T-McBee’s Music Recommendations – DDR Songs


Hello everyone and welcome to a new post of T-McBee’s Music Recommendations. In this latest blog post, I’ll be recommending a list of songs that have appeared in the Dance Dance Revolution games for any DDR fans and non-DDR fans. For anyone who aren’t familiar with the DDR franchise, it was a game series that was like Just Dance and Dance Central, but literally had to use a dancing mat/platform with arrows in order to play the game. It was very well known in Japan and then became big at one point in North America, seeing DDR games in gaming arcades, theaters and on home consoles.

The DDR series was one of my guilty pleasure game franchises back in high school as I remember playing so much of it with friends in the early 2000s. Even though I’m not into the DDR franchise anymore, I still can’t forget the awesome songs that have appeared in the series; Having various song genres like trance, J-pop, dance, hip-hop, cover songs, famous songs edited down and many more.


Well enough of that intro, let me follow the pointing arrows and dance all day to display my list of favourite DDR songs for you to check out. Please keep in mind that I’ve chosen songs that I’ve liked, but you’re welcome to mention your favourites or recommend a few that I’ve missed out by leaving a comment below. After all, over a thousand songs (even more) appeared in DDR that it’s hard to forget. I also didn’t make explanations for each song track just because it’ll take me forever just to get the post done that way. So from now on, I’ll be making any Music Recommendation posts as a music playlist.

Without further ado, let’s start the DDR Songs Playlist!

Songs by 2MB


Healing Vision (Angelic Mix)

Orion.78 (Civilization Mix)

Songs by Captain Jack


Dream A Dream

My Generation (Fat Beat Mix)

Captain Jack (Grandale Remix)

Songs by DJ Taka


Frozen Ray




Songs by Naoki



Dynamite Rave

Brilliant 2U (Orchestral Groove)


Burning the Floor

Songs by ReVenG


Matsuri Japan


Exotic Ethnic


Other Songs (#-D)


Twilight Zone (R-C Extended Club Mix) – 2 Unlimited

Diving – 4 Strings

Take Me Away – 4 Strings

Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix) – Barbie Young

Kick the Can – Bus Stop

La Senorita – Captain T.

Maximizer – Cli-Max S

Rhythm and Police (K.O.G.G3 Mix) – CJ Crew feat Christian D

Upside Down – Coo Coo

Ecstasy – D-Complex

Ecstasy (midnight blue mix) – D-Complex

Healing Vision – De-Sire

Secret Rendez-vous – DIVAS

A – Dj Amuro

AA – Dj Amuro

321 Stars – Dj Simon

Kakumei – Dj Taka feat Naoki

Other Songs (F-N)


Vanity Angel – Fixx

I Believe in Miracles – Hi-Res

If You Were Here – Jennifer

Synchronized Love (Red Monster Hyper Mix) – Joe Rinoie

Stomp to my Beat – Js16

Boom Boom Dollar – King Kong & D.Jungle Girls


Moonlight Shadow – Missing Heart

Xenon – Mr.T

Burning Heat (3 Option Mix) – Mr.T feat. Motoaki F

Blue Impulse – Naoki feat Yuki

Drop Out – NW260

Other Songs (S-Z)


Drop the Bomb – Scotty D.

A Stupid Barber – Sho-T

So Deep (Perfect Sphere Mix) – Silvertear

Dark Black Forest (Short Trip) – Steve Rhyner

Paranoia Eternal – STM 200

era (nostalmix) – TaQ

Xepher – Tatsh

JaneJana – T.E.M.P.O. feat. Mohammed&Emi

Ghosts (Vincent De Moor Remix) – Tenth Planet

Midnight Blaze – U1 Jewel Style

You Leave Me Alone – Venus

Conga Feeling – Vivian

Wonderland (UKS Mix) – X- Treme

My Fire – X-Treme

Max Unlimited – Z

Legend of Max -ZZ

And that wraps up all the DDR songs that I liked for this post of Music Recommendations. Stay tune for more Music Recommendation for your music playlist needs in the future. Take care everyone.

T-McBee Out!

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