T-McBee’s Top 10 Video Game Couples


Love couples in general aren’t really my forte when it comes to fictional franchises and stories, but I’ll admit that there are few that I can appreciate or have a guilty pleasure with two fictional characters falling in love. In video games, there aren’t so many that I can appreciate, but there are a few that I simply adore or don’t mind in that specific medium. This would have been appropriate for Valentine’s Day, but I had a really busy and hectic schedule to deal with this February. So…yeah….

 This is T-McBee here listing down my Top 10 Video Game Couples. You all know my rules by now with my one choice per franchise and my picks are just my personal preferences. You are always welcome to mention your favourites by leaving a comment below, but with positive taste of course.

That’s enough of my rambling for the intro. Let’s bring the love in the air in pixel or poly form to begin the countdown.


10. Mario and Princess Peach

(Super Mario Bros series)


Say what you want about Mario and Princess Peach, but you got to admit that they are the most iconic video game couples to ever exist. Though their roles in the Mario games is the typical damsel in distress waiting for the hero to save the day, but they have stayed by each others side in multiple Super Mario titles, such as the Paper Mario series, Super Mario Sunshine and the Super Mario Adventure comics. They’re definitely like the Mickey and Minnie Mouse of video games, except ones a plumber and the other’s a princess.


“Kordian Lewandowski’s sculpture of Princess Peach and Mario set as Michelangelo’s sculpture piece “Pieta”. Such a beautiful interpretation of Mario and Princess Peach together.”  

It amazes me that Mario goes through so much danger just to save Princess Peach and he’s alright getting a peck on the cheek, a cake and a huge celebration in his honor to save her and the Mushroom Kingdom. These two can surprisingly be an adorable couple to like at times, even if it is done in a simply cute fashion. I somewhat have a soft spot for these two, depending on the interpretations this iconic game couple are being presented.


9. Conker and Berri

(Conker’s Bad Fur Day)


While they’re the most dysfunctional couple on the list with little screen time together in the game, Conker and Berri do actually care for each other, even if they’re not perfect. In the introduction of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Conker ditches his plans to go on a date with Berri and goes drinking with his army friends at the bar instead. Yeah, that’s definitely not a way to treat a lady by making bullshit excuse to her.  As the story progresses in the game, the two come together to show what they’re capable of doing, like spoofing a Matrix scene in a bad ass presentation.


“Are you a fan of Matrix? Then you’re going to like this parody”

I don’t want to go too much detail about the two since it goes right to ending spoiler territory, but all I can say that something devastating happens to one of the characters that surprisingly a game this comically hilarious will get your heart strings tugged. People who have played Conker’s Bad Fur Day knows what I’m talking about.


8. Shovel Knight and Shield Knight

(Shovel Knight)


Some people adore the simple love vibe like Mario and Princess Peach, but others like game couples that still have a simplistic love feel, but taken to a fresher direction. For example, take Shovel Knight and Shield Knight from Shovel Knight. It’s really hard to explain why I like these two without giving any spoilers away only because you see these two together in the beginning, the end of the game and some in-between moments. However, I can say that once Shovel Knight lost Shield Knight in the opening introduction, you can feel how broken he was to lose his partner.


“Awww cheer up Shovel Knight. You’ll find her someday in your first ever adventure.”

I will say that Shovel Knight and Shield Knight’s relationship does play like the 8 and 16 bit games of the Mario franchise with Mario rescuing Princess Peach. However, there is a new, intriguing take when Shovel Knight finally reunites with Shield Knight that I bet any gamer (whether you like old school or modern titles) will highly appreciate. To those who have played and beaten Shovel Knight will understand my reason to choose these two love knights in shining armour.


7. Raz and Lili



Fictional kid or tween characters that are love pairings can be a bit iffy for me, but Lili and Raz from Psychonauts are an entertaining bunch that I really enjoyed. They were filled with fun quotes and witty interactions when they slowly begin to like each other. Lili particularly started off as a passive-aggressive to Raz when he trains to become a Psychonaut. That is until she eventually slips up the truth about having a crush on Raz.

“Oh you silly Lili, you’re in a camp filled with psychics. Of course Raz will eventually find out about your secret sooner or later”. 

Even if you don’t see much of Raz and Lili interacting together in many scenes, but when they do show up in a cutscene, they easily become a memorable pair. They provide dialogue in moments where they quite act like how actual pre-teens would talk, though done in a very quirky manner. Plus I give Raz and Lili some credit to feel comfortable in discussions about kissing and some PG material like “making out” for example.


6. Chrono and Marle

(Chrono Trigger)


Chrono Trigger is a pretty awesome RPG for the Super NES and Chrono and Marle’s love relationship was one of the most memorable experiences from the game. With Chrono’s silence heroism and Marle’s rebellious attitude, they overall contained moments that were amusing, fun and and even touching at times. Plus this couple has the ability to fight and kick butt to come across any danger that gets in their way. From the present, to the medieval era, to even prehistoric times.


“Possibly the sweetest moment I’ve ever seen from a love pairing in a video game.”

While Chrono and Marle were a great couple overall, there were moments in the game where I didn’t think really shine than what fans usually say about the two, like their introduction at the carnival. It felt quite forced in my opinion, especially how annoying Marle was acting when she took a bit of advantage of Chrono in getting her some DAMN candy. But despite that obnoxious moment, their relationship started to grow on me once the plot of the game got really interesting.


5. Ratchet and Talwyn

(Ratchet and Clank series)


Some may argue about this choice with Ratchet and Talwyn being a love couple, but according to the writer of the games in late 2000s, Insomniac Games officially made Talwyn as Ratchet’s girlfriend. Ratchet was in a few love relationships before Talwyn, but seeing his relationship with her slowly improved in later installments. They seem to be a near perfect match for being adventurous, combat orientated and having some things in common when it comes to their pasts and the search for Ratchet’s species in the Future Saga.


“The best part about this cutscene was the honesty and truth these two told to one another during a very difficult situation.”

At first I wasn’t too fond of Ratchet being with Talwyn for a while. After the events in Tools of Destruction, their relationship was subtly hinted that the two had a thing for one another, as well as starting to slowly develop their fun and caring relationship through the six issue comic books and Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus. I’m sure some Ratchet and Clank fans will disagree with this choice, but if the official game developers say that Ratchet and Talwyn are boyfriend and girlfriend, then I’m calling that canon.


4. Anju and Kafei

(Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

Couple; Anju and some kid

Surprise about this choice? As much love Link and Zelda gets in the Zelda series (especially in Skyward Sword), I got more intrigued by the love dilemma that Anju and Kafei were dealing with in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. It felt pretty dramatic and emotional that these two were going through within 72 hours before the moon crushed Termina Fields. These two individuals who had plans to get married one day is basically what made the Kafei/Anju quest in Majora’s Mask one of the most intriguing Zelda missions to ever experience.


“Anju may have the appearance of the Cucco Lady in Ocarina of Time, but her plot in Majora’s Mask makes players at least care about her.”

Anju and Kafei just had a struggling tale in Majora’s Mask, where Kafei was turned into a kid and was afraid to reveal Anju about his cursed appearance. Worst part about this terrible situation was that it had to happen a few days before their wedding day. That’s pretty much how far I’ll go with spoilers for Zelda: Majora’s Mask because it is one side quest in the game that shouldn’t be spoiled to those who want to play this Zelda game someday. This is one simple dilemma love story that’ll you’ll never seen in any other Zelda game. Not even from Link and Zelda themselves.


3. Bigby and Snow

(The Wolf Among Us)


These characters may not count since they’re originally from the graphic novel series Fables, but Taletell’s interpretation of the main characters were highly memorable. The first time I played The Wolf Among Us last year, I immediately got hooked into Bigby Wolf and Snow’s relationship right away, even if players have the option to make Bigby a good sheriff or a jerk ass to others that could impress or disappoint Snow. There’s a huge fan-base of these two and it amazes me that the amount of shock and care players bring to this investigating couple.


“These reactions really showed how much people cared for Snow and Bigby.”

These characters do stick together longer and eventually fall in love in the Fables comics, and their interactions in The Wolf Among Us really made many players care for them. I simply love their discussions when they’re investigating a crime scene, which would bring great drama to a mature rated video game. Bigby and Snow would have been my number one choice, but unfortunately weren’t due to their overall delivery in the overall 5 episodes. I expected much more from these two in the last two episodes, but their relationship really lacked compare to the first three episodes.


2. Ico and Yorda



Sometime game couples don’t need to have so much character development and story structure to express each others love. Though I understand the hate that ICO gets for its gameplay and escorting Yorda in majourity of the game, but the bonding relationship that Ico and Yorda are shown in the game easily got me invested. It’s more of the game’s concept is what intrigued me more than the game itself. And personally, I prefer Ico and Yorda’s relationship more than Wander and Mono from Shadow of the Colossus.


“You can do it you two! Don’t get separated so soon!”

Ico and Yorda overall felt just like a dark tale of the hero’s journey. The hero meets someone in their adventure and then he slowly bonds a close relationship with a character he just met. You definitely see that kind of scenario with Ico and how much he deeply cares for Yorda near the end of the adventure. How often do you see game characters that grasp their hands together for their protection, even when they’re taking it easy at a save point bench? Or speaking two different languages that they can fully understand one another? That’s freaking beauty right there!


1. Zidane and Garnet

(Final Fantasy 9)


When it comes to the Final Fantasy franchise, I see a lot of praise for Cloud and Aerith (FF7), Squall and Rinoa (FF8) and even Tidus and Yuna (FF10). However, there is little praise for Zidane and Garnet (FF9) whenever people talk about couples from the Final Fantasy games. I’m sure I’m not the only one who says this, but I personally believe that Zidane and Garnet are the best video game couple in the Final Fantasy franchise by far (since I’ve only played FF9 and FF7).

“Kind of a confusing scene to comprehend on its own, but does make sense once you play more of the game.” 

The one thing that I liked about these two were their opposite personalities being different. They first started off quite immature for comedic purposes, like Zidane being a perv with the ladies and Garnet being too naive about the outside world.  Though once the story got serious with more devastating scenarios, Zidane and Garnet drastically changed pretty maturely through difficult struggles to help others and themselves. This FF game is somewhat under appreciated, yet it provides the best FF couple I’ve ever cared for.

And that was my list of my Top 10 Video Game Couples. I hoped you’ve enjoyed reading the countdown and please stay tune for my Top 10 Animated Couples on the Legit Animation Blog that’ll come out sometime this summer. Thanks for reading and take care!

TMB Out! 

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