T-McBee’s Music Recommendations – Relaxing Tracks in Video Games


T-McBee’s here with a new segment article I like to call “T-McBee’s Music Recommendations”. This is a new written series where I list some of my personal favourite songs, music tracks or anything related to music from multiple medias to give readers some ideas of music for their personal playlists. For this first article of Music Recommendations, I’ll be sharing and displaying some of my favourite Relaxing Tracks in Video Games.

There are tons of soothing and atmospheric songs that we can take it easy and calm ourselves to after a very stressful day, and surprisingly, we can get that same effect with video game music as well. I had some ups and down with my fall semester of school this year and needing to hear some calming tunes from games inspired me to make this written article.

I could name hundreds of relaxing video game scores with this latest article, but that could take forever do. Therefore, I could only think of 15 at the moment. And who knows, I might even mention more calming tunes from video games in the future.


Well, that’s enough of the introduction, why don’t we sit back and relax as I mention a few entries of my favourite Relaxing Tracks in Video Games.

Enormous Threat
(Rogue Galaxy)


Battle theme music aren’t really an area of a game that has a calming tune playing while players are defeating enemies in the field. But for some weird reason, Enormous Threat from Rogue Galaxy has one battle theme track that’s soothing to listen to.

Enormous Threat  has soft sounds and beats implemented in the track with an “epic” melody. The track gets me up to feel ready to defeat the foes in this game, but not in a way where I easily get overwhelmed and stress out like in other JRPG games. Though if those fights from Rogue Galaxy don’t have this specific piece playing in the back, then it’s a whole different story.

Kirby’s Pad
(Kirby’s Epic Yarn)


There are tons of calming tunes from the Kirby games that can relax you after a long stressful day. While the iconic Kirby Safe Pad theme that appears in many Kirby titles (including in Super Smash Bros Melee and Brawl) is a great relaxing track, Kirby’s Pad from Kirby’s Epic Yarn is the most peaceful music piece that you’ll ever listen to.

This specific track has a simple lullaby ambiance that I’m sure that if you start listening to it after a really exhausting day, it’ll make you smile softly and shut your mind off from reality for a while. Sure it might be too cutesy for some listeners, but whatever. It’s best to listen to a peaceful lullaby tune before you head to bed.

One Fine Morning
(Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch)


If only every mornings can be peaceful and cheery like the mornings shown in Motorville from Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Of course in reality, not every mornings can be cheery and relaxing, but maybe listening to the track One Fine Morning might make your day even better.

This beautifully orchestrated piece from Ni no Kuni is a smoothing track that lifts your spirit up to enjoy the bright colours and atmosphere of our main character’s home world. There were many calm and beautiful music scores in Ni no Kuni, but One Fine Morning easily became of my favourite tracks from the game.

 Temple Gate
(Grim Fandango)


Though I haven’t played Grim Fandango yet (might have plans to try out Grim Fandango Remastered on Steam in the future), I am aware of it’s awesome driven soundtrack all thanks to the internet and friends who have played the game. The game doesn’t have many calming tracks overall, but I get a relax feeling whenever I listen to Temple Gate.

Temple Gate sound more like a sad tune, but I find it engagingly relaxing with its soft flute playing and calm ambiance. It personally feels like the perfect track have on once your spirit is entering to the after life. I know what I said there sounds very poetic and deep, but it’s a scenario that I think matches with this track from Grim Fandango the best.

Canine Warriors


The overall soundtrack of Okami gives attention detail on the score to match with the feudal Japan culture theme and artwork beautifully. To be frank. I think a lot of the music scores in Okami don’t tend to calm me down very easily with its intense strings or powerfully sounding tunes. Although, the piece Canine Warriors is the only score that relaxes my mind.

Canine Warriors is one of my favourite tracks from Okami just because whenever I see the Canine Warriors on screen while playing this game, I get this spiritual vibe like I want to connect with an animal face to face, like a horse, an animal caged in a zoo, or even my dog. As a matter of fact, sometimes I picture my dog in my thoughts whenever this track is being played.

Lazy Afternoons
(Kingdom Hearts 2)


I’ve always thought the music compartment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise only contained bouncy, intense and emotional music tracks. I never witness any relaxing tunes in the Kingdom Hearts games, except for the score Lazy Afternoons in Kingdom Hearts 2.

This is perhaps the most laid back track to ever experience from the Kingdom Hearts series. The music score really fits with the sunset view of Twilight Town where players control as Roxas in the first quarter of the game. Too bad this specific music piece is only played when Roxas is at present because I really like this tune a lot. Whenever Sora visits Twilight Town, the music just sounds too heart wrenching and sad. Where’s my laid back track!?!

(Halo 2)


I haven’t played a Halo game in my life!…Except watching some people play a bit of Halo 2 multiplayer at my first attended college in 2006. While typing down this list a while back, I’ve came across a video compilations that contains relaxing tracks in video games. And would you know it, I found a calming track in Halo 2.

The track Peril may be a bit upbeat and has a more heroic sound for its melody, but it has a soft bouncing beat that strangely reminds me of music that could be in a song written by Enigma, Robert Miles or even Enya. Freaking Enya people! For someone who doesn’t like Halo and am not a fan of the franchise, I approve this awesomely composed track.

Border of Dali
(Final Fantasy 9)


The Final Fantasy franchise always bring a wide range of beats, rhythms and emotions in the music compartment and of course there’s bound to be relaxing melodies in the series’ multiple soundtracks. If I had to choose one in particular, it’s got to be Border of Dali from Final Fantasy 9.

I remember the first time I played Final Fantasy 9 and reached to Dali, it left me relaxed with its peaceful atmosphere and calming tune. It was perfect to be part this quiet town with its soft welcoming music after the intense events players went through before entering to this part of the game. Also seeing our heroes staying at their first hotel stop in the game always make me feel…(Yawns) very sleepy.

Forest of Illusion
(Chrono Cross)


It was hard for me to pick a relaxing tune from either Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross. While The Yearning of the Wind from Chrono Trigger is a marvelous calming track, but I personally love The Forest of Illusion from Chrono Cross even more. Although the track sounds too deep that might give listeners excited  goosebumps than making their nerves calm down.

I basically like The Forest of Illusion track because it sounds like a tune that you would hear while entering in a deep dream. Not to mention the isolation feel of the Shadow Forest really matches with the track beautifully (even if I kind of hated going through this place the first time I played Chrono Cross). Oh why does the most tedious or frustrated levels need to have awesome music scores!?!

(Beyond Good and Evil)


 Beyond Good and Evil has a very diverse soundtrack filled with music pieces that are emotionally touching, bop-heading catchy and powerfully intense. But there were a few relaxing tracks in the game that are just peaceful to listen to, like Safari for example. Basically the first time I heard this track made me want to stay in Beyond Good and Evil’s world even longer.

This track is played after the invasion segment that hits your lighthouse while you are saving the orphan kids. All I can say is that this track lift up my spirits after the aliens almost invade your place. It’s uplifting, soothing and gets you ready for whatever waits you outside your home.

 Chicago Stealth
(Perfect Dark)


I’m sure that some of you reading this are probably scratching your heads and asking yourselves “How is this relaxing?” Some may believe that the tune is too melancholy or mysterious for a relaxing track in a video game, though personally, Chicago Stealth from Perfect Dark just sounds calming to my ears compare to the other music tracks in the game.

The melody gets action packed and intense later in the track, but the melody still sounds laid back and soft even when the beats does get faster. This tune has that “walking calmly in the rain” scenario and players do get that fell when they enter the Chicago level.

Obami Moon Zygan System
(Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal)


The Zygan System Obani Moon track from Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal is a fan favourite from some of the members at ItsTailTime.Net and I can see why it is. This calming trance track is by far the most calming track that you’ll ever witness in the Ratchet and Clank franchise.

I believe it’s all the sci-fi sounds and soft synthesize beats is what makes Zygan System Obani Moon very effective to the listeners ears. Hearing this specific track makes you feel like you’re floating in space, as well ass that it is worth listening to through a set of headphones. The Sewers track from the same game is also a great relaxing tune too, but I personally like Obani Moon a little more.

The Temple of Time
(Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)


There are ton of peacefully relaxing tunes from the Legend of Zelda franchise that basically any tune from the series could have made it on this list. But for this specific list, the Temple of Time from Zelda: Ocarina of Time (also heard in Zelda: Twilight Princess) is a personal favourite of mine.

Now it’s odd that deep voices sung in simple notes would calm me down, but for some strange reason it does. I believe it’s the simplicity of the track and the tone of the voices is what makes me take things easy than any other track from the Zelda series. I guess this explains why I would hang out at the Temple of Time for minutes whenever I re-played Ocarina of Time a long time ago.

Stickbush Symphony
(Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest)


This one is an obvious classic to fans of the DKC franchise back on the Super NES. Stickbush Symphony and Aquatic Ambiance in Donkey Kong Country 1 are both amazing relaxing tracks to listen to, but if I had to choose one, Stickbush Symphony from Donkey Country 2 gets my vote any day.

The track has this soft catchy vibe that contains synthesizing beats to get listeners in a relaxing trance. This track has helped me through stressful times as well as waiting patiently through bus rides and calls at offices. Stickbush Symphony is perhaps the most beautiful tune that I’ve ever heard in a 16 bit game. I can’t believe that this amazing tune almost didn’t make during the production of DKC2.

Dire Dire Docks
(Super Mario 64)


Dire Dire Docks is definitely a fan favourite to those who have played Super Mario 64 and loved the music theme for the Dire Dire Dock stage, as well as other water level stages with this track. I could have gone with any track from any Mario game for this list, but I’ll just pick the predictable choice just because I agree that Dire Dire Docks is an amazing relaxing track from a game.

Dire Dire Docks sounds soft and very peaceful in the very beginning of the track, but adds catchy beats  later on and somehow still maintaining that beautiful melody. Players can interpret this track to either make them feel teary eye or relaxing. But to me, I find it very calming to listen to and it’s also one of my personal favourites from Super Mario 64.

That’s all I can think of for relaxing tracks in video games. Feel free to mention your favourites since there’s a chance that they’ll end up in another Music Recommendations article when I’ll talk about relaxing game tracks again in the future. Thanks for reading and hope you stay tune for more fan nerdy fun article from me.

T.M.B. OUT!  

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2 Comments on “T-McBee’s Music Recommendations – Relaxing Tracks in Video Games”

  1. Prof.mcstevie Says:

    Kirby’s Pad is making me sleepy, rather fitting for a game where everything is made of yarn. I can just fall asleep wherever I like~

  2. thehande Says:

    Another great list! Totally agree on Stickerbrush Symphony and Temple of Time. Some of the best music ever from video-games. =D Also huge props for featuring Grim Fandango as well.

    I totally agree, Peril sounds like an Sail Away by Enya. XD

    I also quite enjoyed the themes I wasn’t so familiar with. Good picks all around. Obami Moon Zygon System really sounds like it could have come from Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters. Pretty damn cool.

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