T-McBee’s Top 10 Female Singers

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The music industry always like to commercialize artists and bands and want to focus their image more than the singers or bands’ passionate talents. Female singers (whether they are solo or a lead singer in a band) are shown with a beauty image that viewers should look up to, but I think focusing too much on the image of the female singer would take lack their musical talent.

However, there are or have been some female artists that can show beauty and also show their remarkable voice at the same time.  I applaud these female icons, whether they still sing or used to sing in the music industry. This is T-McBee here listing down my Top 10 Female Singers.

I’ll be adding female vocalists from either bands or that sing solo on this list. And most importantly, these picks are my choices. I’m not counting down the best ones…just my favourites.

Well without further ado, lets give these talented ladies to shine on the spotlight to begin this countdown.

10. Melanie Chisholm

People highly remember Melanie Chisholm (or Mel C) as Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls, but I believe that this member of the Spice Girls had a voice that stood out beautifully that got herself to sing solo. It is really hard to describe Mel C’s singing just because it is high pitch, but somehow there is an heavenly vibe when she hits those vocal notes.  In other words, Mel C’s singing is pretty unique.

Whether Melanie Chisholm sang with the Spice Girls, solo or with other musicians and bands, her voice easily becomes noticeable and that is the reason why I liked her singing back then and still do today… If I am in the mood in listening to songs by her. Sometimes her singing can be a bit to high when she hits those high notes, but other than that, I think Mel C’s singing is incredibly memorable no matter how old or new the songs are.

Favourite song by Melanie Chisholm

9. Alanis Morisette

I’ve talked about Alanis Morissette on my Top 10 Canadian Media and Successors since the album Jagged Little Pill got me to listen to Alanis Morisette back in the 90’s. Besides being a singer with a natural and honest vibe in her image, Alanis had quite some strong messages to her songs, despite what people say about Alanis’ singing. Her singing didn’t bug me at all since her style has subtlety to it.

Just like Melanie Chisholm, Alanis Morissette has a unique singing voice, but often can hit those really high pitched notes that could bug some people. Personally, since Alanis music wasn’t too poppy or too grunge like, her singing really fitted the music style she sang along to. She maybe one of my favourite Canadian musicians of all time, though she isn’t my favourite female singer of all time.

Favourite song by Alanis Morissette

8. Lauryn Hill

Any female singer in the rap, reggae, hip hop or r&b style of music is something I usually avoid since they either make those type of singers more commercialized than being passionate about their talent. However, Lauryn Hill back in the 90s always brought something important or fun to her singing and lyrics without being offensive. She was one hip hop reggae artist that has a voice and talent.

Every time I hear Lauryn Hill sing always gives me satisfying goosebumps shivering down my spine as she has one gorgeous voice whenever she sang solo or with the Fugees. Her voice really stood out as I found myself laying back happily whenever she sang. Even though she struggled to make a come back and is now sentenced to three months in jail for tax evasion, but I still appreciate her wonderful talent and the songs she sang back then.

Favourite Song with Lauryn Hill

7. Anette Olzon

I think people weren’t fair to Anette Olzon when she became the new vocalist for Nightwish from 2007-2012. I wasn’t a fan of singing at first since she had some trouble hitting some notes when she sang with Nightwish. However, her singing from other bands, solo or in the 2011 Nightwish album Imaginearium is when I got to appreciate her more.

I believe that Anette is capable of singing really well, especially when her singing style is a combination of symposium metal with a quite pop rock vibe. That is pretty hard to combine those two music genres together. So for those who gave Anette no respect when she was with Nightwish, you have to understand that Anette’s singing style is different from Tarja Turunen’s singing and that she can sing well.

Favourite Song with Anette Olzon

6. Simone Simons

Simone Simons from Epica is perhaps the most beautiful looking singer I have ever witnessed from a symphonic metal band. Even though I am not a huge fan of Epica, but hearing Simone sing from that band presents a magical vibe with her mezzo-soprano vocal work. Seriously, if you ever hear her singing Cry for the Moon in Epica, her outstanding voice will literally give you shivers down your spine.

What I find Simone Simons a fascinating female vocalist is that she can range her voice from low to high pitches (but not too high)  and can present beautiful singing when she hits those notes. People have described her as a guardian angel that stepped on Earth, which I understand why they would say that. Though Simone isn’t highly memorable in my books, but I gotta say that she’s got one magnificent voice and gorgeous image.

Favourite Song with Simone Simons

5. Cristina Scabbia

Lead singer of Lacuna Coil, Cristina Scabbia has one outstanding voice and beautiful image that could get people interested in metal bands like Lacuna Coil, especially those who like bands with female lead singers in them. For example, Evanescence. It is quite a shame that the band Cristina is in is quite underrated as there are so many great songs done by Lacuna Coil and to have a  vocalist like Cristina Scabbia makes it better.

Cristina Scabbia’s singing style hits a range of variety from being high pitched or deep sounding depending how the song is composed. Though some of the songs she sings with Lacuna Coil would fall in the territory of mainstream rock, but I think her voice can pull it off well, especially when the band’s music style isn’t too melodramatic sounding to begin with. I believe that without Cristina Scabbia, I wouldn’t able to discover Lacuna Coil at all.

Favourite Song with Cristina Scabbia

4. Grace Slick

Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplaine was one legendary vocalist from the 60s  that had a hypnotic voice to her psychedelic vibe of singing. Every time I hear Grace Slick sing, I easily become laid back by her deep echoed voice that goes from one ear to another. Her singing did match perfectly to Jefferson Airplane’s music style and it’s great to appreciate Slick’s voice whether you’re a druggie or not.

Slick’s rebellious vibe and interesting history makes her one intriguing singer and I find it even more surprising that she was once a model and that studied art (she continues doing art today) before she joined Jefferson Airplane. Her passionate singing made Grace Slick one iconic singer that people who grew up with the Jefferson Airplane will never forget about this band. *Sigh*…I wish I had grew up in the 60’s.

Favourite Song with Grace Slick  

3. Tarja Turunen

Tarja Turunen, who was the first female vocalist for Nightwish, really blew my mind away when I heard her classical opera like style of singing for the first time. I think Tarja is one talented individual that can sing phenomenally with or without a band, even though she really stood out the best when she was with Nightwish despite the convoluted fight with the band members before her separation.

What I really like about Tarja Turunen is the way she brings this classical opera style with a range of three octaves in her voice. She can go either really high or really low in her voice without going flat. But the best part about Tarja is that her classical type of voice really suits symphonic metal music. Without knowing who Tarja is  wouldn’t get me to like other bands and vocalists in this music genre today like Lacuna Coil, After Forever, or The Dreamside.

Favourite song with Tarja Turunen

2. Candia Ridley

Look! Just because you like pagan, goth or Wiccan music, doesn’t mean you are going to hell.  Lead singer Candia Ridley from Inkubus Sukkubus has a hauntingly beautiful voice that makes me day dream a lot of fantasy imagery in my head. Her voice is literally like a call from a Siren that is leading you to her voice and I think that’s what makes Candia’s singing so incredible.

There is some kind of dark retro vibe whenever I hear Candia sing no matter how old or new the song is. It also surprises me by the fact that she can sing consistently with the same vocal style for over two and a half decades. I think Candia’s voice is perfect for Inkubus Sukkubus to keep this gothic/pagan genre of music going for this band. Though I am not a pagan myself, but I do love Candia’s voice and this type of music.

Favourite song with Candia Ridley

1. Annie Lennox

I am a sucker for 80s music and lead singer of Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, is my favourite female vocalist during that decade and all time. A lot of people appreciated Madonna in the 80s with her controversy lyrics and auto-tune voice, but Annie Lennox had one fabulous voice for mainstream music that she can pull off beautifully with really short hair. I seriously can’t picture her with long hair.

Other than having a gorgeously strange image, I seem to never get easily annoyed by Annie Lennox’s singing since her tone is very low and she never sounds squeakily annoying when she hits any high notes. Lennox always sounds deep when she sings and that is the one aspect that makes Annie Lennox such a fascinating female vocalist. She’s one outstanding  artist with talent and class.

Favourite Song with Annie Lennox


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