TMcBee’s Top 10 Songs from Animated Disney Films

Everybody who grew up with Disney animated films are fascinated by the animations and  characters in these magical tales in motion. But many Disney die-hard followers admires Disney for its songs and there were so many memorable tunes that stood out to viewers for them to sing and hum along to. I know I was one of those people who found Disney songs a treasure to remember.

For this countdown, I’ll be listing down my Top 10 Songs from Animated Disney Films. My choices are picked by the overall tune, visual and lyrical presentation of the musical moment in the film. I will also only place one song per animated full length flick so don’t expect two songs from one Disney film to be on the list. So let’s whistle while we list down the best Disney tunes starting with number ten.

10. The Three Cabarellos – The Three Cabarellos

Okay, Disney’s The Three Cabarellos isn’t a perfect film filled with random scenes and South American stereotypes that isn’t acceptable to today’s viewing, but I got to go with the truth that The Three Cabarellos sung by Panchito, Jose and Donald Duck is a guilty pleasure of mine.

The Three Cabarellos’ iconic tune has this bouncy, colourful and fun vibe that you just want to put a big smile on your face every time you hear it.

The song also provides comedy and play on words in both the visual and lyrical department in good execution, though I don’t think some people will find a few parts of the lyrics quite uncomfortable for a Disney film.  But then again, this film was released in 1945 and certain words they use were acceptable during its time.

Wonder how the female viewers reacted  to the following lyrics ” When some latin baby, says yes, no, or maybe”?

9. Heigh Ho – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Many songs from Snow White and Seven Dwarfs are either slow or uninteresting to those who cannot sit through this film, but you got to admit that Heigh Ho sung by the Seven Dwarfs is one of the most catchy and iconic tunes from the film.

Heigh Ho is one of those guilty pleasure songs of mine since I grew up liking this tune from my Sing Along Song VHS tape. The song maybe simple to sing to, but somehow getting into the mood when the up roar vibe of “Heigh Ho” begins leaves me with satisfaction.

I think some of the visual transitions don’t hold up too well today with this Disney feature, but I am sucker for the animations and environments of this musical moment. This is the perfect song doing hard psychical work or working in the workplace. Oh! Back to work I go with the rest of this countdown.

8. Kiss the Girl – The Little Mermaid

In all honesty, I think Disney’s The Little Mermaid is decent at best. Although, I won’t lie that it has a really memorable set of songs.

Normally everyone I’ve met adores Part of your World, Poor Unfortunate Souls and Under The Sea, but Kiss the Girl sung by Sebastian the crab is the best musical number from the movie.

Kiss the Girl sets the mood right where Eric and Ariel are in the boat about to slowly kiss one another. Seriously, this song is the perfect track for a lovely date or even making love in a cuddly way.

The percussions, rhythm and words are nicely done with Kiss the Girl and it never let’s me down with its calm and vivid ambience. The song is set low on the list because I don’t think the lyrics is perfect for singled individuals to hear. It’s just better to have someone with you whenever you hear this song.

7.  Almost There – Princess and the Frog

Now you’ll all be thinking, “I thought Friends On The Other Side was gonna make it on this list. Everybody loves that song”. I’ll be honest, I think it’s a decent song.

If I wanted to pick a favourite musical number from Disney’s Princess and the Frog, I would have to go with Almost There sung by Tiana.

Normally songs composed by Randy Newman aren’t really my cup of tea, but the way he composed for this song really works. Another bonus of Anika Noni Rose’s outstanding singing reaches this song higher on the list.

Almost There has that boost of energy with its warm stylized visuals that matches the optimistic lyrics and mood of the song. I do admit the song does sound a bit odd to hear in beginning, but once the music gets uplifting, it becomes a spark of inspiration and one catchy tune to boot.

Seriously Tiana, if you say you don’t have time for dancing, then how come you are dancing to this song?

6. On the Open Road – A Goofy Movie

I really love Disney’s A Goofy Movie and it was difficult for me to pick a favourite musical number from this film. Though there is one track that I thought it was well presented and memorable in results.

A lot of people who are fans of the film admire songs like Eye-to-Eye or Stand Out, but I think On the Open Road sung by Goofy and Max was the better song from beginning to end.

Sure, On the Open Road is a pretty corny song, but I love how Goofy’s optimistic and Max’s moodiness matches the summer road trip concept so well within the lyrics. Even the way the song begins is really unique with sound effects from the road trip, though that’s only presented in the film and not in the soundtrack version.

On the Open Road provides comical and Disney references that will make you smile with joy and the finishing of the tune feels like one musical number in a Broadway show… but on the open road.

5. Colours of the Wind – Pocahontas

I hate to be predictable here that I was one of those people who didn’t enjoy Disney’s Pocahontas. However, Colours of the Wind sung by Pocahontas was the most powerful musical number from the film, which overall became a song I really admired.

Colours of the Wind has that strong message in the lyrics that everyone is equal and every living creature is innocent. This is a perfect song to sing to someone to snap out of his or her senses that not everyone or everything is a “savage”.

Though I prefer the soundtrack version of Colours of the Wind compared to the one in the film, but the visual presentation, some neat transitions and Judy Kuhn’s singing does make this Disney song memorable with a sign of good shivering goose bumps to the mix.

4. Be Our Guest – Beauty and the Beast

Any Disney film needs to have a musical moment where a side character puts on a show and sings to the main protagonist.

Never Had A Friend Like Me (Aladdin) and Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid) are fine examples of this kind of musical segment and the one I enjoyed the most from Disney is Beauty and Beast’s Be Our Guest sung by Lumiere.

Be Our Guest is one song that fits the musical vibe so well that a musical Broadway show based on this Disney feature exists today. The song was entertaining, colourful and very visual pleasing that uses the right ambience for the lyrics.

The late Jerry Orbach did a wonderful job singing this song by using a smooth a quirky tone for the character Lumiere, plus Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Potts was so bouncy and fun with her segment of the song.

Be Our Guest is a delightful musical number that will make you smile or make you have tears of happiness after listening to this magnificent tune. It may not be my number one Disney song, but I think it deserves to be in the top 5.

3. Be Prepared – The Lion King

Disney’s The Lion King provides a lot of colourful songs to dance to and somehow Be Prepared sung by Scar was one of the fun sinister sounding songs from a villain.

What I like about Be Prepared was that it wasn’t too dark or too bouncy. The song was a combination of both and it was performed nicely with Jeremy Iron’s singing for the character of Scar. However, Irons had the help of Jim Cummings to sing the rest of the song when his vocals got messed up after the following verse:

“You won’t get a sniff without me!”

Even if the production of Be Prepare felt inconsistent of having two actors to sing for Scar, but you barely notice it as Jim Cumming pulled an incredible job to make Scar’s singing pretty consistent.

Be Prepared had a wonderful build up beat and some mind-blowing visuals of hyenas marching like Nazis. I know that controversy of that film is old, but its fun to mention it again.

2. The Bells of Notre Dame – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Many cannot deny that Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame was one phenomenal feature with a powerful soundtrack, except for one or two songs. I bet you thought Frollo’s Hellfire would make it on the list, but I think The Bells of Notre Dame sung by Clopin brought more exciting goose bumps than any other Disney song I’ve witnessed.

Not only The Bells of Notre Dame was incredibly composed with a requiem mass, the whole execution of this musical number was fantastic from start to finish. Clopin’s narration, the visuals, the conflict between the Priest and Judge Claude Frollo, the lyrics – Practically everything in the song felt intense, exciting and incredible to see from this quite “controversial” Disney film (as most people believe, though I’ve seen worse from Disney).

The song was like a story as it told the tale on how Judge Claude Frollo met Quasimodo. Even if it isn’t as accurate as the original book adaptation by Victor Hugo, but the execution of the scene got me pumped up to enjoy the plot of the film.

The Bells of Notre Dame is a masterpiece of musical composing and lyrics from Disney, which presented perfectly for the first act of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In my opinion, this song or Hellfire at least deserves to be in the Top 3.

1. Worthless – The Brave Little Toaster

I bet you’re asking yourselves “ The Brave Little Toaster is a Disney film?” Yes, it is a Disney film, but a very cult classic if you ask me.  There were only four songs in The Brave Little Toaster, but the one song I could listen to over and over again is Worthless sung by a group of damaged cars that are going to be crushed into a smashing compactor. You know, something that the kids will enjoy!

Now you guys think I am insane to pick a song from this film over The Bells of Notre Dame as my number one choice. However, when you take a concept of vehicles being smashed into little cubes and make a song out of that idea for a family animated film, it certainly becomes refreshingly intriguing.

These cartoony cars singing in Worthless aren’t even main characters of the film, but you sympathize them for what they’ve accomplished in life before being sent to the dumpster to become demolish. The concept of the song is dark, but it’s one gripping track that you want to bop your head to every time the cars sang.

Even if some people may not like the interruptions of the scene where TV persuades the owner to save Toaster and his friends in between every verse, but Worthless was nicely composed, combining deep lyrics and catchy  beats into one remarkable song.


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