Review Quickies – Disney World Attractions at Epcot


Time to continue on with Review Quickies with the Disney World attractions on Disney Week!

  Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios were awesome parks at Disney World, but Epcot brought bits of various cultures and fascinating discoveries to tourists and people alike. People who visits Epcot will mostly remember the massive ball structure that’s at the park. It was one park I really enjoyed the most since it felt like the amusement park for grown ups.

Here’s the review scoreboard and how I review things for this blog segment:

Rating Score
Huge Recommend – Excellent
Must Recommend – Great
Check it Out – Good or Okay
Meh! – Mediocre or Don’t Care
Burn it in Oil! – Bad or Hate

Now let’s explore many things and try out a piece of ethnic cultures to begin this Review Quickie post!


Test Track

Rating – Must Recommend


The Test Track surprisingly satisfied me overall, and this is coming from someone who has little to no interest in cars. Not only you ride on a fun car track, but there are some interactive moments where you can design your own car with efficiency features on a touch screen monitor. My sister, her husband and I were happy creating our “TronLorean” vehicle, though it wasn’t eco-friendly.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Rating – Must Recommend


Not only it has a small fun ride watching your favourite Finding Nemo character interacting with each other, but you can visit a sea aquarium after the ride finishes. I didn’t see everything that was at The Seas with Nemo and Friends, but what I saw was good enough to check out, especially seeing various sea creatures like turtles, manatees, sharks and very odd creatures in the aquarium.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Cabarellos

Rating – Must Recommend


The score may feel a bit biased, but I simply have a soft spot for the Three Cabarellos since it’s one of my favourite Disney films of all time. This ride is slow paced that gets quiet at first, but packs much excitement when Donald, Jose and Panchito enter the scene. If you just want a calm but entertaining ride to pass the time,  give the Gran Fiesta Tour a try.

Spaceship Earth

Rating – Must Recommend  Huge Recommend


A ride that’s inside the Epcot where it displays historical events of communication and technology over time using animatronics and a narrator. It shows the advance of learning and tech over the years (though not 100% accurate with the info it mentions). There’s an interactive part of the ride where you pick the choices for your future lifestyle shown in a comedic flash animation.


And that was it for the attractions that I checked at Epcot. Anyone who have plans to go to Disney World in the future, I hope these quick reviews have helped you. Thanks for reading with more Disney goodness along the way, especially my thoughts on the attractions at Animal Kingdom.


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