T-McBee’s Top 5 Mario Kart Games


Mario Kart 8 is coming out this Friday and I’m here to celebrate Mario Kart 8’s release with a list of my Top 5 Mario Kart Games. Please keep in mind that the following choices for this quick countdown are just my personal preference. If you want to mention your favourite Mario Kart games, you’re welcome to say them by leaving a comment below or on the forums at itstailtime.net.

Not without further ado, let me get onto this countdown and speed through these choices to begin the list. So, here we go!

5. Super Mario Kart


Even though this is my sister’s favourite Mario Kart game, it’s by far my least favourite Mario Kart game I have played (I haven’t played  Mario Kart Circuit and 7 yet). I’ll say that the Super NES graphics looks great  for its time and the soundtrack is catchy as hell, but man! Super Mario Kart is freaking punishing! I remember cursing my head off so much than any other Mario Kart game I’ve played in the past. Just making sharp turns, the A.I. and the layout of the tracks were some things I wasn’t too pleased with Super Mario Kart.

I guess for those who grew up with Super Mario Kart and had high nostalgia for the game will appreciate the game a lot more. Me on the other hand just finds the game okay with some unique touches to the experience. Overall, this Mario Kart isn’t for me, though its Battle Mode segments were the only thing that made Super Mario Kart fun.

4. Mario Kart DS


I didn’t had a Nintendo DS to fully experience Mario Kart DS on my own, but the awesome times playing the game with other players and my friends using the Wi-Fi connection were the major highlights in playing Mario Kart on the DS handheld. It was innovating to see a Mario Kart handheld instalment that you can connect with other players to race against one another.

I would have said more about Mario Kart DS, but playing the game with my friends and other people at Fan Conventions were the only experience I got in this Mario Kart title. At least I had a fun time playing this game than Super Mario Kart.

3. Mario Kart Wii


 This game is either loved or hated by many Mario Kart fans and gamers. However, I’ll admit that playing Mario Kart Wii a lot at friends places, my aunt’s day care and other locations made me grew to like this Mario Kart instalment. It provides a lot of modes to try out, may characters and vehicles you can choose and unlock and motion controls that works quite well with this Mario Kart. Even though the game has it’s uncontrollable moments that could frustrate some players.

The problems I had with Mario Kart Wii is that there weren’t too many new things in the game. Okay, the game got bikes to ride on, but I expected more to see in this game. Even the tracks were mostly classic racetracks from previous Mario Kart games. Not to mention that the visuals in the game had too much sheen on the assets that made the game looked too tinted overall. When you compare Mario Kart Wii (2008) and Super Mario Galaxy (2007), you would expect more with MK Wii in the graphics department.        

2. Mario Kart 64


Obviously for someone who grew up and owned an N64 would definitely put Mario Kart 64 so high here. This was the game that got me to like the Mario Kart franchise and I remember the fun times I had playing this game constantly at an young age, whether I was playing alone or with my close friends.

Some gamers may nitpick about Mario Kart 64 for having tracks feeling pretty gigantic or lacking depth in the graphics and gameplay department. I can understand the critiques that some people have with the game, but for those who had a huge nostalgia in playing this game a lot such as myself would have a great time playing Mario Kart 64, especially it’s multi-player modes with versus and battle mode. Oh man… I can remember the great memories in playing Battle Mode with my close friend and her brother in this Mario Kart.

I do admit that there is some parts in Mario Kart 64 that don’t age well such as some of the racetracks and the annoying heavy characters. I’m looking at you Bowser, DK and Wario! But on the bright side of things, the game holds the runner up spot for favourite Mario Kart games.

1. Mario Kart Double Dash


Mario Kart Double Dash is by far the most unique and under appreciated game in the Mario Kart series and it is number one on my list. I immediately feel in love with Double Dash right away when I played the game for the first time at an old friend’s house in her garage. We would hanged out in her garage playing this game for hours back in high school.

This was also the first time players got to see a Mario Kart game where players can share one vehicle together and switch their position to either control the kart or throw the items at your opponents. While the switch factor was rather overwhelming to do in Mario Kart Double Dash, I did enjoy the colourful racetracks and the “Wow” excitement in this game. Also, Double Dash in my opinion had the best roster of characters to choose from, such as Diddy Kong, Paratroopa and everyone’s favourite, Baby Luigi. That character couldn’t even say his name properly and it sounded too damn cute.

I didn’t had that much experience nor a Gamecube to play Double Dash a lot than I did with Mario Kart 64 and Mario Kart Wii. However, from all the Mario Kart games that are out there. I would definitely say Mario Kart Double Dash was the most polished, competitive and funnest Mario Kart game that I have ever played.


And that’s my list of of the Top 5 Mario Kart Games. Did you agree with my list? Or were you expecting your favourite Mario Kart game to win the golden cup? Feel free to mention your favourite Mario Kart game or games by leaving a comment below or here. Stay tune as more countdowns and articles by T-McBee will come soon.

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2 Comments on “T-McBee’s Top 5 Mario Kart Games”

  1. thehande Says:

    Awesome! =D I like most of these myself. I never got to play Double Dash that much since I didn’t have it for the GameCube. Might need to check that out more some time (maybe if I find the game used).

    Also, definitely agree on Super Mario Kart. I’ve been playing it recently on the Wii U and before that I played it a lot in Glasgow. That game is really frustrating, partly because half the characters are garbage to play as and partly because the NPCs just flat-out cheat. The game definitely has its charm, but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone playing Mario Kart for the first time.

    My personal favourite, obviously, is Mario Kart 64. The tracks in my view were really well designed and the game has quite an epic feel to it. I do wish the characters had been poligonal rather than sprites, but the gameplay is super solid, which is why it’s stuck with me so well.

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