T-McBee’s Throwback Fan Art – Part 1


Hey everyone! T-McBee’s here to do something a little different for her blog besides favourites lists and countdowns. For those who may not know me too well, I do a lot of graphic designs and arts on the side. The caricature of myself used for my previous post banners and my avatar in the forums at ItsTailTime.net (the one that you see above) was drawn by me. My love for drawing and cartooning really shows my appreciation to draw and do some art by the look of my icon.

Recently I’ve looked through a box of old artworks and noticed a lot of fan art I drew over the years. While there are some really old fan arts that I no longer have anymore, I still kept ones that are great to look at even to this day. Even if some are incomplete or may look awful compare to what I draw today. I really thought to myself, “Why don’t I make a blog segment revealing my old fan art from the past? I don’t do a lot of fan art these days! So whatever!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to T-McBee’s Throwback Fan Art – Part 1. Some may recognize these pieces when I used to be on Deviantart as TipsyMcBoozerton (I no longer like to be called that anymore), but anyone new to my blog will appreciate them. So sit back and enjoy the showcase.


“Get me off this bird”
Franchise – “Final Fantasy 10”

A very random FF10 art piece indeed. I used to watch NintendoCapriSun’s Let’s Plays back then and he came across playing FF10 back in 2010. In one of his Let’s Play videos of FF10, he would say “Get me off this bird!” whenever riding a Chocobo. Whenever he said that line, it made me laugh. So, I decided to make a piece in tribute of that random quote.



“Conker’s Bad Fur Day Poster”
Franchise – Conker’s Bad Fur Day

After discovering much of Conker’s Bad Fur Day through youtube in 2009, I had quite of an obsession in liking the M-rated N64 title featuring the foul-mouth naughty Squirrel. I pretty much wanted to attempt to draw out a group pic featuring majority of the characters in the game. I also shamefully used Microsoft Paint to add the text in. I like the image itself, just the text doesn’t age well.



“King Deedeedee and Waddle Dee”
Franchise – Kirby

Just a quick colour render of King Deedeedee and Waddle Dee done with Prisma Color Markers when I had nothing better else to draw out. Nothing too special with this one.



“Distracted by Junk Food”
Franchise – Sly Cooper

Wanted to play some exaggerated features with this piece and thought Murray was the perfect candidate to be tested out in this style. I’ll admit that drawing and colouring this piece overall was fun to do. I did more of these quite exaggerated styles in other fan pieces.



“The Cute Overrated Lombax”
Franchise – Ratchet and Clank

A cartoony exaggeration render of Ratchet and Clank. Thought of this when discovering the time most of the fan-base only cared about Ratchet and his race. Not every fan though.



“Ghost of Sparta”
Franchise – God of War

A coloured portrait of Kratos. Athena!!!!!!



Franchise – Beyond Good and Evil

A coloured portrait of Jade. Shaaauuuunnnnniiii…



“Heroes of Hillys”
Franchise – Beyond Good and Evil

A cartoony exaggeration render of Pey’j, Jade and Double H from Beyond Good and Evil. Just wanted to draw a trio that kicked butt and were unique like these three.



“The Conductor of Time”
Franchise – Legend of Zelda

A cartoony exaggeration render of Link from Zelda: Wind Waker. Even to this day, I really admire the colour scheme of this fan-art piece.



“Riding on my Diddy”
Franchise – Donkey Kong Country

A simply cute fan piece of Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong. I was fond by their piggy back animations in DKC2 when I first drew this.



“The Iron Artist”
Franchise – The Iron Giant

Anyone who has seen the Iron Giant will get the joke. Not sure how he got a massive canvas, painting easel and pottery machine in a dumpster, but to hell with it.



“If You Play With Fire…”
Franchise – Sailor Moon

A cartoony exaggeration render of Sailor Mars. Kids, never become a pyromaniac like Sailor Mars.



Franchise – Sailor Moon

A cartoony exaggeration render of Sailor Jupiter. Jupiter’s has gone mad!



Franchise – Sailor Moon

A cartoony exaggeration render of Sailor Mercury. Bubbles bubbles bubbles!



“I Bring You Love”
Franchise – Sailor Moon

A cartoony exaggeration render of Sailor Venus. Anyone gets the title reference deserves a cookie.



“Eye to Eye”
Franchise – A Goofy Movie

I guess I drew this after watching a Goofy Movie over the summer of 2011. The Eye to Eye song segment was always one of my favourite bits in the movie.



“Welcome to the World of PinkPurp”
Franchise – Futurama

Basically the scene of the first episode of Futurama. Instead of Fry arriving in the year 3000, he entered in a purple, pink-ish, magenta coloured world. Was playing with monochrome with this piece.



“Go-go Gadget Copter”
Franchise – Inspector Gadget

A cartoony exaggeration render of Inspector Gadget featuring Brain and Penny. Most detailed and colourful piece out of the exaggerated cartoon fan pieces I’ve ever done.



“Bart Simpson”
Franchise – The Simpsons

A black and white portrait of Bart Simpson. He’s going to make your life a living hell.


klaymen_duh_“Klaymen Duhhhhhh”
Franchise – The Neverhood

“Just a quick coloured drawing of Klaymen from The Neverhood. Never played the game, but was inspired by one of the songs from the game to draw some Neverhood fanart.


 And that’s part 1 of Thorwback Fan Art. Stay tune for more of my old fan art from the past when part 2 comes out.


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2 Comments on “T-McBee’s Throwback Fan Art – Part 1”

  1. thehande Says:

    I love the Link one. =D I also like the Conker poster, it’s really full of detail.

    That Goof Troop one seems a little questionable to me for some reason.

    • TMcBee Says:

      Thanks! 😀

      The Goof Troop one is supposed to be the second last segment from A Goofy Movie where Goofy and Max are dancing on stage.

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