Review Quickies – Disney World Attractions at Hollywood Studios


There’s more to review the fun attractions at Disney World on Disney Week!

Magic Kingdom had a lot to do with so many events happening, but now it’s time for me to jump into the Hollywood Studios park and talk about it. This park explores more on film content, animation production and other entertaining events that’ll please any age. Hollywood Studios had thrills and excitement that’ll keep people up and energetic for one day.

Here’s the review scoreboard and how I review things for this blog segment:

Rating Score
Huge Recommend – Excellent
Must Recommend – Great
Check it Out – Good or Okay
Meh! – Mediocre or Don’t Care
Burn it in Oil! – Bad or Hate it

Now it’s time to explore the thrills, parties and excitement to begin the reviews!


Muppets Vision 3D

Rating – Must Recommend


I am a fan of the Muppets and Muppets Vision 3D overall was a blast. It’s filled with funny gags and excitement that got me chuckling loud. It was even cool to see someone dressed up as Sweetums to come out and walk in front of the stage for certain parts of the act. It would have gotten a Huge Recommend, but the 3D character Waldo kind of ruined the experience.

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues

Rating – Check it Out or Must Recommend


Not a big fan of Star Wars, but the ride was surprisingly fun that didn’t made me sweat or sick at all (though I wouldn’t say the same for those who were with me during the ride). It’s basically a simulation ride that makes you feel like you’re in a ship, but really you’re in a big box that’s moving left and right & front and back. It’s a good ride, though I’ll say that it might not be for everyone.

The Magic of Disney Animation

Rating – Must Recommend


This is any artist’s dream to see how Disney do their animations, meet some of their favourite Disney characters and learning how to draw characters in the Animation Academy drawing sessions. My love for drawing and cartooning got me too excited to enjoy this attraction a lot, though It’s sad to see it closed down now. I sure was lucky enough to experience the artistic magic.

Toy Story Midway Mania

Rating – Huge Recommend


Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin was fun, but Toy Story Midway Mania was even better. This 3D interactive ride gets people to shoot fast at targets to reach a high score. Like Haunted Mansion, this was another ride I went on twice that kept me smiling overall. Too bad I end up in third place compare to my sister and her husband. They’re better at targeting and shooting than me.


Rating – Check it Out Must Recommend


A night show that tells a tale of Mickey casting magic and stopping the iconic evil villains from Disney movies. While it got some really cheesy moments, the firework displays, live-action acts and imagery projecting on the water fountains was made it worth watching. It had some moments that I really liked, but it’s definitely a show that the little kids will get highly invested more.       

Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror

Rating – Check it Out or Must Recommend (at least once)


This is one of the scariest rides to try out in Disney World and surprisingly I had fun riding this terrifying attraction. It only got scary when the ride drops down for a few seconds only because it feels like you’re getting off of your seat as it goes down like an elevator. The popular Tower of Terror should be tried at least once. If you weren’t afraid of it, then props to you for riding it again.


And that wraps up the reviews for the attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I hope these quick reviews have helped those who are planning to go to Disney World someday. Stay tune for more Disney content real soon with my thoughts on Epcot and the Animal Kingdom. Thanks for reading!


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