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L-L-Legit! You are now reading a new article of the Legit Animation Blog. It’s time for Disney Week! Yay!

To start off Disney Week, I’ll begin with a list that everyone likes to make and share to a crowd of people…Disney Animated Films. I don’t think I have mentioned a list like this besides the Disney films I liked in my old list of Favourite Animated films of all time, but things have slightly changed the last time I made that old post. Not to mention this new countdown will reveal the other Disney films I like that’ll stay with me for a long time. Anyway, this is T-McBee counting down my Top 10 Disney Animated Films. Before I start the list, here are some quick honorable mentions:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


I understand that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs isn’t for everyone with its basic and bland story, but the cozy atmospheric scenes and the Seven Dwarfs themselves still makes me appreciate the film today.



For someone that appreciates video games, it’s nice to see Disney making a film that centers around video games. I enjoyed the story, the main characters and the focus of a villain (Ralph) that wants to feel like a hero for once. By far one of the better 3D Disney films that I enjoyed, right next to Frozen at the runner up spot.

Winnie the Pooh


I’m sure people are mad that I picked the 2011 version of Winnie the Pooh over the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, but I really love the comedy and animations in the movie. The characters (especially Owl) really take the show in this Winnie the Pooh film.



I thought Tarzan was a good film the first time I watched it. The film started to grew on me the few times I watched it with my sister since it’s one of her favourite Disney films today. The visuals and animations in this movie are really incredible, especially Tarzan’s swinging and sliding moves on the vines.

Robin Hood


A fun, comedic and adventurous movie that I like from Disney that was produced in the 70s. Surprisingly the characters as anthropomorphic animals really works in the Robin Hood tale, even though the reuse of animations from other Disney movies are easily noticeable.

Now then. it’s the list you Disney fans have been waiting for to see from me. So sit back and enjoy the countdown with these Animated Disney Classics.


10. Aladdin


Disney Aladdin was big in the 90s, which easily became a movie that my sister and I would always watch and quote a lot. What makes me appreciate this movie today are the visuals and some of the songs. The characters were pretty memorable, but packed a punch of personality to them in their Arabian environment (especially characters like Genie and Iago). The only reason why Aladdin isn’t number one is because Aladdin as Prince Ali was quite shallow and was hesitant to tell Jasmine the truth. But I guess those scenes are suppose to show a moral to never lie to others.

9. Lilo and Stitch


The first time Lilo and Stitch came out, I was quite skeptical about the film for its pretty cutesy designs. And while it provides cute moments, there’s more about the film than being a fun sci-fi adventure. I personally like that it provides deeper themes of families, struggle and judgement in the scenes, such as Nani and Lilo’s sibling relationship and their survival without parents, or Stitch and Lilo getting teased a few times for being “different”. The only thing that kind of annoyed me about the film was the character Pleakley. He just didn’t know when to shut up at times.

8. A Goofy Movie


Goofy having his own movie is awesome and he really showed his goofiness and fatherly nature in his first length animated film. The things that holds up really well in A Goofy Movie are the animations, colour scheme and dramatic scenes that involved Goofy and his son Max. While this is a great summer film to watch with kids, the extreme 90s trend can feel a bit outdated for some viewers.  At least the songs are pretty catchy despite the outdated hip trend (it’s at least much subtle than the extreme tone shown in Disney Toon programs like Goof Troops and Quack Pack).

7. The Three Cabarellos

The Three Caballeros

Out of the packaged films that Disney had released in the 1940s, The Three Cabarellos is my favourite. Not only the film stars Donald Duck teaming up with Jose and Panchito, but also contains surreal imagery and live-action segments blending with animation pretty well for its time. Despite the random third act and scenes that’s all over the place (Donald chasing pretty ladies really makes you question about his relationship with Daisy), it’s got a colourful atmosphere that makes me come back to this film once in a while. It’s definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

6. Princess and the Frog


Princess and the Frog became a pretty controversial film when Disney announced their first film featuring a black princess.  I can understand the mix feelings that people get when watching Princess and the Frog. The film’s logic of the frog transformation and the fairy tale aspects is quite confusing to understand, but the themes that provides Tiana working experiences to open her own restaurant is what will get audiences care about the movie. It was good to see a Disney film that had good messages and a solid female lead who was independent.

5. The Lion King


The Lion King is a great 90s classic film that I’m sure you were expecting it to be number one on the list. While this is a classic movie I watched in theaters when I was a kid, watching it as an adult now makes me very slightly nitpick about some scenes in the movie, i.e. Simba as a Adult and Scar feeling least interesting in the second act of the film. But everything else in the movie is magnificent with a beautiful presentation, memorable songs, fun characters, great comedy, and quite intense moments that gets you at the edge of your seat. It’s the Hamlet story, but with lions.

 4. Mulan


It’s awesome to see a Disney female lead that can fight back and the character Mulan really shows her independence and strong willed mind in Disney’s Mulan. Like The Lion King, Mulan contains a great balance of comedy and drama done well, with songs, characters and scenes that audiences will remember. Its also nice to see a Disney flick where it’s about a culturual legend rather than another fairy tale interpretation. This would be one film I would easily recommend to girls from ages 7-14 to convince parents today that there is one Disney film that stars a bad ass female lead.

3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of the most risque films that Disney has ever put out. This film gets overlooked due to its very dark tone or not following the Victor Hugo book. Personally, I don’t mind the changes Disney has made to the story, especially making Esmeralda much likable and Pheobus less of a dick in the movie. People tend to complain about the talking gargoyles in the movie, but they had their moments that made me chuckle. If you like an animated film that takes risks with a lot of dark moments and serious performances, then this movie might be for you.

2. The Brave Little Toaster


This one might be cheating, but The Brave Little Toaster is under the Disney name. Therefore, I’m going to add my favourite film from my childhood at 2nd place. What makes me appreciate The Brave Little Toaster so much is being a film about talking inanimate objects looking for their master while travelling outside their cottage home. Surprisingly this film contains a few deep and dark scenes that can make little kids scared (i.e. The Air Conditioner and the Creepy Fireman Clown). While it’s filled with outdated trends from the 80s, but it’s a solid film that’s great to watch.

1. Beauty and the Beast


An obvious choice, but Beauty and the Beast is one of the best Disney films I’ve ever seen for various reasons. Not only it’s a romantic film that I don’t mind, but it provides great songs, beautiful animations and memorable characters that makes the movie watchable for any age (unless if the Beast terrifies you). I personally had to place this film at number one because this was the first animated Disney film I watched after my family and I moved to Ontario. I even had a Beauty and the Beast themed party for my 6th birthday. This movie will definitely not be old as time.


And that wraps up my list of my favourite Disney animated films. You’re welcome to place your favourites by leaving a comment below or at the forums at itstailtime.net. Thanks for reading and stay tune for more Disney goodness and content on Disney Week.


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2 Comments on “T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 10 Disney Animated Films”

  1. thehande Says:

    Interesting number-1 pick. I like it. =)

    Lilo & Stitch is a movie I seem to forget a lot of the time but yeah it’s definitely one of my favourites from the early-2000s.

    I still haven’t seen The Three Cabarellos (or Saludos Amigos), I really should. My personal favourite from Disney’s 40s period is Bambi.

    Really loved every single one of your picks. =D

    • TMcBee Says:

      Thanks Hande! 😀

      The Three Cabarellos is a package type film that may not be perfect as a whole, but it’s got some terrific parts. Definitely better than Saludos Amigos in my opinion.

      I liked Bambi as a kid, but I see it as an alright movie.

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