T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 5 Animated Films of 2014


L-L-Legit! And I just picked my favourite Animated Films of 2014. Hooray!

Welcome everyone to a new post of the Legit Animation Blog and I think it’s about time I mention my favourite animated films of 2014. The reason why I’m late to post this list up was because I’ve missed out on a few films that I’ve really wanted to see, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to see them due to school, as well as many stressful moments that have happened to me last year. On the plus side, I’ve caught up months later to finally see these movies I was so desperate to watch.


This is T-McBee here listing down my Top 5 Animated Films of 2014. And by god! We had a good year for animated movies. Just remember that my choices are just my personal preferences. So if you are bummed out that some of your favourite animated films from 2014 didn’t show up on my list, then you’re welcome to mention and recommend those movies by leaving a comment below. Just don’t be a trolling ass when you post comments like those on this specific list.

So get ready to soar, dive, and get build up for the countdown you have been waiting for. This is T-McBee’s Top 5 Animated Films of 2014.

5. The Book of Life


The Book of Life explores the lore of the Mexican Day of the Dead festival filled with very colourful worlds and characters. While the story is cliched that involves a tale about three friends in a love triangle relationship, but it is was overall entertaining filled with many likable characters, especially the awesome La Muerte and Xibala. The movie also had one of the best coloured and textured works I have ever seen in a 3D animated feature. The songs were overall decent despite having a few cover songs in the soundtrack (though the cover songs weren’t bad either).

The biggest issue with the movie itself is the third act feeling rushed and fast paced at times. Also the film sometimes tried too hard to be funny in some scenes. It’s a hit or miss when it comes to the comedy, but was spot on to make the film charming and cute. But despite those minor nitpicks, it is a fun film that got me invested in the history of the Day of the Dead lore and its colourful, puppetry world. People who thought this movie looked lame are missing out on this fun festive film for the whole family. It’s not perfect, but it isn’t bad either.

4. Big Hero 6


Based on Marvel comic book series, Big Hero 6 was simply entertaining. I really liked the fun characters and the colourful environments of San Fransokyo. While the plot was pretty predictable to make you guess what was going to happen most of the time (especially for those who’ve followed the trailers before the film came out), there were a few scenes that were powerfully intense and got emotionally hug tugging to watch. One or two scenes that involved Hiro and Tadashi’s relationship made me tear up a bit.

Did I feel like Big Hero 6 deserved to win an Oscar for best animated film of 2014? Not 100%, but I can see why it did with its emotionally intense scenes, as well as bringing much life and personality in its visuals and animations compare to previous 3D Disney movies. Despite my nitpick with the films plot and some of its cliches, Big Hero 6 is still a great movie. It’s truly the one animated film that positively embraces technology, science and nerdy things that this generation will accept. Plus Baymax is one lovable character that you can’t avoid nor simply hate.

3. How to Train Your Dragon 2


The first How to Train Your Dragon film was a good film that I enjoyed. How to Train Your Dragon 2 on the other hand simply amazed me on so many levels with our cast of young characters now grown ups going in a much epic story than ever. This was a film that took risks in visual presentation, scale, score, and scenes that you weren’t expecting or would pull on your heartstrings. Not to mention all the unique dragon types audiences got to see were breathtaking and awesome than in the first Dragon’s film.

This is the one film that I’ve watched twice in theaters and enjoyed it the second time. If there’s one thing that kind of bugged me about the film was the main villain himself. Sure, he was a big threat to Hiccup, Toothless and the others, but his barbarian screaming just didn’t convince me completely. How to Train Your Dragon 2 is definitely one of the better sequels I’ve ever seen from Dreamworks, right next to Kung Fu Panda 2. A real shame the movie didn’t win an Oscar for Best Animated Film, but I’m glad it won a few awards at other award events.

2. The Lego Movie


Probably a shocker to many of you that The Lego Movie is not number one on my favourite animated films of 2014. However, the film made it as a runner up. Not only you got one of the better comedic films done in animation of 2014, but it also provides a universal concept that’ll attract to both kids and adults alike that have grew up with Legos or play with Legos today. The film had many laughs, but also a great message that you wouldn’t expect to see in a movie like this one, especially a film that was directed by the same guys who’ve created Clone High.

The Lego Movie is still a blast to watch and definitely the best film Lord and Miller have ever made. I can understand those who may have not enjoyed this movie the first time, like the very fast paced comedy and the extremely catchy song “Everything is Awesome”. But honestly, those are probably the only critiques that I could probably give to the movie, while everything else is just entertainingly good, from the computer animations looking like stop-motion to the well performed acting from the voice cast. There’s many things in The Lego Movie that makes it awesome.

1. Song of the Sea


I heard many great things about Song of the Sea and finally got to see it this year. Overall, I enjoyed this film a lot! Even though the characters do start off with a bitter tone around the first act (especially Ben. He’s such a dick to his sister Saoirse), but the characters do become likeable once you get to understand these characters’ emotions and become much positive later on. Not only this movie was beautiful to watch, it brings great attention to detail to tell the story verbally and visually to make the characters and motifs all connected in the end.

The same creator of The Secret of Kells brought a cute cartoon style and a Celtic mythology with Song of the Sea, but shows themes of family, loss and emotions within this movie. Some of the characters in the film like Ben, Conor and The Macha have trouble letting their dark emotions go in some scenes of the movie. Sometimes I’m jealous at countries outside of North America that continues to make 2D animated films and put such beauty on the big screen. Song of the Sea gave me satisfying goosebumps overall and personally… I enjoyed this film much more than The Secret of Kells. Some may disagree with me, but whatever! Different strokes for different folks.


And that was my list of favourite animated films of 2014. Animated films last year had a great variety of features that were mostly good with a few okay and stinkers films, but thank goodness it wasn’t like 2013 where only 2 or 3 movies were actually good. As for this year, it feels like it’s going to be like 2013 again with only 2 or 3 animated movies that are worth checking out. But then again, I could be wrong where some films can come out of nowhere and surprise me.

By the way, what were your favourite animated films of 2014? Feel free to mention your favourites by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading the post everyone. Stay tune for more articles and countdowns by me in the future.


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One Comment on “T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 5 Animated Films of 2014”

  1. OMG u have listed some of my absolute favorites. I am a HUGE Baymax fan hahaha

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