Review Quickies – Disney World Attractions at Animal Kingdom


Time for more Review Quickies with Disney attractions on Disney Week!

I’ve already checked some of the rides and attractions at the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Now it’s time to quickly review the ones at Animal Kingdom. I wasn’t there for long like the other parks, but there were a few things I tried there that were fun. But honestly, it felt like a fancy version of the Toronto Zoo, but with cooler animals to see like gorillas and elephants.

Here’s the review scoreboard and how I review things for this blog segment:

Rating Score
Huge Recommend – Excellent
Must Recommend – Great
Check it Out – Good or Okay
Meh! – Mediocre or Don’t Care
Burn it in Oil! – Bad or Hate

Now then, let’s adventure through Disney World’s jungles and safaris with the awesome animals to begin the reviews.


Kilimanjaro Safaris

Rating – Meh!


The Kilimanjaro Safari ride only gets a Meh! score for its very bumpy ride, which makes it difficult for passengers to take pictures of the animals roaming around outside (unless the shutter speed for your camera/phone is super fast and good). It was nice to see a variation of different animals during the ride, though some animals like the warthogs were very hard to spot.

Expedition Everest

Rating – Check it Out or Must Recommend


Expedition Everest was quite scary to try out, but it was tolerable to ride it until the ride goes backwards and then forward when the yeti starts to appear. I’m somewhat indifferent with the ride. It somewhat terrified me, yet I enjoyed it at the same time. I highly advise people to lean back and have their heads up during the ride because stupid me went the opposite for a few seconds.

Kali River Rapids

Rating – Huge Recommend (for the summer)


Kali River Rapid is a must to try over the summer since Orlando,Florida gets extremely humid in July. Any ride that involves river rapids and riding on a wheel boat always gets me smiling and are the less scary attractions to go on. If you don’t like getting wet, then I wouldn’t recommend it. Though you must be crazy not wanting to get splashed in the brutal heat.


And that was it for Review Quickies at The Animal Kingdom in Disney World. I hope this review has helped newcomers who have plans to go to Disney World in the future. I didn’t try out all the parks when I was at Disney World like the water parks for example, but at least I checked the most popular ones that are well known at the happiest place on Earth. Thanks for reading and stay tune for more Disney content fun on Disney Week.


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