T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 15 Mickey Mouse Cartoons


L-L-Legit! You are now reading more cartoon goodness on the Legit Animation Blog. Now it’s time to appreciate Mickey Mouse for this post on Disney Week.

The iconic mouse that made Disney big today is loved by many people with his every man tone and optimistic personality. Some people see Mickey Mouse more of a corporate mascot, he does have a personality that audiences can adore, especially through the ton memorable animated shorts starring Disney’s iconic and lovable character.

Here’s T-McBee’s listing my Top 15 Mickey Mouse Cartoons. For this list, I’ll be accepting the canon ones that are listed in the Walt Disney Treasure Collection, so ones from Mickey Mouseworks, House of Mouse and the 2013 Mickey Mouse cartoons will be saved for a future list. Also please keep in mind that the choices are my personal favourites. So please don’t get mad if you don’t see your favourite Mickey Mouse cartoons on this blog.

Now everyone, it’s time to cheer out and yell out M-I-C, K-E-Y, to begin the list.


15. Mickey’s Delayed Date



Mickey’s Delayed Date is one cartoon that I enjoyed a lot as a kid, where Mickey forgets his date with Minnie and has to rush off to get ready and meet up with her. I kind of like this cartoon because it expands Mickey’s and Minnie’s relationship and how their time together isn’t always perfect. Plus I can relate with this cartoon when hang out events are being made and some people I knew had a tendency to delay or not show up to the get together. The cartoon has a pretty simple plot than other Mickey Mouse cartoons I’ve seen, it’s overall a cute one to watch.

14. Mickey and the Seal



A really cute, yet funny short that sets Mickey in the park feeding fish to seals at the zoo, but one baby seal follows him home and doesn’t notices it except for Pluto. I’ve always liked this one as a kid and surprisingly it still holds up with a lot of funny gags. It’s hilarious to see Mickey so annoyed with Pluto, who’s trying to convince him that there’s a seal in the house. Not to mention the bath scene with Mickey and the baby seal, as well as the ending of this cartoon will get any kid chuckling right away. This was also the first cartoon that Jimmy McDonald voiced as Mickey Mouse.

13. The Pointer



The 1939 classic cartoon The Pointer is the first cartoon to introduce Mickey Mouse with the cute rounder eyes. I personally have a soft spot for this one just because Mickey Mouse in the beginning acts like a dog owner to Pluto, like helping him to become a good pointer or scolds at him when he chases the quails away. But the one scene that makes me remember this cartoon the most is when Mickey encounters a big bear and nervously talks to him. I guess Mickey’s hesitant tone got me chuckling with that specific scene whenever I watch this Mickey Mouse classic.

12. The Symphony Hour



A lot of cartoons in Golden Age Era of Animation made shorts that involve conducting orchestral band scenarios and The Symphony Hour was one of them. Mickey Mouse and the gang perform a beautifully orchestral piece to Pete, but it goes all downhill at the actual show when their music sound atrocious to listen to. Despite the badly Italian stereotype from Pete’s character, it is one hysterical cartoon that you check out at least once. Not to mention this is one cartoon you see the famous mouse pointing a gun at one of the characters. Damn Mickey, you scary!

11. Mickey’s Christmas Carol



I wasn’t too sure if I was going to add Mickey’s Christmas Carol on this list due to the character not being the major star of this adaptation of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. However, it is a childhood classic that I like to watch almost every Christmas. While you see more of Scrooge McDuck as Ebeneezer Scrooge in this 24 minute cartoon, Mickey’s parts as Bob Cratchit are easily memorable and plays the role of that character perfectly. It also blew my childhood mind to see one of the happiest characters in the world shedding a tear in one pretty sad scene.

10. The Mad Doctor



Those who appreciate black and white cartoons from the 30s are aware about the weird and creepy imagery that have shown in these animated shorts during that time. The 1933 classic The Mad Doctor is a short about Mickey Mouse that sees his pal Pluto being kidnapped by a mad scientist and follows the two into a scary haunted house. Mickey must go through scary rooms and escape dangerous traps to save his canine friend. I specifically like this cartoon for its eerie environments that still gives me slight shivers down my spine even to this day.

9. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice



The 1940’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Disney’s Fantasia is a classic that people will always remember Mickey Mouse in. The cartoon is about the wizard’s apprentice (played by Mickey) who mischievously takes Yensid’s magic hat to make the broomsticks come to life and finish off his chores. However, the magic he casts goes wrong with this one simple task. This cartoon heavily relies actions to sync with the music to tell a story and using no dialogue at all. That’s how you do animation right! It’s not a huge personal favourite, though I can see why people like this cartoon a lot.

8. Mickey’s Garden



Mickey’s Garden is a Disney classic I remember watching all the time as a kid and still like it today. The short is about Mickey trying to exterminate the bugs that’s eating his vegetable crops. But the poison gas gets to him as he and his pal Pluto are shrunken down inside the garden, needing to avoid the dangerous insects and creatures inhabiting it. Normally cartoons set in a bug size world is not my cup of tea, but this cartoons packs a unique colour palette and trippy imagination to make this Mickey short fun (or maybe scary if the drunken and wild bugs terrify you).

7. Mickey’s Band Concert



While I haven’t seen much of the 1935 Mickey Mouse cartoon The Band Concert as a kid, I began to appreciate it later once I got older. Though it had other characters in the short (especially Donald interrupting the concert with his flute playing), but Mickey was still the main lead of the cartoon. As much as I love Symphony Hour, Band Concert just did the orchestral playing scenario better. Seeing the silent, but furious Mickey to finish playing the song in his concert was one of the most amusing things I’ve seen in a Disney animated short. This one will make you laugh for sure.

6. Thru the Mirror



I’m sure some are you are bummed that the classic Thru the Mirror short didn’t make it at my number one spot. However, I can see why this Mickey Mouse cartoon is loved by so many people. It is the only cartoon that Mickey doesn’t need other characters like Goofy or Donald Duck to make the cartoon enjoyable. It uses a lot of creativity in the scenes where Mickey interacts with inanimate objects with faces on them in the surreal mirrored world. Thru the Mirror has impressive animations, great attention to detail in its environment background and lots of plain cards shuffling.

5. Mickey’s Good Deed



The 1932 Disney classic Mickey’s Good Deed takes a dramatic direction with the short than your average Mickey Mouse cartoon. Mickey and Pluto are homeless performing music on the streets to earn food for the holidays. A butler sees Pluto and bribes Mickey to have him for a spoiled kid, but Mickey refuses. Though after seeing a poor family with no food and money, Mickey decides to give Pluto away in order to help the family out. It’s a bittersweet cartoon that plays more on emotions than comedy. It’s my favourite Disney short from the Black and White era of animation.

4. Runaway Brains



What happens when you take Micky Mouse to the 90s that reference older Disney cartoons and horror movie motifs? Well, you definitely get the 1995 Disney short, “Runaway Brains”. This modern Mickey short had some pretty twisted and quite dark imagery for a Mickey Mouse cartoon that packed lots of action and comedy in this oddly, hilarious cartoon. It’s your typical swap bodies plot-line, but really makes it different when you see a wild vicious Mickey Mouse on the loose. Plus Kelsey Grammar’s performance as Dr. Frankenollie was pretty damn hysterical.

3. Mickey’s Parrot



Mickey’s Parrot is one cartoon I would watch a lot as a kid and it still remains as my favourite cartoon starring Mickey and Pluto. Basically Mickey and Pluto think that a killer has trespassed into their house, but it’s rather a chattering parrot that’s making all of the stuttering commotion. What’s amusing about the cartoon is the build up of Mickey and Pluto getting overly protective and wild to take down “the killer” inside the house. I thought the parrot was hilarious as a kid, but he’s a little annoying now I’m much older. But either way, it’s still an enjoyable cartoon to watch.

2. Prince and the Pauper



Not all cartoon shorts have to be 6-8 minutes long. Some can be even longer and be considered as an animated short. Take Disney’s adaptation of The Prince and the Pauper that stars two Mickeys with pretty distinctive tones. I personally thought this was the late Wayne Allwine’s best performance as Mickey Mouse who was able to carry the same iconic pitch voice for Mickey, but used a proper royalty tone for the Prince character. I adore the animations, shading and environment shots of this cartoon and wished it was a full-length animated film. But what we got is still okay.

1. Brave Little Tailor



If someone asked me what was my favourite Mickey Mouse short was, I would say The Brave Little Tailor right away. This is a cartoon I remember from beginning to end and while it does some changes than the story it’s based on, it is charmingly entertaining. I also like Mickey’s encounter with the giant in this cartoon as it provided many laughs and risky objectives that Mickey had to go and escape from the giant in order to stop him. This colourful animated short featuring the iconic mouse will definitely stay in my memories for years to come.


And that’s wraps up my favourite Mickey Mouse cartoons. You’re welcome to mention your favourite shorts starring the famous mouse by leaving a comment below.Stay tune for more cartoon and animation fun on Disney Week. See you real soon.


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2 Comments on “T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 15 Mickey Mouse Cartoons”

  1. thehande Says:

    I loved Brave Little Taylor too. In fact, I think I liked it even better than the “Jack and the Beanstock” style segment of Mickey, Donald and Goofy in “Fun and Fancy Free”.

    • TMcBee Says:

      I’ll agree with that for sure (though those cartoons aren’t based on the same story). Mickey and the Beanstalk is decent. I loved it when I was younger, but I find it alright nowadays.

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