T-McBee’s Top 10 Music Albums

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Despite the fact now we got i-pods and i-tunes to download music freely or at a purchased price, there are a lot of music lovers today that still buy and support albums from their favourite singers, composers and bands. I don’t have a huge collection of music albums like a lot of people do. However, there are a few music albums that blew my mind away and were great to listen to from the first track to… whatever number ends the overall album.

T-McBee here is finally going through my Top 10 Music Albums with this latest countdown, as I continue my share of appreciating music for the month of June. Once again, the following choices below are just my personal preferences and please be aware that these choices are MY choices, not the best ones that are out there. The things that are going to be EXCLUDED on the lists are:

1. Hit Series Soundtracks – Soundtracks that contains a series of famous hits in one CD like Much Big Shiny Tunes or Much Dance will not count for this top ten.

2. Greatest Hits Albums – I might act biased towards this decision, but any greatest hits albums should deserve their own countdown in the future. So Queen Greatest Hits and Green Day International Super Hits… you’ll not end up on the list.

3. Movie and Game Soundtracks – I already made a game soundtrack, so why make another one? I’ll eventually have a list of favourite movie soundtrack sometime in the future. Not sure when though.

Now everyone! Get to your closest stereo devices and grab all your collection of CD and vinyl records for this surround sounding top ten. This, is my Top 10 Music Albums!

10. Sigh No More

(Mumford and Sons)


When my sister got an extra copy of Mumford and Sons’ Sigh No More album and gave it to me, I popped the disk of this banjo playing band into my music stereo device and immediately got hooked into their folk rock sound. The bands debut album really impressed me and gave me hope that there were still awesome music coming out in North America in the late 2000s (early 2010 for Canada and U.S.).

The best way to describe the music in Sigh No More is like going on a road trip through such beautiful scenery or a sad poem with a glimmer of hope from its expressive riffs. I feel like this was Mumford and Sons best album so far, which had such amazing tunes like Dust Bowl Dance, Winter Winds, White Blank Page, and their smashing hit Little Lion Man. To me, the music that came from Mumford and Sons really triumphed over the many shitty songs that I had to sit through in 2009 and 2010.

Favourite Songs

Winter Winds

White Blank Page

Thistle and Weeds

Dust Bowl Dance

9. Finger Eleven

(Finger Eleven)


The album that’s good therapy music from a Canadian alternative rock band goes to Finger Eleven’s 2003 album titled, well, Finger Eleven. Any of their older albums could have made it on my list, but their 2003 album just holds a lot of nostalgia for me. Only because I listened to songs from this album many times back in tenth and eleventh grade.

The tracks in Finger Eleven 2003 ranged from rocking to soft listening tunes that became my listening playlist in drawing random and emo stuff (you know, high school phase stuff). But even a decade later I still enjoy some of these tunes by the band like One Thing, Therapy, Obvious Heart, and my personal favourite, Good Times. People have discovered these tracks from EA sports games in the 2000 decade, but for me, I discovered these awesome tunes from this album…and radio stations and Much Music of course.

Favourite Songs

Other Light

Good Times


One Thing

8. Hybrid Theory and Meteora

(Linkin’ Park)



I used to be a fan of Link Park back in high school and listening to their later albums now just sounds the same in my books. Though before Linkin’ Park were big in 1999 and early 2000s, I liked both of their albums Hybrid Theory and Meteora. Their music style by combining rock and rap was interesting. For someone like me who doesn’t enjoy rap that much was intrigued by their early albums.

The tracks from Meteora and Hybrid Theory aren’t tunes that I would listen to all the time today, but I have my once in a while moments to hear the songs that made Linkin Park awesome at the time, especially songs like Breaking the Habit, Pushing Me  Away, Crawling, and From the Inside. I personally like the fact that these songs expresses sad and angered feelings with such catchy beats overall. I guess that’s the best way to describe my love for these Linkin’ Park albums.

Favourite Songs


By Myself


Pushing Me Away


Somewhere I Belong

Easier to Run

Breaking the Habit

From the Inside

7. Does this Look Infected?

(Sum 41)  
Sum 41 Does This Look Infected

Here’s another Canadian band that had great success in North America and worldwide in the early 2000s. Sum 41’s 2002 album Does This Look Infected gave the band risks to go much hardcore than their previous album, as well as getting their first parental advisory sticker with this album. Not to mention that it had tracks that felt completely consistent throughout Sum 41’s second album.

There are some really great tracks on this album, such as Still Waiting, Thanks for Nothing, Hell Song, Over My Head, and much more. I remember listening to these tunes a lot back in high school and even over a decade later I still enjoy them. The combination of melody singing and hardcore punk sounds really made Sum 41 much edgier, harmonious and even rebellious than ever before. Not to mention the front cover and the name of the album shows that Sum 41 has a great sense of humour.

Favourite Songs

Hell Song

Over My Head (Better Off Dead)

Mr. Amsterdam

Thanks For Nothing

6. Reckoning Night

(Sonata Artica)


I have shared my love for Sonata Arctica in the past through my appearances in podcasts and in the forums at itstailtime. The band themselves have always impressed me with their beautiful sung melodies. The one album from Sonata Arctica that I could listen to and appreciate throughout was Reckoning Night.

Reckoning Night is an album that had an adventurous and dream like vibe compare to other Sonata Arctica albums, containing lyrics like it was feeling more than just being poetic. Some songs sounded like it was telling a story with its harmonious vocals. It certainly felt like the most engaging album by Sonata Arctica that I ever heard. Most the songs I like from this power metal band comes from this album, like Don’t Say a Word, My Selene, Misplaced and Wrecking the Sphere.

Favourite Songs


Don’t Say A Word

My Selene

Wrecking the Sphere

5. Mother Earth

(Within Temptation)


I used to love listening to a lot of Within Temptation in my early college years with the beautiful singing from Sharon den Adel and the band spiritual ambience. Just like Sonata Arctica’s Reckoning Night, Within Temptation’s Mother Earth got a lot of songs that I began my love for this gothic/symphonic rock band.

The track list for the Mother Earth contains so many inspiring and beautiful songs that thrives passion and Sharon’s best vocal performances. Songs like Caged, Ice Queen, Mother Earth, The Promise, Deceiver of Fools and Dark Wings are just some of the examples of how you make an album that’s consistent, creative and took changes than what the band was originally doing before. The lighter and wise feel felt like Within Temptation was growing maturely in the Mother Earth album.

Favourite Songs

Mother Earth

Ice Queen


The Promise

4. Jagged Little Pill

(Alanis Morisette)


Jagged Little Pill is one of the albums I remember from my childhood when my sister would ask my mom to get album cassettes for us. The successful album by Alanis Morisette was one that my sister and I would listen constantly, as well as the first album we heard Alanis throwing the F-bomb in her song You Oughta Know.

Alanis’ Jagged Little Pill had a lot of neutral, easy listening tracks that no matter how old you are, you still appreciate it to this very day. I grew up with her songs in the 90’s, so songs like You Oughta Know, See Right Through You, You Learn, Hand in My Pocket and Head over Feet are tunes that I’ll remember in my childhood days. Jagged Little Pill would have been higher on the list, though there are a couple of songs that I think are somewhat annoying. I’m looking at you Ironic…

Favourite Songs

You Learn

You Ougtha Know

Head Over Feet

See Right Through You

3. Americana



Offspring is one of my favourite bands in North America and the album that holds dear to me was their 1998 album, Americana. Americana showed Offspiring’s edgy punk riffs and a cheery attitude with each song feeling happy on the outside, but deep down inside it was expressing the troubles of American society through its lyrics.

The one reason why I wanted to get this album at a young age was for the song “The Kids Aren’t Alright”. However, I gave it a close listen to the full album one day and found out that there were many awesome tunes in Americana. Songs like Staring at the Sun, Have You Ever, End of the Line, and Pay the Man just made me at a young age liking the band’s optimistic sound while trying to figure out its weary and dark messages over the years for this album. Even Pretty Fly showed a message despite its cheesy sound.

Favourite Songs

Have You Ever

Staring at the Sun

The Kids Aren’t Alright

End of the Line

 2. Wishmaster, Once and Imaginareum





You know I love my Nightwish and it was so difficult for me to choose just one album from this epic sounding band. It’s a three way tie for the runner spot because there are so many Nightwish albums that are just too good. Wishmaster, Once and Imaginareum are the albums from the band that I can listen to non-stop.

The greatest things about these three Nightwish albums were its orchestral touches that made the songs epic and inspiring to hear. There are songs that I’ll never get tired of listening to, like Wishmaster, Nemo, Ghost River, Crownless, Planet Hell and Storytime. Wishmaster and Once was definitely Tarja Tururen’s best vocal work for the band, while Anette Ozlon showed strong potential in Imaginareum. You see! You can appreciate these Nightwish albums, even if they tend to change their main vocalists a lot.

Favourite Songs



Deep Silent Complete



Wish I Had An Angel

Planet Hell

Ghost Love Score

Kuolema Tekee Taitelijian



Ghost River

The Crow, The Owl and The Dove

Last Ride of the Day


(Roxy Music)


Definitely an obscure album from the 80s unless you grew up with Brian Ferry and Roxy Music. I can pretty much say that Roxy Music’s Avalon is the first full music album that I’ve listen to from my parents collection of vinyl records at a young age. Not to mention that this is my mom’s favourite music album, which her constantly playing the record easily made me appreciated Avalon in so many levels.

Avalon is a huge nostalgia trip for me as I easily fell in love with the album’s jazzy sounds and cool bass riffs. All these songs aren’t annoying at all as these tunes are great to hear after a long, hard and stressful day. Songs like Avalon, More Than This, The Main Thing, Take a Chance with Me, True to Life show such passion and relaxation throughout, which simply doesn’t get old for me. Thank you mom! For making me appreciate this 1982 classic album!

Favourite Songs

More than This

The Main Thing

True To Life



And those were my choices for my Top 10 Music Albums! Did you agree with my choices? Or do you believe my choices were not a superior as other music albums? Well, you’re happily welcome to express your favourite or personal music albums by leaving a comment below or at the forums at itstailtime. Thanks for reading everyone! Hopefully more surprising countdowns will come along in the future.

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