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L-L-Legit! You are reading a new post of the Legit Animation Blog. Today’s countdown is all about Simpsons Couch Gags.

 The Simpsons have been running on TV for over 25 years and it’s completely amazing that there are tons of creative couch gags and intros that audience see from this comedic show. While I am more of a fan of older Simpson episodes from seasons 1-12, I’ll admit that later couch gags from seasons 13 to recently have been creatively inspiring that makes those moments memorable in the Simpson’s legacy. My thoughts on recent episodes overall are just okay at best, though I’ve seen worse shows than newer episodes of The Simpsons.


This is T-McBee here listing down my Top 5 Simpsons Couch Gags. These choices are just my personal preferences, so don’t get too offended if you don’t see your favourites in the top five. But before I start, here are a few honorable mentions:



Stomping on Fox Logo


Movie Theatre




Loading Screen


M.C. Escher’s Living Room


Ha-Ha Nelson




Tracy Ulman’s Simpsons


And yeah, those are a lot of choices for the honourable mentions. But what can you say about a show that’s been on TV since the late 80s? Now then, let’s enjoy these hilarious gags from Fox’s iconic animated family to begin the list.


5. Sylvain Complet


French animator Sylvain Complet (best known from directing Triplets of Belleville and the Illusionist), shares his French vibe detailed animations in one Simpsons’ couch gag. Though the vibe of this specific couch gag may feel too en Francis to some viewers, but the detailed backgrounds and traditional animations is what makes me appreciate the couch gag and animation/cartooning generally. We wish the Simpsons can have these beautiful animations in the show, but that’ll cost a billion dollars to do each episode if the show went with that direction.

4. Robot Chicken Stop Motion


Robot Chicken is a funny show, though it’s not a show I would be too eager to watch it immediately (unless if there’s nothing else to watch on TV). I was concern when I heard the makers of Robot Chicken would do a Simpsons couch gag. When I finally saw it, it was surprisingly hilarious (especially if you like Robot Chicken’s animations and their humour). It was nice to see Simpsons in colourful stop motion with so much happening on the screen. Simpsons have used stop-motion in other couch gags, but this one is by far my favourite.

3.  Pixel


I wasn’t too sure whether to add this one or not only because the couch gag and the intro are all done with pixel art (and I did say I was just targeting couch gags only). But whatever, I’m going to add it on the list because it is done so well done by two animators from Australia. But the most surprising thing about the couch gag was that it was originally fan-made, which you would think the show would only hire professional makers just to do their couch gags. With the amount of hard work and creativity put into this pixelated intro, it deserved to be recognized to the public.

2. Treehouse Horror Five

I’m going to cheat one last time just because I couldn’t avoid the intro of Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror 5. You can pretty much say this intro is one of the earlier ones that started to extend the duration with more comedic gags, which honestly didn’t disappoint. In fact, the opening to this Treehouse of Horror episode always stood in my head for a long time since I always see this episode all the time on TV on Halloween. The couch gag itself has the family dismembered like Frankenstein’s monster in a disturbingly, but unique fashion that makes this one memorable.

1. Rick and Morty


It’s amazing that two animated sitcoms with two different cartoon styles could blend in one animation so freaking well. Normally Simpsons couch gags that are longer than 2 minutes can bug me sometimes, but this one specifically did not bore me one bit with Rick and Morty appearing in the Simpsons universe. It’s well scripted and oddly humourous that got me laughing constantly. It was awesome that we got Simpsons and Rick and Morty together on screen, but did anyone spot the few Futurama references while watching the couch gag? Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!


And that wraps up my 5  favourite Simpsons couch gags. Feel free to mention your favourites by leaving a comment below. Stay tune for more cartoon/animation posts in the future. Thanks for reading!


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