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Half of the 2010 decade has just arrived, so it’s about time I mention my favourite animated shows from 2010 to 2015 by far. Tons of great animated programming has come on TV during this decade, especially children’s programming that have shown stellar quality that even an older audience can appreciate.

This is T-McBee here throwing in choices of my Favourite Animated Shows of the 2010 Decade (by far) with this latest post. The following choices are just my personal preferences which they don’t go in any order. I’ll be explaining my five most wanted watch shows first, then the other five will just quickly be mentioned (whether I’m slowly catching up to them or just watch them on the side). This will be one of the quickest list I’ll ever post for the Legit segment this year.

So sit back, relax and enjoy my list of favourite animated shows of the 2010 decade…by far. 😉


Gravity Falls

(2012 – present)


Everyone following my stuff knew Gravity Falls would be mentioned on this list since I’ve mentioned it as one of my favourite animated TV shows of all time in the last Legit Animation Podcast episode with Gexup. So does it still hold up to be a great show? Oh it certainly does with great comedic writing, mature morals, interesting character development and great pacing in story progression. Plus the shows’ mysterious ambiance really keeps the audience guessing and thinking of what’s going to happen next.

Gravity Falls is a show that focuses on quality over quantity that you can really appreciate from modern cartoon shows.  Both kids and adults can like the series with its memorable characters and comedic references that the grown ups can really chuckle to right away (especially those who grew up in the 80s and 90s). The show really knows how to hype up the excitement with its season 1’s season finale episode and the latest episode from season 2 that aired back in March of this year.


Steven Universe

(2013 – present)


I wasn’t too sure if I would like Steven Universe at first until I got invested in the show right away when later episodes got better. Steven Universe is about a young boy that teams up with unusual heroes known as the Crystal Gems that can fight and save the day in Beach City and other fantasy locations. That’s how far I’ll go with the premise because it’s one of those shows that jumps into the series’ universe right away, but reveals much character development and surprises as the episodes progresses.

Steven Universe isn’t a very comedic cartoon to watch like Gravity Falls and The Regular Show. Though its good-nature tone, mature themes and heart-tugged scenes is what makes Steven Universe a very special show for a lot of people like myself. It definitely reminds me of Scott Pilgrim, where it has a simple cartoon style that sprinkles video games and anime inspirations into the visuals and writing. The first few episodes do get quite juvenile in its tone, but the show does get better once it reveals the sincere and intense feels.


Over the Garden Wall



Interesting to see animated shows nowadays that can bring beautiful quality in children’s programming. Over the Garden Wall was my favourite animated show of 2014, which also became the first ever cartoon on Cartoon Network that became a mini-series. Provided with an outstanding voice-cast, beautiful coloured backdrops and intriguing animations, this is one animated show not to miss out during the Autumn season. Not to mention that there are only ten episodes in Over the Garden Wall that run at 11 minutes in each episode.

I’ve praised crazily over Over the Garden Wall in my Favourites of 2014 post, which is the by far the latest cartoon I’ve seen that throws in some pretty scary imagery that kids and maybe even adults can get jumpy from. It contains great writing, a charming ambiance and catchy musical number that might get stuck in your head (especially the Potato and Molasses song). Over the Garden Wall is one whimsical vibe series that doesn’t dumb-down the audience and gives you some intensifying feels. It’s a show you must check out if you haven’t yet!


Bob’s Burgers

(2011 – present)


Bringing animated shows starring an animated family is a bit iffy to bring to the public since people may call it as a Simpsons, Family Guy or Flintstones’s rip off. But the Belchers in Bob’s Burger are one unique family that you don’t see often in other family animated sitcoms. You have a calm father that owns a burger restaurant who can get easily annoyed by his outburst family and their awkwardness. Not to mention how open this family can be when they get into any kind of conversation.

There’s really great writing and hilarious comedy shown in Bob’s Burgers, as well as displaying much character chemistry to make the jokes pretty laughable, especially the female characters like Louise, Linda and Tina. This is a show from Fox I haven’t laughed so hard since American Dad (which that show came out in 2005). The show is on with its fifth season and has won 1 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program in 2014. Well done Bob’s Burgers! Keep up being fun, unique and hilarious!


Ugly Americans

(2010 – 2012)


One of the best animated shows that I’ve seen for adult audiences in the 2010 decade has to go to Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans. It’s about a terribly advised social worker that works in New York City. However, the city he’s in now is randomly infested with horrifying creatures and fictitious hybrids that’s blending with human society. I really like the concept of combining human life-style and horror/fantasy beings together in one setting. Not to mention how hilarious and well written the show is.

Unfortunately the show ran for two seasons, which is a shame because I really liked the shows’ chilled pacing, dry humour and crude art style. If you’re into comedic animated shows for adults that’s really outside the box, give Ugly Americans a try. Though I must warn you, Ugly Americans contains gory violence, a lot of sexual themes and very weird imagery. It’s not as extreme with its adult content like South Park and Drawn Together, but it contains enough subject matter that still isn’t for the kiddies.


Other Favourite Animated Shows of the 2010 Decade…


Disney’s Mickey Mouse (TV Series)

(2013 – present)


The 7D

(2014 – present)


Rick and Morty

(2013 – present)


Star v.s. the Forces of Evil

(2015 – present)


Regular Show

(2010 – present)


And that wraps up my choices of animated shows that have been shown by far from 2010 – 2015. There have been other shows that I have checked out that came out during this decade like Sailor Moon Crystal, Fugget About it, Legend of Korra, The Looney Tunes Show, TMNT, Attack on Titan, Adventure Time and a few others. Though I’ll admit those specific shows didn’t get my full interest right away. I’m sure they are good shows for others, but they certainly didn’t win me over.

Thanks for reading everyone! Stay tune for more cartoony fun in the future.


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