T-McBee’s Top 10 Cutest Video Game Characters


There are many types of video game characters to appreciate. Some game characters are charming and iconic while others are cool and completely bad-ass. But what about the cute ones in video games? Some people tend to avoid the cute characters in games since they think its for kids only, which it’s somewhat understandable because there are some that are badly forced in the overall presentation. For me personally, I like adorable characters that are done right and would win me over, as well as seeing their adorableness on screen would make me appreciate the game I’m playing or someone else play when they’re around.

Super Mario RPG - Mallow-468x

This is T-McBee here listing down my Top 10 Cutest Video Game Characters. Basically you all know the rules of my lists by now. I’m only going to mention one character per franchise, as well as mentioning my personal choices only. If your favourite cutest game characters aren’t on my list, you’re happily welcome to mention it below.

Now then, let’s squeal happily for these cute game mascots to begin the countdown.

10. Dino Baby

(Conker’s Bad Fur Day – N64 Version)


Sure, Conker’s Bad Fur Day has cartoony character models, but they’re not known to do things at a family rating level. However, for some weird reason Dino Baby that you meet in the Uga Buga Chapter is the cutest character I’ve seen in that game, even if he does plays a very minor role. The players at one point hatches an egg where this purple little dinosaur comes into the world and you have to lure the cute fella to a certain location. Look! He’s wearing a diaper!

I would had added this derpy looking, sounding dinosaur higher on the list, but ummm… you’ll understand why Baby Dino is only at the tenth spot.

“Skip to 2:23 -3:25. Conker…you PRICK!”

9. Mumbo Jumbo



Call me crazy to say this, but am I the only one here who thinks Mumbo Jumbo from Banjo-Tooie is adorable as hell? Okay, I know Mumbo doesn’t look cute in the games he has appeared in the past, especially in Banjo-Kazooie. Though for some weird reason, I think Rare modeled and textured Mumbo in Banjo-Tooie so freaking adorable. Must be those massive blue pupils and big rounded head of his. Plus he get’s all sleepy when you visit his hut in various worlds.



“When you compare all the appearances of Mumbo Jumbo in Banjo-Kazooie, the character isn’t overall cute. But in Banjo-Tooie however is a whole different story.” 

Mumbo may have a deep voice  and would say some tough words for an adorable character, but he’s got one derpy looking run animation and a chanting dance that still makes him likable and cute. And that’s saying something for a weird looking shaman like character.

“How can you not like this guy in motion. He’s just too cute to bear!” 😛 

8. The Lumas

(Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2)



Although Yoshi is a perfect choice for a list like this, other adorable characters have been brought into the Super Mario franchise as the years went on. The Lumas that made their debut in Super Mario Galaxy are perhaps the most adorable creatures to ever appear in a Mario game, with their plushy star shaped appearances and their little high pitched voices.


“Awww that Luma is wearing Mario’s hat.”


Interesting that the Lumas are cute species in the Super Mario franchise with a sad and heartwarming feel with their connection to the character Rosalina. Though I find their presence on screen adorable, their back stories is kind of heart wrenching and yet kind of disturbing at the same time. In the Mario Galaxy games, these little guys sacrifice themselves to become galaxies for the players to explore in, especially those hungry ones. Those poor Lumas…

“Mario! You actually enjoy murdering these cute star creatures by glutting them, so you can jump in more platform levels? You sick bastard!”   

7. The Charmanders

(Pokemon Snap)


Okay, even though I’m not a fan of Pokemon, but playing some Nintendo games with Pokemon in them like the Super Smash Bros series is an exception. Pokemon Snap is one of those spin-off games that I actually don’t mind playing, even if you’re only taking pictures of Pokemon instead of collecting them. My favourite part of the game was going to the Volcano stage where you can lure a bunch of Charmanders in one area with some apples. And believe me, the first time you see these Charmanders, you’ll squeal insanely at their adorableness.

“Yes! Let the adorableness come towards me.”

I’m aware that these Charmander don’t do much, but back when I was 12 and 13 years old and saw these guys gathered in a group, I found this part remarkably cute.


“Ahhh! Too much cuteness!”

“The Marches of Adorableness.”

6. All the Dogs

(The Dog Island)


I haven’t even played The Dog Island in my life, but thanks to Game Grumps playing parts of this game already made me placed these adorable canine characters on the list. Despite their freakishly big heads, there some kind of adorable charm with these puppy characters. And since I’m a fan of dogs, I got to add at least one dog character (more like a pack of dog characters) from a video game. Sorry Nintendogs, but the Dogs from Dog Island are way too cute.

“Awwwww….This is too cute. At 0:55, that German Shepherd looks exactly like my dog when he was a puppy.”  

These adorable dogs from Dog Island are just too cute where they wear clothing accessories and having the most sympathetic expressions on their faces. From what I’ve seen from reviewers and youtubers, the story and gameplay in Dog Island looks completely ridiculous and tries to become a heavy experience game by throwing so much things at the player. But since I haven’t played the game, I still find these little puppies cute as hell.

“Puppies on board in a big ass ship! Look! That puppy is wearing a captain’s hat!”  

5. Om Nom

(Cut the Rope)


It’s very rare for me to like downloadable phone games just because games for phones and ipads aren’t as interesting as games for gaming handhelds or consoles. Though there’s one phone game that stars a cute little monster name Om Nom in a little game known as Cut the Rope.  The purpose of Cut the Rope is to cut the ropes that the candy is hanging onto and you need to make sure that candy goes inside Om Nom’s mouth. If the candy doesn’t get into Om Nom’s hungry stomach, he will bring out a really sad face.


“How can you say no to THAT face?”

Om Nom is a character that immediately got his face plastered on so much merchandise like shirts and toys as Cut the Rope got popular. He even starred in animated shorts called Om Nom Stories not too long ago. He became quite a sell out like Angry Birds, but not as popular as that obnoxious downloadable phone franchise. Good thing that’s he’s less of a sell out  because I like this little guy a lot. I even have a shirt of him wearing a top hat on.

“Oh what the hey! Just watch one of the Om Nom cartoons and see his adorableness on screen.”

4. Clank

(Ratchet and Clank series)


I won’t say much about this choice since I’ve already mentioned Clank from the Ratchet and Clank series in my Favourite Sidekicks in Video Games list. Normally the characters in the series are quirky, charming and comical overall, but when it comes to Clank, he’s just adorable, which is quite hard to say about a robot character in a video game. Plus he deserved to be on this list for getting along with others and his cute robotic chuckle. His laugh is simply cute.

“What an iconic laugh that little robot’s got” 

Clank is one of those characters that you find cute with his small scale, big green eyes and charmingly dry humour. Also give Insomniac Games credit to develop a small character with many roles in many Ratchet and Clank games, such as having his own TV show as a secret agent in Up Your Arsenal, or have the power to control time in A Crack in Time. You see? Cute characters can be interesting too.


“Don’t mess with this cute and intelligent bot or else he’ll use his Chronoseptor on you!”  

3. Oddsock

(LittleBigPlanet 3)


I know that Sackboy is the most likeable Sony mascot to be picked for his adorable nature, but with the announcement of Little Big Planet 3 that was mentioned months ago, newer characters have teamed up with Sackboy in the Little Big Planet franchise. Oddly enough, Oddsock officially became a cute game character that I simply went gaga for. (Ha! See what I did there with that one?).

“Fast, agile and adorable. You’re damn right he’s adorable!” 

Oddsock running in four legs and pulling that derpy tongue out expression easily made me love this character a lot, even more than Sackboy. While there isn’t that much to say about the character, he’s got attribute, moves and an iconic appearance that makes him extremely likable. From what I’ve seen with updates from LBP 3 through the internet, Oddsock has the most intriguing costumes yet.


 “Even with the MGS 5 DLC pack for Little Big Planet 3, Oddsock can be a tank. It’s like Lupus from Jet Force Gemini all over again.” 

2. Vivi

(Final Fantasy 9)


I applaud to Square for coming up with a character that’s both cute, deep, and overall a fantastic character. Vivi from Final Fantasy 9 was a character I wasn’t expecting to like who was completely likable, but had a devastating back story and plot that really makes players feel sorry for the little guy.


“Why? Why hurt Vivi’s feelings even more?” 


I won’t say much about Vivi since he’s another character that I’ve talked about on my Favourite Game Sidekicks List, but kind of like Clank…He’s a cute game character with some fascinating character development. Many Final Fantasy fans may prefer Moogles and Chocobos as adorable game characters, but I say “Nay!” to that. Vivi is the cutest damn character ever created in the FF franchise.

“(Chuckles) Oh Vivi, you cute clumsy mage you!” 

1. Kirby

(Kirby series)


Some of you had a feeling that Kirby would end up at the number one spot for he is my favourite Nintendo character, if not my favourite iconic video game character of all time. Is there anything I have to explain about Kirby being cute? Well… he’s pink, he’s cute and he can kick major ass! He’s got copy abilities for crying out loud.

“This little guy packs a massive punch with those copied abilities”

It’s very hard to appreciate a very popular game character that can be adorable and cool at the same time. Kirby is one of those game mascots that comes to mind when it come to cute popular game characters besides Pikachu (Pokemon), Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet) and much more. I may not have played all of the Kirby games, but I simply adore the character and his cute presence. Plus he’s got a knack for loving food and sleeping and I do like food and sleep too.

“Sometimes I wonder where all the food he eats goes to…”

Now you can understand why this iconic Nintendo character is adorable as hell. Let’s end this adorable countdown with a Kirby dance!

“Dance with cute pride Kirby!….Dance with cute pride.”

And that is it for my Top 10 Cutest Video Game Characters. You’re welcome to mention your favourites by leaving a comment below or at the forums at ItsTailTime.net. Thanks for reading and I hope to post more countdowns during my spare time. See ya!

T.M.B. Out! 

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3 Comments on “T-McBee’s Top 10 Cutest Video Game Characters”

  1. Prof.mcstevie Says:

    Cute and the colour of death, it works! Kirby is just too sincere to despise.

  2. thehande Says:

    Lovely list. =D I agree, Mumbo is actually pretty adorable.

    I would also probably put up Yoshi on my cutest characters list. =)

    I think I might have said this before, but Vivi kinda reminds me of Orko a little bit.

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