T-McBee’s Top 10 Awkward Moments in Video Games

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Sometimes it is amazing to experience a game from beginning to end and I think that is the best thing about being a gamer. However, there are times when you come across a moment in a game that leaves you to feel unsettled, uncomfortable or…”What did I just watch?”

There have been a lot of awkward moments in video games that have left many gamers question about the things developers would put into their games, whether it’s in the story or in the gameplay. I’ve seen many strange moments in games where I scratch my head in confusion to understand the purpose of these scenes. This is T-McBee here to list down my Top 10 Awkward Moments in Video Games.

Here are the rules:

1. I’ll be adding moments that I know well, whether I’ve played the games or found the scenes online.

2. The scenes can be anything that’s sexually involved, weird animations, oddly humorous or a scene with no purpose to the plot. No scary moments though. That will be  saved for a future countdown.

3. These scenes will contain spoilers. So if there’s a game that you don’t want to get spoiled from, please avoid it and go to the next spot.

There were too many awkward moments in games to choose from, so it was pretty difficult to pick only 10 of them. The choices are just my personal preferences, so don’t go a-wall mad if you’re favourite awkward moments aren’t on the list. In fact, feel free to mention your favourite odd moments below this post or in the forums at itstailtime.net.

Now without further ado, lets us take a deep breath and pass through these odd gaming sequences to begin this countdown.

10. The Dinner Dance

Infinite Undiscovery

Infinite Undiscovery is one Japanese RPG that received mixed reviews at its original debut in 2008, but it is quite famous for its one awkward scene that many people like to talk about. Yes! I’m talking about the oddly hilarious “Dinner Dance”.

The popular Dinner Dance becomes awkwardly annoying when two characters name Rico and Rucha starts chanting “Dinner” with a silly dance, but the scene becomes oddly funny when the main protagonist Capell starts joining along. Believe me, you’re going to get a good laugh with this one.

9. The Sex Scenes

The God of War series

Sex scenes in video games are define to be the most awkward things to witness in interactive media. As a female gamer myself, I felt kinda awkward the very first time I played a game to witness intercourse love making and the series that started this for me was God of War.

To give The God of War games a bit of credit that these segments were optional, except for God of War 3. The sex segment in the third game wasn’t an option and you had to do it. No pun intended. I know that players don’t see any  inappropriate love making with these segments, though it feels quite wrong with all the moaning you hear in the background.

8. Carmelita’s Belly Dance

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Times

Sly Cooper is definitely a game franchise I enjoy, but I’m not going to lie that the latest game Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time surprisingly had some really odd moments to gaze upon that felt quite wrong.

People have felt the scenes with Murray disguised as a Gehsian woman were odd in the game, but at least the rhythm style gameplay didn’t felt as strange as Carmelita’s belly dance gameplay. Perhaps it’s the girl in me that’s saying this, but shaking that PS3 controller to make Carmelita’s booty shake for some horny baboons felt quite unpleasant to do. *Disgustingly shivers*

7. Xion with Sora’s Face?

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

The Kingdom Hearts series are meant to have many corny and heart warming moments in their games, though the series does have a few strange scenes. Scenes that might feel strange for a crossover game with some Disney characters in them.

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, there is a scene with Roxas talking to Xion on top of  the Clock Tower. Xion is seen hooded at first, but by the time she reveals her face, she has Sora’s head. I know she is connected to Sora’s memories or something like that, but why present the character with her voice and  Sora’s head in this scene. Roxas thought it didn’t looked right and so did I.

6. MIO’s Biggest Fans

Rogue Galaxy

Mio first starts off as one annoying character in Rogue Galaxy for her preppy personality and no good lies, though she does become quite likeable later in the plot. Though when her two biggest fans show up in the scene above, it makes me give a disgusted reaction that I would give to immature people in real life.

Some people may be okay in watching this scene, but I do find the two middle aged guards so lame and too weird. Robert and Henry being part of Mio’s fan club and start taking pictures of her was pretty creepy to witness. By the way those two guards were acting in that scene, I bet those guys are fans of the latest My Little Pony show.

5. Dog Ending

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill is known to have awkward moments in the additional content in the series such as bloopers or alternate endings. The dog ending from Silent Hill 2 is one of the weirdest moments in the franchise, though I’m not going to lie that the ending was pretty amusing.

I find it pretty strange that a dog was behind all of this disturbing work to torment poor James Sutherland. Then the credits roll with one catchy tune with weird screen cap imagery and footages from the game that doesn’t match the song with. Start dancing like an idiot while the music is playing and I bet your friends or family members will give you many awkward stares.

4. The Hanging Underground Resident


Chulip is one weird ass game and I even haven’t played the game yet. In this game, your main character would peak through holes from the surface and see residences living underneath the town. There is one underground resident that is pretty questionable.

This specific underground resident name Chuck is seen hanging with his arms all tied up while wearing a zipper spandex suit. But that wasn’t the only thing that made that part odd. The description of this character said that his hobby was baseball and he feels good about pain and challenges. How does this lunatic have a hobby for baseball? Well either way, Chulip has many awkward scenes to begin with.

3. Vashyron’s Dance

End of Eternity/ Resonance of Fate

Like Infinite Undiscovery, I have never played End of Eternity before (or Resonance of Fate in North America). However, I came across watching this cutscene above online a while back and there was one question that played in my head for a few minutes….What did I just watch?

If you want to witness one of the weirdest moments in a Japanese game, then Resonance of Fate is your game. In this scene, the main character Vashyron dances like a pansy in his thoughts over a pair of some lady’s bosoms while she eats. This scene came to a point where my mind was boggled on how strange this moment was. Wow Japan! You really opened the box with that scene.

2. When a Princess Kiss a Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog ’06

Oh come now, I had to put this scene on the list. Whether you played Sonic the Hedgehog ’06  or not, you already know what scene I’m going to talk about. Sonic is known to have many corny moments, but this scene was too unbearable to see.

The whole set up for Sonic to come back alive in this cutscene was so ridiculous to a point that I couldn’t keep a straight face throughout. The scene had it all set up like a fairy tale such as Snow White, except with hedgehog like characters and having the main leads switch their parts. That might be tolerable, but why make a human princess kiss an anthropomorphic hedgehog? Silly move Sega….Silly move.

1. Tidus’ Laugh

Final Fantasy 10

The Final Fantasy games are iconic to have some really odd and strange moments. However, there was one scene from the franchise that I always have a hard time watching through even to this day. Tidus’ laughing moment from Final Fantasy 10 was an awkward scene that always leave me with the one eyebrow raised expression every time.

 What makes this scene from Final Fantasy 10 even more awkward is that Yuna joins a long with Tidus’ laughing… or cawing. Both of these characters don’t even sound like they are laughing at all. Perhaps I felt awkward with this scene because I recognize Tidus’ voice and seeing the voice work the actor does now is a huge improvement. Oh Tidus… you just wasted many gamers time with this unnecessary cutscene.


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