T-McBee’s Favourites of 2014

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Happy 2015 everyone! It’s that time of year where I will be mentioning my favourite things from last year and showing it to you all this year. 2014 may had a lot of ups and downs for a lot of people, but it did provided a great selection of things that came out in films, games, music and much more. It certainly had a great year with entertainment medias unlike 2013, where it took me a while to figure out what were my favourite things during that year. But 2014 on the other hand was quite a cinch as I already knew what would remain in my favourites for last year, though there were a few things that did surprised me a long the way.


Well enough rambling right now. T-McBee is finally here to announce her Favourites of 2014. Now keep in mind that the following choices are just my personal favourites. I also haven’t placed My Favourite Animated Film of 2014 in this list just because I will be doing a Top 5 countdown of my favourite animated films of 2014 for The Legit Animation Blog later this year. I’ve missed out on some animated full length features that I really wanted to see in 2014 like The Book of Life, Song of the Sea and Big Hero 6, but couldn’t due to my hectic schedule with life and school.

But moving on, let me begin the post to announce my first favourite thing from 2014…

Favourite Live-Action Film of 2014


That’s right a-holes! Guardians of the Galaxy gets the spot of Favourite Live-Action Film of 2014. I can be somewhat picky when I watch an action-pack, comic-cook and/or sci-fi film in theaters, but Guardians of the Galaxy really got me hooked into the experience right away. It was nice to see a soap operatic sci-fi film that was fun and wasn’t shy of campy humour into the film, like other fun sci-fi series like The Fifth Element, Ratchet and Clank and Futurama. But not only did it had funny comedy and great action sequences, but the film provided scenes and themes that left me shocked and felt completely sympathetic for the main characters. Yeah, even for a talking Raccoon and a humanoid tree.


The main heroes were easily likeable with their rebellious attitudes and designs, with CGI visuals and special effects that were really well done for the film. The one thing that did bug me about watching Guardians of the Galaxy back in theatres were the villains and the little things that weren’t fully explained in the movie. But when I talked to comic-book fans from family members and people at school that explained to me about the Guardians of the Galaxy lore, I let it pass but noticed things in the movie when I watched it a few times. Hopefully more will be explained in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 because there were a few things that were left quite open. Overall, Guardians of the Galaxy was an awesome movie. It was great to see Marvel doing something different this year for movie adaptations besides another sequel to their popular franchises.

Favourite Comic Book/Graphic Novel of 2014


Still continuing with the Saga series and Volume 3 of the franchise got my vote of Favourite Comic Book/ Graphic Novel of 2014. Of course I will not give any spoilers away for those who are still following the franchise, but all I can say is that the story and character development are getting more interesting than in the previous volumes. If you have been following the Saga series and have read Volumes 1 and 2, please don’t shy away with Volume 3 because it is a good volume, especially its ending. It gets you even more excited for Volume 4… whenever that issue will be released.

Favourite Movie Soundtrack of 2014


Guardians of the Galaxy wins not only for my Favourite Film of 2014, but also my Favourite Movie Soundtrack of 2014. The overall soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy had an adventurous feel to each track, as well as the 70s and 80s pop songs that appeared in the movie. Some people may have compared this movie’s orchestral soundtrack to the one from The Avengers, but since I still haven’t seen The Avengers yet, it’s hard to compare the similarities between that movie’s music and the one provided from Guardians of the Galaxy.


Listening to the instrumental tracks from the film have helped me calm down from stress, as well as motivated me to continue doing school assignments or other artistic projects at home. Listeners would hear the same kind of tune in different tempos with this movie soundtrack, but I personally didn’t mind it one bit. Hearing the same music notes in a few tracks felt like it was part of the Guardians’ theme, kind of like Tim Burton’s super hero themes with the 1989’s Batman and the first Spider-man trilogy. The music to Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing, which its original soundtrack officially became one of my favourite movie soundtracks of all time.

Favourite Game Soundtrack of 2014


This choice was obvious to appear on this article as the original soundtrack to Double Fine’s Broken Age is one of my favourite video game soundtrack of all time (tied with Grim Fandango). The music from Shovel Knight came close to being my favourite game soundtrack of 2014, but I personally adored the music from Broken Age a little more. It’s beautifully composed that contains a fun whimsical ambiance that reminded me of the glorious days of point and click adventure games in the 90s. Plus you can’t go wrong with Peter McConnell’s music composing skills for Broken Age. It’s pretty damn inspirational.


I won’t say much about it since I’ve already explained it in my list of Top 10 Favourite Video Game Soundtracks of All Time, as well as already picking my favourite music tracks in the game from that specific list. For those who have played Broken Age Act 1 lasy year will understand why its original soundtrack deserves to be my choice of Favourite Game Soundtrack of 2014.

Favourite Song of 2014

I personally thought Seether’s “Words as Weapon” was going to be my favourite song of 2014 until I discovered another song that came out early in 2014. When I was listening to a compilation of music tracks by Sonata Arctica on youtube while doing schoolwork at home, I’ve found some good songs by the band that came out from their latest album “Pariah’s Child”. Though I have mixed feeling on the bands’ newest songs and their style of music these days, there are a few tracks that are awesome to listen to, such as “The Wolves Die Young”, which easily became my choice of Best Song of 2014.


You know that I love my Sonata Arctica once in a blue moon and I truly think this song deserves to be on this end of the year article. At least I didn’t pick a popular mainstream song that would drive everyone nuts, so this is a nice surprise to newcomers to my posts.

Favourite Cover Song of 2014

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with Matt Fishel’s music, but when I found out that he did a cover of “Run with Us” from the Raccoons 80’s cartoon in 2014, I was simply satisfied with his cover for the song. It truly captured the same spirit as Lisa Lougheed’s and Steve Lunt’s versions of the same song. When a singer does a near perfect theme cover from one of my favourite animated shows of all time deserves two thumbs up from me. This version is definitely my choice for Favourite Cover Song of 2014.


Also another reason why this song cover deserves to be on this list because Fishel got a full approval from Raccoons’ creator Kevin Gillis to sing the song, as well as compiling footage from the show to make the music video. I can see that the spirit of The Raccoons series still stays strong for many people as the years go on. If someone asked me what are my favourite cover songs from newer artists ever, Fishel’s “Run with Us” would definitely be in my top favourites. If you’re a fan of the Raccoons like me, then check out his version of “Run with Us”.

Favourite Animated TV Show of 2014


Animated TV shows had a very good year for 2014 with newer seasons that got people more excited than ever. Shows like Gravity Falls, South Park, Sailor Moon Crystal and a few others got me hooked on animated shows last year, but the one show that did surprise me that I enjoyed from beginning to end was Cartoon Network’s first animated mini-series “Over the Garden Wall”. This series contained 10 episodes in total and running at 11 minutes each. Over the Garden Wall is about two brothers who gets lost in the woods, entering in a strange whimsical place called the Unknown. Wirt and Greg must go through places filled with creepy places and unusual characters through their journey in order to reach back home.


Over the Garden Wall has beautiful backgrounds and a contemporary cartoon style that’s nicely animated, as well getting some familiar big stars voicing the characters for the show, like Elijah Wood, Christopher Lloyd, John Cleese, Tim Curry and much more. Also, this is not your typical cartoon show that doesn’t rely on comedy to become entertaining. This show provides a lot of mystery to the story, some cheery musical numbers and even some creepy imagery that may literally scare the little ones in the room. I could tell you more, but this mini animated series is just too good that spoiling it will just ruin the experience for you. I hope to see Cartoon Network and other animated networks doing more animated mini-series like these in the future just because Over the Garden Wall became an unexpected surprise for western animated shows from 2014.

Favourite Video Game of 2014


Ah-Ha! Thought you weren’t expecting this game to be My Video Game of 2014. 2014 had an interesting year for video games with titles that were really good, while others were just disappointing in the end. Though there were some games I’ve missed out due to school or just didn’t had the money to purchase newer games and 8th gen consoles, I did try out one last game before I began my final fall semester. And that game is Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight was a great game that was hugely inspired by many NES classic games like Ducktales, Super Mario Bros 3, Castle-vania, Legend of Zelda, The Megaman series in the overall design and presentation. Normally people have a negative nitpick for indie games making games that have a retro 8/16 bit feel, but Shovel Knight was put together with a lot of love and really feeling like an 8-bit game that took many years to be release.


While the story in Shovel Knight wasn’t anything too special (expect the ending brings a great feeling once you beat the game), it is the gameplay that makes Shovel Knight re-playable and fun. Its got challenging boss fights, memorable stages, weapons that are usable for many stages, armour and attack upgrades that are helpful to use and some surprises you wouldn’t suspect to happen in the game. Not only I like the re-playability and look of Shovel Knight, but the music was also amazing too. The only reason why I favoured the music from Broken Age over Shovel Knight’s music was because I prefer something calmer while doing work, but Shovel Knight also had a great soundtrack too to keep me motivated as well, especially for a 8-bit sounding game. Shovel Knight didn’t only became my favourite game of 2014, but you can even say that it became one of my Favourite 2D Platformers that was ever made.

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“Art by Lauren aka me”

And that’s all I got covered for My Favourites of 2014 everyone! 2014 was an insane year for me just because I had my hands completely full with personal life during the year with school, my sister’s wedding, my summer job babysitting pets and a few others. Though it left me pretty overwhelmed bringing me down at times, but I’ve manage to bounce back and become satisfied with days that have kept me going. It was a good year for me overall, but certainly wasn’t the best. All I can say that it was definitely better than 2013.


“Rest in Peace Robin Williams. We’ll never forget your laughter and joyful spirit.”

I will agree that 2014 was a strange year to deal with, especially all the talented celebrities and people that we’ve lost out of no where. Not to mention the tons of social and political media that came out constantly during that year, like the death threats towards female game journalists, the police brutality in Ferguson, more put down on the LGBT community and a whole lot more. I am aware that as I’m getting older, there are going to be tons of problems that the world is going through, including noticing the things that were part of me in the past will be gone but never forgotten.


“Where to start?…”

 I don’t know what to expect for 2015, but I’m hoping to have a busy but satisfying year that won’t leave me trembling in anxiety and let myself take it easy unlike last year. I’ll still be in touch with more lists and articles that I have saved for this year. But once again, you’ll just have to check from time to time to see my latest stuff for my Top Lists, Favourites Lists, The Legit Animation Blog and a few others. Thanks for following my stuff in 2014 everyone and I hope you will like what I got in store for you all for this year.

TMcBee Out!

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  1. thehande Says:

    Hope you get some downtime in 2015.

    Also, loved Broken Age. I can’t wait for the second part. =D

    Keep on truckin’!

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