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T-LAB – T-McBee’s Top 10 Muppet Characters

July 17, 2015


L-L-Legit! You’re reading more cartoon goodness on the Legit Animation Blog with Disney Week still happening.

Now this list is a bit of a stretch, but let me discuss about Jim Henson’s iconic puppetry creations of the sensational Muppets for this post on Legit. Puppetry does have a form of animation to them where puppeteers control the lifeless creations of these creative ceramic beings. Therefore, I think it counts to add the Muppet characters for the Legit Animation Blog segment. Not to mention that The Muppets are part of Disney in order for me to continue with Disney Week this week.

Speaking of The Muppets, I think it’s time for me to finally reveal my Top 10 Muppet Characters. The following choices are just personal preferences so don’t yell at me if your favourites don’t make it on my list. And besides, there are ton of Muppet character to choose from, so picking ten only wasn’t that easy.

Now gather around and give the Muppets a round a applause to begin the countdown.


10. Clueless Morgan


Clueless Morgan was a Muppet that was well known in the mid and late 90s that appeared in the television series Muppets Tonight and in the film Muppet’s Treasure Island. He personally was one of my favourite Muppets that was introduced to viewers in the 90s with his dimwitted personality and lines that became comedic gold. Unfortunately, the puppet of Clueless Morgan went missing after his appearance of Muppets Tonight, which is why he hasn’t been around with the Muppets lately. Anyone who can find him, please bring him back to the Henson company!

9. Fozzie Bear


Fozzie Bear is Kermit the Frog’s best friend who’s always there for his friends and enjoys telling jokes that feels like only Kermit can tolerate. Fozzie Bear has an innocent feel to him that no matter how bad his jokes turn out, audience would laugh at the silly puns he shares on the big and little screen. He’s a character that doesn’t relate to me, but definitely reminds me of many people I’ve met or know that say many lame and pun jokes that can get me chuckling or annoyed. Fozzie tries hard to be funny, but we like him only because he’s has the gull to say these lame jokes.

8. Miss Piggy


Whether you like her fashion or hate her sassy attitude, there is a comedic likeness to the leading female from the Muppets. Miss Piggy has a strange love affection for Kermit, who can be a real jerk to others who don’t reach to her diva status (though it’s for comedic purposes that’s not meant to be taken seriously). However, I chuckle so loud every time Miss Piggy gets so feisty and pounds the living hell out of anyone that insults her, especially on celebrity guest stars and real humans. Come on, its a puppet pig who can beat up anyone! What’s not there to like about that?

7. Swedish Chef


A fan favourite from Muppets fans and I can see why The Swedish Chef is loved by so many people. However, I wouldn’t really put him in my top five due to his Swedish accent gibberish speaking somewhat annoying. Not as bad as Beakers high pitch gibberish speaking, but it can get slightly irritating if you hear it too long. What makes the Swedish Chef enjoyable besides the gibberish speaking is just being a terrible chef period. Throwing foods around so carelessly is something you cannot do as a chef. That’s a waste of food right there Swedish Chef!

6. Bobo the Bear


Fozzie Bear is a classic character from the Muppets roster, but there’s another bear character from the Muppets that appeared in the 80s and grew popularity in modern Muppets content. Bobo the Bear is an incompetent, hesitant bear that seem to play as those characters that start off as bad, but more like a bumbling minion that plays on laughs. Though he has his share on playing the good guy as well. Sometimes seeing Bobo the Bear reminds me way too much of my sister’s husband, who nearly got the same mumbling tone and hesitant personality like Bobo the Bear.

5. Statler and Woldorf


The only troll-ish characters from the Muppets franchise that audiences can like and tolerate more than real trolls on the net are Statler and Woldorf. They’re a fan favourite of the franchise in which their main duties are to sit on the higher balcony criticizing the Muppets’ performances. Their harsh criticisms becomes comedic gold for all the things they say whenever they critique others or insult their acts. They’re like the puppet versions of Siskel and Ebert, except they’re old rather than middle aged. We can enjoy their criticisms any day whenever we see them on screen.

4. Sam the Eagle


Political type characters in fictional series would normally turn me off, though Sam the Eagle is one amusing character from the Muppets that takes huge pride of any political matter. I also enjoy his very stern personality, deep voice and bushy uno-brow that really makes him a very stand out character. Not comprehending sarcasm or wacky sayings from the Muppets and taking things so seriously is what gets me laughing so hard with Sam the Eagle. He’ll get my vote right away if he plans to become a candidate to run for President someday!

3. Gonzo & Rizzo the Rat


It was to difficult to either choose Gonzo or Rizzo in the top three just because they are easily likable characters in their own right with such great comedic material they present on the big and little screen. But ever since Henson present these two together in the late 80s and early 90s, it’s best for me to choose both Rizzo and Gonzo on the same spot. This rat and whatever Gonzo’s race is (though he’s confirmed to be an alien in Muppets from Space) not only brought comedy that was memorable, but sometimes showed a sweet friendship that you’ll appreciate from the odd duo.

2. Animal


He’s wild, he like women, he’s Animal! And he’s at number 2 on this list. This savage tone like character really captures the wildness in near perfection with his scruffy fur, sharp teeth and third person speaking in a rough voice. He maybe a crazy womanizer that has the guts to chase any hot lady around, but he’s one rapid fire beating drummer that can play the drums with so much excitement. He’s definitely the opposite of quiet and calm and him going out of his loud, crazy attitude is so hilarious. You gotta enjoy party animals at times like Animal to appreciate life.

1. Kermit the Frog


Not a surprise choice for the number one spot, but what do you expect from a character like Kermit the Frog? From all the iconic characters that represent a creative company like animation, comics and other artistic content, Kermit is my favourite mascot. He’s definitely got a humble personality that can make us laugh right away with his dry humour or make us smile sincerely with his thoughtful songs like Rainbow Connections. Kermit has appeared on Sesame Street, as well as on talk shows and new shows to make audience and real people laugh with joy. He’s the straight man star that we can admire, as well as being a legend to Jim Henson’s legacy and his magnificent company.


And that wraps up my list of my Top 10 Muppet Characters. Thanks for reading and I hope you stay tune for one more list that’ll come tomorrow on this weeks Disney Week! See you real soon.