T-McBee’s Favourite Full Length Christmas Films


T’is the season to feel jolly! Happy Holidays to my readers and everyone in the world. I have talked about my favourite Christmas specials/episodes as well as songs in the past, so what am I going to post for the holidays this year you might ask? Well, I think it’s about time I talk about my favourite Full Length Christmas films. And to be honest…There’s not a lot personal favourites for this latest list.

The Grinch Played By Jim Carrey Conspires With His Dog Max To Deprive The Who's Of Thei

Watching Christmas films weren’t really my thing to appreciate every year on Christmas except for a few. However, I have grown to fond newer or even classic Christmas films to watch whenever I’m in the mood to see these flicks during this time of year. I guess I’ve decided to do this list much later than earlier due to my tradition in appreciating Christmas TV specials and songs a little more. Enough of me rambling on, I think its time for me to share and reveal my “Favourite Christmas Full Length Christmas Films” to you all.


Please keep in mind that this is a personal list. T’is not the season to feel hate. T’is the season to share and give, and I’ll certainly  be happy if you guys share your favourite full length Christmas films by leaving a comment below. Now what are we waiting for? Lets unwrap this post up and check out my Favourite Full Length Christmas Films ever.


The Nutcracker Prince



The Nutcracker Prince is a highly guilty pleasure of mine since I would watch this movie a lot when I was a little kid. Going back to the film now, I see a few flaws with the film, but enjoy it nonetheless. I appreciate the art style and animations of this Canadian made animated movie (though don’t expect Disney high quality from the film), though I sometimes poke fun of at the film for its somewhat bland dialogue and flawed scenes in some parts of the film. It’s like the Twas the Night Before Bumpy Christmas special. Quite witty but charming as well.


The Nutcracker Prince was produced by Kevin Gillis, who also the creator of the TV series “The Raccoons”. No wonder I can recognize some of his work in the movie!  

What shocks me even more about the Nutcracker Prince is how many voices I recognize in the movie, like Peter O’Toole (Lawrence of Arabia), Phyllis Diller (Family Guy), Mike MacDonald (Just For Laughs) and Keifer Sutherland (24). That’s right! You hear a young Jack Bauer in this animated feature. This adaptation of the Nutcracker tale is unique and shows some cute romance, fun action and quirky comedy that any age can enjoy. I think it’s one of the best Nutcracker adaptations out there, though I’m sure someone is going to disagree me with that statement.

“This trailer makes this underrated film cheesy as hell, but it’s not really a bad movie. I’ve seen worse.” 

If you’re looking for more animated films to watch for the Holiday break, then check out the Nutcracker Prince. I’m sure you can find a DVD copy at a cheap price or easily find it online.

The Muppets Christmas Carol



If I had to choose a full length feature film that’s based on the Christmas Carol tale by Charles Dickens, then it’s got to be The Muppets Christmas Carol. Not only you got the zany Muppet cast as roles from the Christmas Carol story or themselves (like Rizzo the Rat), but also Michael Caine starring as Ebenezer Scrooge in the movie, who makes a convincing Scrooge in my opinion. If someone asks me which is my favourite casting of Ebenezer Scrooge from these Christmas Carol film adaptations, it’s definitely Caine’s performance all the way.


“Convincing and believable acting there Caine!”  

This Christmas Carol telling has a tinted look to the film, with a lot of craftsmanship handled beautifully on the background settings and puppets placed in shots of the movie. The best part of the movie for me is the narration of Gonzo (as Charles Dickens) and Rizzo (himself) telling the scenes of the Dickens classic tale. They get involved in crazy antics, and brings some laughable and fun moments when the scenes are jolly and fun for the audience. But when moments gets dark like when Scrooge meets the Ghost of Christmas Future, Gonzo and Rizzo don’t get involved in the narration and let the imagery and interaction between Scrooge and Ghost of Christmas Future tell that scene of the story. Now that’s clever film writing right there!

“If you thought the scenes with Gonzo and Rizzo in the movie were enjoyable, wait til you see the out-takes.”  

My only nitpick on the film is that there are some very slow paced moments that might bore some viewers out, especially the “When Love is Gone” song segment. But besides that, it’s one of the better film adaptations of the Christmas Carol tales that I’ve ever seen. And you can’t go wrong with the Muppets. They’re awesome!




Some may debate whether C.R.A.Z.Y. counts as a Christmas movie for this full length film that tells the story of the Beaulieu family and their lives over three decades. Since the film’s main character was born on Christmas Day showing many scenes set around Christmas time in the first and second acts of the movie, I can count this as part of a holiday film besides being a coming to age story and movie about homosexual struggle and acceptance.


“Don’t you love having your birthday on the same day as Christmas?… Oh! I guess Zac doesn’t.” 

Zac is the forth son of the Beaulieu family that’s not like his other brothers. His mother coddles and connects with Zac for his gifted powers to heal since he was born on the same day as Jesus Christ. However, Zac’s motivations is wanting to please his strict dad more for accepting him, as well as not being called a “fag” by others, especially from his second older brother Raymond.  I could say more about the film, but there’s too many exciting highlights in C.R.A.Z.Y. that’ll just ruin the surprise for those who haven’t seen it yet. Maybe the trailer below might convince you to watch it sometime soon if possible.


“The trailer to C.R.A.Z.Y….with English subtitles”.

C.R.A.Z.Y. (pronounced “crazy”) was made in Montreal and it is perhaps one of the best movies from Canada that I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s my favourite film from the year 2005. The main character Zac goes through struggling moments of his homosexual identity which is hard for him to express in a strict family life from the 60s-80s. This is a film that I think many people can really relate to, especially to those who are part of the LGBT community. If you’re looking for a mature rated film for the holidays, give C.R.A.Z.Y. a chance. It’s too good to not miss this one out…unless you see a copy of the film on DVD at a very expensive price. I bought my DVD copy of C.R.A.Z.Y. at around 40 dollars at a store years ago, so this film is a bit of a rarity to track down.

Fred Claus



Now you’re probably thinking that a film starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti is just downright insane and insulting for a Christmas movie. However, I watched this film last weekend for the very first time and I got to say that I was pretty surprised about the film… In a very good way! It’s unfortunate that this film gets bad reviews from many critics out there, but I personally thought it was a harmless movie with some great laughs and some really touching scenes in the third act.

Video Contains Major Spoilers

“If this scene doesn’t get you choked up, then I don’t know what will.” 

End of Spoilers

The story of this film is about Saint Nick’s older brother Fred Claus, who’s more self-centered and rebellious than his jolly brother. Fred has always been the brother set at the side due to his parents appreciating his younger brothers accomplishments and kind behaviour. This explains why Fred and Nick are complete polar opposites from one another. One Christmas many years later, Fred asks for a loan from him brother Nick, but only if he helps him during the rush hour at the toy factory in the North Pole. Things go for the worst when both Nick and Fred get into arguments, as well as a Nick facing with an efficient expert named Clyde (played by Kevin Spacey) to shut down Santa’s workshop.

“Personally, I prefer watching this film over the Santa Claus sequels”.

Not only I like the casting of this movie, but also the message about naughty and nice kids is innovating and interestingly meaningful. There’s no such things as bad kids and even kids that act bad deserve some giving through the holidays, whether these misbehaved kids feel neglected by others such as their family or something else towards that category. I will admit, some parts of the film were painful to watch (there are tons of scenes with hooky cartoon sound effects that kind of drives me insane at times). However, it contains some really touching scenes that did surprise me and makes me accept this full length Holiday movie. Give Fred Claus a chance if you haven’t seen it yet.




Fred Claus may have been a fun holiday film from the 2000 decade, but it’s not as amazing as the 2003 film Elf starring Will Ferrell. Ferrell’s naive child-like behaviour as Buddy really sells this movie completely for me. Also the concept of a man raised in the North Pole and experiencing the city life-style with his real parents just seem like a great idea for a Christmas film. It’s nice to see a holiday film that’s outside the usual Christmas tales such as Christmas Carol, Santa Claus, and Rudolph. We finally got a film about an elf, and they’re usually set on the side in many Christmas films and specials!

“How can you not like Will Ferrell’s performance as Buddy? He always brings a smile to my face.” 

“You smell like beef and cheese…”

Before Elf was release, Jim Carey was chosen to take the role as Buddy during the production of the film. But Jim Carey turned down on the part and the role as Buddy was given to Will Ferrell years later. To be honest, I’m glad that Will Ferrell was chosen to play as Buddy. Not saying that I don’t like Jim Carey when preferring the two. He’s in fact one of my favourite comedic actors out there. But I personally thought that Will Ferrell (who’s also one of my favourite comedian actors) fit this role perfectly. He was just more comfortable to act childish and weird in this fun holiday film, even if does things in the movie that might gross you out.


“Syrup on spaghetti?…I don’t know how you do it Ferrell…”

Home Alone and Home Alone 2

(1990 and 1992)

homealone homealone2

I cannot not talk about Christmas movies without even mentioning Home Alone and Home Alone 2. Even if I prefer Home Alone much more, Home Alone 2 does have some heart warming scenes that were handled really well. A lot of people know a lot about these two films, but I’ll just briefly explain why these two are my favourites…

Home Alone 2 - Biggest Christmas tree

Home Alone 2 had many hooky and dumb moments that I found pretty forced. Hell, even as a kid, the corny tone of the film would rub me the wrong way that I didn’t find it comfortable one bit. However, its by the third act the movie brings out some very heartwarming scenes that practically gives me a tear to my eyes. And while the comedy is hooky as hell, Tim Curry provides very over the top acting entertaining in this sequel.

“Sometimes I wonder how Kevin knows when to fast forward and play the tape at the right time? He must have watched it many times to remember the scene”

While the people who made Home Alone 2 admit that the sequel was more of a cash grab flick, at least some great effort was put into the movie.


The original Home Alone will always be a classic film that I’ll enjoy for the holidays (even if I watched it too many times when it wasn’t played around Christmas time). I pretty much enjoyed the fun humour, the winter suburban setting and some of the subtle moments of this movie a lot, with scenes that felt much believable than in the sequel (More like sequels. Let’s pretend 3, 4 and 5 never existed, okay?). Let’s not forget that the film is pretty quotable and scenes that you will never forget.

“I’m not even afraid of spiders, yet seeing one that big would probably make me scream like Marv. Well…maybe not that high pitch”.

It’s a pretty overrated film during the holidays, but what can I say? It’s simply a good film to watch at this time of year.


And honestly everyone, that’s my list of Favourite Full-Length Christmas Films. I know there are tons of Christmas films out there to check out and admire. Though like I said before, Christmas films aren’t really my forte during the holiday season.


But who knows, there’s a chance that I could mention more holiday films and other holiday mediums in a future post, as well as catching up with other Holiday movies I haven’t sit through yet like Arthur’s Christmas or It’s a Wonderful Life.

For recognizable films I haven’t put up like A Christmas Story, Die Hard and The Nightmare Before Christmas, they weren’t on the list because I find those films just alright at best. I don’t have a strong connection with those films during Christmas time like a lot of people do. And besides, I see A Nightmare Before Christmas more of a Halloween movie than a Christmas flick.


Thanks for reading the lists everyone! Feel free to share your favourite Holiday films by leaving a comment below. Just a quick reminder that My Favourites Lists of 2014 will be posted sometimes later after 2015. Since I’ve missed out a few things from Fall and Winter of this year, it will give me more time to check them out. Until then, Stay tune for more articles and posts by me in 2015. Ciao!


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