T-McBee’s Q and A – Round 3

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Here’s Round 3 of T-McBee’s Q & A! It’s great that I’ve received more questions for this round than in the last one, which means you’ll see some neat questions that members and the people at itstailtime.net have asked me through the forums.

Now I better stop this introduction and get on with the show!

This question comes from goldenguy43, he asks:

What was your most challenging part in your school life?


Oh boy! There are tons of things that are challenging about college…though I got two things that I feel like the college or university lifestyle is still a big struggle to this day. Number 1:

Working with Groups


Last year in my third semester of my game development program… lets just say I was too overwhelmed by group assignments that felt either too unorganized or having people relying on me to do most of the work. For the first time ever in my years of college, this experience almost made me snap in anger. There was even a point in my life where I didn’t want to talk to anyone for a while. Now I’m alright since fourth semester were all individual assignments that made me learn things on my own, even if the load work and time constraints got intense from time to time.


This may shock a lot of people to those who know me through itstailtime.net, but sometimes I don’t work entirely well with others. However, I have been lucky in the past to work in groups who have worked equally together for a project. Sometimes it’s a real bitch to find capable people who would equally speak up and work hard on something, even if it’s a dumb power point presentation that nobody gives too shits about. And Number 2:

Commuting to School


For those who live in Ontario knows how commuting to Toronto or the GTA (Great Toronto Area) is a real pain in the ass. With many great jobs and schools that are located in Toronto, people take the GO trains and buses in order to travel to their classes and work. The only problem is that traffic and delays makes passengers even more overwhelmed to go to Toronto and back home. It takes me about an hour and a half to get to school and back.

Taking the GO bus or train just acquires a lot of patience and calm behaviour. It’s tough at first, but you get used to the pushing and such when taking it more often. Plus you better bring your i-pod or laptop with you while riding on these transportations.

Oh! One more thing! You better save your money for riding the Go because the rides aren’t cheap.

That’s all I got for your question goldenguy. I’m sure there’s more into these long years of school such as preparing portfolios, asshole instructors and even asshole peers too, but those feel like something that doesn’t stress me too much now than in my younger years.


Next question comes from blackbeltdragon95, he asks:

Are you planning to see the New Godzilla movie?



To answer you question very quickly blackbeltdragon, no I do not have plans to see the new Godzilla movie. I’ve heard mixed feelings about the film and Godzilla in general is something I’m not too crazy about now. If I were younger like 7 or 14 years old, I probably would of wanted to see this movie right away.


One reason why I’m not too hype about this movie is because there are too many Godzilla films out already. I’m just a tad bit annoyed on Hollywood for doing remakes of movies that already exists. With Hollywood remaking old films or movie series recently like Robo-Cop, TMNT, and even Batman, I would like to see a movie that’s never been shown before. Give me something new! Like Guardians of the Galaxy! At least that’s a movie I want to see and I’m not even a hardcore comic book fan.

Before I finish off your answer, there is one thing I’ll say about the film…It looks much impressive than the 1998 version. I don’t think I can take the Matthew Broderick version seriously anymore. πŸ˜›


Next question comes from Darabka, he asks:

Have you ever played or run a tabletop role-playing game such as (but not limited too) Dungeons & Dragons?



For someone who’s currently studying game modelling at the moment —Β  No I haven’t played any table-top role playing games in my life. I’ve seen people play fantasy type games like these at previous fan conventions or people I’ve met from friends or school, but I can’t picture myself playing these games that acquire too much strategic thinking. Even playing Pokemon Cards are too complex for me to play.


I bet tabletop games are a great way to socialize with others, but I bet I’ll screw myself over at these games, especially when having hardcore players explaining certain things to me in very complex detail. Just one complex explanation could easily overwhelm my fragile brain. I’ll go down for casual fun table games like Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity or even Scrabble, but not a role-playing tabletop game like Dungeons and Dragons.

I know some friends and people I talk to are fans of tabletop role playing games, though the fantasy strategic types aren’t certainly something I cannot play for hours. Anything casual with sentences and words seems to get my attention more.


Last question comes from ClassQuinn, he asks:

Sorry if this might be similar to some other questions, but what inspires you to do things the most? A big thing for me is music as when I hear specific music I get into moods where I want to create things around it (though right now all I’ve had are ideas for things I’d do if I had more resources)



Well…it depends on what you’re talking about. If it’s the written articles and lists I show at itstailtime.net, I would usually have music playing or start writing my lists and articles after watching a video or movie on the internet. But for the most part, listening to music, watching videos/movies and watching animated content are like my most common inspirations on projects that I want to do such as drawing, writing and even making music on GarageBand.



I guess a lot of things can inspire or motivate me to do many tasks or think creatively, but I feel like music and drawing cartoon characters gives me the most drive in inspiration. After all, I doodle and listen to music very often from time to time, whether it’s in class, my room, bus rides or in my computer office. What can I say, I like music and art. πŸ˜€


That are all the questions for Round 3 of T-McBee’s Q and A. I want to thank the people at the ITT forums that asked me questions for this round of my canon Q & A. Let’s all hope that I’ll get more exciting and interesting questions in the 4th Round of T-McBee’s Q&A.


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3 Comments on “T-McBee’s Q and A – Round 3”

  1. mogens Says:

    1.gexup is gone does this mean that the webside is Down?
    2.will it happent too all of you on the side?

    • TMcBee Says:

      I wouldn’t accept your question to be put into an elaborated answer for my Q&A due to the rules I placed for these written series. However, just to keep you updated that the site and forums are still going, even with gexup focusing on school and life for now. And same goes for all of us.

      People need a hiatus from things for more important tasks such as jobs and families and we’re happy to see newer members visiting our forums, checking out the fandom and topics that we like to talk about. So anyone is welcome to pass by at the forums and discuss about the topics and content that we post over there. πŸ™‚

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