T-McBee’s Top 10 90’s Cartoon Intros

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Well I already talked about my favourite cartoon intros from the 80s, now lets step up into a decade later and have me discussing about my favourite cartoon intros from the 90s. Cartoon openings in the 80s were the ones that innovated animated programming that became successful shows to be unforgettable. But 90s animated intros on the other hand went to a whole new extreme by bringing something even bigger than what the 80s had to offer.

Bigger budgets went into these animated openings in the 90s with better quality animations and designs, better sound mixing and editing or even changing the tone up that not only kids will be easily invested in, but also adults. These cartoon intros made anyone of all ages watch and enjoy animation once again.

This is T-McBee here now listing down my Top 10 90s Cartoon Intros. Just like the previous list, I’ll be looking at cartoon intros by their overall presentations, but this time from the years 1990-1999. And most importantly, the choices that you see on the list are just my personal preferences. There are too many good cartoon intros from this decade that it was too tough to decide picking only ten.

Now then, let’s me begin this “Groovy!” list and keep this countdown excited starting with an honourable mention.

Honorable Mention –  ReBoot

There was more to the TV series Reboot than just having full CGI visuals and a really unique concept for a kids show. It had a really good intro to start the series with. While there were other opening versions that were made for the show, I still prefer the first one with Bob’s narration the most since I consider it highly memorable.

Though I did find Bob’s narration to sound a tiny bit stiff in the beginning, but I really appreciate the opening giving the narration a break in the middle with some action pack sequences when the instrumental score starts to sound triumphantly epic.

Unfortunately this intro didn’t made it to my Top 10 of 90s Cartoon Intros, but at least it deserved a honourable mention,especially for an animated show that was pretty innovating for its time.

10. Gargoyles

Gargoyles was one of the coolest Disney shows that my sister and I would watch every Saturday morning when we were kids. Does this mean that this bad ass animated show had a cool intro to start with? It certainly did! And it provided a great scenery of animations that the show would appear in their episodes.

The intro to Gargoyles didn’t had any animations just for the opening itself, but it was nicely put together with an epic score and sounds that were greatly synced with the visuals.

The opening had a couple of touch up with its first intro, either with or without Keith David’s narration as Goliath in the intro. The intro with Goliath’s voice does help convey the concept of the show better, but without it does make the opening pretty ambient to listen to. Check both versions out and see which one you prefer most.

     “You just checked out the narrative version. Now here’s the non-narrative intro. Feels kind of empty without the narration, doesn’t it?”

9. Goof Troops

Animated shows that try to be hip or cool with their openings aren’t really my cup of tea to see. However, I do accept Goof Troops theme with its hip hop/soulful tune. I liked it a lot as a kid and I still appreciate it today.

 The opening to Goof Troops had a nice combination of animations just for the intro and scenes that were from the episodes. And come on! You cannot keep a straight face on whenever  that deep voice says “YEAH” a couple of times in the song. It just makes you smile every time you hear it.

There was another version where some scenes had change with new sound effects that fitted just specifically for those newer scenes. In other words, the intros to Goof Troops were handled better when changing the opening up for a newer season. It’s the most boopiest cartoon intro from that decade!

“See! The sound effects are nicely synced here. Not like one of the intros from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers”  

8. Tiny Toons Adventures

Tiny Toons Adventures was a highly presented animated show that I would watch all the time when I was a kid and the show’s catchy and welcoming opening had to be mentioned on my list of favourite cartoon intros in the 90s.

The intro to Tiny Toons had all the elements nearly spot on to present a great opening to its viewers. Really good animations: Check. A score that’s nicely composed for the uplifting quirky lyrics: Check. Great sense of homour to match the shows atmosphere: Check. A great introduction of the main characters in the show: Double Check.

Sometimes it was hard for me to sing along to the lyrics of the opening because the characters sang quite too fast that leaves me singing out gibberish. However, it had well presented visuals and a catchy tune that still gives me a big grin on my face to this very day. It really makes you want to join in the fun… And now the 8th spot of this list is done!

7. Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM

Sonic was a huge video game mascot hit for Sega in the 90s, which also made the blue hedgehog have a few animated shows on TV made during that decade.

The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog had a noisy intro that’s unbearable to see these days. The one in Sonic Underground was decent with a singer that sang passionately to the intro. Though the one in Sonic Sat AM was practically bang on and brought a great effort to its overall presentation.

I really liked that the intro itself was just one huge action pack sequence that was made for that opening. Sonic and his pals sneaks into Dr. Robotnik’s lair, fight off some robotic troops and escapes the place with love interest Sally Acorn from one epic explosion. The opening definitely gets you pumped up every time you watch it!

While I did want to see a bit more sequences of the other characters to present their cool character traits besides Sonic and Sally, but the opening that we got from this show was and still is awesome to see, especially hearing the singer singing to this in- Hey, wait a minute…


“Rotor Walrus’ nose isn’t fully coloured in this shot! You missed a spot cel-painters! ”  

6. Bump in the Night

Bump in the Night was quite an underrated show during the 90s and it had one of the most catchiest openings in a stop-motion show I have ever seen on TV.

Bump in the Night’s intro had pretty catchy lyrics that simply rhymed with crazy pounding instruments that played throughout this cartoon theme, like the banging piano keys that played in the beginning before Mr.Bumpy sang.

The song for the intro was sung by Jim Cummings who voices as Mr.Bumpy in the show. Since he is one of my favourite voice actors out there, I just had to place this theme quite closer to the Top 5. Plus Cummings himself can sing really well and I thought he was the right pick to sing this catchy bopping tune.

It sure is amazing to see a stop-motion cartoon to have so much energy and craftsmanship for its opening theme. Now how about we gather around and bump with the monster that we all love best!

“I said monster, not president!”

5. Animaniacs

Like the opening theme to Tiny Toons Adventures, Animaniacs runs in the same category for displaying a opening sequence with a big production budget, but had a presentation that flowed better than the intro to Tiny Toons Adventures.

While the lyrics to Animaniacs were sometimes hard to sing to due to the same situation like the Tiny Toons Adventures opening, I thought it had a lot of creative comical touches within the animations, the timing and even the song lyrics.

What also cool about the Animaniacs intro sequence is that sometimes it changes up the lyrics and visuals once in a while to leave the audience unexpected as they watch it, which I think its really difficult to accomplish a cartoon intro to be creative in that extent.

“Check them intro Endies!” 

The Animaniacs intro is wacky and fun and had everything right on the dot, but I wouldn’t praise it to death and say it’s my number one favourite cartoon opening from the 90s. However, with the creative ideas and the massive production work that the intro was made at the time, I think it deserves to be in the Top 5. It’s definitely the cartoon intro that both kids and adults can enjoy.

4. X-Men

Normally cartoon shows highly based on comic books were a bit tough for me to get interested in, but when I would watch the X-Men animated series with my older sister back then, I would get excited every time I would see the show’s opening.

I really like that the opening theme to X-Men didn’t need any singing or narration to know what the show is all about. It introduced each iconic X-Men character visually with cool action sequences and nicely design fonts that fitted perfectly for each X-Men.

The intro also went crazy with the animation and transitions with this intro. Its pretty mind boggling to know how some of the animators were able to animate some of those scenes, especially in the beginning where all the X-Men heroes are hovering over the X-Men title font.

From all the X-Men shows that were aired on TV, the 90s animated series had by far the best opening sequence that I’ve seen from the franchise, even though watching the intro can get a little too overwhelming at times.

3. Conan the Adventurer

Who likes a cartoon opening that’s both over the top and epic at the same time? Well, if that’s something you want to see in an intro, then the opening to Conan the Adventurer is the one you want to see that displays that over the top epic-ness.

Conan the Adventurer kept the narration of the intro nice and simple, but what’s best about the intro was the instrumental score and the lyrics with the deep voices singing out “Conan, The Adventurer. Conan.” It just sounds pretty cool. Plus I always get a chuckle every time the voices shout out “CONAN!” when the song ended.

I do admit that the transitions and animations are nicely done with the opening to Conan the Adventurer, but it runs in the same problem as X-Men the Animated Series with the transitions in some of the scenes being a bit too overwhelming to view, especially when the scenes moved a little too fast on the screen.

Despite some of the flaws it had, the opening to Conan the Adventurer is one of my guilty pleasure of intros from the 90s. It may not have Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, but the intro itself still has enough over the top goodness for a cartoon show based on Conan the Barbarian.


“He prays to Crom to get Revenge on Conan the Adventurer!”

2. Cybersix

How often do you hear a female singer singing passionately to an animated intro? Now very often to be honest, but the opening to Cybersix had by far the most beautiful singing in a 90s cartoon intro I have ever heard.

Sure, the opening to Cybersix is in the same lines of Gargoyles with putting scenes from the episodes into the intro, but to give the show credit, the animations and designs are very nicely detailed that you wouldn’t even expect these sequences were from the episodes.

I’ve mentioned in my Top 10 Favourite Animated Shows from Canada that the intro to Cybersix got me invested in the show right away for its heart-wrenching tone. Watching the intro sequence today still makes me sing along to the lyrics of the song.

Cybersix’s intro is a great one and it is personally one of my favourite cartoon openings from the 90s. However, there is one animated intro that surpasses all of the cartoons intros that I’ve talked about, including Cybersix. Cybersix’s intro could have been number one if it weren’t for some of the sound effects that kinda interferes with the song.

But moving on, it’s time to to talk about my number one favourite 90s cartoon intro, which is…

1. Batman the Animated Series

Oh come now! You thought I was going to leave this cartoon intro behind on the list?  When it comes to a cartoon intro that was made in the 90s, Batman the Animated Series had the best opening from this specific decade, which immediately makes it my number one favourite.

This opening to Batman was pure gold to introduce an animated show to its viewers. There were no lyrics to the intro, the music was epically compose to match the visuals and atmosphere, had strong dynamic shots and great action sequences. It is absolutely a work of animation!

Overall, the intro to this Batman cartoon kept the concept simple and it works incredibly well. Batman stops two shadowed criminals in Gotham City and finishing them off on the top of a tall building. And that’s all you need for an intro starring the Cape Crusader.

Each animated sequence that were seen in the opening to Batman the Animated Series was highly memorable from beginning to end. My favourite moment in the intro has to be the the extreme close up shot of Batman and his glaring eyes.

“Look at that those cold staring eyes. He means business folks!”

There’s too many good things that can be said about the intro to Batman the Animated Series. Also, I do find surprising that this is only cartoon I know that doesn’t display the name of the show in its opening theme. Is there another show that doesn’t display the title name in the intro sequence like Batman the Animated Series? Huh, is there? You tell me!


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