trilogy from previous consoles were just okay at best. So yeah, I never cared about the series when Rayman 1, 2 and 3 were released until Rayman Origins and Legends were available to own a copy of.

RaymanOrigins Rayman-Legends

Sometimes simple game ideas with no story and amount of gameplay can equal to a greater experience in the media, which both Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends really show that display extremely well. I had a blast playing Rayman Origins with my friends one year, which they normally don’t play the games that I enjoy playing. As for Rayman Legends, it expanded the experience more with unlockables that felt much rewarding, with well crafted levels that were fun to play through, especially those music synced theme levels.


These side scrolling titles are definitely a must recommend in your library of 7th gen consoles or other devices that the game is available on. It’s absolutely my favourite co-op multi-playing game that I have ever experienced. I’d rather play these two games at a party than any other co-op made games that came out for the PS3, Wii and XBox 360 any day. That’s right, I like this game even more than New Super Mario Bros Wii and Little Big Planet. *Gasp* Shocker!

And that was my Top 10 7th Generation Console Games. I hoped you enjoyed reading this article and you’re welcome to mention your favourites by leaving a comment below or in the forums at itstailtime.net. Thanks for reading!

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