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L-L-Legit! You are now reading a new article of the Legit Animation Blog and this new Top 10 is perhaps the most biggest and inspiring countdown that I’ve ever written and researched this year. What is it all about you might ask? Well, it’s about Sailor Moon!


I feel like this is the year of Sailor Moon! The series is getting revive with the upcoming TV reboot Sailor Moon Crystal that’s coming out next month, as well as the company Viz announcing this year that they will remaster the original 1992 series with a new dubbing and uncut treatment for the English version that many fans have wanted to see.


All this sounds awesome and got me in the spirit to like Sailor Moon again, but that’s not the only thing that wanted me to do a countdown about this iconic Anime franchise. I grew up watching Sailor Moon as a kid and it brought a huge impact in my childhood to appreciate the series. I certainly have a soft spot for watching Sailor Moon sometimes. Hell! Even the English dub version is something I enjoy watching, despite the fact that a lot of things were edited out and had some cheesy lines and voice work in the end. Like Pokemon, DBZ and Digimon, this was one of the few Anime series that got the dub treatment that made North Americans viewers bring Anime into popularity.


Sailor Moon was like Jem and She-Ra of the 90’s with an anime look with cooler action in my opinion. It simply intrigued me right away. I remember getting so much Sailor Moon merchandise that made me became a Sailor Moon fan as a kid, from action figures, toys, to even stickers. Collecting Sailor Moon stickers was like my crack in grade school.


The best part about Sailor Moon were the Sailor Soldiers themselves and T-McBee here is going to list down her Top 10 Sailor Soldiers/Scouts from Sailor Moon. Here are the rules:

1. I’m going to list down the main sailor soldiers on the list. So no Sailor Starlights, Chibi Chibi and Sailor Galaxia for this list. I’m just not highly familiar with the characters that appeared in Sailor Moon Stars.

2. This list will contain a lot of MAJOR SPOILERS from the 1992 TV series and even a bit from the manga. If you’re catching up with the series and don’t want to get spoiled, then I suggest you stop reading right now.

3. These are just my personal preferences. They’re not the best ones nor famous choices from the fans! They’re just my opinions and nothing more.

Well that settles that long introduction. Let’s all take our wands and transform to begin the list!

10. Chibi Moon


Chibi Moon aka ChibiUsa (or Rini in English) would be placed lower on the list for her bratty attitude and pulling pranks on Sailor Moon and the others in Sailor Moon R. Though when she came back in Sailor Moon S and became a sailor soldier like Sailor Moon and her friends, she surprisingly became a character that have quite matured in later episodes and seasons. Not to mention she’s the youngest member of the main Sailor Soldiers.

“Sailor Mars is desperate for answers!”

There were times where I appreciated Chibi Moon and other times I didn’t. There are some interesting things that happens to this pink haired child in the original Sailor Moon TV series. She’s the future daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, she became Black Lady (Wicked Lady) at one point when she joined forces with the Black Moon Clan, she builds a strong friendship with Hotaru (aka Sailor Saturn) and builds an odd love relationship with Helios aka Pegasus…wait, what!?!

“Okay! We get it! Your crush is someone older and he’s also a Pegasus of some kind. Creepy…”  

It’s more of the events she’s involved in is what made Chibi Moon an acceptable character for me rather than being a big nuisance. My sister really hated this character when we watched Sailor Moon together, though I only found her okay just because her attitude became sweet and quite mature in Sailor Moon S and SuperS. In Sailor Moon R, she was a pain to Sailor Moon and had a weird crush on Tuxedo Mask for a while. So she has the gull to have a crush on her past father and became a brat to her past mother. Good god you were a little monster! But you progressed better when you became a sailor soldier.

“The old age switch-a-roo happened on these two! Got me surprised the first time I watched this scene.” 

Overall Chibi Moon is shown as the member that calls for an extra boost or distraction to help Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Soldiers out. While it still questions me as to why it took forever for Chibi Moon to get her outfit and powers to help Sailor Moon out in the anime version, at least it was great to see Chibi Moon developed to be a decent character overall. Plus her voice actress Stephanie Beard (Sugar Baby) was a decent choice to voice the character in the English version of Sailor Moon S and Super S.

9. Sailor Uranus


Here’s the somewhat controversial Sailor Soldier who couldn’t have an affectionate to Sailor Neptune in some TV dubs (especially in the English version) has to go to Sailor Uranus. I never knew that Haraku (Sailor Uranus) was in a love relationship with Sailor Neptune when I was a kid and thought she would change genders when she transformed in her soldier outfit. I didn’t think of her that much at first due to her gender confusion until I found her quite cool once I researched more about the character in the 1992 Sailor Moon TV series. Thank you internet!

“Sailor Uranus is a girl and she and Neptune are cousins…wait, what?”

Sailor Uranus isn’t just only a member that is in love with another Sailor Soldier. There’s more to her character who had some interesting character development than the other Sailor Soldiers, such as her passion for race car driving and other talents. She does have a pretty stubborn attitude compare to the other Sailor Soldiers whether she sometimes end up being an anti-hero towards Sailor Moon or just teasing cute girls. This is where I sometimes I have second thoughts on the character, even though she does make some valid points to her arguments or becoming a trickster to the main protagonist.


“This is no time to play betray the hero, sailor bitch!”

The one thing I do give Sailor Uranus a bit of credit for is her love relationship to Sailor Neptune, their relationship is strong and precious as a LGBT couple that she would do anything to be with Neptune forever.

“Damn Haruku! There’s another solution to all of this!!!”

I may not appreciate Sailor Uranus’ arrogant attitude towards Sailor Moon and the Inner Sailor Soldiers, but there were some characteristics to the character that made her interesting in some cases, even though I always found her as the asshole Sailor of the group. However, she wields a cool looking dagger and uses a ground shaking ability like a pro!

8. Sailor Neptune


Sailor Neptune maybe Uranus’ go to partner that tagged her to betray and test Sailor Moon and the others at times, though when she and her partner aren’t being enemies with the Inner Sailor Soldiers, there are many distinguishing elements that makes Sailor Neptune quite appealing. Sailor Neptune is the elegant and polite Sailor Soldier that has the powers of ocean and seas, wields a pretty mirror for her attacks, and has a high talented passion for playing the violin. One of my favourite musical instruments ever!

“Beautiful…just beautiful!”

To me, Michiru aka Sailor Neptune really stands out in her design and traits compare to Sailor Uranus. I guess I really enjoy her romantic and sharp comments when she’s with Sailor Uranus and overall find her quite fun. I also find her a little more forgiving than Sailor Uranus when it comes to teaming up with Sailor Moon and the Inner Soldiers. She always knows what to say or act politely when she’s with company, including keeping Haruku calm in a passionate matter.

“Oh Neptune, you sly girl you…”

Sailor Neptune provides a very aquatic feel and a stand out design that I’ve always liked about the character overall (especially her wavy aqua green hair). Not to mention that she’s got many talents besides playing the violin, like swimming and painting. Michiru’s got talents that I can relate to and appreciate, though her flirtation with the guys can be as bad as Haruku’s flirting with the young girls.

7. Sailor Saturn


Perhaps the most intriguing and complex member of the Sailor Soldiers has to go to Sailor Saturn. This was one Sailor Soldier that surprisingly started off as a villain in Sailor Moon S, risked her life to stop Pharaoh 90 and gotten reborn. After all, she’s the member that resembles destruction, death and reborn in the series.

“Here’s a fan favourite from Sailor Moon S! Spoilers Ahead!”

Audiences got to know Sailor Saturn before when she had Mistress 9 implanted inside Hotaru (aka Sailor Saturn). Her father, Professor Tomoe, used her as a host for Mistress 9 and she, her dad and the Witches 5 became Sailor Moon’s enemies in the third season of the series. It’s an interesting twist that one Sailor Soldier was taken by the wrong hands and basically became a puppet to a villain in most of Sailor Moon S. When Hotaru had the power to become Sailor Saturn, she risked her life to stop Pharaoh 90 on her own, but was reborn as an infant when Sailor Moon jumped into the core to save her. Then the Outer Sailors took care of her in Sailor Moon Stars and she grew up as a kid in an instant to team up with the Sailor Soldiers and fight back.

“Gotta love the determination Saturn got!” 

As intriguing Sailor Saturn was as a character, she was just lacking in the anime version of the series compare to the manga version, making her quite a forgettable character in my books. I heard that she was more darker in the manga where she had a more cyborg-ish appearance when she was evil. Also, she only appeared in 9 episodes as a Sailor Solider in the overall original TV series. Despite the lack of Sailor Saturn, she had potential and was the second youngest member that had strong determination to save her friends.

6. Sailor Pluto


Pluto may not be considered as a planet anymore, but there was a time when Pluto was part of the famous line of planets in our solar system. This mean that Sailor Pluto was acceptable in the crew of the Sailor Soldiers in the original 1992 TV series. Sailor Pluto didn’t had that much development in the anime version, though there were some traits to her that made Pluto a really unique character, especially being the warrior that protects the gateway of space and time. Now that is pretty cool!

“Sailor Pluto’s first appearance in the show.”

Sailor Pluto is a very sophisticated character and is  the oldest member of the group. She was close to Chibi Moon, Neo Queen Serenity and other alliances from the Moon Kingdom universe, until she entered Tokyo where Usagi (Sailor Moon) and the others as an average young woman to study physics. Sailor Pluto is also associated with the underworld (mostly told in the manga version) and she has an attack where she whispers out “Dead Scream” like a wise bad ass. Pluto is a Sailor Soldier that follows laws personally and if she does break those rules, she would sacrifice herself as punishment to do so, especially when she saved two members from the Outer Sailors at one point. When any of the Sailor Soldiers are in critical danger, she comes and risks her life to save the day.

“Sailor Pluto used time to save Uranus and Neptune’s life”  

 While Sailor Pluto wasn’t as fleshed out strongly in the Anime version, there was some fascinating appeal to her character, like her sceptre, long green hair, tanned complexion and her beautiful appearance. She is the really unique member of the group.

5. Sailor Venus


Here’s a  fan favourite to many Sailor Moon fans who is also Naoko Takeuchi’s first creation before making Sailor Moon. Sailor Venus represents love and beauty, she’s an idol to many fans as Sailor V, and even provides a wide of personality traits compare to the other Inner Sailor Soldiers. She was my closest friend’s favourite Sailor Soldier when Sailor Moon was extremely popular in the 90’s.

“Sailor Venus intro to the show. She saves the day!”

Sailor Venus seemed like the near perfect member that had a little bit of everything. She’s clever, fun and even provided some advice to her friends when it came to love, friendship and much more. Not to mention that she had some funny scenes with Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Soldiers in the series that caught me off guard. Like Sailor Moon teaming up with Luna the cat, she sometimes teams up with Artemis the cat where the two have provided some really fun moments together. She’s also capable enough to defend herself or help Sailor Moon from evil doers, even if it ends up in bizarre and humorous ways.

“Sailor Venus disguised as Sailor Moon! Sorry Mina, but Zoisite’s Sailor Moon disguise was much better.”  

There were times where I found her attitude was a bit too preppy, girly girl and somewhat mean-spirited in later seasons (especially in Sailor Moon S and Super S), but when she had her serious, wise and meaningful moments as Sailor Venus was something I highly liked from the character. Plus I also like that the first English voice actress Stephanie Morgenstern performed Sailor Venus to sound less preppy and girly than Rika Fukami and Emily-Claire Barlow’s performances for the character.

“Sailor Venus just sounds more heroic with that voice.”

I can understand the popularity and appreciation of Sailor Venus and that she started off as Sailor V in Naoko’s manga series Codename: Sailor V, but I’m not too fanatic about the character like many fans are. Sailor Venus is still an awesome character in my opinion, though there are other Sailor Soldiers that I do like a little bit more.

4. Sailor Mars


She’s got sass! She’s got attitude! And she had the power of flames to burn her enemies into crispy chicken! But jokes aside, Sailor Mars was the member that had determination to fight back either as a Shinto at her grandfather’s Shrine in Tokyo or in her Sailor Soldier outfit. Not only she would use her fire powers to stop her foes, but also use Ofuda charms to curse upon evil presences that are near by.

“She used her Shinto charms with her fire powers to make that flaming bird. Awesome!”

Sailor Mars in the anime version always leaves the audiences with so much surprises that they wouldn’t expect to see from her. She and Sailor Moon always get themselves into conflicts and fight a lot in the beginning of the TV series, as well as fighting over Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask. These scenes when Sailor Mars gets into arguments with Sailor Moon were just comedic to watch. Katie Griffin’s performance as Sailor Mars in the English dub was always great to hear for these scenes, especially hearing that voicing Rei/Sailor Mars was Griffin’s first role in voice acting.

“Serena and Raye at the amusement park. One of their funnest moments in the original series”

I wasn’t too fond of Sailor Mars when I was a kid just because she was mean to Sailor Moon. Though as I gotten older, I began to appreciate this Sailor Soldier who surprised me in so many levels. Sailor Mars had ambition and interesting traits to her character such as her slight psychic techniques, spiritual nature, pretty looks and music talents. And even though she was harsh to Sailor Moon and was all boy crazy with Tuxedo Mask at one point, she showed a sympathetic and caring attitude toward Sailor Moon that made them felt like the best of friends later in the series.

“Interesting. The first person Sailor Moon embraces before the Inner Sailors die was Sailor Mars.” 

I can definitely see the admiration of Sailor Mars as a character and why fans of the franchise loves her so much. I f she wasn’t so harsh at times (though made some valid points with her arguments with Sailor Moon), she would have been number 1 in my books. Oh well, at least she’s ended up in the Top 5 on my list.           

3. Sailor Moon


I’m sure you’re surprised that Sailor Moon would be higher on my list compare to the other Sailor Soldiers with their awesome powers, traits and determination to fight. But honestly, as clumsy and whiney Sailor Moon can be at times, she has a lot of personality to her character. She has show her true potential to save the day when she courageously faces her foes that has been shown throughout the series and in the movies. Not all main female heroes have to be serious bad asses to save the universe you know!

“Even in her Moon Princess dress, she can show she has power to destroy evil!” 

I guess a lot of young females can relate to Sailor Moon in certain cases. Sailor Moon has shown a fun balance of comedy and drama to her character, which end ups intriguingly entertaining overall. She’s always gets into conflicts with some of her friends and allies at times, though she has a strong heart to show a caring attitude that have changed her friends and allies for the better. Heck, there were times where she had influenced some of her enemies to become good instead of evil (or at least the ones that needed a second chance). Sometimes I believe fans keep forgetting the good traits about Sailor Moon and just remember her annoying side instead.

“So you’re saying a hero that’s whiney and annoying can’t influence others to show a caring side to help them in life? Looks like we need to do our homework again!”

Sailor Moon as Usagi (Serena in the English dub) builds interesting character development as the series moves on, especially her love relationship with Tuxedo Mask as Mamoru (Darien in the English dub). The two had some fun and cute moments together, though I’ll admit that their relationship gotten too sappy at times in the Anime series. I’ve heard from friends of mine that their love relationship was much mature in the manga version. Oh well, at least they were quite entertaining.

“Whether you love sass or sappy romance from these two, you got it here with these versions!”

Another argument that people cringe with the character Sailor Moon was her voice and how annoying and high pitch it sounded. Her voice seemed okay in the Japanese voice, but I certainly don’t see the hate for the three voice actresses that played Sailor Moon in the English dub. Her English voice is a little more distinctive by having a childlike husky tone. It just made her a bit unique with that voice in my opinion.

“I don’t see full hate with the English voices like most people do. Oh well, to each their own.”

I do understand the criticisms that Sailor Moon gets from fans and viewers, though I don’t see her as a bad character that most people says about her. After all, she’s the main hero of the show who had shown that characters who act like themselves are willingly to face the dangers on her own at times. Not to mention that Sailor Moon had carried such decorative wands and sceptres as the series went on.

2. Sailor Mercury


Here’s another fan favourite Sailor Soldier from Sailor Moon fans, who also happened to be my favourite character when I watched the series at a young age. Sailor Mercury was the brains of the Sailor Soldiers that knew how to plan things ahead of time, works hard in school and even had some solid computer skills to do the job right. Even as a Sailor Soldier, she owned her own little computer to track weak points on the enemy and other traps.

“Mercury’s mini computer will be missed…”

I see Sailor Mercury not only the brains of the group, but also completely innocent in terms of her kind nature compare to the other Sailor Soldiers. Her blue short hair, her adorable voice and forgiving nature just drew my attention more to like this character a lot as a kid. Whenever I see Sailor Mercury in a scene from Sailor Moon, I sometimes think that I almost have the same traits as Ami/Sailor Mercury does, such as the tech skills, wearing glasses sometimes, innocent nature, cute unexpected moments and kind attitude towards her friends. The only things that I cannot relate to Mercury is her high IQ level and her dreams of becoming a doctor.

“Wow Ami! You’re such a flirt!”

Sailor Mercury would have been my number one choice for this list with all the praise, but she had such terrible powers in the first season of the series with bubble attacks that makes fog to distract the foes. Though she did had better abilities in later seasons with her water attacks. But despite having lame powers to start off, she became much cunning and independent with her skills and actions than just being a one trick pony kind of Sailor Soldier.

“You see! Mercury can do things on her own!” 

Sailor Mercury still remains as a childhood favourite and a reason why I placed her on the runner up spot. Plus Karen Bernstein who voiced Sailor Mercury in the English version of the first two seasons and the films made the character sound cute and nostalgic in my books.

1. Sailor Jupiter


The tom-boyish and tough member of the Inner Sailor Soldiers was my sister’s favourite character when we watched Sailor Moon together. As the years went on, I was growing more affection towards Sailor Jupiter, which she officially became my favourite Sailor Soldier as well as a character that I can relate to the most. Even more than Sailor Mercury. Not to mention that she shows bullies and jerks not to mess with her and her friends.

“Thugs! Don’t f*** with Sailor Jupiter”

Sailor Jupiter is the tallest and independent member of the Inner Sailor Soldiers that likes the colour green (like I do) and performs thunder and forest powers like an awesome bad ass. She has the talents to cook really well, as well as managing to living on her own just fine. What’s interesting about Sailor Jupiter for me is that she has this equal balance of masculine and feminine traits to her character. She loves sports, martial arts and video games, but also enjoys baking, gardening and shopping. Like myself in real life, she has many hobbies and traits that appeals to both genders. Sailor Jupiter also seems like a friend that I could hang out and accept her interests and attitude.

“Bash that door with your thunder power!”

Beside Sailor Jupiter/Makoto’s awesome traits and unpredictable personality, her English voice played by Susan Roman got me to like Sailor Jupiter even more. She performed as Sailor Jupiter/Makoto (Lita in English dub) throughout the English dub version who admitted that she loved voicing this character a lot. Roman stated at times that Sailor Jupiter isn’t a one-dimensional cardboard character nor a stereotypical character, which I can see her point when Susan made that statement.

“Call me crazy, but I prefer the English voice actress for Jupiter than in the Japanese version.”

I personally thought that Sailor Mercury would remain as my favourite Sailor Soldier forever, until I began to appreciate Sailor Jupiter as I’ve gotten older. Perhaps it was because my sister have always liked this character from the beginning, which now I could see why she liked Sailor Jupiter a lot that I didn’t notice much as a kid. All I can say is Sailor Jupiter is cool and if she were real, she could be my friend any day!

Phew! And that was my list of my Top 10 favourite Sailor Soldiers/Scouts from Sailor Moon. Did you agree with my list? Or you thought your favourite Sailor Soldier should have been number one on my list? You’re welcome to mention your favourite list by leaving a comment below or at the forums at itstailtime.net. Thanks you all for reading and hopefully more Legit Animation Blog content will come out in the near future.


Oh by the way, for those who thought the English voices of the series were terrible. I’m sure this will slightly change your mind after seeing this…

Sailor Moon’s voice in Portuguese is even worse…No offence.


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2 Comments on “T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 10 Sailor Soldiers/Scouts from Sailor Moon”

  1. thehande Says:

    Wow! Excellent list. =D You really like your Sailor Moon (I bet Kaiser would enjoy this). Really makes me want to make a Top-10 Dragon Ball Z characters list. =)

    The closest thing similar to this which I’ve done was a list for an anime called Sandybell: http://thehande.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/sandybell-my-10-favorite-characters/

    • TMcBee Says:

      Thanks Hannu! Once in a while I’ll show my appreciation on the series. I’m not a hardcore Sailor Moon fan and don’t know all the things from this franchise, but I found some things from Sailor Moon that were inspiring and cool compare to other female demographic franchises that have come out in the media. 🙂

      Oh yeah…I’m no pervert like Kaiser is. Just kidding! 😛

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