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T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 20 Donald Duck Cartoons (Remake. Well, Sort Of)

July 18, 2015


L-L-Legit! You are now reading a post from the Legit Animation Blog with more animation and cartoon fun on Disney Week!

Well this is it everyone! The last Disney content post that’ll show for Disney Week this month to end and I decided to do something big for this one. Three years ago, I did a list on my favourite Donald Duck cartoons, which was one of the first written countdowns I submitted to Since Donald Duck is one of my favourite fictional characters ever, I think he deserves a better list with now 20 choices instead of 10. I know I’m not the only person on this planet who appreciates this positive minded, yet very hot-headed duck. Maybe I should move to Europe who sees him as an iconic mascot to Disney rather than Mickey Mouse. ūüėõ

     This is T-McBee listing down my Top 20 Donald Duck Cartoons. For this post, I’ll be listing the canon cartoons that are listed in the Walt Disney Treasure Collection, so ones from Mickey Mouseworks, House of Mouse and the 2013 Mickey Mouse cartoons will be saved for a future list. Also no full length films on the list like the Three Cabarellos. I already placed that movie in my Top 10 Disney Animated Films list that was posted this week. And one last thing, the choices on this post are just my personal favourites. So please don’t get mad at me if you don’t see your favourite Donald Duck cartoons on this specific post.

Now lets go quacking away and control our tempers to begin the countdown!


20. Chef Donald



The 1941 short Chef Donald is all about Donald following a recipe from a radio show, but things go terribly wrong when he tries to get his waffle mix out of the bowl due to distractedly putting a different ingredient instead of baking powder. What really works in the cartoon are the scenes with Donald trying to take out his mix, using as much force as he can. Even using an ax at one point to break apart the bouncy waffle mix. The organ music played in the back makes the cartoon feel kind of dry, but Donald’s battle with the mixing bowl is what ranks up the comedy high.

19. Cured Duck



We’re all aware about Donald’s extreme short-temper and it was nice to see a cartoon where he tries to fix his temper tantrums in order to be with Daisy. The cartoon begins with Donald visiting Daisy and does the offer to open her living room window. But that gives him a hard as he finally flips and starts smashing the house, making Daisy completely disappointed about his rage. Donald finds a way to cure his behaviour by using an insult machine (or get assaulted by it). The cartoon never gets old with unexpected gags for all the trouble Donald went through to control his temper.

18. Rugged Bear



I’m not a huge fan of Donald Duck shorts from the 50s and 60s. but there are a few that hold up well today, especially ones featuring Donald and Humphrey the Bear. They’re definitely a funny pair together and I personally think Rugged Bear is by far the best cartoon featuring the two. In the short, Humphrey is in a tight position to either go outside escaping the hunter’s shooting or pretend to stay still as Donald’s bearskin rug. Though Donald is more of a co-star than a lead in this one, it’s funny to see him not notice that he’s got a real bear inside his cabin.

17. Donald Duck and the Gorilla



A cartoon about a terrifying gorilla entering Donald’s house to scare him and his nephews away would probably scare little kids. Though as you get older, you really laugh at the comedic gags shown in Donald Duck and the Gorilla. This was one cartoon that would always play on TV specials around Halloween and I remember laughing at the moments where Donald runs away from Ajax the Gorilla or where he and his nephews are tiptoeing in the hallways. I also like the animations in this cartoon, where it displays some really well drawn facial expressions on the characters.

16. Toy Tinkers



Chip and Dale causing mischief in the old Disney shorts wasn’t something I grew up to love over time, but the only cartoon that features them causing trouble that I can still like as an adult today is with Donald Duck in the 1949 cartoon Toy Tinkers. This was an animated short I would watch around Christmas,where me and my sister would always prefer watching this cartoon over Pluto’s Christmas Tree (still a good cartoon though). Toy Tinkers has good gags overall, especially near the end with Donald and Chip and Dale going at it with a toy combat battle in the living room.

15. Crazy with the Heat



I went on about Crazy with the Heat on the old list and in my recent countdown on Goofy cartoons, so I won’t go too long on this choice. I’ve already mentioned the funny scenes with Goofy from the short, but what about the ones with Donald? We’ll he’s got some ¬†fun moments too, but I personally think Goofy’s comedic delivery was handled better in the cartoon. The funniest bit with Donald was him seeing a big icicle in the middle of the desert, but turns out to be mirages playing on him. I enjoyed this one as a kid as it still holds some fun nostalgia whenever I see it again.

14. Officer Duck



Mickey Mouse and Pete are big rivals in the Disney Classics franchise, but sometimes Donald can go up against the nasty Pete and bring such amusing gags to the audience. There are ton of great cartoons featuring Donald Duck and Pete from the 30s-60s, but I think the 1939 cartoon Officer Duck is the one I enjoyed the most. Donald is an officer who’s on a mission to arrest Tiny Tom (aka Pete), but tricks him to disguise himself as a baby in order to take Tom to jail. It’s a fun and charming cartoon that features Pete’s sweet side to children and Donald’s adorable baby impression.

13. Donald’s Dilemma



Donald’s Dilemma is an interesting cartoon where Daisy is the center star rather than Donald. Daisy goes to a therapist to tell her story about Donald getting hit by a falling flower pot, but changes him mentally when he becomes a singing sensation while seeing Daisy as a complete nobody. This one had a dramatic feel and than other Donald Duck cartoons, displaying some dark scenes of Daisy getting depressed and going mad crazy over losing him. The colours, animations and sympathetic storytelling (though over dramatic at times) is what really shines in this cartoon.

12. Donald’s Better Self



Donald’s got a unique pair of inner voices of good and evil telling him what to do in the 1938 classic Donald’s Better Self. What unique about this cartoon was having Donald’s good and evil side be full sized figures with pretty distinctive voices rather than having Donald’s quack-ish voice. It’s a simple of plot about Donald and his good side going to school (isn’t he too old for school?), but instead plays hookie with his evil side. I find it a good cartoon to teach viewers and kids of what’s right and wrong to do in life. Going to school is okay, but skipping school to smoke is not.

11. Donald’s Double Trouble



The 1946 cartoon Donald’s Double Trouble was one cartoon I would always see during Valentine’s Day as it involved Daisy getting mad at Donald for not having the qualities that she wants to see from a man. Donald hires a lookalike with sophisticated mannerisms to win Daisy’s heart back, but even his doppelganger takes the advantage to have Daisy for himself. It is a charmingly fun cartoon that takes the love triangle format and presents it with great funny material. It’s even more hysterical when Donald’s plan gets worse every minute. He can’t get a break sometimes, huh?

10. Donald’s Lucky Day



Nobody likes Friday the 13th, but it’s seems like Donald still manages to deliver a package on that day in the 1939 cartoon Donald’s Lucky Day. This one is filled with many gags associated with Friday the 13th and it’s bad luck signs where Donald encounters a black cat that follows him around while delivering the unusual package. I especially like the cartoon for having some atmospheric environment shots of the streets and docks at night. The first act of this cartoon always makes me smile and get a laugh from Donald and the cat, overall making it a great cartoon.

9. The Autograph Hound



We always have those moments where we want to see our favourite celebrities to get their autographs and this cartoon titled The Autograph Hound showcases the celebrities Donald meets while sneaking into Hollywood Studios and avoiding the guard. I really like some of the designs on the 1930s celebrities that were drawn in the cartoon, like Greta Garbo, The Ritz Brothers and Mickey Rooney. It’s a colourful cartoon that flows nicely with very comedic moments but throws in some adorable moments into the picture, especially when Donald gets Shirley Temple’s autograph.

8. Don’s Fountain of Youth



If there’s one Donald Duck cartoon I like that was made after the 50s, it has to be the 1953 short Don’s Fountain of Youth. Donald takes his nephews on a road trip to Florida where the boys want to do is read comics than sight seeing. Donald finds a fake Fountain of Youth and tricks the nephews that he fell in it and pretends to be turned into a baby. However, things get out of hand when a mother crocodile and her babies gets in the way of Donald’s prank. There were many¬†comedic moments that easily got me laughing out loud, especially Donald acting like a big spoiled brat.

7. Der Fueher’s Face



There were ton of propaganda cartoons during the 1940s when World War 2 hit the world and Der Fueher’s Face featuring Donald Duck is one of those wartime cartoons that surprisingly holds up in my opinion. It’s extremely hilarious to see Donald Duck as a Nazi worker chanting out Hitler’s name, which I felt like Donald is the only character that can pull off being in this dark setting with the comedy mocking Nazis and Hitler presented in the cartoon. What’s even more surprising about the cartoon is that it won an Academy Award for best animated short in 1943.

6. Donald’s Snow Fight



Donald’s Snow Fight is an all-time classic featuring Donald and his nephews in one amusing snowball fight. ¬†I remember watching this one a lot on TV around Christmas time and it still doesn’t get old. It starts off with Donald wrecking Huey, Duey and Louie’s snowman, but things becomes a laughing riot when the nephews get back on Donald in an icy battleship combat, attacking him with fire coal arrows and catapulted snowballs. Just like Toy Tinkers, this one’s a fun cartoon to watch over the winter Holiday season. You’ll have a blast with this one if you haven’t seen it yet.

5. Donald’s Crime



The nominated short Donald’s Crime is a visually appealing cartoon in where Donald steals money from his three nephews’ piggy bank so he can afford going out with Daisy. However, he feels completely guilty for taking the money as he starts to believe he’s a wanted criminal and needs to make amends to pay his nephews back. It is a cleverly made short that’s told in a gangster film noir atmosphere, which fits the setting and visuals so well. I now grow fond of this cartoon than when I was younger with its moral that anyone can all agree on… Crime doesn’t always pay.

4. The Hockey Champ



There are ton of great cartoons featuring Donald Duck with Huey, Duey and Louie, but the one I favour the most is the 1939 cartoon The Hockey Champ. Donald shows off his hockey skills to his nephews, but takes it a bit too far to make Huey, Duey and Louie get back at him. This too was another cartoon that played on TV during Christmas when I was a kid and it  was always my favourite with its beautiful winter painted backgrounds and fun gags that were quick and easily amusing. Great environment atmosphere and fun comedic gags easily makes this one memorable.

3. Drip Dippy Donald



There have been a few cartoons featuring Donald Duck trying to sleep, but have things keeping him up at night. The 1948 cartoon Drip Dippy Donald is one I can really relate to with the “trying to get some rest” scenario. Donald arrives home tired and quickly heads to bed, but rolling curtains and dripping water infuriatingly keeps him up. It’s a pretty chilled cartoon with some well drawn animations, great colours to capture the sleeping hours setting and lots of funny but weird bits that gets me chuckling. I understand your pain Donald, though dripping water doesn’t wake me up.

2. Wide Open Space



The first ever cartoon short featuring Donald Duck that I remember ever since I was a toddler is Wide Open Space. Donald arrives at a motel exhausted, but decides to sleep outside in the wilderness rather than paying 16 dollars for a cot on the porch only available for the night. I’ve always liked this one not only for its setting and animations, but the music scores really syncs with the comedy and animations perfectly. The distractions and things that kept Donald up were inventive, weird and funny all at once. It also had a great ending that’ll make you giggle right away.

1. Donald’s Ostrich



On my old list, I talked about loving lots of aspects in the 1937 classic Donald’s Ostrich, with its funny gags, animations and overall presentation. It takes a simple plot of Donald working at a train station, but deals with a Ostrich that eats anything to rank up the randomness in the cartoon. ¬†The Ostrich herself (though drawn like a male ostrich) is an odd character, but also pretty funny in my opinion, especially whenever she flirts with Donald. The vibe and weirdness in the cartoon was one of my influences in drawing and¬†my strange personality, making it my number one pick.


And that wraps up my Top 20 favourite Donald Duck Cartoons for the end of Disney Week. I hope you stuck around and had a blast reading the Disney content posts I made for Disney Week in July. Thanks for reading everyone! Hope I get the time to share more written countdowns, reviews and other fun goodness real soon or in the future.



T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 10 Muppet Characters

July 17, 2015


L-L-Legit! You’re reading more cartoon goodness on the Legit Animation Blog with Disney Week still happening.

Now this list is a bit of a stretch, but let me discuss about Jim Henson’s iconic puppetry creations of the sensational Muppets for this post on Legit. Puppetry does have a form of animation to them where puppeteers control the lifeless creations of these creative ceramic beings. Therefore, I think it counts to add the Muppet characters for the Legit Animation Blog segment. Not to mention that The Muppets are part of Disney in order for me to continue with Disney Week this week.

Speaking of The Muppets, I think it’s time for me to finally reveal my Top 10 Muppet Characters. The following choices are just personal preferences so don’t yell at me if your favourites don’t make it on my list. And besides, there are ton of Muppet character to choose from, so picking ten only wasn’t that easy.

Now gather around and give the Muppets a round a applause to begin the countdown.


10. Clueless Morgan


Clueless Morgan was a Muppet that was well known in the mid and late 90s that appeared in the television series Muppets Tonight and in the film Muppet’s Treasure Island. He personally was one of my favourite Muppets that was introduced to viewers in the 90s¬†with his dimwitted personality and lines that became comedic gold. Unfortunately, the puppet of Clueless Morgan went missing after his appearance of Muppets Tonight, which is why he hasn’t been around with the Muppets lately. Anyone who can find him, please bring him back to the Henson company!

9. Fozzie Bear


Fozzie Bear is Kermit the Frog’s best friend who’s always there for his friends and enjoys telling jokes that feels like only Kermit can tolerate. Fozzie Bear has an innocent feel to him that no matter how bad his jokes turn out, audience would laugh at the silly puns he shares on the big and little screen. He’s a character that doesn’t relate to me, but definitely reminds me of many people I’ve met or know that say many lame and pun jokes that can get me chuckling or annoyed. Fozzie tries hard to be funny, but we like him only because he’s has the gull to say these lame jokes.

8. Miss Piggy


Whether you like her fashion or hate her sassy attitude, there is a comedic likeness to the leading female from the Muppets. Miss Piggy has a strange love affection for Kermit, who can be a real jerk to others who don’t reach to her diva status (though it’s for comedic purposes that’s not meant to be taken seriously). However, I chuckle so loud every time Miss Piggy gets so feisty and pounds the living hell out of anyone that insults her, especially on celebrity guest stars and real humans. Come on, its a puppet pig who can beat up anyone! What’s not there to like about that?

7. Swedish Chef


A fan favourite from Muppets fans and I can see why The Swedish Chef is loved by so many people. However, I wouldn’t really put him in my top five due to his Swedish accent gibberish speaking somewhat annoying. Not as bad as Beakers high pitch gibberish speaking, but it can get slightly irritating if you hear it too long. What makes the Swedish Chef enjoyable besides the gibberish speaking is just being a terrible chef period. Throwing foods around so carelessly is something you cannot do as a chef. That’s a waste of food right there Swedish Chef!

6. Bobo the Bear


Fozzie Bear is a classic character from the Muppets roster, but there’s another bear character from the Muppets that appeared in the 80s and grew popularity in modern Muppets content. Bobo the Bear is an incompetent, hesitant bear that seem to play as those characters that start off as bad, but more like a bumbling minion that plays on laughs. Though he has his share on playing the good guy as well. Sometimes seeing Bobo the Bear reminds me way too much of my sister’s husband, who nearly got the same mumbling tone and hesitant personality like Bobo the Bear.

5. Statler and Woldorf


The only troll-ish characters from the Muppets franchise that audiences can like and tolerate more than real trolls on the net are Statler and Woldorf. They’re a fan favourite of the franchise in which their main duties are to sit on the higher balcony criticizing the Muppets’ performances. Their harsh criticisms becomes comedic gold for all the things they say whenever they critique others or insult their acts. They’re like the puppet versions of Siskel and Ebert, except they’re old rather than middle aged. We can enjoy their criticisms any day whenever we see them on screen.

4. Sam the Eagle


Political type characters in fictional series would normally turn me off, though Sam the Eagle is one amusing character from the Muppets that takes huge pride of any political matter. I also enjoy his very stern personality, deep voice and bushy uno-brow that really makes him a very stand out character. Not comprehending sarcasm or wacky sayings from the Muppets and taking things so seriously is what gets me laughing so hard with Sam the Eagle. He’ll get my vote right away if he plans to become a candidate to run for President someday!

3. Gonzo & Rizzo the Rat


It was to difficult to either choose Gonzo or Rizzo in the top three just because they are easily likable characters in their own right with such great comedic material they present on the big and little screen. But ever since Henson present these two together in the late 80s and early 90s, it’s best for me to choose both Rizzo and Gonzo on the same spot. This rat and whatever Gonzo’s race is (though he’s confirmed to be an alien in Muppets from Space) not only brought comedy that was memorable, but sometimes showed a sweet friendship that you’ll appreciate from the odd duo.

2. Animal


He’s wild, he like women, he’s Animal! And he’s at number 2 on this list. This savage tone like character really captures the wildness in near perfection with his scruffy fur, sharp teeth and third person speaking in a rough voice. He maybe a crazy womanizer that has the guts to chase any hot lady around, but he’s one rapid fire beating drummer that can play the drums with so much excitement. He’s definitely the opposite of quiet and calm and him going out of his loud, crazy attitude is so hilarious. You gotta enjoy party animals at times like Animal to appreciate life.

1. Kermit the Frog


Not a surprise choice for the number one spot, but what do you expect from a character like Kermit the Frog? From all the iconic characters that represent a creative company like animation, comics and other artistic content, Kermit is my favourite mascot. He’s definitely got a humble personality that can make us laugh right away with his dry humour or make us smile sincerely with his thoughtful songs like Rainbow Connections. Kermit has appeared on Sesame Street, as well as on talk shows and new shows to make audience and real people laugh with joy. He’s the straight man star that we can admire, as well as being a legend to Jim Henson’s legacy and his magnificent company.


And that wraps up my list of my Top 10 Muppet Characters. Thanks for reading and I hope you stay tune for one more list that’ll come tomorrow on this weeks Disney Week! See you real soon.


T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 15 Goofy Cartoons

July 16, 2015


L-L-Legit! You are now reading more cartoon goodness on the Legit Animation Blog. Now it’s time to act goofy for Goofy in this post for Disney Week!

Goofy is one of the silliest Disney characters that’ll get audience at any age laughing for his clumsy gags and foolish behaviour. While it was tough for me to pick cartoons starring the character on his own (I prefer him with Mickey and Donald the most), there are still some great animated shorts starring the comedic dog-man that we may question his hybrid look, but still admire his sense of humour.

Here’s T-McBee’s listing my Top 15 Goofy Cartoons. For this post, I’ll be listing the canon cartoons that are listed in the Walt Disney Treasure Collection, so ones from Mickey Mouseworks, House of Mouse and the 2013 Mickey Mouse cartoons will be saved for a future list. Also please keep in mind that the choices are my personal favourites. So please don’t get mad at me if you don’t see your favourite Goofy cartoons on this specific post.

Now then, let’s holler for joy in a goofy manner to begin the countdown!


15. How to Be a Detective



This one’s a pretty interesting “How To” cartoon featuring everyone’s favourite comedic character, especially if you wanna see a lot of action in a cartoon. This detective crime setting for this animated short is filled with a lot of fun bumbling moments from Goofy, but it’s surprisingly hardcore with the violent content it shows like gun shooting, gun pointing and silhouettes of victims being taken down by criminals. It has a tone that you’ll find in film noir detective movies, but throws in a lot of silly moments into the picture, especially the humourous car scene near the end.

14. Goofy Gymnastics



The 1949 cartoon Goofy Gymnastic is one of the most popular Disney shorts that was ever created by the company, appearing in multiple TV specials and shown briefly in one scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The scenario of this cartoon is just Goofy trying to use his new exercise equipment in his very own home, but using them brings such disastrously, funny results that ends up wrecking his house. While it isn’t my all time favourite cartoon starring Goofy, it is an extremely memorable animated short with a simple concept that presents funny slapstick material.

13. Cold War



We all gets colds once in a while, even Goofy as George Geef demonstrates the struggle and pain of getting a cold in a goofy fashion. The 1951 cartoon short Cold War gets me chuckling due to some of the scenes that everyone can relate to when getting sick, such as needing someone to take care of them or workers denying that they’re feeling fine even though they’re not. The vibrant colours and the droopy animations of the very ill looking Goofy really makes this cartoon funny and amusing from beginning to end. We feel your pain Goofy, we’ve been sick like you before.

12. Goofy and Wilbur



Goofy was always tagged with Mickey and Donald in many cartoons in the 1930s, but it was nice to finally see the first cartoon that starred Goofy alone in Goofy and Wilbur. It’s a sweet cartoon where Goofy is fishing with his grasshopper friend Wilbur, but things can get out of hand when Wilbur gets eaten by fishes and other animals in the marsh. Wilbur gets more screen time than Goofy in this cartoon, but I simply like this one for its animations. There’s a lot of detail on Goofy’s hands at close up shots, including seeing Goofy without his gloves on in a few scenes.

11. Baggage Buster



The 1941 animated short Baggage Buster relies more on the visuals to tell its story. Goofy takes a simple task by boarding a magicians trunk on a train before it leaves. But even a simple objective like that gives Goofy a hard time with all the tricks and magic happening from the trunk. This is a cartoon may have little dialogue from Goofy, but the animations on the character in the cartoon are really remarkable. You can tell that the animators used a lot of real life references and rotoscope techniques to capture those believable movements on everyone’s favourite goofball.

10. The Big Wash



Here’s a comedic and cute cartoon featuring Goofy and an elephant named Dolores in the 1948 short The Big Wash. In this cartoon, Goofy works at the circus to take care of an elephant. He at one point prepares a bath for Dolores, but she gets scared and runs away from it (though it’s strange to see since real elephants enjoy water. Guess she hates the soap product). It’s a really colourful cartoon that will definitely make anyone laugh for sure. The best part of this specific short are Dolores herself (she’s expresses some really funny facial expressions) and Goofy’s silly singing.

9. No Smoking



Definitely a cartoon that Disney wouldn’t air nowadays. Seeing Goofy as George Geef having a smoking habit will immediately uproar parents in North America. I personally think this cartoon is quite relevant today as it displays the terrible habits of smoking and how it effects the behaviour of someone with this addiction (though done in a goofy style). Even Goofy snapping out after he quits smoking is bizarre yet hilarious at the same time. Thank goodness I do not smoke at all and I thank the cartoon ¬†No Smoking to get me away from those disgusting death sticks.

8. A Knight for a Day



This 1946 animated short titled A Knight for a Day tells your typical story of two knights in a jousting competition to win the heart of a princess, but it certainly packs a punch of personality with its comedy and animations. What I really like about this Goofy cartoon is making the two Goofy jousters have their armour outfits feel more fluid in movement to give them character rather than looking all stiff and uninteresting. It’s a wacky cartoon that’ll get any audience laughing and intrigued, even if viewers will know which knight will win in the end.

7. Teachers are People



The 1952 animated short Teachers are People is one cartoon that any teacher can relate to when teaching a class filled with kids. I get quite a laugh from this cartoon only because the stories I hear from people I know who are teachers almost deal with the same things that are being demonstrated in this Goofy short, except not done in a very exaggerated manner. That kid George would definitely go to juvenile hall to bring a grenade to school. Freaking psycho dude! While it has an outdated feel due to the cartoon being made in the 50s, ¬†it’s a great cartoon with many laughs.

6. The Art of Skiing



Goofy in The Art of Skiing is a Disney classic from my childhood as I would always see it on TV and Disney TV specials. It’s is one of the earliest How To cartoons, as well as being the first cartoon that introduced Goofy’s iconic hollering to audiences. I simply like the snowy environments, the use of random yodeling during some scene transitions and the narrator always mentioning the line “Skiing, pronounced Sheeing” in this fun but chilled cartoon. There are ton of crazy stunts and falls that Goofy does in this animated short that are impossible to do or will kill you in real life.

5. Crazy with the Heat



I added this cartoon classic in my old list of Top 10 Donald Duck cartoons back in 2012, but since this animated short also features Goofy, I’ll count it on the list too. Goofy had some really fun moments in Crazy with the Heat in a setting where he and Donald are in the middle of a desert. The scene I remember the most when watching this cartoon is where Goofy finds a transparent looking soda fountain getting tricked by the mirage beverages served by the shop’s owner. There’s also a funny scene where Goofy checks the map, but I won’t spoil it because it’s way too funny.

4. Hockey Homicide



Now you’re probably thinking that I had to pick the 1945 short Hockey Homicide due to my Canadian culture where we appreciate hockey, right? No, as a matter of fact, I simply like this Goofy cartoon more for its brutal, but extremely over the top humour. Somehow you wonder how these Goofy characters survive the pains and rough housing by seeing all of them going completely berserk over one hockey game. While the humour is spot on, the reuse of similar animations (though used for one running gag) can get slightly old. But either way, it’s still a great short overall.

3. How to Hook Up Your Home Theater



It’s nice to see a modern Goofy short that gives recent animators and voice actors to produce a Disney cartoon to older and newer audiences. Bill Farmer (as Goofy) and Corey Burton (as the Narrator) really give their best in this well animated short feature. It’s filled with so much detail and movements in every scene, and even had some funny moments that easily got me chuckling right away. Fans of electronics and football will definitely get a kick from this cartoon. But even if you aren’t a fan of those specific things, you’ll still enjoy the animated short from start to finish.

2. How to Dance



How to Dance is another childhood classic that I remember seeing a lot in Disney TV specials (especially around Valentines Day). What I really like about the cartoon is the story scenario with Goofy learning how to dance so he could boost up his confidence to dance comfortably at public night events. I know people in real life that are afraid to dance and this feels like the perfect cartoon for them to appreciate the concept of dancing…except for the ending. It’ll probably traumatize them for life, even though the ending is meant to be funny overall.

1. Tomorrow We Diet!



Funny that the George Geef character isn’t my favourite Goofy, but my all time favourite cartoon¬†that features this type of Goofy is Tomorrow We Diet. This is one cartoon I remember watching constantly as a kid as I liked the concept of Goofy’s reflection helping the real Goofy to avoid eating so much. I can definitely relate to this cartoon so much for loving food, can sometimes eat big proportions and surprisingly can be called big even though I’m not overweight at all. It’s a fun and colourful cartoon that anyone can understand food temptation and how hard it is to avoid it.


And that’s wraps up my favourite Goofy cartoons. You’re welcome to mention your favourite shorts starring Goofy by leaving a comment below. Stay tune for more Disney content goodness that’ll appear on Disney Week this month. See ya!


T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 15 Mickey Mouse Cartoons

July 14, 2015


L-L-Legit! You are now reading more cartoon goodness on the Legit Animation Blog. Now it’s time to appreciate Mickey Mouse for this post on Disney Week.

The iconic mouse that made Disney big today is loved by many people with his every man tone and optimistic personality. Some people see Mickey Mouse more of a corporate mascot, he does have a personality that audiences can adore, especially through the ton memorable animated shorts starring Disney’s iconic and lovable character.

Here’s T-McBee’s listing my Top 15 Mickey Mouse Cartoons. For this list, I’ll be accepting the canon ones that are listed in the Walt Disney Treasure Collection, so ones from Mickey Mouseworks, House of Mouse and the 2013 Mickey Mouse cartoons will be saved for a future list. Also please keep in mind that the choices are my personal favourites. So please don’t get mad if you don’t see your favourite Mickey Mouse cartoons on this blog.

Now everyone, it’s time to cheer out and yell out M-I-C, K-E-Y, to begin the list.


15. Mickey’s Delayed Date



Mickey’s Delayed Date is one cartoon that I enjoyed a lot as a kid, where Mickey forgets his date with Minnie and has to rush off to get ready and meet up with her. I kind of like this cartoon because it expands Mickey’s and Minnie’s relationship and how their time together isn’t always perfect. Plus I can relate with this cartoon when hang out events are being made and some people I knew had a tendency to delay or not show up to the get together. The cartoon has a pretty simple plot than other Mickey Mouse cartoons I’ve seen, it’s overall a cute one to watch.

14. Mickey and the Seal



A really cute, yet funny short that sets Mickey in the park feeding fish to seals at the zoo, but one baby seal follows him home and doesn’t notices it except for Pluto. I’ve always liked this one as a kid and surprisingly it still holds up with a lot of funny gags. It’s hilarious to see Mickey so annoyed with Pluto, who’s trying to convince him that there’s a seal in the house. Not to mention the bath scene with Mickey and the baby seal, as well as the ending of this cartoon will get any kid chuckling right away. This was also the first cartoon that Jimmy McDonald voiced as Mickey Mouse.

13. The Pointer



The 1939 classic cartoon The Pointer is the first cartoon to introduce Mickey Mouse with the cute rounder eyes. I personally have a soft spot for this one just because Mickey Mouse in the beginning acts like a dog owner to Pluto, like helping him to become a good pointer or scolds at him when he chases the quails away. But the one scene that makes me remember this cartoon the most is when Mickey encounters a big bear and nervously talks to him. I guess Mickey’s hesitant tone got me chuckling with that specific scene whenever I watch this Mickey Mouse classic.

12. The Symphony Hour



A lot of cartoons in Golden Age Era of Animation made shorts that involve conducting orchestral band scenarios and The Symphony Hour was one of them. Mickey Mouse and the gang perform a beautifully orchestral piece to Pete, but it goes all downhill at the actual show when their music sound atrocious to listen to. Despite the badly Italian stereotype from Pete’s character, it is one hysterical cartoon that you check out at least once. Not to mention this is one cartoon you see the famous mouse pointing a gun at one of the characters. Damn Mickey, you scary!

11. Mickey’s Christmas Carol



I wasn’t too sure if I was going to add Mickey’s Christmas Carol on this list due to the character not being the major star of this adaptation of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. However, it is a childhood classic that I like to watch almost every Christmas. While you see more of Scrooge McDuck as Ebeneezer Scrooge in this 24 minute cartoon, Mickey’s parts as Bob Cratchit are easily memorable and plays the role of that character perfectly. It also blew my childhood mind to see one of the happiest characters in the world shedding a tear in one pretty sad scene.

10. The Mad Doctor



Those who appreciate black and white cartoons from the 30s are aware about the weird and creepy imagery that have shown in these animated shorts during that time. The 1933 classic The Mad Doctor is a short about Mickey Mouse that sees his pal Pluto being kidnapped by a mad scientist and follows the two into a scary haunted house. Mickey must go through scary rooms and escape dangerous traps to save his canine friend. I specifically like this cartoon for its eerie environments that still gives me slight shivers down my spine even to this day.

9. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice



The 1940’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Disney’s Fantasia is a classic that people will always remember Mickey Mouse in. The cartoon is about the wizard’s apprentice (played by Mickey) who mischievously takes Yensid’s magic hat to make the broomsticks come to life and finish off his chores. However, the magic he casts goes wrong with this one simple task. This cartoon heavily relies actions to sync with the music to tell a story and using no dialogue at all. That’s how you do animation right! It’s not a huge personal favourite, though I can see why people like this cartoon a lot.

8. Mickey’s Garden



Mickey’s Garden is a Disney classic I remember watching all the time as a kid and still like it today. The short is about Mickey trying to exterminate the bugs that’s eating his vegetable crops. But the poison gas gets to him as he and his pal Pluto are shrunken down inside the garden, needing to avoid the dangerous insects and creatures inhabiting it. Normally cartoons set in a bug size world is not my cup of tea, but this cartoons packs a unique colour palette and trippy imagination to make this Mickey short fun (or maybe scary if the drunken and wild bugs terrify you).

7. Mickey’s Band Concert



While I haven’t seen much of the 1935 Mickey Mouse cartoon The Band Concert as a kid, I began to appreciate it later once I got older. Though it had other characters in the short (especially Donald interrupting the concert with his flute playing), but Mickey was still the main lead of the cartoon. As much as I love Symphony Hour, Band Concert just did the orchestral playing scenario better. Seeing the silent, but furious Mickey to finish playing the song in his concert was one of the most amusing things I’ve seen in a Disney animated short. This one will make you laugh for sure.

6. Thru the Mirror



I’m sure some are you are bummed that the classic Thru the Mirror short didn’t make it at my number one spot. However, I can see why this Mickey Mouse cartoon is loved by so many people. It is the only cartoon that Mickey doesn’t need other characters like Goofy or Donald Duck to make the cartoon enjoyable. It uses a lot of creativity in the scenes where Mickey interacts with inanimate objects with faces on them in the surreal mirrored world. Thru the Mirror has impressive animations, great attention to detail in its environment background and lots of plain cards shuffling.

5. Mickey’s Good Deed



The 1932 Disney classic Mickey’s Good Deed takes a dramatic direction with the short than your average Mickey Mouse cartoon. Mickey and Pluto are homeless performing music on the streets to earn food for the holidays. A butler sees Pluto and bribes Mickey to have him for a spoiled kid, but Mickey refuses. Though after seeing a poor family with no food and money, Mickey decides to give Pluto away in order to help the family out. It’s a bittersweet cartoon that plays more on emotions than comedy. It’s my favourite Disney short from the Black and White era of animation.

4. Runaway Brains



What happens when you take Micky Mouse to the 90s that reference older Disney cartoons and horror movie motifs? Well, you definitely get the 1995 Disney short, “Runaway Brains”. This modern Mickey short had some pretty twisted and quite dark imagery for a Mickey Mouse cartoon that packed lots of action and comedy in this oddly, hilarious cartoon. It’s your typical swap bodies plot-line, but really makes it different when you see a wild vicious Mickey Mouse on the loose. Plus Kelsey Grammar’s performance as Dr. Frankenollie was pretty damn hysterical.

3. Mickey’s Parrot



Mickey’s Parrot is one cartoon I would watch a lot as a kid and it still remains as my favourite cartoon starring Mickey and Pluto. Basically Mickey and Pluto think that a killer has trespassed into their house, but it’s rather a chattering parrot that’s making all of the stuttering commotion. What’s amusing about the cartoon is the build up of Mickey and Pluto getting overly protective and wild to take down “the killer” inside the house. I thought the parrot was hilarious as a kid, but he’s a little annoying now I’m much older. But either way, it’s still an enjoyable cartoon to watch.

2. Prince and the Pauper



Not all cartoon shorts have to be 6-8 minutes long. Some can be even longer and be considered as an animated short. Take Disney’s adaptation of The Prince and the Pauper that stars two Mickeys with pretty distinctive tones. I personally thought this was the late Wayne Allwine’s best performance as Mickey Mouse who was able to carry the same iconic pitch voice for Mickey, but used a proper royalty tone for the Prince character. I adore the animations, shading and environment shots of this cartoon and wished it was a full-length animated film. But what we got is still okay.

1. Brave Little Tailor



If someone asked me what was my favourite Mickey Mouse short was, I would say The Brave Little Tailor right away. This is a cartoon I remember from beginning to end and while it does some changes than the story it’s based on, it is charmingly entertaining. I also like Mickey’s encounter with the giant in this cartoon as it provided many laughs and risky objectives that Mickey had to go and escape from the giant in order to stop him. This colourful animated short featuring the iconic mouse will definitely stay in my memories for years to come.


And that’s wraps up my favourite Mickey Mouse cartoons. You’re welcome to mention your favourite shorts starring the famous mouse by leaving a comment below.Stay tune for more cartoon and animation fun on Disney Week. See you real soon.


T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 10 Disney Animated Films

July 12, 2015


L-L-Legit! You are now reading a new article of the Legit Animation Blog. It’s time for Disney Week! Yay!

To start off Disney Week, I’ll begin with a list that everyone likes to make and share to a crowd of people…Disney Animated Films. I don’t think I have mentioned a list like this besides the Disney films I liked in my old list of Favourite Animated films of all time, but things have slightly changed the last time I made that old post. Not to mention this new countdown will reveal the other Disney films I like that’ll stay with me for a long time. Anyway, this is T-McBee counting down my Top 10 Disney Animated Films. Before I start the list, here are some quick honorable mentions:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


I understand that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs isn’t for everyone with its basic and bland story, but the cozy atmospheric scenes and the Seven Dwarfs themselves still makes me appreciate the film today.



For someone that appreciates video games, it’s nice to see Disney making a film that centers around video games. I enjoyed the story, the main characters and the focus of a villain (Ralph) that wants to feel like a hero for once. By far one of the better 3D Disney films that I enjoyed, right next to Frozen at the runner up spot.

Winnie the Pooh


I’m sure people are mad that I picked the 2011 version of Winnie the Pooh over the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, but I really love the comedy and animations in the movie. The characters (especially Owl) really take the show in this Winnie the Pooh film.



I thought Tarzan was a good film the first time I watched it. The film started to grew on me the few times I watched it with my sister since it’s one of her favourite Disney films today. The visuals and animations in this movie are really incredible, especially Tarzan’s swinging and sliding moves on the vines.

Robin Hood


A fun, comedic and adventurous movie that I like from Disney that was produced in the 70s. Surprisingly the characters as anthropomorphic animals really works in the Robin Hood tale, even though the reuse of animations from other Disney movies are easily noticeable.

Now then. it’s the list you Disney fans have been waiting for to see from me. So sit back and enjoy the countdown with these Animated Disney Classics.


10. Aladdin


Disney Aladdin was big in the 90s, which easily became a movie that my sister and I would always watch and quote a lot. What makes me appreciate this movie today are the visuals and some of the songs. The characters were pretty memorable, but packed a punch of personality to them in their Arabian environment (especially characters like Genie and Iago). The only reason why Aladdin isn’t number one is because Aladdin as Prince Ali was quite shallow and was hesitant to tell Jasmine the truth. But I guess those scenes are suppose to show a moral to never lie to others.

9. Lilo and Stitch


The first time Lilo and Stitch came out, I was quite skeptical about the film for its pretty cutesy designs. And while it provides cute moments, there’s more about the film than being a fun sci-fi adventure. I personally like that it provides deeper themes of families, struggle and judgement in the scenes, such as Nani and Lilo’s sibling relationship and their survival without parents, or Stitch and Lilo getting teased a few times for being “different”. The only thing that kind of annoyed me about the film was the character Pleakley. He just didn’t know when to shut up at times.

8. A Goofy Movie


Goofy having his own movie is awesome and he really showed his goofiness and fatherly nature in his first length animated film. The things that holds up really well in A Goofy Movie are the animations, colour scheme and dramatic scenes that involved Goofy and his son Max. While this is a great summer film to watch with kids, the extreme 90s trend can feel a bit outdated for some viewers. ¬†At least the songs are pretty catchy despite the outdated hip trend (it’s at least much subtle than the extreme tone shown in Disney Toon programs like Goof Troops and Quack Pack).

7. The Three Cabarellos

The Three Caballeros

Out of the packaged films that Disney had released in the 1940s, The Three Cabarellos is my favourite. Not only the film stars Donald Duck teaming up with Jose and Panchito, but also contains surreal imagery and live-action segments blending with animation pretty well for its time. Despite the random third act and scenes that’s all over the place (Donald chasing pretty ladies really makes you question about his relationship with Daisy), it’s got a colourful atmosphere that makes me come back to this film once in a while. It’s definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

6. Princess and the Frog


Princess and the Frog became a pretty controversial film when Disney announced their first film featuring a black princess. ¬†I can understand the mix feelings that people get when watching Princess and the Frog. The film’s logic of the frog transformation and the fairy tale aspects is quite confusing to understand, but the themes that provides Tiana working experiences to open her own restaurant is what will get audiences care about the movie. It was good to see a Disney film that had good messages and a solid female lead who was independent.

5. The Lion King


The Lion King is a great 90s classic film that I’m sure you were expecting it to be number one on the list. While this is a classic movie I watched in theaters when I was a kid, watching it as an adult now makes me very slightly nitpick about some scenes in the movie, i.e. Simba as a Adult and Scar feeling least interesting in the second act of the film. But everything else in the movie is magnificent with a beautiful presentation, memorable songs, fun characters, great comedy, and quite intense moments that gets you at the edge of your seat. It’s the Hamlet story, but with lions.

 4. Mulan


It’s awesome to see a Disney female lead that can fight back and the character Mulan really shows her independence and strong willed mind in Disney’s Mulan. Like The Lion King, Mulan contains a great balance of comedy and drama done well, with songs, characters and scenes that audiences will remember. Its also nice to see a Disney flick where it’s about a culturual legend rather than another fairy tale interpretation. This would be one film I would easily recommend to girls from ages 7-14 to convince parents today that there is one Disney film that stars a bad ass female lead.

3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of the most risque films that Disney has ever put out. This film gets overlooked due to its very dark tone or not following the Victor Hugo book. Personally, I don’t mind the changes Disney has made to the story, especially making Esmeralda much likable and Pheobus less of a dick¬†in the movie. People tend to complain about the talking gargoyles in the movie, but they had their moments that made me chuckle. If you like an animated film that takes risks with a lot of dark moments and serious performances, then this movie might be for you.

2. The Brave Little Toaster


This one might be cheating, but The Brave Little Toaster is under the Disney name. Therefore, I’m going to add my favourite film from my childhood at 2nd place. What makes me appreciate The Brave Little Toaster so much is being a film about talking inanimate objects looking for their master while travelling outside their cottage home. Surprisingly this film contains a few deep and dark scenes that can make little kids scared (i.e. The Air Conditioner and the Creepy Fireman Clown). While it’s filled with outdated trends from the 80s, but it’s a solid film that’s great to watch.

1. Beauty and the Beast


An obvious choice, but Beauty and the Beast is one of the best Disney films I’ve ever seen for various reasons. Not only it’s a romantic film that I don’t mind, but it provides great songs, beautiful animations and memorable characters that makes the movie watchable for any age (unless if the Beast terrifies you). I personally had to place this film at number one because this was the first animated Disney film I watched after my family and I moved to Ontario. I even had a Beauty and the Beast themed party for my 6th birthday. This movie will definitely not be old as time.


And that wraps up my list of my favourite Disney animated films. You’re welcome to place your favourites by leaving a comment below or at the forums at Thanks for reading and stay tune for more Disney goodness and content on Disney Week.


T-McBee’s Favourites of 2014

January 5, 2015

TMB_Banner_2014 copy

Happy 2015 everyone! It’s that time of year where I will be mentioning my favourite things from last year and showing it to you all this year. 2014 may had a lot of ups and downs for a lot of people, but it did provided a great selection of things that came out in films, games, music and much more. It certainly had a great year with entertainment medias unlike 2013, where it took me a while to figure out what were my favourite things during that year. But 2014 on the other hand was quite a cinch as I already knew what would remain in my favourites for last year, though there were a few things that did surprised me a long the way.


Well enough rambling right now. T-McBee is finally here to announce her Favourites of 2014. Now keep in mind that the following choices are just my personal favourites. I also haven’t placed My Favourite Animated Film of 2014 in this list just because I will be doing a Top 5 countdown of my favourite animated films of 2014 for The Legit Animation Blog later this year. I’ve missed out on some animated full length features that I really wanted to see in 2014 like The Book of Life, Song of the Sea and Big Hero 6, but couldn’t due to my hectic schedule with life and school.

But moving on, let me begin the post to announce my first favourite thing from 2014…

Favourite Live-Action Film of 2014


That’s right a-holes! Guardians of the Galaxy gets the spot of Favourite Live-Action Film of 2014. I can be somewhat picky when I watch an action-pack, comic-cook and/or sci-fi film in theaters, but Guardians of the Galaxy really got me hooked into the experience right away. It was nice to see a soap operatic sci-fi film that was fun and wasn’t shy of campy humour into the film, like other fun sci-fi series like The Fifth Element, Ratchet and Clank and Futurama. But not only did it had funny comedy and great action sequences, but the film provided scenes and themes that left me shocked and felt completely sympathetic for the main characters. Yeah, even for a talking Raccoon and a humanoid tree.


The main heroes were easily likeable with their rebellious attitudes and designs, with CGI visuals and special effects that were really well done for the film. The one thing that did bug me about watching Guardians of the Galaxy back in theatres were the villains and the little things that weren’t fully explained in the movie. But when I talked to comic-book fans from family members and people at school that explained to me about the Guardians of the Galaxy lore, I let it pass but noticed things in the movie when I watched it a few times. Hopefully more will be explained in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 because there were a few things that were left quite open. Overall, Guardians of the Galaxy was an awesome movie. It was great to see Marvel doing something different this year for movie adaptations besides another sequel to their popular franchises.

Favourite Comic Book/Graphic Novel of 2014


Still continuing with the Saga series and Volume 3 of the franchise got my vote of Favourite Comic Book/ Graphic Novel of 2014. Of course I will not give any spoilers away for those who are still following the franchise, but all I can say is that the story and character development are getting more interesting than in the previous volumes. If you have been following the Saga series and have read Volumes 1 and 2, please don’t shy away with Volume 3 because it is a good volume, especially its ending. It gets you even more excited for Volume 4… whenever that issue will be released.

Favourite Movie Soundtrack of 2014


Guardians of the Galaxy wins not only for my Favourite Film of 2014, but also my Favourite Movie Soundtrack of 2014. The overall soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy had an adventurous feel to each track, as well as the 70s and 80s pop songs that appeared in the movie. Some people may have compared this movie’s orchestral soundtrack to the one from The Avengers, but since I still haven’t seen The Avengers yet, it’s hard to compare the similarities between that movie’s music and the one provided from Guardians of the Galaxy.


Listening to the instrumental tracks from the film have helped me calm down from stress, as well as motivated me to continue doing school assignments or other artistic projects at home. Listeners would hear the same kind of tune in different tempos with this movie soundtrack, but I personally didn’t mind it one bit. Hearing the same music notes in a few tracks felt like it was part of the Guardians’ theme, kind of like Tim Burton’s super hero themes with the 1989’s Batman and the first Spider-man trilogy. The music to Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing, which its original soundtrack officially became one of my favourite movie soundtracks of all time.

Favourite Game Soundtrack of 2014


This choice was obvious to appear on this article as the original soundtrack to Double Fine’s Broken Age is one of my favourite video game soundtrack of all time (tied with Grim Fandango). The music from Shovel Knight came close to being my favourite game soundtrack of 2014, but I personally adored the music from Broken Age a little more. It’s beautifully composed that contains a fun whimsical ambiance that reminded me of the glorious days of point and click adventure games in the 90s. Plus you can’t go wrong with Peter McConnell’s music composing skills for Broken Age. It’s pretty damn inspirational.


I won’t say much about it since I’ve already explained it in my list of Top 10 Favourite Video Game Soundtracks of All Time, as well as already picking my favourite music tracks in the game from that specific list. For those who have played Broken Age Act 1 lasy year will understand why its original soundtrack deserves to be my choice of Favourite Game Soundtrack of 2014.

Favourite Song of 2014

I personally thought Seether’s “Words as Weapon” was going to be my favourite song of 2014 until I discovered another song that came out early in 2014. When I was listening to a compilation of music tracks by Sonata Arctica on youtube while doing schoolwork at home, I’ve found some good songs by the band that came out from their latest album “Pariah’s Child”. Though I have mixed feeling on the bands’ newest songs and their style of music these days, there are a few tracks that are awesome to listen to, such as “The Wolves Die Young”, which easily became my choice of Best Song of 2014.


You know that I love my Sonata Arctica once in a blue moon and I truly think this song deserves to be on this end of the year article. At least I didn’t pick a popular mainstream song that would drive everyone nuts, so this is a nice surprise to newcomers to my posts.

Favourite Cover Song of 2014

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with Matt Fishel’s music, but when I found out that he did a cover of “Run with Us” from the Raccoons 80’s cartoon in 2014, I was simply satisfied with his cover for the song. It truly captured the same spirit as Lisa Lougheed’s and Steve Lunt’s versions of the same song. When a singer does a near perfect theme cover from one of my favourite animated shows of all time deserves two thumbs up from me. This version is definitely my choice for Favourite Cover Song of 2014.


Also another reason why this song cover deserves to be on this list because Fishel got a full approval from Raccoons’ creator Kevin Gillis to sing the song, as well as compiling footage from the show to make the music video. I can see that the spirit of The Raccoons series still stays strong for many people as the years go on. If someone asked me what are my favourite cover songs from newer artists ever, Fishel’s “Run with Us” would definitely be in my top favourites. If you’re a fan of the Raccoons like me, then check out his version of “Run with Us”.

Favourite Animated TV Show of 2014


Animated TV shows had a very good year for 2014 with newer seasons that got people more excited than ever. Shows like Gravity Falls, South Park, Sailor Moon Crystal and a few others got me hooked on animated shows last year, but the one show that did surprise me that I enjoyed from beginning to end was Cartoon Network’s first animated mini-series “Over the Garden Wall”. This series contained 10 episodes in total and running at 11 minutes each. Over the Garden Wall is about two brothers who gets lost in the woods, entering in a strange whimsical place called the Unknown. Wirt and Greg must go through places filled with creepy places and unusual characters through their journey in order to reach back home.


Over the Garden Wall has beautiful backgrounds and a contemporary cartoon style that’s nicely animated, as well getting some familiar big stars voicing the characters for the show, like Elijah Wood, Christopher Lloyd, John Cleese, Tim Curry and much more. Also, this is not your typical cartoon show that doesn’t rely on comedy to become entertaining. This show provides a lot of mystery to the story, some cheery musical numbers and even some creepy imagery that may literally scare the little ones in the room. I could tell you more, but this mini animated series is just too good that spoiling it will just ruin the experience for you. I hope to see Cartoon Network and other animated networks doing more animated mini-series like these in the future just because Over the Garden Wall became an unexpected surprise for western animated shows from 2014.

Favourite Video Game of 2014


Ah-Ha! Thought you weren’t expecting this game to be My Video Game of 2014. 2014 had an interesting year for video games with titles that were really good, while others were just disappointing in the end. Though there were some games I’ve missed out due to school or just didn’t had the money to purchase newer games and 8th gen consoles, I did try out one last game before I began my final fall semester. And that game is Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight was a great game that was hugely inspired by many NES classic games like Ducktales, Super Mario Bros 3, Castle-vania, Legend of Zelda, The Megaman series in the overall design and presentation. Normally people have a negative nitpick for indie games making games that have a retro 8/16 bit feel, but Shovel Knight was put together with a lot of love and really feeling like an 8-bit game that took many years to be release.


While the story in Shovel Knight wasn’t anything too special (expect the ending brings a great feeling once you beat the game), it is the gameplay that makes Shovel Knight re-playable and fun. Its got challenging boss fights, memorable stages, weapons that are usable for many stages, armour and attack upgrades that are helpful to use and some surprises you wouldn’t suspect to happen in the game. Not only I like the re-playability and look of Shovel Knight, but the music was also amazing too. The only reason why I favoured the music from Broken Age over Shovel Knight’s music was because I prefer something calmer while doing work, but Shovel Knight also had a great soundtrack too to keep me motivated as well, especially for a 8-bit sounding game. Shovel Knight didn’t only became my favourite game of 2014, but you can even say that it became one of my Favourite 2D Platformers that was ever made.

PortraitCartoons copy

“Art by Lauren aka me”

And that’s all I got covered for My Favourites of 2014 everyone! 2014 was an insane year for me just because I had my hands completely full with personal life during the year with school, my sister’s wedding, my summer job babysitting pets and a few others. Though it left me pretty overwhelmed bringing me down at times, but I’ve manage to bounce back and become satisfied with days that have kept me going. It was a good year for me overall, but certainly wasn’t the best. All I can say that it was definitely better than 2013.


“Rest in Peace Robin Williams. We’ll never forget your laughter and joyful spirit.”

I will agree that 2014 was a strange year to deal with, especially all the talented celebrities and people that we’ve lost out of no where. Not to mention the tons of social and political media that came out constantly during that year, like the death threats towards female game journalists, the police brutality in Ferguson, more put down on the LGBT community and a whole lot more. I am aware that as I’m getting older, there are going to be tons of problems that the world is going through, including noticing the things that were part of me in the past will be gone but never forgotten.


“Where to start?…”

¬†I don’t know what to expect for 2015, but I’m hoping to have a busy but satisfying year that won’t leave me trembling in anxiety and let myself take it easy unlike last year. I’ll still be in touch with more lists and articles that I have saved for this year. But once again, you’ll just have to check from time to time to see my latest stuff for my Top Lists, Favourites Lists, The Legit Animation Blog and a few others. Thanks for following my stuff in 2014 everyone and I hope you will like what I got in store for you all for this year.

TMcBee Out!

T-McBee’s Favourite Full Length Christmas Films

December 20, 2014


T’is the season to feel jolly! Happy Holidays to my readers and everyone in the world. I have talked about my favourite Christmas specials/episodes as well as songs in the past, so what am I going to post for the holidays this year you might ask? Well, I think it’s about time I talk about my favourite Full Length Christmas films. And to be honest…There’s not a lot personal favourites for this latest list.

The Grinch Played By Jim Carrey Conspires With His Dog Max To Deprive The Who's Of Thei

Watching Christmas films weren’t really my thing to appreciate every year on Christmas except for a few. However, I have grown to fond newer or even classic Christmas films to watch whenever I’m in the mood to see these flicks during this time of year. I guess I’ve decided to do this list much later than earlier due to my tradition in appreciating Christmas TV specials and songs a little more. Enough of me rambling on, I think its time for me to share and reveal my “Favourite Christmas Full Length Christmas Films”¬†to you all.


Please keep in mind that this is a personal list. T’is not the season to feel hate. T’is the season to share and give, and I’ll certainly ¬†be happy if you guys share your favourite full length Christmas films by leaving a comment below. Now what are we waiting for? Lets unwrap this post up and check out my Favourite Full Length Christmas Films ever.


The Nutcracker Prince



The Nutcracker Prince is a highly guilty pleasure of mine since I would watch this movie a lot when I was a little kid. Going back to the film now, I see a few flaws with the film, but enjoy it nonetheless. I appreciate the art style and animations of this Canadian made animated movie (though don’t expect Disney high quality from the film), though I sometimes poke fun of at the film for its somewhat bland dialogue and flawed scenes in some parts of the film. It’s like the Twas the Night Before Bumpy Christmas special. Quite witty but charming as well.


The Nutcracker Prince was produced by Kevin Gillis, who also the creator of the TV series “The Raccoons”. No wonder I can¬†recognize some of his work in the movie!¬†¬†

What shocks me even more about the Nutcracker Prince is how many voices I recognize in the movie, like Peter O’Toole (Lawrence of Arabia), Phyllis Diller (Family Guy), Mike MacDonald (Just For Laughs) and Keifer Sutherland (24). That’s right! You hear a young Jack Bauer in this animated feature. This adaptation of the Nutcracker tale is unique and shows some cute romance, fun action and quirky comedy that any age can enjoy. I think it’s one of the best Nutcracker adaptations out there, though I’m sure someone is going to disagree me with that statement.

“This trailer makes this underrated film cheesy as hell, but it’s not really a bad movie. I’ve seen worse.”¬†

If you’re looking for more animated films to watch for the Holiday break, then check out the Nutcracker Prince. I’m sure you can find a DVD copy at a cheap price or easily find it online.

The Muppets Christmas Carol



If I had to choose a full length feature film that’s based on the Christmas Carol tale by Charles Dickens, then it’s got to be The Muppets Christmas Carol. Not only you got the zany Muppet cast as roles from the Christmas Carol story or themselves (like Rizzo the Rat), but also Michael Caine starring as Ebenezer Scrooge in the movie, who makes a convincing Scrooge in my opinion. If someone asks me which is my favourite casting of Ebenezer Scrooge from these Christmas Carol film adaptations, it’s definitely Caine’s performance all the way.


“Convincing and believable acting there Caine!” ¬†

This Christmas Carol telling has a tinted look to the film, with a lot of craftsmanship handled beautifully on the background settings and puppets placed in shots of the movie. The best part of the movie for me is the narration of Gonzo (as Charles Dickens) and Rizzo (himself) telling the scenes of the Dickens classic tale. They get involved in crazy antics, and brings some laughable and fun moments when the scenes are jolly and fun for the audience. But when moments gets dark like when Scrooge meets the Ghost of Christmas Future, Gonzo and Rizzo don’t get involved in the narration and let the imagery and interaction between Scrooge and Ghost of Christmas Future tell that scene of the story. Now that’s clever film writing right there!

“If you thought the scenes with Gonzo and Rizzo in the movie were enjoyable, wait til you see the out-takes.” ¬†

My only nitpick on the film is that there are some very slow paced moments that might bore some viewers out, especially the “When Love is Gone” song segment. But besides that, it’s one of the better film adaptations of the Christmas Carol tales that I’ve ever seen. And you can’t go wrong with the Muppets. They’re awesome!




Some may debate whether C.R.A.Z.Y. counts as a Christmas movie for this full length film that tells the story of the Beaulieu¬†family and their lives over three decades. Since the film’s main character was born on Christmas Day showing many scenes set around Christmas time in the first and second acts of the movie, I can count this as part of a holiday film besides being a coming to age story and movie about homosexual struggle and acceptance.


“Don’t you love having your birthday on the same day as Christmas?… Oh! I guess Zac doesn’t.”¬†

Zac is the forth son of the Beaulieu family that’s not like his other brothers. His mother coddles and connects with Zac for his gifted powers to heal since he was born on the same day as Jesus Christ. However, Zac’s motivations is wanting to please his strict dad more for accepting him, as well as not being called a “fag” by others, especially from his second older brother Raymond. ¬†I could say more about the film, but there’s too many exciting highlights in C.R.A.Z.Y. that’ll just ruin the surprise for those who haven’t seen it yet. Maybe the trailer below might convince you to watch it sometime soon if possible.


“The trailer to C.R.A.Z.Y….with English subtitles”.

C.R.A.Z.Y.¬†(pronounced “crazy”) was made in Montreal and it is perhaps one of the best movies from Canada that I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s my favourite film from the year 2005. The main character Zac goes through struggling moments of his homosexual identity which is hard for him to express in a strict family life from the 60s-80s. This is a film that I think many people can really relate to, especially to those who are part of the LGBT community.¬†If you’re looking for a mature rated film for the holidays, give C.R.A.Z.Y. a chance. It’s too good to not miss this one out…unless you see a copy of the film on DVD at a very expensive price. I bought my DVD copy of C.R.A.Z.Y. at around 40 dollars at a store years ago, so this film is a bit of a rarity to track down.

Fred Claus



Now you’re probably thinking that a film starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti is just downright insane and insulting for a Christmas movie. However, I watched this film last weekend for the very first time and I got to say that I was pretty surprised about the film… In a very good way! It’s unfortunate that this film gets bad reviews from many critics out there, but I personally thought it was a harmless movie with some great laughs and some really touching scenes in the third act.

Video Contains Major Spoilers

“If this scene doesn’t get you choked up, then I don’t know what will.”¬†

End of Spoilers

The story of this film is about Saint Nick’s older brother Fred Claus, who’s more self-centered and rebellious than his jolly brother. Fred has always been the brother set at the side due to his parents appreciating his younger brothers accomplishments and kind behaviour. This explains why Fred and Nick are complete polar opposites from one another. One Christmas many years later, Fred asks for a loan from him brother Nick, but only if he helps him during the rush hour at the toy factory in the North Pole. Things go for the worst when both Nick and Fred get into arguments, as well as a Nick facing with an efficient expert named Clyde (played by Kevin Spacey) to shut down Santa’s workshop.

“Personally, I prefer watching this film over the Santa Claus sequels”.

Not only I like the casting of this movie, but also the message about naughty and nice kids is innovating and interestingly meaningful. There’s no such things as bad kids and even kids that act bad deserve some giving through the holidays, whether these misbehaved kids feel neglected by others such as their family or something else towards that category.¬†I will admit, some parts of the film were painful to watch (there are tons of scenes with hooky cartoon sound effects that kind of drives me insane at times). However, it contains some really touching scenes that did surprise me and makes me accept this full length Holiday movie. Give Fred Claus a chance if you haven’t seen it yet.




Fred Claus may have been a fun holiday film from the 2000 decade, but it’s not as amazing as the 2003 film Elf starring Will Ferrell. Ferrell’s naive child-like behaviour as Buddy really sells this movie completely for me. Also the concept¬†of a man raised in the North Pole and experiencing the city life-style with his real parents just seem like a great idea for a Christmas film. It’s nice to see a holiday film that’s outside the usual Christmas tales such as Christmas Carol, Santa Claus, and Rudolph. We finally got a film about an elf, and they’re usually set on the side in many Christmas films and specials!

“How can you not like Will Ferrell’s performance as Buddy? He always brings a smile to my face.”¬†

“You smell like beef and cheese…”

Before Elf was release, Jim Carey was chosen to take the role as Buddy during the production of the film. But Jim Carey turned down on the part and the role as Buddy was given to Will Ferrell years later. To be honest, I’m glad that Will Ferrell was chosen to play as Buddy. Not saying that I don’t like Jim Carey when preferring the two. He’s in fact one of my favourite comedic actors out there. But I personally thought that Will Ferrell (who’s also one of my favourite comedian actors) fit this role perfectly. He was just more comfortable to act childish and weird in this fun holiday film, even if does things in the movie that might gross you out.


“Syrup on spaghetti?…I don’t know how you do it Ferrell…”

Home Alone and Home Alone 2

(1990 and 1992)

homealone homealone2

I cannot not talk about Christmas movies without even mentioning Home Alone and Home Alone 2. Even if I prefer Home Alone much more, Home Alone 2 does have some heart warming scenes that were handled really well. A lot of people know a lot about these two films, but I’ll just briefly explain why these two are my favourites…

Home Alone 2 - Biggest Christmas tree

Home Alone 2 had many hooky and dumb moments that I found pretty forced. Hell, even as a kid, the corny tone of the film would rub me the wrong way that I didn’t find it comfortable one bit. However, its by the third act the movie brings out some very heartwarming scenes that practically gives me a tear to my eyes. And while the comedy is hooky as hell, Tim Curry provides very over the top acting entertaining in this sequel.

“Sometimes I wonder how Kevin knows when to fast forward and play the tape at the right time? He must have watched it many times to remember the scene”

While the people who made Home Alone 2 admit that the sequel was more of a cash grab flick, at least some great effort was put into the movie.


The original Home Alone will always be a classic film that I’ll enjoy for the holidays (even if I watched it too many times when it wasn’t played around Christmas time). I pretty much enjoyed the fun humour, the winter suburban setting and some of the subtle moments of this movie a lot, with scenes that felt much believable than in the sequel (More like sequels. Let’s pretend 3, 4 and 5 never existed, okay?). Let’s not forget that the film is pretty quotable and scenes that you will never forget.

“I’m not even afraid of spiders, yet seeing one that big would probably make me scream like Marv. Well…maybe not that high pitch”.

It’s a pretty overrated film during the holidays, but what can I say? It’s simply a good film to watch at this time of year.


And honestly everyone, that’s my list of Favourite Full-Length Christmas Films. I know there are tons of Christmas films out there to check out and admire. Though like I said before, Christmas films aren’t really my forte during the holiday season.


But who knows, there’s a chance that I could mention more holiday films and other holiday mediums in a future post, as well as catching up with other Holiday movies I haven’t sit through yet like Arthur’s Christmas or It’s a Wonderful Life.

For recognizable films I haven’t put up like A Christmas Story, Die Hard and The Nightmare Before Christmas, they weren’t on the list because I find those films just alright at best. I don’t have a strong connection with those films during Christmas time like a lot of people do. And besides, I see A Nightmare Before Christmas more of a Halloween movie than a Christmas flick.


Thanks for reading the lists everyone! Feel free to share your favourite Holiday films by leaving a comment below. Just a quick reminder that My Favourites Lists of 2014 will be posted sometimes later after 2015. Since I’ve missed out a few things from Fall and Winter of this year, it will give me more time to check them out. Until then,¬†Stay tune for more articles and posts by me in 2015.¬†Ciao!