Review Quickies – DisneyWorld Attractions at The Magic Kingdom


Hey everyone! T-McBee here with a new segment on my blog titled Review Quickies, where I do quick reviews on things that I’ve checked out and experienced written in a few sentences. But the best part about this new blog segment is that it will be introduced on Disney Week, starting with my thoughts on my experience on the attractions at the Magic Kingdom.

 Most people are aware about the happiest park at Disney World as it is an iconic place that highly represents Disney the most. Lots of the popular attractions are at the Magic Kingdom and even though I didn’t try all of them (the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was closed when I was there due to renovations), there was a lot to do at the most happiest place on Earth.

Here’s the review scoreboard and how I review things for this blog segment:

Rating Score
Huge Recommend – Excellent
Must Recommend – Great
Check it Out – Good or Okay
Meh! – Mediocre or Don’t Care
Burn it in Oil! – Bad or Hate it

Now it’s time to explore the magic, wonder and happiness in the first ever Review Quickies segment.


Dumbo Flying Circus

Rating – Meh! 

When Elephants Fly

The Dumbo Flying Circus is definitely a family ride for sure that even little kids will not get scared of (unless if you have a fear of heights whenever controlling Dumbo to go up). I thought to give it a shot only because it’s an iconic ride at Disney World, but turned out to be a really harmless ride. If I weren’t in my late 20’s, I probably would have given the ride a higher score.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Rating – Meh! – Check it Out


Since me and roller coasters mostly don’t get along well, trying Big Thunder Mountain Railroad on the first day wasn’t such a good idea. It had its fun moments, but it’s unexpected sharp turns made me scream like a wimp and get quite disappointed about the ride. It wasn’t the worst just because my screaming moments sure gave myself and some riders a grand laugh. 😛

Mickey’s Philharmagic

Rating – Must Recommend


Even though the 3D models in this 4D animated show looks slightly outdated, it’s impressively fun that’ll entertain kids and adults. The movie centers around Donald Duck causing crazy mischief using Mickey’s sorcerer hat. This leads him to jump into scenes from Disney films and needs to get the hat back before Mickey arrives. It’s worth checking out if you like Disney’s iconic characters.

The Hall of Presidents

Rating – Check it Out (at least once)


For any non-Americans like myself should check out The Hall of Presidents at least once to know about America’s presidential history, as well as checking out the cool animatronic of the U.S. presidents. As impressively details and life-like the animatronic presidents looked and moved, you see less of them during the presentation, which I didn’t give Hall of Preisdents a perfect score.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Track

Rating – Must Recommend

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

One of the roller coasters at Disney World that I can tolerate and had so much fun on. I felt pretty comfortable riding on The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train due to the ride balancing its fast roller coaster movements and slow down times where you go through the decorative scenery of the popular scenes involving the Dwarfs from Snow White. It’s even better riding the track at night.

It’s a Small World

Rating – Check it Out (At least once)


Normally people who ride on “It’s a Small World” loathes it due to hearing the song constantly throughout the slow pacing boat ride. Strange enough that I didn’t get that same annoyed reaction like most people did only because I knew what to expect. I just sang out Simpsons version titled “Duff Beer for Me” with my sister once the puppetry kids sang the song in English.

Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

Rating – Check it Out


A cute ride that displays animatronic characters from The Little Mermaid re-acting famous scenes from the movie with a few changes that isn’t like the movie, such as Scuddle narrating the tale in a corny fashion. It’s a colourful ride that the kiddies or fans of The Little Mermaid will enjoy. Whoever made the animatronic figure of Ursula for that ride did an awesome job on her!

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Rating – Check it Out (for breakfast reservations) 


My sister, her husband and I could only get reservations for breakfast at Be Our Guest and it wasn’t too bad. It got confusing to understand the service and getting a table, but the overall experience was good. The food was also good too, but it wasn’t amazing like the other restaurants we’ve went to. The restaurant is worth seeing for it’s beautiful decor from Beauty and the Beast.

The Enchanted Tiki Room

Rating – Check it Out – Must Recommend


This is a cute show that presents animatronic birds, tiki-heads and plants singing tropical and 1940’s style songs to the audience. Surprisingly the main song used for the show got stuck in my head than the one used for It’s a Small World, which annoyed my sister for a while. The main parrots were comically adorable and were the highlight of the Enchanted Tiki Room. It’s a nice time waster.

Space Mountain

Rating – Burn it in Oil! 


Hate this ride –Period! This dark, sharp turning, roller coaster made me scream like Chris Tucker from The Fifth Element and I sure wasn’t happy once I got off it. It didn’t help either that I rode it at 11pm feeling cranky as hell. Props to those who can handle riding Space Mountain, but this is one ride I will never go back to. Just take me to Its a Small World to calm my nerves down!

Haunted Mansion

Rating – Huge Recommend

For someone that gets easily scared of horror content and films, Haunted Mansion is a spooky fun attraction with a lot of silliness to it. The little kids would probably get scared of the haunted decor and surprises during the ride, but it is creatively impressive that captured the haunted house vibe so well. Haunted Mansion is such a delight that I even rode it twice during my trip.

Buzz Lightyears’ Space Ranger Spin

Rating – Check it Out – Must Recommend


This interactive Toy Story theme attraction is a slow paced ride that gets people to shoot at upcoming targets using their laser guns attached in their carts. It’s a fun ride that makes kids and adults reach the high score, even if there were times I wasn’t sure whether I was aiming the targets accurately or not. It’s a fun, interactive ride to check out when you’re not on a tight schedule.

Main Street Electrical Parade

Rating – Must Recommend


It’s no trip to Disney World without seeing at least one parade there. I only got to see its famous Electrical Parade on my last day and it was delightfully fun. It makes you feel like a kid at heart seeing all the pretty flashy floats going by, waving happily at the people dressed up as Disney characters. It would have gotten a Huge Recommend score if it had more characters in the parade.


And those were all the attractions and rides I checked out at the Magic Kingdom. I hope this has helped or amused you guys who are interest in the attractions at Disney World, or have plans to go to Disney World in the future. But it’s not over for Review Quickies yet, as I will have my quick thoughts on Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot and the Animal Kingdom real soon on Disney Week!


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