T-McBee’s Top 10 2D Platformer Games


Many of the ItsTailTime members have a huge appreciation for platformer games and I think it’s about time I should mention my top ten favourites. However, the way I’m going to unveil my choices is to have one list for my favourite 2D platforming games and one for my favourite 3D platforming games.

Let me start off this post with my favourite 2D platforming games ever. Even though some may already know what’s number one’s going to be, there are a few games that have been changed since I’ve made My Top 12 Platforming Games of All Time back in 2013. But before I start the list, let me mention a couple of rules:

1. One game per franchise.

2. The following choices below are my personal favourites. Please don’t get offended about my choices.

Now lets scroll our way through this post as I go list down “T-McBee’s Top 10 Platformer Games”.

10. Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers



When you combine Disney and Capcom in a bowl, you’ll be getting some of the best cartoon licensed games ever made around the late 80s to early 90s, like Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers for the NES. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers was one of my favourite Disney Toon shows from my childhood and obviously I couldn’t ignore a game that stars the crime-stopping chipmunk duo and their pint sized buddies.


“I’ll be safe inside this box with my big cartoon eyes popping out.”  

This was a fun side-scrolling title that could be played cooperatively, with assets and music that fits the Chip and Dale universe very well. The game also included fun commands like throwing apples at your enemies or hiding in small boxes from traps and other dangerous obstacles. I wish Capcom can remaster this game someday, just like when they released Ducktales Remastered back in 2013.

9. Disney’s Aladdin

(Sega Genesis)


Sometimes I have a difficult time to either choose Disney’s Aladdin the Game for the SNES or the one from Sega Genesis. However, there was something about the Genesis version that I found much appealing with its 2D sprite animations and overall soundtrack with a few classic tunes from the film done in 16 bit galore. The SNES version was a good version as well, but I remember playing that one less in my life compared to the Sega Genesis version.


“Curse you rolling ball from hell!” 

Disney’s Aladdin was big during the 90s and I was one of those kids that easily got amazed by much Aladdin merchandise shoved at my face. Well done Aladdin! You made me appreciate one of your licensed games. 😛

8. Ristar

(Sega Genesis)


Ristar is Sega’s most underrated game mascot and it’s unfortunate that he doesn’t get that much praise and love than Sega’s iconic blue hedgehog. I gave Ristar a chance when purchasing the game on my Wii a few years ago and right away I simply enjoyed the game. This game’s got a colourful personality with a bouncy beat soundtrack and an attack that Ristar can do by grabbing enemies and bashing them with his head!


“Grab that thing and show it who’s boss Ristar. KILL IT!”  O_O 

Like many games for the Sega Genesis, Ristar is a game that’s not easy to beat. Especially some stages and boss fights that’ll drive you insane (I’m looking at that 4th boss fight with the bird Good god! That was tough). The first two worlds are easy and fun to playthrough, but wait til you get to the later worlds. It comes to show that charming mascots like Ristar aren’t always a breeze to beat in one sitting.

7. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

(Sega Genesis)


There is only one Sonic the Hedgehog game that I can easily tolerate just because I grew tired of the Sonic franchise since the early 2000s. Just wasn’t a fan of the franchise jumping the series from 2D to 3D with story plots and additional characters that I didn’t really give a damn about. Though if someone asked me what’s my favourite Sonic game ever, I would definitely choose Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Genesis.


“Oh Tails. You’re the best buddy/punching bag that a friend can ask for. ”  😛

This sequel featured Tails for the first time ever, as well as having the option to control either Sonic, Sonic with Tails, or even Tails alone. The game had one catchy soundtrack and some memorable levels, despite some of them were annoying to beat. Lots of neighbours I knew from my childhood who owned a Sega Genesis also held a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I have played Sonic the Hedgehog 2 so many times in my child life and with the nostalgia I had with this game, it’s a no brainer to add this game on the countdown.

6. Puppeteer



While the model assets of Puppeteer are done in 3D , the game is presented as a 2D side scrolling platformer. Some people may think Puppeteer doesn’t belong on this list, but I say f*** it. It’s my list  and I think this 2D side scrolling game deserves more attention. It’s theatrically fun, beautifully made, and has one outstanding soundtrack that’ll definitely lift up your spirits or even feel inspired.


“Jumping on a hamburger as I am wearing my hamburger head on!”

I’ve already said a lot about Puppeteer for the PS3 in multiple countdowns and articles in the past. If you have a PS3 and like platforming games, find a copy of Puppeteer if you can. I’m sure you can get it at a cheaper deal somewhere these days. 😉

5. Kirby’s Epic Yarn



I thought Kirby’s Super Star Saga would be my favourite Kirby game of all time, but once I’ve managed to get a copy of Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Wii last year, it immediately became my favourite Kirby game ever. I’ve mentioned before that this game is too easy and cutesy for most gamers, but I got to admit that it is one of the most soothing games that I’ve ever played, from the laid-back soundtrack, to the ceramic and yarn art style.


“Kirby… You sneaky, cruel bastard.”

It’s nice for once to play a Kirby game doing something completely different than what gamers usually see from the Kirby franchise. Plus you can decorate your cozy apartment with fun and adorable furniture and items. All I can say about Kirby’s Epic Yarn is this… THIS IS THE HAPPIEST GAME EVER!

4. Super Mario Bros 3.



I’m sure I’m going to get either praise or hate to pick Super Mario Bros 3 for this specific countdown. Sure, it may takes around 3 hours to beat the game in one sitting (since you cannot save your game process at all, unless you have it on the Wii), but this is basically the game that started the charm of the Mario franchise that we all know and love today. Plus it’s got the best line of power-ups I’ve seen in a Mario game…Except for the Frog Suit. That ability was completely useless on ground surfaces.


“What kind of awkward position are you doing to look up Mario? You neck must hurt like hell doing that pose!”

I have nothing against other Mario 2D side-scrollers like Super Mario Bros 1 and 2, or even Super Mario World for the SNES. They are awesome games as well. However, Super Mario Bros 3 just holds a lot of great memories for me. It’s also one of those games of mine I play once in a while to give myself a break from school, work and other stressful moments in my life.

3. Rayman Origins & Rayman Legends

(Various 7th and 8th gen consoles and handhelds)

rayman_origins_PS3_pack_2D_PEGI _-Rayman-Legends-PS3-_

I’m sure you all had a feeling that both Rayman Origins and Legends were going to be mentioned on the countdown. Even though these games are my favourite 7th gen consoles titles of all time, they’re not my favourite 2D platforming games ever. However, these two titles deserve to be in the Top 3 for its fun multiplayer gameplay, colourful art style and creative level designs.



“Slap your friends and rock and roll! YEAHHHH!”

I’ve said many great things about these two Rayman games in the past, but what about some nitpicks that I have with these two titles that just ended up in third place? Well for Rayman Legends, it had one save file to save all your progress. Just like a Boy and his Blob remake for the Wii, you need to save over your previous game progress if you wanted to start a new game. For Rayman Origins, it was a bit repetitive with the challenges and the secret areas. Other than those minor critiques, both Legends and Origins are definitely worth to have in your gaming collection.

2. Shovel Knight

(Wii U, Steam, PC, 3DS)


I certainly wasn’t lying about Shovel Knight being my favourite game of 2014 and one of my favourite 2D platformer titles. Shovel Knight got a lot of praise from gamers and critics last year and it certainly is a great game that has a throwback vibe of the NES times. Some people have nitpicked about modern games capturing the 8 bit or 16 bit game style, but Shovel Knight on the other hand has a throwback ambiance that was done in near perfection. Plus it was made with a lot of love by the developers.


“Sweet dreams my knight in shining blue armour…”

I’ve already mentioned all the great and wonderful features and moments about Shovel Knight in my T-McBee’s Favourites of 2014 post, so why repeat myself again? If you’re looking for a modern side scrolling title that’s challenging and plays like a NES game like MegaMan and Castlevania, then give Shovel Knight a try someday. Plus it contains a New Game + mode once you beat the game once. More shoveling equals more fun. 😀

1. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest



Of course this would be number one right away. I’ve brought out much praise on Donkey Kong Country 2 in previous posts and countdowns, but can you really blame me for liking this game so much? It’s an incredible sequel to a ground-breaking game from the same franchise. It had new features to make the experience bigger than the original DKC game, such as the soundtrack, variety of challenges, and the memorable boss fights. Plus I really admire the darker ambiance and their pirate theme for majourity of the stages.


“Here are Coconuts at your face Mr. Funny Face Crocodile Man with Metal Claws!”  

I would highly recommend this game for the hardcore players since it can be really difficult for casual players, especially completing it at 100%. However, the game does become satisfying throughout, even if you have collected everything in the game or not. Critics really praised the first Donkey Kong Country game for being the best game out of the trilogy, but over the years, many gamers have brought much appreciation for Donkey Kong Country 2.

 And that was my list of my Top 10 2D Platformer Games. Feel free to mention your favourite 2D platformers by leaving a comment below. Stay tune for more surprising posts by me real soon. Thanks for reading!

T-McBee Out

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2 Comments on “T-McBee’s Top 10 2D Platformer Games”

  1. thehande Says:

    I love this list! Great picks all around. =D Although I was a bit curious why Yoshi’s Island is at the top but not in the list itself. Incidentally, it’s my absolute favourite 2D platformer of all time. =3

    I also would love to see Chip N Dales Rescue Rangers remade by Capcom ala Ducktales Remastered. I wasn’t as big of a fan of the NES game, though I obviously love the TV show, but I think a 2D remake would work well. Capcom’s hinted at it but you can never tell with those guys

    I’m also Team-SMB3 when it comes to picking my favourite 2D Mario Game. =D And also, I love the frog-suit. It’s brilliant for water-levels. Also, huge respect for recognising Ristar. =)

    I haven’t played Puppeteer for obvious reasons and I only played the first Rayman ever for the first time last year. Based off it, I might wanna check out the newer instalments though.

    I absolutely love you for your number-1 pick though. =D

    • TMcBee Says:

      The reason why I slapped an image of the box art cover to Yoshi’s Island on the top was to make the list presentable. Including being an honorable mention too. I liked the game, but it had some things I didn’t enjoy (i.e. Baby Mario’s whining).

      Thanks for liking the list Hannu. 🙂

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