T-McBee’s Top 10 Hottest Video Game Men

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When gamers play a video game, they are admired by the character’s design and personality in the games they star in. But there are some video game characters out there that fall into the category of looking or being way to “sexy” that we easily fall in love with these fictional characters. Hannu mentioned his Top 10 Hottest Video Game Ladies, now it is my turn to reveal my Top 10 Hottest Video Game Men. Here are the rules…

1. One character per franchise

2. The character has to be from a game I’ve played or that I heard of. So this includes games that I haven’t even played.

3. You’re not going to see any anthropomorphic characters on this list. I like anthro characters, I just wouldn’t have a huge crush on them. Sorry.

4. Watch for Spoiler Alerts! Skip the videos containing major spoilers if they are embedded with RED TEXT.

5. Last, but not least…These are just my choices. I’m not looking for the best, but my favourites.

This list was pretty damn hard to do since I haven’t played many games with attractive looking characters in them and personally, I don’t go nuts over 3D model character assets. That’s just weird. But if I was forced to squeal like a crazy fan girl falling in love over a video game character, I would have no choice but to make a top 10 list about them….Wait a minute….

For all you lady readers out there! Lets get our hearts beating to love sexy video game characters to begin this countdown.

10. Terra – Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Square-Enix games can really pull some nice attractive 3D assets for their male characters. The Kingdom Hearts series may had a lot male characters that made many teenage girls squeal over, but it’s great for once to see a male character that doesn’t have too many features on him or doesn’t look like a complete she-male (i.e. Marluxia). Yes, I’m talking about Terra from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

Terra is a calm and one hard working individual that believes that working your hardest will make your dream goal happen. At least he thinks realistically about that part rather than that whole wishing crap. Though his blue eyes and sexy chest would make my heart pound rapidly, he doesn’t act like the smartest fish in the sea. I expect idiocy motivations from the teenager characters, but not a grown young adult like Terra.

Despite being way too gullible, I do give Terra a bit of credit for working hard and can nicely welcome people in a quite optimistic matter. He is one guy that can make friends easily at any age! Too bad Terra is just too naive to talk to the right people for advise and not knowing that his heart has been embedded with “darkness”. Oh, should I mention at the end of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep that….


” Master Xehanort took over Terra’s body. Terra is now a walking suit of armour with no one inside. Not sure how this is going to work in bed fella.” 


9. Cliff – Harvest Moon 64

Possibly the only cute sprite looking character that has made it to the Top 10 of this countdown. Cliff in the Harvest Moon 64 was an easily likeable character for a guy rival in the series. His generous personality, huge affection for animals and fear of feeling betrayed by others made him felt real for a cute looking sprite character. I know people may prefer Cliff in Back to Nature for the PS1, but I personally thought he was too sensitive for my taste.

Cliff’s ponytail hairstyle, blue eyes and fur-like jacket are the handsome and iconic features about the character. Cliff in Harvest Moon 64 loved animals and can bring out some great knowledge about animals. He has a likeable personality, though if you’re a feisty girl like his love interest Ann, then you might not like his critical attitude. Plus I also found his reason to be scared of others to be fascinating since it can relate to that in real life. While Cliff did had his coward moments when you got to know him well, but I like how he bounces back to be his fun and calm self.


“Events of Cliff in Harvest Moon 64. He loves animals, scared of being betrayed, has an anxious attitude… That’s a guy I can relate to in real life.” 


Cliff may have appeared in other Harvest Moon games, but Cliff in his appearance in Harvest Moon 64 makes him easily likeable in my books. Plus it’s good that to see a handsome male character that has long hair wearing a ponytail. Cliff does looks too chibi or anime-like for my taste in men, but from all the guys that appeared in Harvest Moon 64, Cliff is by far the most handsome guy in that game. Harris the mailman as my husband? Thanks but no thanks!

8. Dante – Devil May Cry  3 & 4

Every lady needs a man to act like a bad ass once in a while and the one man (or demon figure) that can really pull that well is Dante from Devil May Cry 3 and 4. I didn’t include Dante from both Devil May Cry 1 and 2, and the DMC reboot on the list because I don’t find their appearances and presentations that attractive overall, especially the DMC reboot Dante looking like a douchy Justin Beiber.

The white hair and red cloak is one suiting appearance for Dante, but his fighting style will surprise anyone or make any girl giggle with joy for how over the top he fights his opponents, especially shirtless with a slice of pizza in his mouth. Dante has a thing to perform over dramatically with quite cheesy lines or act completely cocky to anyone, whether it is his friends or enemies. While Dante can be a fun character to be admire by, his cockiness can get a lady pretty irritated with.

Though hanging out with a demon who needs to clean up his attitude may not be for all the ladies, but for girls who likes a man to be active, fun and bad ass will appreciate Dante more, especially his role from Devil May Cry 3 and 4. Yes, Dante has his prick moments, but at least he responds with some class and comedy to them unlike DMC’s Dante. You know where I’m getting at with this part.

Devil May Cry 4


“Now that’s a Dante that can win a woman’s heart!”

DMC: Devil May Cry


“How uninspiring words Dante…. At least you cleaned up your act as you got older.”

7. Zack Fair – Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core

Oh Final Fantasy…. you are certainly guilty to have many attractive guys in your games for fan girls to go freaking gaga all over. If I was forced to to like a male character from the Final Fantasy series, I would definitely choose Zack Fair from Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core. That’s right fans, I would choose a hero from Final Fantasy that is actually likeable and sounds sexy.  No emo attitude boys for me! I’m looking at you Cloud and Squall….

The one reason why I consider Zack Fair a cutie is because of his cheery personality. He’s the one hero from the 3D final fantasy games that isn’t too moody and can socialize to others without hesitation.  However, the best feature that Zack Fair has is his hair and eye colour. Seriously, a man with dark hair with blue eyes equals sexy in my books, which is the reason why I put him pretty high on the list…plus he can carry a heavy ass sword without breaking a sweat.

Zack Fair had that generic hero vibe that Square-Enix likes to write their heroes, but at least he was always feeling optimistic when socializing with others or took things seriously when discussing serious matters to other people. As much as I want to raise Zack Fair higher on the list, though there is one major problem for a lady falling in love with this character…


“He’s dead. A lady can’t date a dead guy unless if she’s a necrophiliac. Gross…”   


6. The Prince – Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

The Prince from the Prince of Persia series goes into different phases, appearances and attitudes in each game that Ubisoft has ever release. Though there is something about the Prince in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time that makes him a dreamy figure with his poetic narration, welcoming voice and flexible moves with all those running on walls he does in the game.

The Prince in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a pretty charming character, especially whenever he narrates the story to himself in the game. His sense of humour is subtle and fun, though for the most part he is written to act serious in the entire game (but not as serious as Kratos from God of War).The Prince also has this passionate vibe whenever he talks about love and his love interest Princess Farah in the game. Personally, he’s so far the most romantic sounding character that I have ever encounter in a video game.

“The bath scene…Bow Chicka Wah Wah!” 

The Prince isn’t the most attractive guy character on this list, but his voice, poetic nature and moves can make a lady fall in love with this charming Persian prince. Although I could have picked any version of the Prince in the other Prince of Persia games, but there’s something about the one in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time that makes him immediately likeable.

5. Wander – Shadow of the Colossus

For a guy who would risk his own life to save his love interest, Wander from Shadow of the Colossus is the best character for this description. Wander is one attractive dude that would do anything to the girl he wants to resurrect back from the dead, which is something ladies would appreciate Wander’s honest and passion for this decision, even though it is impossible or morally wrong to bring back someone from the dead.

Though Wander doesn’t have an interesting personality, though he has an handsome appearance with his dark hair and bright colour eyes, and you I have quite a thing with guys with dark hair and light colour eyes. Plus to give Wander some credit in Shadow of the Colossus that he had to fight off some monstrous colossuses in order to resurrect his love. By the near the end of this game, you can tell that he only cares about the girl that he wants to bring back alive. However…


“Wander gets possessed by Dormin, someone sends him to a pool filled with light and he turns into a baby with horn. I would definitely go to jail if I ever dated a baby with horns”. 


Despite the lack of personality and the character’s role in the end of Shadow of the Colossus, Wander is truly a guy that ladies can easily have their hearts pounding with passion until their souls escapes out of their bodies. With a sexy look and a heroic way to show his love to a lady, Wander is a guy that I would like to meet up on a date, though it would be hard for me to understand him with that random language he speaks in.

4. Jak – Jak 2, 3 and X

The first time I played the Jak and Daxter sequels like Jak 2 and Jak 3, I gotta admit that I had a bit of a crush on Jak. Always changing his appearance and acting like a calm bad boy when necessary adds Jak, specifically from Jak 2, Jak 3 and Jak X puts him in my Top 5 on the countdown. I wouldn’t add Jak from Precursor Legacy and Lost Frontier on here just because their designs don’t scream out “hot” in my perspective.

Jak started off as a silent character in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, but my perspective of Jak completely changed  when he started to talk in the sequels. His warm raspy voice, calm personality and fashion wardrobe (he completely changes his look in every game) completely made me like this guy and like Link in the Legend of Zelda games, he has ladies following him around (i.e. Keira and Ashlein). Though he good with kids and animals and looks like a nice guy to talk to, but when it comes to his appearance with dark eco powers or his mad attitude, you might want to stay away from him.

“Jak’s first words!… He’s filled with rage alright!”

 From all the platforming mascots that made their debut on the PS2, Jak would definitely be my pick for the most attractive platforming character on that console, though he isn’t my favourite. Jak can get the same kind of reaction when it comes to a sexy looking male character from a Japanese RPG game. Even though Jak’s dark eco powers looks deadly as hell but if a lady was being hugged by Jak with his light eco powers, it would definitely be one beautiful sight to view.

3.  Leon Kennedy – Resident Evil series

When you want a man that wants to protect you from a hoard of zombies or other zombified apocalyptic beings, then Leon Kennedy from the Resident Evil series is the pretty guy for the job. Leon can defend himself well and is willing to help others who need help from a pack of raving zombies or people working for the “evil” side of things. You want a guy who is bold and determine with his actions and Leon is best for that role.

With his short dirty blonde hair and bright coloured eyes, Leon Kennedy will adore any lady no matter which game he stars in or makes a brief cameo in the Resident Evil games. However, I think every will agree that Leon Kennedy is more appealing in Resident Evil 4, heck even in Resident Evil 6 if you mind him being a few years older after RE4. Though Leon is a serious kind of guy that takes everything seriously, he would say s few sarcastic subtle jokes that would make some people chuckle, even though it’s not the best.

Leon Kennedy may not the right man to go out on a date with his bland and sometimes naive personality, but I know a lady can’t say no to invite a handsome looking man who has determining combat skills in their home, especially when there is a zombie apocalypse invading their town. Though I like Luis Sera’s personality a little more in Resident Evil 4, but there are two problems I have with Luis. One, He’s a smoker, and two….


“He’s dead. Once again…can’t date a guy who’s dead. Too bad that this was Luis’ only appearance in the Resident Evil games…So far.”


2. Adult Link – Legend of Zelda series

Oh Adult Link from the Legend of Zelda games, basically my first video game crush that I ever feel in love with. Most girls wishes for a knight in shining armour (or tunic) to come into their homes and Link (especially when he’s older) is the perfect guy to make that happen. He has a kind nature to his personality and some attractive features that will pound a lady’s heart like a locomotive. Plus he’s not a guy that will highly annoy you at all, unless in his kid form.

Whether it’s from Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, Link will listen to anyone and do those favours with gratitude. He is a generous fellow that seems like a really good listener. In games like Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, it really displays Link’s feelings well when he cares about people he knows (like Zelda) or those who need help (like Midna).  The major problem with Link is that communicating with him will be highly difficult for a girl to talk to. Since Link is a silent character that can only make shout and grunting noises, the conversation would end up being like this…

“This animated flash cartoon displays Link’s trouble in talking to others the best.”

Sony fans had a crush on Cloud Strife from FF7 and Nintendo fans had a crush on Link from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I grew up with the N64 which means that my pre-teen self made me go lovey dovey over Link. Link may look handsome and is not annoying at all, though talking to him wouldn’t last the date forever.

1. Nathan Drake – Uncharted series

While I do not enjoy the gameplay in the Uncharted series (or at least the ones that I’ve played), at least the series’ lead character is likeable in many ways. Nathan Drake seemed like the most appealing lead male character that made me had a slight crush on him when I played Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune back in 2009. Though I do not like the games that Nathan Drake stars in, but there are many likeable elements with his realistic looking appearance and personality.

Here are my reasons why Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series is the most hottest character that I know in video games. He’s got dark hair and light coloured eyes, he can fight well and epically in combat, his attitude is fun and likeable, he knows how to make you laugh, his fashion wardrobe is suitable for his body type, he’s good with history, he looks good in a suit. You can pretty much say a lot of great things about Nathan Drake. Sure, he literally fights dirty in such brutal combat and may get himself into really dangerous situations, but this is a character that has death with dangerous tasks that could kill him and manage to survive them.

“Jesus Nathan! Even when you’re bleeding a lot in a train hanging at the edge of a cliff, you can survive that shit!”

Nathan Drake looks like the perfect guy that a lady would want to go on a date with. Heck! Even having a beer or two with him would make the get together an enjoyable experience. He’s got a lot of elements that I like in an attractive person from a game. Yeah, he does have his dude moments where he shows sympathy to others in a dumb dude way (like how he left Elena on the island without telling her where he went off to in Uncharted 1), but for the most part, he can show sympathy and boldness at the right moments when the scenes are meant to be serious. I do hate your games Nathan Drake, but I do think you’re sexy.


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  1. Jesse Colton Says:

    Drake always wins these lists, doesn’t he? I approve of the majority of these choices though, particularly Link.

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