T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 10 Animated Dads

L-L-Legit! You are now reading a new article from the Legit Animation Blog. In todays T-Lab post, I’ll be talking about animated daddies in tribute for a special holiday that comes around in the month of June (for those who live in North America). That’s right! I’m talking about Father’s Day.

Dad’s are there to make their kids independent with advices that we should keep in our heads overtime. They were also there to raise their kids like moms would such as cooking, cleaning and outdoor tasks like fixing things or gardening, But hey, these dads or male guardians can be presentable in such unique ways.

This is T-McBee here listing down my Top 10 Animated Dads. Please keep in mind that these chosen animated fathers are based on my personal preferences. So if you don’t see your favourite animated dads on this list, you’re welcome to mention them here or at the forums on itstailtime.net.

Oh by the way, keep an eye for any Red Text on this list since I will mention some spoilers or even major spoilers on some of the entries. 

Now enough of this babbling. Let’s give our pops a pat on the back and give him his favourite shirt tie to begin the list!

10. Stu Pickels



Not sure why, but I’ve always found Stuart Pickels (or Stu Pickels) from Rugrats such an appealing character, even if he looks like a total mess. Though if you knew this character well, Stu is also a toy inventor besides being a stay home dad. What makes me appreciate Stu Pickels besides being a long-time toy inventor was his welcoming voice, messy purple hair and those baggy clothing of his.

I see Stuart Pickles a hard working man who thinks creatively. It is a real shame that his brother Drew and wife Didi don’t give him enough credit for his inventions. Though there’s a reason why people judge his work due to the fact that his toy inventions sometimes scare the kids once in a while. Despite being a kid in a grown mans body and refuses to get a “real” job to support the family, but inventing things  for his family is something he does to make them happy…well mostly happy. Not sure if I can say that when it comes to him and his brother though. Drew’s just an ass to Stu.


I guess I appreciate Stu Pickels as an animated dad due to his unique traits and how he doesn’t play like typical dads that goes to work and reads a newspaper like a lazy husband would. He works hard, he’s creative and surprisingly his toy inventions can actually be useful in the end (like in Rugrats: The Movie), even if they may look creepy to some people. Plus he brings such a fun and energetic attitude towards the kids and his own sons, though he’s got the stress and moody symptoms when it comes to his inventions. Can’t blame him about that part. Inventing things isn’t easy.

9. Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck

(Darkwing Duck)


Darkwing Duck was one of my favourite shows as a young kid and I thought DW was a fun and cool character. As I got older, I’ve realized how much of an egotistical jerk he can be. Now you’re probably wondering why I added DW on this list if he can be a jerk sometimes? Well if you have grew up in watching Darkwing Duck, you will know how a great pal and father he is to his adopted daughter Gosalyn.

Drake Mallard aka Darkwing Duck portrays the typical comic relief of egotistical superheroes, but when he is teamed up with Gosalyn during his suburban lifestyle or during his duties as Darkwing Duck, his motivation becomes more forgiving and conscious in doing the right things rather than the ego way. With every new parent that has kids coming into their lives, there is a learning streak to become a good parent, which I can see that with DW at times. At least he does his best to be a good dad with Gosalyn by keeping her away from trouble (though she still manages to tag along with him and fight crime). Surprisingly their roles in the comic book series had some heart plucked scenes between DW and Gosalyn that left me quite speechless. Not in a teary eyed kind of way, but in a shock that probably wouldn’t have been executed well if the animated series continued to run on TV.


Drake Mallard doesn’t have the best role model as a character, but his development as a hero, a father, and having more quirky catchphrases easily makes him a likeable character in my books. I also liked this character because he was voiced by Jim Cummings, which he really brought a really great performance to a character that’s funny and sometimes caring. Now, Let’s Get Dangerous Daddies!

8. Mufasa

(The Lion King)


When it comes to animated fathers in Disney animations, you cannot forget to add Mufasa on a list like this. This character from the Lion King inherit everything to his only son Simba once he overtakes his father’s kingdom, as well as bringing a great balance of knowledge, discipline and playful times to raise Simba. You know how I mentioned that LittleFoot’s mom was like the Bambi’s mom death of the 80s, well Mufasa is the Bambi’s Mom death of the 90s.

This was a character that played a big role in the movie. The first time I watched The Lion King in theaters in 1994, I was pretty devastated to see Mufasa’s death and didn’t know how to react about it. I think I cried in the theaters, but it was such a long time ago that I don’t even remember if I did or not. There is a reason why Mufasa is such a likeable father for Disney fans out there. Not only he is played by James Earl Jones, but Mufasa is also a really wise dad to Simba and even guides Simba as a spirit after his death years later… just like LittleFoot’s mom in The Land Before Time. Mufasa is basically the character that made the first half of the Lion King really good. He’s a good ruler, a good father and that’s why everyone in Pride Rock admired him…except for his jealous brother Scar and his minion of hyenas.


Sometimes Mufasa’s wisdom reminds me too much of my own dad. My dad is the type that’s very knowledgeable when it comes to telling historical facts, my culture and much more to me and many others. I’m sure many of us got a father or even a relative with wisdom knowledge like Mufasa. I would have placed him a lot higher on the list, but there are other animated dads that I like even more. Give me some credit Lion King fans! At least Mufasa made it on the list. 😛    

7. Maes Hughes

(Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)


Well this is no surprise here that I would add a character from the Fullmetal Alchemist series, who happens to be a loving and caring dad himself – I mean, WAS a love and caring dad himself. Maes Hughes was a close friend to Roy Mustang who also helped the Elric Brothers when the two were becoming State Alchemists as well as helping the brother finding more about the Philosopher’s Stone . You can even say that Hughes was like a father and guardian to everyone he knows, especially a great one to his wife and daughter.

You know how you appreciate a fictional character that is likeable and funny, though later on that character dies unexpectedly? Yup! Unfortunately Maes Hughes belongs in that category. For a character that is generous to help people, loves his family a lot and brings mostly a positive attitude to his friends and co-workers would end up in such a fatal position. Maes Hughes’ death in both the original anime series and in Brotherhood is one of the major highlights of the series that have shocked many viewers. I was completely speechless the first time I watched the 2003 FMA series and saw Maes Hughes die out of no where.


Maes Hughes had a thing where he comically shows off pictures of his wife and daughter and goes lovey dovey over them, which usually makes his co-workers (especially Roy) and friends irritated or just plain uncomfortable. It can get out of hand and sometimes overplayed in the original series, but the rest of Hughes’ character is highly welcoming as you follow the Fullmetal Alchemist tale until his final hours with the people, friends and family that were in his life. Surprisingly he’s the only anime drawn character that has made it to a list like this!

6. Franklin Sherman

(The Critic)


Here’s another father who has an adopted child and is so far the most forgotten dads in animated cartoons. The senile, oddball adopted dad Franklin Sherman may play the traits of a rich snobby dad who’s odd as a doorknob to be a man of many ownerships and companies, but you cannot deny on how hilarious and random this animated father is. Sure he has said some mean things about his adopted son Jay Sherman, but he had some thoughtful moments where he has supported Jay a few times.

What makes him a memorable dad is his quirky behaviour and how he brings more of an optimistic attitude compare to his wife Eleanor Sherman. He’s a father that really thinks outside the box and sometimes does the craziest things that not every old father would do, such as gluing dinner utensils and a dog on the ceiling, dancing with a diaper on while music from the 1930s is being played in the back or shoving a banana in his ear and believes it is a way to lure monkeys out of his head. His oddities is what makes this cartoon dad so hysterical.


Franklin Sherman is definitely one of my favourite characters from The Critic, though I can see his very witty attitude and political/financial views may not appeal to everyone. I guess I find Franklin to feel identical to one of uncles and my dad if they were combined into one goofy character. Chilled, happy and one random father that I’ve seen in comedic animated sitcoms.

5. Bob Belcher

(Bob’s Burgers)


Admiring Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burger in my previous countdown of my Top 10 Animated Mom, there’s no way I wouldn’t forget to put the star of the show on this list. Bob Belcher is the owner of his own burger joint, as well as a calm  father that gets himself into crazy situations. He does so much to keep his job going, including supporting his family.

You get a dad that’s sarcastically funny, unsure about the situations that he becomes part of and can be quiet that doesn’t want to join any upcoming insane actions. That’s why he needs a lady like Linda to keep his life exciting and fun. He does his best to do what’s right for the family as well as doing things the proper and mature way. Though peer pressure from his wild family can get into his head which tends to cause trouble and a lot of funny moments from this flipping grilled burger father. And when you have Jon H. Benjamin voicing this character (voice of Archer and Coach McGuirk), you’re going to get a lot of laughs from this cartoon dad.


From all the members in the Belcher family from Bob’s Burgers, Bob Belcher is the neutral and sane member of the family. He doesn’t go as nuts as the rest of his family unless someone pressures him to do so. Bob can also be a good dad when it comes to helping his kids going through certain phases in their lives, like getting his legs wax for Tina when she wanted her hair legs removed. How often would you see a dad doing that for their daughters? Give Bob extra points to do something like that for his own kids.

4. Randy Marsh

(South Park)


While you may like him at times or completely hate him, you got to admit that Randy Marsh is the funniest dads in the quiet mountain town in South Park. This father who’s a geologist has pushed himself into other occupations and crazy adventures that he gets involve in, like having arousing urges in watching the Food Network or getting himself in fights with other dads in little league baseball games.

While the crazy antics and situations that Randy gets involved are funny to watch, he can also be juvenile for his actions which often embarrasses his family. Sometimes you wonder how Sharon, Stan and Shelly (oh my god, three S’s in one family!) can deal with Randy’s immature behaviour. However, with that juvenile attitude he’s got, Randy mostly understand what trends the kids and younger people are into and somehow becomes part of those fads. The episode “Make Love Not Warcraft” is a great example of Randy’s understanding what the young people are into these days.


As funny and understanding Randy Marsh can be, I will admit that some of the things Randy has done can be a bit too much, whether it is a gross factor thing like in the episode “More Crap”, or doing something completely bad that would offend or hurt someone, like in the episodes “Without Apologies to Jesse Jackson” and “Broadway Bro Down”. Despite those terrible and immature actions, Randy is the most interesting and lively parent in South Park. He isn’t like Butter’s dad that would ground his own son for the dumbest reasons.

3. Homer Simpson

(The Simpsons)


Of course the iconic dumb father in animated sitcoms had to be mention here and that father is no other than Matt Groening’s Homer Simpson. Homer may have screwed up many things for over 25 years now in The Simpsons, but at least he realizes his faults and does what’s best for his family and friends to forgive his mistakes. Plus he’s voiced by Dan Castellenta who I’ve always like and recognized  his performance in other animated shows and media references.

Besides being a father, a husband, and a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, he had his share of many occupations over the years such as voicing a cartoon character, working as the Mayor’s body guard, and being a teacher at one point. Homer have admitted in one episode that “he’s a risk taker” and he would take certain risks just to make his family happy or make his life a little wild. Sure he strains his son by the neck and has terrible lazy habits, but you got to cherish the times where he enjoys being a husband and father. Not to mention Homer’s interesting and rough past with his runaway mother or other past events adds more story layers to this character.


Homer in earlier seasons of The Simpsons was iconic, memorable and just hilarious to watch. That’s what I enjoyed with Homer Simpson in the 90s so much. Homer was still a fun character after the 90s though I was finding him quite annoying at times as newer episodes were aired, which is why he only made it in the third spot of this list. Homer may not be my favourite animated dad of all time, but he’s my favourite animated TV dads ever. Now let’s shout out “Whoo-Hoo!” for me mentioning Homer in the Top 3!…Or “D’oh” if you were expecting him to be Number 1 on my list.

2. Marlin

(Finding Nemo)


Mufasa from Disney’s The Lion King is loved by many Disney fans, but Marlin from Finding Nemo is definitely one of my favourite animated fathers in Pixar movies. Now you may be wondering why I would choose a character that’s highly nervous and becomes overprotective to his son Nemo at an extreme level? Well, it’s his development of a single parent to raise Nemo on his own is what makes Marlin a really believable character.

This is a character that went through hell when he lost his wife and majority of his unborn babies, which he and his son Nemo became the only survivors from that day when the horrible travesty happened. It explains why Marlin is such an unstable and nervous wreck due to that devastating past, which is the reason why he gets extremely uncomfortable with Nemo going out in the open sea on his own or with the other sea creatures. But as the movie progresses, Marlin slowly shows confidence when he is searching for Nemo and actually begins to trust Nemo to do things on his own near the end of the film. It comes to show that Pixar can create a character with good development throughout the movie.


I’ve always felt intrigued by the situations and adventures that Marlin was in the first time I watched Finding Nemo in theatres. While I was watching the film, I was wondering how Marlin and Dory were going to get out in such dangerous waters in order to save Nemo. Hell, the scenes where Marlin and Nemo had their heart pulled moments would leave a touch of sadness on my facial expressions. I may like Marlin a lot for how well he was written in Finding Nemo, though there is one animated dad that I still appreciate even to this very day.

1. Goofy Goof

(A Goofy Movie)


I’m sure some of you weren’t surprised about this entry as A Goofy Movie is one of my favourite animated films of all time, as well as seeing the relationship between Goofy and Max was well done in this movie. Plus I’ve mentioned in the past that seeing Goofy and Max together on screen reminds me too much of me and my dad, where my dad likes to be in a quirky and optimistic attitude, while I can can get annoyed and moody like Max whenever I see my dad doing something embarrassing.

It’s interesting that Goofy is a single dad raising his only son, but somehow keeps a cheerful spirit for a long time in a suburban life style compare to the other townsfolk. He can be too naive and too nice, which sometimes can make Goofy feel threatened by others that could easily upset him. Max’s Principle shouldn’t have been so extreme to Goofy when he called him at his work. What an asshole!

On the plus side of things, Goofy is a polite and kind person, and he wants to live happily in his daily life, especially showing these positive feelings towards Max. Though sometimes seeing Goofy disciplining Max is somewhat surreal to see in this movie, but at the same time it shows a good role model for dads to balance fun and disciplines to their kids, no matter how old they are.


We may never know how Goofy became a single parent, but he does his best to love and raise his son at his finest, even if Goofy sometimes embarrassed or don’t understand his son once in a while. He showed a solid layers of emotions in a Goofy Movie that I have never seen from Goofy before since Goofy was always written as a… well…a “goofy” character. It comes to show that there is more to Goofy than just being a silly and naive character. He can also play a role of a father very well.


And that was my list of favourite animated dads in animated films and TV shows. Did you feel like there was a cartoon dad that should have been on my list? Or were you okay with my results? You’re welcome to mention your favourites by leaving a comment here or at the forums at itstailtime.net. Stay tune for more Cartoon and Animation fun on future articles and countdowns on the Legit Animation Blog.


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2 Comments on “T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 10 Animated Dads”

  1. thehande Says:

    I was ROFLing when I got up to Goofy, but I couldn’t agree more. =D This was another solid list and lots of interesting picks. I think I need to rewatch Darkwing Duck again soon because I don’t remember much about Darkwing’s and Gosalyn’s relationship.

    Also, just a minor thing, you misspelled Don Castellaneta.

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