T-McBee’s Top 10 Favourite Comedic Songs

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T-McBee likes music! She likes comedy too. When you combine the two, you get comedy songs and there were a ton of songs out there that everyone has seen from films, TV, video games, the internet, music albums, and other media sources. This is T-McBee here to finally release a list of her Top 10 Favourite Comedic Songs.

The songs shown on this countdown are just my personal preference and can be from any entertaining sources. I’ll be excluding comedy songs from animated films and TV shows. Perhaps one day I’ll make a list of my favourite comedy songs in animated films and shows for the Legit Animation Blog, but who certainly knows when that’s ever going to happen.

Now everyone! Get ready to sing along and laugh your ass off for this hysterically fun countdown.

10. Do You Have Any More Gum? (Redemption Song)

Billy Madison


Billy Madison is a guilty pleasure of mine when it comes to comedy movies and listening to Billy’s Redemption Song (or Do You Have Any More Gum?) became one of my nostalgia tunes that had stayed in my head for years. This comedic song provides a motivating message of continuing with school, as well as inappropriately random lyrics that can make you laugh or sing along in some verses. The song is overall hooky, so better be in the right mood for this tune. Oh! And don’t forget about the Clown that sings along to the tune. If you don’t like clowns, then step away from the video below.

9. United States of Whatever

Liam Lynch


Liam Lynch’s “United States of Whatever” is perhaps one of the most random songs that has ever aired in music video channels like MTV or Much Music. Lynch’s singing for this one hit track was shown for laughs and wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. Even the music video is ridiculously hilarious with Lynch trying to be rebellious and cool to the people in the video who comes up to him. The video does look really outdated and cheap looking in todays media standards, but the song itself remains as a great 90s classic, especially to those punk/rock listeners out there.

8. African Chant – Chris

Whose Line is it Anyway?


Whose Line is it Anyway was a show that I enjoyed watching back then, either when Clive Anderson or Drew Carey were the main hosts of the show. The show contained many improved songs that were sung on the spot and clearly it was hard to choose one. As much as people love The Irish Drinking Song bit where Colin randomly says “Meow”, I personally liked The African Chant segment singing to Chris. You had the improve actors feeling really random with this act, as well as Chris joining along in dancing with the actors. It still makes me chuckle to this very day.

Oh yeah, remember the times that I would say Amuia’s name in podcasts in a tribal chanting tone? This Whose Line improve song was the inspiration of that. 😛

7. Captain Jack Sparrow

The Lonely Island feat. Michael Bolton


To be honest, I’m not too fond of The Lonely Island and sometimes don’t laugh or enjoy most of their tracks. Though there is one song from them that I can immediately accept, which is Captain Jack Sparrow, featuring Michael Bolton. I basically like this song just for Michael Bolton because he was a singer that I liked listening back when I was a kid and his singing delivery with the Lonely Island was hysterical, even though the rap/ hip hop genre isn’t my favourite taste in music. Not to mention the music video is hilarious as hell with Bolton in many costumes of iconic movie characters.

6. Manha Manha

The Muppet Show


The Muppets have sang so many catchy, iconic and heartwarming tunes for decades and obviously picking a funny tune from the Muppets wasn’t easy. I had to go with the obvious pick to choose Manha Manha from the Muppet Show. Sure, the track is a bunch of random gibberish in the lyrics department, but it’s got a lot of quirky personality. Two pink monsters sings on cue to the beat while the wild man interrupts the rhythm by singing in a crazy jazz like tone. I remember the times when my sister and I would imitate this song while we were in such satisfying moods.

5. Everyone Has Aids!

Team America: World Police


 Team America World Police being one of my favourite comedy films of all time, I had to choose a hilarious song from this movie. America, F*** Yeah! and Pearl Harbour Sucks were hilarious tunes from the film, but the song Everyone Has Aids was a track that got me laughing the first time I watched the movie in theatres. This musical segment was a comedic parody of the musical Rent, and for those who haven’t seen it, that musical’s theme was all about Aids. The lyrics were hysterically simple, including some subtle tweaks that you wouldn’t get the first time besides the “Aids” parts.

4. Amish Paradise

Weird Al Yankovich


Obviously the king of parody music had to be mention on a list like this. Weird Al Yankovich had parody hits that made him big in the 80s, 90s and even today. The one song that I do remember liking from him was on other than Amish Paradise. This song was a parody to Coolio’s Gangster’s Paradise that led to a lot of controversy for Weird Al to have permission to use his song. But despite the whole mess between Weird Al and Coolio, it’s still one comedically, memorable song that listeners and Weird Al fans do enjoy singing along to even to this day.

Hmmm…I wonder how the Amish would feel about listening to a song like this one?

3. Beezleboss (Final Showdown)

Tenacious D


I haven’t seen Tenacious D the Movie, though though I knew some songs from Tenacious D from old high school friends that liked their stuff. The only song that I would sing all the time from the movie was Beezleboss (or The Final Showdown). This was a rocking tune that had a narrative vibe with Jack Black and Kyle Cage having a rock on challenge with Satan. Okay, maybe the special effects for this part of the film was slightly bad, but you got to admit that you got hilarious lyrics being sung in a rockin’ hardcore fashion, especially with Black having such an amazing voice.

2. It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This



Game Grumps stars Arin and Danny created Starbomb to release their own comedic songs about iconic video games to the public. It was quite tough to choose one song from them, but the one track that I find still funny to this day is It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This. Starbomb took this iconic line from the first Legend of Zelda game and just brought it to a whole new level by being narrative in a disturbingly hilarious fashion. Not to mention that the animation and sound quality is at a pretty professional level for animated music videos on the internet.

1. Spooky Mormon Hell Dream

The Book of Mormon


Sure, the depiction of Hell shown in The Book of Mormon doesn’t exist in the Mormon following. But despite the inaccuracy of Mormon’s sin, for those who have seen the Book of Mormon and are not Mormon themselves would be okay jamming away with the song Spooky Mormon Hell Dream. It may feel random to the plot of the musical, but it does make sense when the main character Elder Kevin Price has believed that he committed a sin to his partner Elder Arnold Cunningham. This was a really well presented part of the musical that was colourful, funny and filled with a lot of energy.


That’s all my choice for favourite comedy songs from all sorts of media out there, excluding animated films and TV shows. Feel free to mention and express your favourite comedic songs by leaving a comment here or at the forums at itstailtime.net. Thanks for reading everyone!

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One Comment on “T-McBee’s Top 10 Favourite Comedic Songs”

  1. thehande Says:

    Nice one! This really brightened up my day. =D I personally loved Crashervania from Starbomb, since it’s so hilarious plus I can’t get enough of Danny’s amazing vocals in that one (I made the chorus my ringtone already when they released the teaser). =) These were all awesome picks and you even reminded me of how awesome that final song of Pick of Destiny was. I think need to rewatch the movie soon.

    Keep on being awesome!

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