T-McBee’s Favourite Things in Final Fantasy 7

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Hey everyone! Welcome to a new list of T-McBee’s Favourites. This summer, I’ve replayed the most critically acclaim game that people either love or “hate” from the Final Fantasy franchise. That game is no other than Final Fantasy 7.


I’m not a die hard fan of this game like many gamers out there, but I’ll admit that there were some solid moments and aspects from this game that I really enjoyed. The first time I played Final Fantasy 7 was back in 2005 when my friend who likes playing JRPGs lend her copy to me to try out. Replaying the game again years later (but tried playing it on my PS3), I see it as an above average game. It’s not terrible nor perfect. Just a decent experience with some pretty good moments.

This is T-McBee here listing down my Favourite Things in Final Fantasy 7. Please keep in mind that these are just my personal preferences and you’re welcome to mention your favourite FF7 moments either here or at the forums at itstailtime.net. Oh by the way, watch out for any red text on this article. Why? Because it will contain some SPOILERS or even MAJOR SPOILERS from the game.

Okay everyone! Grab all the Materia and Chocobos you can contain, because here’s what I gotta say about Final Fantasy 7!

Wonder Square in the Golden Saucer


The Golden Saucer is one of the most colourful and fun locations in the game that was like entering an amusement park. The Wonder Square section at the Golden Saucer always amused me for its colourful colours and cramped layout. The arcade room reminded me of a dream I once had where I was in a location filled with arcade machines and activities.



Whether its catching them, breeding them, riding them, feeding them, or entering them in races, Chocobos are the most adorable creatures in the game that you want to be with during those breaks of progressing further. Honestly, Chocobos are much awesome than Moogles in my opinion. At least you can ride a Chocobo that can take you at a faster pace with no random battles interrupting your travelling.

There’s an optional side quest to get something valuable in breeding Chocobos, but I personally wouldn’t waste my time unless you want all the materia and the Golden Chocobo that much. Perhaps completionist enthusiasts would love doing that segment…if they got the patience.

The Entertaining and Swearing Dialog


While Final Fantasy 7’s story and plot is convoluted to follow through, gamers who have played Final Fantasy 7 has to admit that the script was highly entertaining, especially if you don’t read through the dialog boxes seriously. Each character threw in a few memorable, quotable and even hilarious lines that you probably wouldn’t expect much in other Final Fantasy games. But best of all, this is by far the Final Fantasy game I’ve seen that uses a lot of swearing. Some words were even written in bleeped out text.


If any newcomers to this game want some funny dialog, better have Barret and Cid set in their group. Those two will curse all day! Speaking of those two, or at least on of those characters…

Barret Wallace


Barret is one bad ass with a mechanical gun that replaces his right hand and a design that’s highly inspired by Mr.T. But Barret is more than just a Mr.T look a like with a bad ass gun for a hand. He’s Cloud and Tifa’s friend, as well as the leader in his eco-terroist group Avalanche. Barret may act tough and brutal to others all the time, but he’s got a good heart to care for those who are important in his life, especially taking care of a young girl named Marlene.



Beside his softie moments and being a great pal to Cloud in such dangerous missions, Barret seemed to have an interesting past when he was a coal miner with his close friend Dyne. Their reunion together after the Shinra’s destroyed the reactor in Corel years ago led their friendship entirely separated, which left Dyne completely nuts and became denial about his daughter existence. After Dyne threw himself in a cliff to his death, Barret continued to be a loving father figure for Marlene, even though he’s not always there to take care of her.



This is a bad ass character that has layers to its character. Barret had moments that made me laughed or even sympathized the poor guy once in a while. Sometimes tough guys like him can be expressive and sweet rather than feeling one dimensional and over the top. I definitely use Barret to tag along in the first half of the game. He had some awesome abilities that were helpful in fights! That is until other cool party members joined my team…



How often do you tag along with a four legged creature in a JRPG? Well I’m sure there are other games that you can team up with four legged animals and hybrid creatures, but Red XIII is one fiery cool feline who’s 48 years old, though translated in human years, he’s actually 16. The first time Red was introduced in Final Fantasy 7 is when Cloud and the others freed him at Shinra’s Headquarters in Hojo’s laboratory.


Personally I didn’t care too much about his long lived race or even his real name, but I’ve always found his presence and appearance wise, majestic and pretty cool. The only time I found Red’s backstory intriguing was the relationship between his parents, though it does end up in particular territory. Not to mention that he had limited break powers and attack animations that were amusing to watch.

The Soundtrack


I’ve already explained my appreciation of the OST for Final Fantasy 7 in my Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks, but let’s just say that I agree with a lot of people that the music to this game is really iconic and memorable. The music in the game expresses a scene or for a level was set up with a lot of care for this game, even though not every track are pleasant to the ears…

The Creepy, $@*% Up Moments


Final Fantasy 7 had a few really creepy moments that I wasn’t expecting to see the first time I played the game. I’ve mentioned  one unsettling scene from the game in my Top 10 Terrifying Moments in Video Games. But now that I think about the scene I placed on that list, it was presented with a still image. However, it was the concept of that scene is what unsettled me the first time I played Final Fantasy 7. The second time however, I became unsettled by the image shown above seeing so much blood splattered all over one location in the game.

Final Fantasy 7 brought a huge delivery of unsettling scenes, like the silence sequences that brings noisy sounds unexpectedly…

“Seeing game scenes like these in the middle of the night isn’t a good idea…”

“Cloud’s first mental breakdown flashback. Argh! The noise!” 

Or maybe other aspects that you weren’t expecting to happen in a scene…

“Damn it Mr.Hangman! You scared the living s*** out of me!”

“His creepy stare has scared many young players in 1997…”

I find it intriguing that a colourful game like this can pull some bone chilling sequences visually or in the plot of the game.

Cid Highwind


One of my favourite party members and characters in Final Fantasy 7 has to be no other than Cid Highwind. Cid is an old bad ass who’s wields a lance, smokes a cigarette and holds an incredible journey in the plot that I believe a lot of people who played Final Fantasy 7 could relate to. He’s also one of the fewer characters that I can picture him to be a runner up leader if Cloud (or even Tifa) were absent from the group. Sure, Barret would also be a good candidate, but Cid’s attitude is much bold and commanding than the rest of the party members.



Cid always dreamed of entering through space in a spaceship for years until he worked on his rocket Shinra No.26 for the Shinra Space Program. There was one year that he was about to launch the rocket, though the mission had to abort when Cid’s assistance Shera was still doing safety check underneath the ship while the countdown was going. Cid had no choice but to abort the countdown to save her life, which cost much fundings for the launching of the rocket that immediately became a tourist attraction. His dreams in going to space had to be postponed for years that had broke Cid’s heart.

Everyone’s got dream goals in life and hearing Cid’s tale in the game was moving, fascinating and had quite an universal effect.



Right when Cid joined my team in Final Fantasy 7, I immediately used him right away. He had attacks and limit breaks that really helped during battles, not to mention his comedic and cursing attitude kept me smiling throughout the experience. If you wanted to ask me who was my all time favourite character in Final Fantasy 7, I will say “Cid Highwind! Hands Down!” He’s a tough ass with a big heart.

I almost forgot to point out that his theme track sounded heroically awesome.

     Dating Party Member at the Golden Saucer  


There is one segment in the game where Cloud goes dating with one of the party members for one day at the Golden Saucer. Depending on your choices you choose when interacting with characters in previous segments of the game, the game decides the party member you would take to a date with. The choices are either Tifa, Aerith, Yuffie or Barret. **snickers**

For this segment, I always hope to go out with Aerith. And surprisingly in both playthroughs, I’ve gotten her as my results. These dating sequences are rather entertaining, sweet and feels quite exciting the first time you get to this part. Now let Aerith have her fun with Cloud.

Ancients Forgotten City


My favourite location in Final Fantasy 7 had to be the Ancient’s Forgotten City. Sure, the Golden Saucer maybe a level I would have loved more, but there’s something about the Forgotten City that really intrigued me instantly. The music, the atmosphere and the design of the location was overall creative, mysterious and very engaging to go into. The design of the level used a lot crustacean objects and sea shells for its structures and environments. Entering a place like this brought much nostalgia to me of my times collecting sea shells at the beaches in Portugal when I would visit family there at a young age.

 Ancient_City_FFVII-2 Forgotten_capital_fish Forgotten_capital_waterfall_room

This lonely, spiritual and deserted feeling left some deep thoughts while playing this segment in Final Fantasy 7, as seeing all those dried up lands of sea weed and sea shells left a shiver down my spine. Though I’m sure for those who have played the game may think these shivering twitches came from the most iconic moment in gaming history…



“Aerith’s death…did I cry during this scene?”

Yes. I did cry like a little bitch during this segment. In fact, I bawled for how loosing the most precious character could be killed off by a psychopath with white long hair that wields a long ass sword. However, the second time I played the game, I cared less about the scene and thought to myself “What’s the point of caring for Aerith if you know that she’s going to die anyways?” This lead me to care less about her and didn’t use her in my party unless if I was forced to tag along with her.


Motorcycle Chase Cutscene 


My favourite FMV cutscene in FF7 was the Motorcycle Chase Scene. Maybe it’s because I somewhat like the outdated feel of the scene, such as the character’s animations or the dim lit environment. It was definitely a great intro to start a vehicle chase gameplay, even though the controls in that mini game segment was stiff as hell.

“The model design of that car feels quite off in scale…”   

Cross-Dressing Cloud at Wall Market


This part isn’t a side guest newcomers. It happens in the main plot of the game. When my friend who loves JRPGs told me about this scene, I just couldn’t believe it. I practically laughed out loud by this segment and seeing Cloud dressing like a “sexy woman” just brought a lot of hilarity to the table. It was the only way to rescue someone that Cloud knows…

Discovering Cloud’s Identity 


I wasn’t too crazy about Cloud Strife like a lot of fans were, but I got to say that discovering the character’s true identity in the game was rather fascinating, even though it didn’t make sense at times. I won’t spoil everything as to what happens to Cloud because it’s long as hell. However, he expresses these deep emotions of his memories and identity crisis when the story gets interesting.

To those who thought Cloud was an emo twit in Final Fantasy 7 may want to revisit his story again and study his character development a bit more. He was quite an amusing main lead, though not the greatest in my opinion. In Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children on the other, you can call emo on that!


“Oh my god…Freaking smile! Crack a joke! Do that funny shrug you sometimes do! ANYTHING!!!”  


And that’s all the things that I liked in Final Fantasy 7. Feel free to mention your favourite things in Final Fantasy 7. I’m sure you got some really fascinating explanations from the game that you would like to share. Thanks for reading!

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