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When people talk about Disney characters, fans only focus on ones from the Disney Animated Feature Films like the comic reliefs, the princesses, and the villains. Nothing wrong with that, but what about ones that people don’t talk about too much, like the Mickey Mouse Gang. Some of these characters have appeared in full-length feature films, but we can easily recognize them in other formats like short films, video games, comic strips and much and I mean, MUCH merchandise. I personally have a huge soft spot for these set of characters, which I prefer more than the ones that star in full-length animated features.

This is  T-McBee listing down my Top 15 Disney’s Mickey Mouse Characters. Here are the rules:

1. They got to be in the Mickey Mouse universe. Ones from Disney Animated TV Shows will have its own list (unless if it’s a character that occurs in other formats and franchises in that same universe)
2. The following choices are just personal preferences. So they’re not the best ones, just my personal favourites.

Now sit back and enjoy these charming cast of characters that have stayed with us for so many decades. Here we go!


15. Horace Horsecollar


Horace Horsecollar is an underrated classic in the Mickey Friends roster, but with an intriguing character development. He started off as Mickey’s plowing horse in the 30s, but changed to an anthropomorphic being that showed a range of personalities and occupations in the golden age era cartoons and recent cameos, like a show off performer (Mickey Mouse in Orhpan’s Benefits) or a technician (Disney’s House of Mouse). He even was going to have his own Saturday morning cartoon in the 90s, but that disappeared right away.


14. J.Audubon Woodlore


There isn’t too much to say about J.Audubon Woodlore, unless  you recognize him in cartoons from 50s, 60s and some recent ones, which also featured Humphrey the Bear and sometimes Donald Duck. He’s mostly portrayed as a ranger in Brownstone Park, who mostly keeps an eye on the bears, including Humphrey from causing any trouble. Woodlore’s a fun, fussy character I don’t mind once in a while, with his short stubby design, Smee tone voice (same voice actor, currently voiced by Jeff Benette or Corey Burton) and silly moments.


13. Pluto


A very loyal companion and pet to Mickey, Pluto is a lovable mutt that does anything to help his owner, providing shorts featuring him that can make audiences laugh or heart felt. I personally prefer Pluto appearing in short films where he’s interacting with characters that talk. Seeing him with Mickey for example display a friendship feel that can make you smile or slightly pull on your heartstrings. When he’s interacting with other non-speaking characters like Figaro or Fifi, they can be either fun or okay at best.


12. Minnie Mouse


Minnie Mouse is the popular female of the Mickey Mouse Gang and there’s a reason why she is. Her loving nature and dependable actions easily makes her the most recognized female from the roster, including showing various emotions and occupations. She can get easily frustrated when other characters (including Mickey) do something immature and selfish. Like most females, she likes to be with a man that’ll appreciate her and show her respect, which is why she’s with Mickey Mouse. At least she plays smart to be with the right guy in her life.


11. Clarabelle Cow


When people talk about these character, they do talk about Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck…but pretty little about Clarabelle Cow. Like Horace Horsecollar, she’s a really interesting character, but much fleshed out in recent Disney programs, especially being a big gossiper and quite amusing. She started off as Horace’s girlfriend, but she sometimes switches in being Goofy’s girlfriend, which was the one thing that bugged me about Clarabelle. Despite whether she wan’t to be with Horace or Goofy, her sociable personality really stands out and is a ton of fun.


10. Panchito Pistoles


Everyone recognize the energetic rooster that first appeared in Disney’s The Three Cabarellos in 1945. Panchito Pistoles is a wildly upbeat character that knows how to have fun and likes to express the Mexican culture. He has appeared in other Disney besides the Three Caballeros film like the Disney comics and in Disney’s House of Mouse. While his Hispanic tone might throw off the Latin crowd for being a woman chaser and a fast talker, he personally doesn’t offend me. As a matter of fact, I find him less offensive than Warner Bros. Speedy Gonzalez.


9. Daisy Duck


Daisy Duck is one female character in the Mickey Mouse gang that’s filled with a really outgoing personality, whether you appreciate her or find her annoying. Daisy is known as Donald Duck’s girlfriend and Minnie’s best friend, who has a feisty tone and a spoiled attitude that can make her amusingly entertaining. I find her moments with Donald Duck to be either comedic or sweet, depending how they’re being presented. Though there are rare occasions where she can be pretty cruel to Donald at times (Geez Daisy. He can’t help himself that he can’t change his voice).


8. Humphrey Bear


This is the bear that Ranger Woodlore has to keep an eye on, and a good reason too. One of the most underrated characters in the Mickey Mouse gang has to be Humphrey Bear. He’s a foolish bear that tries to get food or break into homes from unexpected visitors. He foils with Donald Duck and Ranger Woodlore the most, who also provides the best comedy with those specific characters in Disney short films and specials. Out of all the Disney characters that can only speak in grunts, he’s the one that I like the most.


7. Scrooge McDuck


Scoorge McDuck is easily recognized in Ducktales, but he was created way before that show was ever made, including to appear with the Mickey Mouse gang in recent shows and other Disney content. Scrooge McDuck is the greedy Glaswegian duck that likes to think about his riches and wealth, though he can have a heart of gold to help out his family out, especially his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. Sometimes his stubbornness and greediness can get out of hand, but depending on the character’s presentation, Scrooge is one greedy character that can be pretty likable.


6. Jose Caricoa


Who knew a Brazilian cartoon parrot who smokes a cigar and carries an umbrella can be very charming! Okay the cigar part is not likable one bit, but you get the idea. Jose Caricoa is easily recognized in The Three Cabarellos and Saludos Amigos, who also made brief cameos in House of Mouse, and other Disney content. Out of the Disney Mickey characters, he’s the most cool headed and friendly one in the group. Not to mention that he’s the only character that admits to be a big fan of Donald Duck. No wonder those two get along so well.


5.  Professor Ludwig Von Drake


The kooky Professor Ludwig Von Drake is not like any character I’ve seen from Mickey and his pals. He maybe very intelligent, but is a very wacky character who gets easily sidetracked from things or discovering many ways to test out Donald Duck’s temper tantrums. He started in 1961 with The Wonderful World of Color, who then later appeared in many cameos in Disney TV shows or became a main host in a few TV specials. I remember my dad, sister and I liking Von Drake when watching many Disney specials in the 90s. Wonder if they still remember him today?


4. Mickey Mouse


The famous mouse may have made it high on my list, but he’s not number one like most people would put him. Mickey Mouse is the optimistic and kind character that everyone wants to be or can relate to, but I personally find him a little too perfect in certain things. However, he can easily be an entertaining character who prefers going on adventures or cause some mischief over doing things the hard way. Though some people may see Mickey Mouse as too vanilla and extremely charming, he can be pretty humorous at times, depending on the interpretation of the character.


3. Goofy


You got to have a dimwitted character in animated cartoons and Goofy is a silly character with one iconic holler. He’s also sympathetic and a helpful friend that would make Mickey and the others happy, despite his service would cause more harm than satisfaction. The “How To” shorts displays Goofy being much athletic and are the best shorts that he star in. Out of the Mickey trio, Goofy’s is a father to his son Max, who surprisingly can show a serious tone when talking to him, especially in A Goofy Movie. Goofy as George Geef is alright, but Goofy as Goofy makes him likable.


2. Pete


Of all the antagonist characters in the Mickey Mouse roster, Pete is the one that stands out the most. Pete’s not only a rival to Mickey and the others, but can be displayed in various roles besides being a bad guy, such as being Goofy’s neighbour and a father (Goof Troops and A Goofy Movie) and other unique occupations. Not to mention that he is the oldest running character in the Disney franchise, even much older than Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Not to mention seeing Pete’s softer side in some Disney content is very comedic and amusing.


1. Donald Duck


Obvious to those who follow my written stuff knew Donald Duck would be number one, especially when I made a list of my favourite Donald Duck cartoons back in 2012. Donald Duck is without a doubt the most intriguing and entertaining character from the Mickey Mouse Gang. He had appeared in various shows and specials and became pretty famous at one point that outshone Mickey’s popularity. He stars in many cartoons where the scenarios relate to the every-man life, but with a touch of Donald’s comedic temper tantrums and unluckiness easily makes his cartoons pretty memorable. Donald Duck is number 1 for me for multiple reasons. Not to mention his identified duck voice is really hard to pull off, but a few people can do it pretty well.


And that wraps up my favourite characters from the Mickey Mouse Gang. You’re welcome to mention your favourites by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading everyone! Stay tune for more animation and cartoon goodness in the future on The Legit Animation Blog.


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2 Comments on “T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 15 Disney’s Mickey and Friends Characters”

  1. thehande Says:

    Excellent list. =) What is up with the sexy Minnie pic? =D Just kidding. Also, Mickey looks pretty freaky. Interesting selection of images.

    I’ve always been a big Scrooge fan myself (mostly because of Ducktales).

    • TMcBee Says:

      Thanks Hannu.

      lol the pic I choose of Minnie is from an animated Minnie short called Electric Holiday where some of the Disney cast perform fashion wear and doing catwalks at a fashion show. I haven’t seen it yet, but I heard it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

      The screenshot of Mickey Mouse is from the 1995 short Runaway Brains. One of my favourite shorts starring Mickey Mouse.

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