T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 5 Pixar Films


L-L-Legit! You are reading a new list of the Legit Animation Blog. Time to move on with Disney Week with Pixar Films.

It’s amazing how far Pixar have gone a long way to produce and improve creatively with their CGI animated features and refining computer animation medium over time. There’s still quite little in their library compared to what Disney have made, but someday they’ll have more films to be appreciated and easily memorable to everyone alike.

This is T-McBee with a list of my Top 5 Pixar Films. Please keep in mind that the following choices are just my personal preferences so don’t get angry if you don’t see your favourites on my list. Now then, let’s appreciate the classic features from Pixar to begin the countdown.


5. Toy Story


I definitely got to put the first full length CGI film at least in the top 5 of my list of favourite Pixar films. Toy Story was the first Pixar film I watched in theaters and seeing it at eight years old blew my little mind away. What makes Toy Story hold up is the idea of toys coming alive when kids and parents aren’t around. The film really changed animated movies with much personality in its story and characters. While the film’s visuals does show its age, it still looks impressive for a CGI movie done in 1995. The Pixar team needed extreme patience working on this movie using Windows 95 computers.

4. Up


The first time I’ve watched Up, I thought it was a good movie. The second time I watched it, the film was even better. It’s one of the most original films I’ve seen from Pixar, with some funny scene that got me laughing and really good heart-tugging moments that nearly made me cry (especially the 10-11 minute opening scene). While I liked Carl, Russel and Doug as the main leads and enjoyed their adventure together in the movie, the third act is where the film kind of looses my interest. It was alright overall but still had some strong moments that gave me the feels. Now I can see why so many people really love Up and that lovable talking dog.

3. Toy Story 2


I’ve placed Toy Story 2 in my old list of Favourite Animated Films of All Time. While it’s still a great sequel to watch with returning and new characters in the Toy Story franchise, I personally don’t see it as number one from the company. What this sequel does right is not retelling the same story, as well as giving more detail on characters that we know little about, like Woody and Jesse. The film also developed characters further in the film like Buzz Lightyear with his enemy Emperor Zurg or Mr.Potato Head in a relationship with Mrs. Potato Head. Not to mention Toy Story 2 is the only movie I know that features blooper scenes, which we rarely see in animation.

2. Inside Out


It’s great that Pixar made a film that’ll bring many emotions with Inside Out (see what I did there?). Sure, the concept about little voices inside our heads have been done already, but this movie executes the idea cleverly, creatively and emotionally that makes it a memorable experience. The film is really aimed for more adults than kids, which contained jokes and themes that older audiences would comprehend more. Some Pixar films are known to make viewers cry, but this film nearly got me in tears during the theaters. I also loved the main characters of Riley’s emotions as they packed up so much personality that don’t act one dimensional. Inside Out brings back the classy Pixar vibe fans liked ever since Toy Story to kids and grown ups of this generation.

1. Finding Nemo


What’s funny about me picking Finding Nemo at the number one spot is that I went through so much phases to whether like this movie or not. I enjoyed it when I saw it in theaters the first time, but then it got too hyped that people won’t stop talking about it in 2003. Does that sound familiar Frozen haters? But now that the movie isn’t extremely hyped, I really have a soft spot for Finding Nemo where I can watch it from beginning to end. I would quote a lot from the film, and I’m not the only one. Friends and some of my family members I know personally would join along to quote and appreciate this film. Marlin and Dory as the main leads were very likable as they really made this fish swimming adventure a ton of fun and not boring to watch one bit.


And that wraps up my five best animated films from Pixar. What are your favourite movies by the company? You’re welcome to mention your favourites by leaving a comment below. That’s all for today but don’t be down as more Disney lists will continue on with Disney Week. Thanks for reading.


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2 Comments on “T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 5 Pixar Films”

  1. thehande Says:

    I was never the biggest Pixar fan. Toy Story definitely blew me away when I was younger but I think of it now as mainly okay. I did like Bug’s Life a lot as well as Up and Finding Nemo.

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