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L-L-Legit! You are now reading more cartoon goodness on the Legit Animation Blog. Now it’s time to act goofy for Goofy in this post for Disney Week!

Goofy is one of the silliest Disney characters that’ll get audience at any age laughing for his clumsy gags and foolish behaviour. While it was tough for me to pick cartoons starring the character on his own (I prefer him with Mickey and Donald the most), there are still some great animated shorts starring the comedic dog-man that we may question his hybrid look, but still admire his sense of humour.

Here’s T-McBee’s listing my Top 15 Goofy Cartoons. For this post, I’ll be listing the canon cartoons that are listed in the Walt Disney Treasure Collection, so ones from Mickey Mouseworks, House of Mouse and the 2013 Mickey Mouse cartoons will be saved for a future list. Also please keep in mind that the choices are my personal favourites. So please don’t get mad at me if you don’t see your favourite Goofy cartoons on this specific post.

Now then, let’s holler for joy in a goofy manner to begin the countdown!


15. How to Be a Detective



This one’s a pretty interesting “How To” cartoon featuring everyone’s favourite comedic character, especially if you wanna see a lot of action in a cartoon. This detective crime setting for this animated short is filled with a lot of fun bumbling moments from Goofy, but it’s surprisingly hardcore with the violent content it shows like gun shooting, gun pointing and silhouettes of victims being taken down by criminals. It has a tone that you’ll find in film noir detective movies, but throws in a lot of silly moments into the picture, especially the humourous car scene near the end.

14. Goofy Gymnastics



The 1949 cartoon Goofy Gymnastic is one of the most popular Disney shorts that was ever created by the company, appearing in multiple TV specials and shown briefly in one scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The scenario of this cartoon is just Goofy trying to use his new exercise equipment in his very own home, but using them brings such disastrously, funny results that ends up wrecking his house. While it isn’t my all time favourite cartoon starring Goofy, it is an extremely memorable animated short with a simple concept that presents funny slapstick material.

13. Cold War



We all gets colds once in a while, even Goofy as George Geef demonstrates the struggle and pain of getting a cold in a goofy fashion. The 1951 cartoon short Cold War gets me chuckling due to some of the scenes that everyone can relate to when getting sick, such as needing someone to take care of them or workers denying that they’re feeling fine even though they’re not. The vibrant colours and the droopy animations of the very ill looking Goofy really makes this cartoon funny and amusing from beginning to end. We feel your pain Goofy, we’ve been sick like you before.

12. Goofy and Wilbur



Goofy was always tagged with Mickey and Donald in many cartoons in the 1930s, but it was nice to finally see the first cartoon that starred Goofy alone in Goofy and Wilbur. It’s a sweet cartoon where Goofy is fishing with his grasshopper friend Wilbur, but things can get out of hand when Wilbur gets eaten by fishes and other animals in the marsh. Wilbur gets more screen time than Goofy in this cartoon, but I simply like this one for its animations. There’s a lot of detail on Goofy’s hands at close up shots, including seeing Goofy without his gloves on in a few scenes.

11. Baggage Buster



The 1941 animated short Baggage Buster relies more on the visuals to tell its story. Goofy takes a simple task by boarding a magicians trunk on a train before it leaves. But even a simple objective like that gives Goofy a hard time with all the tricks and magic happening from the trunk. This is a cartoon may have little dialogue from Goofy, but the animations on the character in the cartoon are really remarkable. You can tell that the animators used a lot of real life references and rotoscope techniques to capture those believable movements on everyone’s favourite goofball.

10. The Big Wash



Here’s a comedic and cute cartoon featuring Goofy and an elephant named Dolores in the 1948 short The Big Wash. In this cartoon, Goofy works at the circus to take care of an elephant. He at one point prepares a bath for Dolores, but she gets scared and runs away from it (though it’s strange to see since real elephants enjoy water. Guess she hates the soap product). It’s a really colourful cartoon that will definitely make anyone laugh for sure. The best part of this specific short are Dolores herself (she’s expresses some really funny facial expressions) and Goofy’s silly singing.

9. No Smoking



Definitely a cartoon that Disney wouldn’t air nowadays. Seeing Goofy as George Geef having a smoking habit will immediately uproar parents in North America. I personally think this cartoon is quite relevant today as it displays the terrible habits of smoking and how it effects the behaviour of someone with this addiction (though done in a goofy style). Even Goofy snapping out after he quits smoking is bizarre yet hilarious at the same time. Thank goodness I do not smoke at all and I thank the cartoon  No Smoking to get me away from those disgusting death sticks.

8. A Knight for a Day



This 1946 animated short titled A Knight for a Day tells your typical story of two knights in a jousting competition to win the heart of a princess, but it certainly packs a punch of personality with its comedy and animations. What I really like about this Goofy cartoon is making the two Goofy jousters have their armour outfits feel more fluid in movement to give them character rather than looking all stiff and uninteresting. It’s a wacky cartoon that’ll get any audience laughing and intrigued, even if viewers will know which knight will win in the end.

7. Teachers are People



The 1952 animated short Teachers are People is one cartoon that any teacher can relate to when teaching a class filled with kids. I get quite a laugh from this cartoon only because the stories I hear from people I know who are teachers almost deal with the same things that are being demonstrated in this Goofy short, except not done in a very exaggerated manner. That kid George would definitely go to juvenile hall to bring a grenade to school. Freaking psycho dude! While it has an outdated feel due to the cartoon being made in the 50s,  it’s a great cartoon with many laughs.

6. The Art of Skiing



Goofy in The Art of Skiing is a Disney classic from my childhood as I would always see it on TV and Disney TV specials. It’s is one of the earliest How To cartoons, as well as being the first cartoon that introduced Goofy’s iconic hollering to audiences. I simply like the snowy environments, the use of random yodeling during some scene transitions and the narrator always mentioning the line “Skiing, pronounced Sheeing” in this fun but chilled cartoon. There are ton of crazy stunts and falls that Goofy does in this animated short that are impossible to do or will kill you in real life.

5. Crazy with the Heat



I added this cartoon classic in my old list of Top 10 Donald Duck cartoons back in 2012, but since this animated short also features Goofy, I’ll count it on the list too. Goofy had some really fun moments in Crazy with the Heat in a setting where he and Donald are in the middle of a desert. The scene I remember the most when watching this cartoon is where Goofy finds a transparent looking soda fountain getting tricked by the mirage beverages served by the shop’s owner. There’s also a funny scene where Goofy checks the map, but I won’t spoil it because it’s way too funny.

4. Hockey Homicide



Now you’re probably thinking that I had to pick the 1945 short Hockey Homicide due to my Canadian culture where we appreciate hockey, right? No, as a matter of fact, I simply like this Goofy cartoon more for its brutal, but extremely over the top humour. Somehow you wonder how these Goofy characters survive the pains and rough housing by seeing all of them going completely berserk over one hockey game. While the humour is spot on, the reuse of similar animations (though used for one running gag) can get slightly old. But either way, it’s still a great short overall.

3. How to Hook Up Your Home Theater



It’s nice to see a modern Goofy short that gives recent animators and voice actors to produce a Disney cartoon to older and newer audiences. Bill Farmer (as Goofy) and Corey Burton (as the Narrator) really give their best in this well animated short feature. It’s filled with so much detail and movements in every scene, and even had some funny moments that easily got me chuckling right away. Fans of electronics and football will definitely get a kick from this cartoon. But even if you aren’t a fan of those specific things, you’ll still enjoy the animated short from start to finish.

2. How to Dance



How to Dance is another childhood classic that I remember seeing a lot in Disney TV specials (especially around Valentines Day). What I really like about the cartoon is the story scenario with Goofy learning how to dance so he could boost up his confidence to dance comfortably at public night events. I know people in real life that are afraid to dance and this feels like the perfect cartoon for them to appreciate the concept of dancing…except for the ending. It’ll probably traumatize them for life, even though the ending is meant to be funny overall.

1. Tomorrow We Diet!



Funny that the George Geef character isn’t my favourite Goofy, but my all time favourite cartoon that features this type of Goofy is Tomorrow We Diet. This is one cartoon I remember watching constantly as a kid as I liked the concept of Goofy’s reflection helping the real Goofy to avoid eating so much. I can definitely relate to this cartoon so much for loving food, can sometimes eat big proportions and surprisingly can be called big even though I’m not overweight at all. It’s a fun and colourful cartoon that anyone can understand food temptation and how hard it is to avoid it.


And that’s wraps up my favourite Goofy cartoons. You’re welcome to mention your favourite shorts starring Goofy by leaving a comment below. Stay tune for more Disney content goodness that’ll appear on Disney Week this month. See ya!


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