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L-L-Legit! It’s awesome that you’re reading a new post of the Legit Animation Blog. Today’s article for T-LAB is something that I really enjoy in animation and cartoons since I was little — Cartoon Duos.

There are tons of character duos in fictional story telling that a lot of people have come across to love in the media, like Batman and Robin, Tom and Jerry, Calvin and Hobbes and much more. There are a lot of cartoon duos that I adore through comics, cartoons, animation and illustrations, though for this new Frame by Frame Countdown, I’m only going to name only ten of them. It was hard, but I think I made these decisions carefully and well to become my personal favourites.

This is T-McBee here listing down my Top 10 Animated & Cartoon Duos. Here are the rules:

1. No love couples or siblings on this list. I’ve already named my favourite cartoon siblings in my Top 10 Cartoon Siblings. So check that list out if you haven’t yet. A list for my favourite animated and cartoon love couples will someday be made. Maybe close to Valentine’s Day, depending on my busy schedule.

2. These choices are just my personal preferences. Feel free to mention your favourite Cartoon Duos be leaving a comment here or at itstailtime.net. And please, don’t be a jerk ass if you don’t like my choices.

Now without further ado, grab a friend an invite them over to look through this team buddy list. So here we go!

10. Ren and Stimpy

(The Ren and Stimpy Show)


I bet some of you are baffled by me liking a bit of Ren and Stimpy once in a while. I will admit that the show has its completely grotesque scenes that are very hard for me to watch, but you can’t deny that this oddly unique duo are pretty hysterical, even if their sense of humour is bat s*** crazy.

You get the aggressive, bitter Ren teaming up with the dumb naive Stimpy getting themselves into random settings, leaving the viewers unexpected of what they’ve just witnessed or just feeling pretty damn confused about the scenes. Their relationship shows a lot of negative conflicts, but sometimes expresses a deep care and shine in their friendships.

I like that Ren and Stimpy’s designs are inspired by older cartoons, but having this 90s extreme contemporary feel that seemed quite big with Nickelodeon programming during that decade. This certainly made Ren and Stimpy completely different and risky compare to other cartoon duos, especially the rumours from critics that said about Ren and Stimpy’s odd relationship. Remember those scenes where the two would sleep in the same bed?  Well, that whole idea of cartoon characters sleeping in one bed isn’t a shocker to me. They weren’t the first cartoon characters to do it.


Gandy Goose and Sourpuss from the Terry Cartoons (also John K.’s inspirations for Ren and Stimpy) slept in the same bed together too. 

While I do understand that people can’t stand Ren and Stimpy for their random and gross actions (especially in the unnecessary Adult Party series that didn’t need to be made), but you can’t deny that these characters were a milestone of character designs in the 90s that inspired many cartoonists and animators alike.


9. Ernest and Celestine

(Ernest and Celestine)


I’m sure some of you know these charming characters through the children’s books titled Ernest and Celestine. This book franchise got a French theatrical release in 2012 and seeing these two coming to life have officially became one of my favourite cartoon duos in films. Ernest and Celestine are as well the most coziest characters that you will ever see in an animated feature film.

Ernest and Celestine are a simple duo that provides charm, comedy and a lot of heart in the film adaptation of the children’s book series. In the film, these two acted kind of like Bonnie and Clyde for kids, who hid themselves from police forces who wanted to catch them for their “illegal acts”. Not to mention that these two are complete outcasts from the other mice and bears in their home town, which the audience can easily relate to with the main duo right away.

Celestine loves to draw, which I can relate to her the most due to having a few people in my life that supported my artistic abilities. Ernest always wanted to perform acting and play music, but telling Celestine that his family didn’t like his dream goal reminded me of people I knew that were in that position of wanting to do something that their parents didn’t approve on.

Ernest and Celestine are more about the charm and heart, providing some comedy that made these two enjoyable in the film. The adult and kid duo is something I don’t prefer in a lot of films, shows or other fictional storytelling, but Ernest and Celestine had this father and daughter relationship feel that makes their friendship simply adorable.

8. Mr.Burns and Waylon Smithers

(The Simpsons)


The one duo from The Simpsons that stays strong even after 25 years has to go to Mr. Burns and Waylon Smithers. I could have gone with anyone from the show since there are tons of duos from Groening’s iconic long lasting series, such as Principal Skinner and Super Attendant Chalmers, Moe and Barney, or even Abe Simpson and Jasper. However, Mr. Burns and Smithers still remains as a classic, providing some really fun and memorable scenes from the two.

Mr. Burns is 104 years old who’s in charge of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and he has a trusty pal and assistant named Waylon Smithers to run the plant. These two are usually seen as a mix bag in Springfield since Mr.Burns is the richest man in town who shows a cold and bitter nature to the towns people.

Burns has caused trouble in Springfield a few times in the past (like blocking out the sun for example), though Mr.Smithers has mostly stood up for him in his defence. Not to mention that he’s the only friend that Smithers has got. Might even have a thing for Mr.Burns if you get my drift. 😉

Burns and Smithers are an odd bunch, but a duo that you can admire and get a casual laugh from. These two contains some interesting pastimes, comedic moments and even some strong bonding times that no other Simpsons duo often show to one another.

7. Chip and Dale

(Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers)


When people discuss about Chip and Dale from Disney, they immediately think of the Chip and Dale that likes to play mischievous tricks on Pluto and Donlad Duck. But what about their roles in the show Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers? I may not be the only one who thinks of this, but I personally believe Chip and Dale in Rescue Rangers are much cooler than their roles in the Disney short classics.

I honestly prefer Chip and Dale with the Indiana Jones and Thomas Magnum inspired outfits, which I personally think they seem to stand out way better in character. In Rescue Rangers, Chip is the leading character that wants to get the job done, while Dale is all about fun and can’t take things seriously.

These two crime stopping chipmunks always get themselves into conflict, especially when Chip bonks Dale on the head after doing something comedic at the wrong time. But with all these fights the two characters get into, both Chip and Dale do care for one another like best friends would.

Chip and Dale in Rescue Rangers were more of an impact in my childhood and love for animation than the canon Chip and Dale in the short classics. If you had to pick a version of the two, which one would you choose?


The Chip and Dale that plays tricks on iconic Disney characters that we all know and love?


Or the Chip and Dale that are teams up with two rodents and a fly that stop evil-doers and baddies?

Hmmm…Second option all the way! 😀

6. Principal Scudworth and Mr. Butlertron

(Clone High)


Clone High is one of my favourite animated shows of all time and I had to add a duo from this underrated animated sitcom. The duo that really stands out from the show for me are no other than Principal Scudworth and Mr.Butlerton aka Mr.B.

Cinnamon Scudworth is a scientist, as well as a principal, that runs a school of clones based on historic figures. His robot servant Mr.B tags along with Scudworth to help him with his evil schemes to take over the clones. These two definitely provides some of the funniest moments I’ve seen in an adult animated cartoon, especially when Mr.B randomly says “Wesley” at the end of a sentence.

Principal Scudworth is displayed as an untrustworthy, insensitive character that usually doesn’t care about others except for himself. Mr.B on the other the hand is the sensitive, polite and calm robot that people tend to go up to more for advice, like Joan with her love troubles for example. However, these two can quite surprise the viewers at times by getting into different moods, such as Principal Scudworth giving thoughtful advice to a teenage clone diagnosed with A.D.D. or Mr. B cursing like a sailor whenever his arch rival Scangrade is mentioned positively through conversations.

Scudworth and Mr.B had such great chemistry together in Clone High and it’s a real shame that their fun and comedic times as a duo only lasted for one season. Now I better move on with this list before I begin to complain the show’s cancellation again.

5. Stan and Kyle & Terrance and Phillip

(South Park)


South Park provides many duos in the shows that were really hard to choose only one from all the paired characters in the show. For me, it is a tie between Stan and Kyle and Terrance and Phillip, and I picked these duos for various reasons.

Stan and Kyle are like the best friend duo that get along really well and feel like audience can relate to them a bit more. I’m sure we all got at least one friend that we’re simply close to. Even if Stan and Kyle can get into arguments that they don’t agree with, they mostly stick by one another for their close friendship. However, when it comes to the fan base of these two, it can get out of control.


“Count me OUT on the whole Stan and Kyle Yaoi or “Style” trend. If you like that stuff, that’s fine, but I personally can’t see two cartoon characters who aren’t written as homosexual characters as a couple.” 

I feel like Stan and Kyle are quite identical to me and my closest friend that I’ve known since kindergarden. We acted neutral just like Stan and Kyle, as well as having a few traits that are similar to the characters. Stan would get into fights with his older sister (quite similar to my friend and her brother when they were kids) while Kyle with his big frizzy hair style (kind of like me with my messy hair style).

Terrance and Phillip are mentioned on this list because this is a duo that are Canadian and perhaps the funniest characters I’ve seen in the show. Sure, the fart humour can be a bit too much, but it’s their British Canadian type accents is what gets me laughing with these two. Plus they had some moments in the show that made me laughed more than any other character duo in South Park.

For a Canadian viewer that have seen the Canadian characters in South Park, I never got offended by the creator’s portrayal of Canadians in the show…except for the hatred of Canadians portrayed in South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut. But that easily faded away after watching it so many times.

4. Wallace and Gromit

(Wallace and Gromit)


It’s rare for me to like any animation done in the UK, though Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit series is an exception. This witty stop-motion duo caught my eye the first time I discovered them in a brief behinds the scenes special on TV at a young age. Canada decided to air the Wallace and Gromit shorts a few times on TV in the 90s and I was easily hooked by these two loveable characters.

Wallace is a polite man who lives with a silent canine companion named Gromit in the same home. These two are shown doing inventive or on-off occupations in their daily lives until someone or something causes trouble to the unforgettable and witty duo.

What I like about Wallace and Gromit is that this “man and his dog” duo are randomly witty in their look, comedy and personality. Wallace is very absent-minded who loves eating crackers and cheese, while Gromit is a clever thinker that’s shown often doing human activities such as knitting or reading the newspaper. Not to mention that Gromit’s usually the character that easily spots troubling suspicions that enters his and his owner’s lives.

“The first scene that got me into Wallace and Gromit at a young age.”

I wouldn’t put Wallace and Gromit at number one due to the lack of the duo’s  popularity in North America as I only known them through the four classic 30 minute shorts and the film Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Ware Rabbit. These duo’s were done with a lot of care through their appearances in films, as well as their teamwork and friendship feeling very welcoming to a family viewed audience, despite the dark and unsetting moments that are shown in the short films.

3. Donald Duck and Goofy

(Walt Disney Productions)


One of the animated duos that got me to like cartoons at the age of 2 has to go to Disney’s Donald Duck and Goofy from various films and programs in the Walt Disney Productions. I would watch these two together so much in my appreciated days of watching many classic shorts, films or other things by Disney through VHS’s or on TV. Even though I find their personalities now to be just alright, their designs is what makes them completely charming and nostalgia in my books.

Many people are aware of the interactions with Donald Duck and Goofy when they’re together in a scene. We’re all aware of Donald Duck as the short tempered duck with a stubborn personality that makes audience laugh, whereas Goofy is the optimistic, friendly dog man that gets himself into clumsy, comedic moments.

It’s also interesting that these two can be presented in different settings and scenarios. Sometimes they can be the best of friends, while other times one of the characters cannot stand the other. Sometimes it’s hilarious to see Donald Duck getting annoyed by Goofy’s clueless behaviour, depending on how well the scenes are presented.

DonaldGoofy_Disney No Sail 3

Donald Duck and Goofy would have been in the number one spot for they were the first cartoon duo that I immediately loved right away, as well as becoming huge influences in creating original cartoons characters. However, their chemistry as a duo or even personalities nowadays have been lacking in recent Disney programs, except for maybe the Kingdom Hearts games…I think (haven’t paid attention to that game series for years now). Not to mention that there are other cartoon duos that I have a huge influence on when creating original characters on the road.

2. Mr. Bumpy and Squishington

(Bump in the Night)


The one duo that made me not be afraid of stop-motion animation at the age of 8 has to go to Mr.Bumpy and Squishington from Bump in the Night. Like Principal Scudworth and Mr. B, Mr. Bumpy and Squishington are an underrated duo that not a lot of people are going to discuss about, which makes Bump in the Night quite an underrated 90’s classic.

The first thing that makes me like Bumpy and Squish is that they were voiced by Jim Cummings (Mr.Bumpy) and Rob Paulsen (Squishington), who they were the first two voices in animation that I became intrigued about voice actors. Heck, even the voices that the actors used for these characters are very unique that matches their designs perfectly, especially Mr.Bumpy’s raspy  jazzy-like voice.

Another thing about Bumpy and Squish that makes them special for me were their contrasted traits and personalities. Mr.Bumpy is the green wart monster that eats dirty items underneath a ten year old boy’s bed. Squishington on the other hand is the blue monster that likes to clean and lives in a toilet. Mr.Bumpy’s wild attitude and Squishington timid behaviour makes these two completely unique and memorable in my opinion.

I enjoyed the adventures, comedy and friendship that Mr.Bumpy and Squishington had in the show and it’s a real shame that they only lasted for two seasons. Sometimes they can get too hooky and typical once in a while, but they’ve always left me smiling whenever I come back re-watching some Bump in the Night episodes on the internet.

1. Daffy Duck and Porky Pig

(Looney Tunes & Warner Bros. Productions)


You’re probably thinking ” Don’t you mean Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck?” Ummm, Nope! As entertaining and iconic Bugs and Daffy are as a duo, my favourite cartoon duo from Looney Tunes still goes to Daffy Duck and Porky Pig. Like Donald Duck and Goofy, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig were also another cartoon duo that I loved as a toddler and they still remain strong today being my favourite animated and cartoon duos of all time.

I may not go crazy of these characters in their separate roles, but when they’re together, they become interesting and fun to watch.  What’s fascinating about Daffy and Porky to me is that they can either end up being rivals or the best of friends in a classic short film. These guys have hold their comedic duo relationship for generations in many Warner Bros productions such as the Merry Melodies Classics, the Duck Dodgers 2000 cartoon and even in The Looney Tunes Show (though I’m not a huge fan of that show, but it isn’t that bad too watch).


I’ve always liked the designs, comedy and pacing when Daffy and Porky were always together on screen. Not to mention that any cartoons starring these two provided more variations in settings and plot scenarios than when Daffy is teamed up with Bugs Bunny.

In all honesty, the whole Bugs and Daffy rival bits can get a bit old at times and I find them enjoyable depending on my mood. Daffy and Porky on the other hand not only makes me giggle and laugh at their comedic timing, but brings much influences to draw original characters as well as appreciating cartoons and animation. Plus a wacky duck teaming up with an innocent pig is odd, yet completely enduring in my strange point of view.

I say to hell with the over popularity of Bugs and Daffy as a duo (though sometimes their moments together is pure gold!) I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates Daffy Duck and Porky Pig as a memorable, likeable, and a remarkable duo.


And that’s all folks for my Top 10 Animated and Cartoon Duos. I hope you enjoyed my list and feel free to mention your favourite cartoon duos. Thank you all for reading this new countdown on the Legit Animation Blog.


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One Comment on “T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 10 Animated & Cartoon Duos”

  1. thehande Says:

    Another great list. =D I love me some Wallace & Gromit. Lots of interesting picks I had never even heard of.

    Also, nice having a Warner Bros. and a Disney pair on the list. Especially with WB since there’s so many possible ways to go with that one.

    And yeah, I love me some Chip & Dale too. =)

    I made a similar list a while back: http://thehande.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/my-top-10-cartoon-duos/

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