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L-L-Legit! You are now reading another article of the Legit Animation Blog. In today’s T-Lab post, I’ll be talking about animated mommies in tribute for a special holiday that comes around in the month of May (for those who live in North America). That’s right! I’m talking about Mother’s Day.

We got to appreciate our moms for this special time of the month since moms were the ones that have supported us, feed us, raised us and became highly concern for us. It doesn’t matter whether your moms are a biological parent or a foster mom, what matters the most is that they were there by our sides who gave us so much care. Well, not every mom is like this, but majourity of moms do much for their families, even showing much more leadership than the dads of the households.

This is T-McBee here listing down my Top 10 Animated Moms for Mother’s Day. Please keep in mind that these choices are my personal preferences, so if some of your favourite animated moms don’t appear on my list, you’re welcome to mention them at the forums at!

Oh by the way, keep an eye for any Red Text on this list since I will mention some spoilers or even major spoilers on some of the entries. 

Well without further ado, lets hug our mommies or female guardians to begin the countdown!

10. Martha Generic

(Bobby’s World)


Martha Generic from Bobby’s World is perhaps an animated character that many people don’t mention when talking about cartoon moms. You get an animated mom that looks acceptable in a blue jumpsuit and has a thick North Central American accent who says quirky catchphrases like “fer crying in the mud” or “don’t’cha know”. She’s not too bright and maybe a stay home mother, but at least she does a lot to support and love her family, especially her son Bobby.

Martha is the one of the first mothers I’ve seen in children’s cartoons that got pregnant, who still had that caring and optimistic attitude when she was pregnant with the twins. Plus Martha is in a big family with three kids, (five kids after her pregnancy of the twins in later episodes) and a dog. For a mother who doesn’t yell a lot, always feeling cheerful and has many kids living in the household is really something to admire about.


She’s not number one on the list due to her generic personality (no pun intended), but I still found Martha’s design, accent and loving ways to be memorable from 90s cartoons.

9. Peggy Hill

(King of the Hill)


King of the Hill is one of those shows that I can appreciate at times, though I’m not a huge fan of it like some people are. There is one character from the series that I sometimes support and appreciate her development in the show. That flawed, but fun mother is Peggy Hill.

I find it inspiring that Peggy Hill is a mother that has a lot of confidence in herself to raise a family and the achievements in her life, even if she gets out of hand or gets in trouble a few times, like spanking a teenage boy in class when she was substituting a Spanish class or taking the game Boggle a bit too seriously. However, with her being teased at a younger age, raising her son and niece, and years of her mother extremely criticizing her, can you really blame Peggy’s extreme and insecure personality?


Peggy Hill can push buttons to sound too opinionated or intellectual towards others, including getting into trouble with others like her friends and family. I seem to like her mainly because of her wild energy, confidence and her development as a character in the show, though there are times where I completely disagree for what she believes in. However, she had made me laugh a few times, as well as sympathizing for the character when the show had its dramatic moments. Is she a perfect mother? No. But you might find her interesting and entertaining from all the events that she had gone through in the show.

8. Ms. Tonitini

(The Weekenders)


Single mothers need some appreciation as they tend to struggle to handle parenthood and life on their own. Surprisingly Ms. Tonitini (aka Tino’s Mom) from The Weekenders keeps her cool and surprisingly can handle being a single parent pretty well without feeling too stressed out. Plus her cool sarcastic attitude got me to chuckle once in a while. I bet she and I could be good friends since I’m a sarcastically fun person myself.

What’s really cool about Tino’s Mom is that she really helps her son with advices to cope with his problems. She gives Tino advice in the third act of every episode and tell him what’s right for him and his best friends, including giving her son healthy dinners that he should be eating. “Foods that taste bitter and looks disgusting are better for you!” …Yup, that would be something my mom or one of my aunts would actually say in real life. I definitely like the way she socializes her son face to face and becomes the saving grace to Tino’s problems.


She could have been way higher on the list if only she had more interesting things happening to her in the show besides solving Tino’s problems with his daily life. Though there were a few episodes where she was highly part of that involved her, her son Tino, her boyfriend Dixon, and her ex-husband Mr.Tonitini. With the lectures and advices she had saved Tino, Lor, Carver and Tish during their weekends, she definitely deserves to star in a few episodes, including being part of this list.

7. Paula Smalls

(Home Movies)


Here’s another single mother on the list! Paula Small is one great example of a single mother that isn’t easy to come by. Ms Tonitini is the easy going and optimistic kind of single parent, while Paula Small is a more realistic approach of a single mother. Not only she’s a divorced mother of two kids, she’s also a creative writing teacher too.

Paula Small has a welcoming attitude when she talks to her son Brendan and his friends Jason and Melissa. She seems to support Brendan’s film-making talents, but at the same time becomes concern for her son in doing too much film-making after school instead of doing his studies. Paula is a concern but laid back mother to her son and baby daughter who would talk to Brendan face to face when discussing about their daily lives and problems. However, she cannot handle under pressured tasks very well such as job interviews or talking to teachers in conferences, including not handling dates after her divorce with her first husband Andrew Small.


Paula certainly has a lot of character to her personality and development in the show. Seeing all these elements from Paula is the reason why I appreciate her, though her O.C. disorder and nervous attitude easily makes me feel quite nervous and actually feel sorry for the character. Perhaps it’s because there are elements to Paula that I can somewhat relate to, such as being nervous at important matters, though I am okay sharing small talk and discussions with people. But either way, this mother does her best for what’s right for her family, even to her ex-husand’s new wife who’s got a “you know what” attitude.

6. Helen Parr/ Elasticgirl

(The Incredibles)


The Incredibles isn’t my all time favourite Pixar movie, though I can understand why so many people love the movie, especially appreciating the character Helen Parr aka Elastigirl. This super hero mother has super powers where she can stretch her limbs with a suit that makes her figure stand out. I know a lot of people would rank this character higher for her motherly tasks and her awesome fighting moves, though the way she stretches her limbs like Mister Fantastic from Fantastic Four (which he was the inspiration of her super abilities) kind of creeps me out. Not sure why, but it throws me off so easily.

Despite her creepy stretching moves, let me tell you the good things about Helen Parr aka Elastigirl (or should she be called Elastic Woman?). Unlike her husband Mr.Incredible, Elastigirl keeps focus in raising the kids to use their powers well, and even scolds on the family whenever they use their powers for the wrong reasons. She keeps the balance of the family in stable shape and show as much support and responsibility than any other member of the Parr family, especially when she stops Violet and Dash from arguing at each another.


I understand the praise that Elastigirl/ Helen gets from Pixar fans or fans of The Incredibles, though once again her stretching moves somewhat creeps me out. Sometimes we believe our own moms are super heroes from all the stress and running around that they do in their daily lives and Helen is that mother that can do so much just like our moms, though shown in a fictional comic book inspiring way. With that being said, she definitely deserve to be mentioned on a list like this, even if her stretching moves somewhat disturbs me.

5. Littlefoot’s Mom

(The Land Before Time)


Land Before Time

She may have only appeared in the beginning of The Land Before Time, but her spirited presence has stayed by LittleFoot’s life throughout the movie. Littlefoot’s Mom is a more spiritual pick for this list as her wise and spiritual words felt so touching and sweet when she spoke to Littlefoot, whether she was alive or passed on as a spirit. Guess you can say that she was Bluth’s version of Mufasa from Disney’s The Lion King (though The Land Before Time came out before The Lion King did).

This is a long necked dinosaur that has always cared for her only son. Even going through huge risks to protect him too, especially when Littlefoot and Cera were getting chased by the ferocious T-Rex also known as Sharped Tooth. Her death is definitely the most iconic scene in The Land Before Time as this became the Bambi’s Mom’s death for children in the 80s. As a matter of fact, I found LittleFoot’s Mom’s death scene to be emotionally touching than other death scenes from fictional parent characters in animation. I guess it was the last words that she said to LittleFoot before her life ended, including how LittleFoot became emotionally denial about the traumatizing situation. Not to mention that she kept her word by having her spirit moving on in LittleFoot’s adventure.


For a mother that had little screen time who appeared less than 20 minutes in the movie, LittleFoot’s Mom’s spirit always lived on throughout the first Land Before Time, even being mentioned in the crummy sequels that not a lot of people care about.

4. Mrs. Jumbo



For someone who isn’t a huge fan on watching Disney’s Dumbo, there is one strong aspect about this specific Disney film that I really admire. In my opinion, the character Mrs. Jumbo is perhaps the most touching and important character in this movie. She may had little screen time throughout the film, but at least she ended up alive in the end of the movie unlike some Disney’s characters like Bambi’s Mom or Mufasa.

What I like about Mrs. Jumbo is that she never judges her son due to his appearance, which is certainly something that all mothers should take in all consideration. Mrs. Jumbo defends her son personally and would fight back if others taunt or insult him in such a crucial way. Hell! She would even fight back on a human being if someone like an obnoxious kid lays a hand on her only son. But the one thing that people do remember in Disney’s Dumbo is the song “Baby Of Mine”. All Mrs. Jumbo wants is to see her son and… Ah geez! *Sniff* Talk about a real tear jerker that segment was.


Like LittleFoot’s mom, she had less screen time in the movie, yet brought a huge impact in the main protagonist’s tale. Without Mrs.Jumbo, I don’t think Dumbo would have became an appealing movie to watch. Kind of is if you hate circuses, clowns and the way circus life treats animals like shit. Hmmm…guess that explains why I’m not a fan of this movie.

3. Linda Belcher

(Bob’s Burgers)


Perhaps the best and entertaining mother in today’s animated sitcoms has to be given to Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. She may sound obnoxious and is voiced by a guy, but she’s got a lot of energy, enthusiasm and crazy lines that has gotten me laughing every time I watch Bob’s Burger’s on TV. She’s definitely one of funniest mothers that I have encounter from all my years in watching animated films and shows.

Linda Belcher is not only a mother with a lot of enthusiasm that is voiced by a guy, but you can appreciate the way she supports all three of her kids and keeps her husband Bob Belcher in a confident and happy mood. She’s a mother that doesn’t want to give up in things and even though she’s got the guts to stand up for herself and her family, even though her action towards her kids and husband can be a bit juvenille. Let’s also not forget that she’s got those stylish red glasses that really makes her stand out as a fun character.


In results, Linda Belcher is just a funny animated mom in my books. She may have some noticeable Jewish stereotypes in the way she speaks that could throw some people off, but it’s her wild energy is what I find her extremely likeable. Plus she’s a mother that likes to sing, though I probably wouldn’t want her to burst into song all the time if she was a real person. Not to mention that she can be completely denial when she believes she’s not a pushover or that she can do anything in what people believe in, like a hostess or a psychic.

2. Marge Simpson

(The Simpsons)


Of course the mother with the green dress, red pearl necklace and a lot of blue hair had to be mention in a list about fictional mothers, especially in animation. Marge Simpson is an iconic TV cartoon mom who deals with a lot of stress and puts up with the crazy antics that her family gets into, especially her husband Homer. This is a mother that has a done a lot for her family as well as taking many occupations and doing what’s right for the community in Springfield. Even though the town sometimes disagrees with her ideas and complaining.

Marge Simpson maybe the character that nags a lot and doesn’t feel that fun to be with, but all moms have their nagging ways because they are highly concern about their families, so Marge Simpson does displays that description in a quite believable way. At first Marge Simpson use to drive me nuts as she felt too serious for me to enjoy watching the Simpsons at a young age. Now I feel like in recent episodes that she has become a fun character to appreciate, though continues to have her nurturing and nagging traits from previous seasons. As a matter of fact, I find her much more likeable now than many popular Simpsons characters like Homer and Moe the Bartender. At least she manages to balance the comedy and seriousness in later episodes decently.


With all the crazy adventures that Marge Simpson had gone through for over 25 years now, she still manages to stay strong and become the most iconic mothers in animation, right next to Wilma Flintstone (The Flintstones) and Jane Jetson (The Jetsons). I know people may find her overrated as a favourite animated mother, but when she has some traits that are somewhat identical to my mom or even myself, I had to put Marge high up on the list.

1. Mrs. Brisby

(The Secret of NIMH)



From all the animated mothers that I had to choose for number one on this very special countdown has to be Mrs.Brisby from Don Bluth’s 1983 classic film, The Secret of Nimh. She maybe a shy mouse that cannot fight back, but she’s got a lot of heart to do whatever she can to save her family and home from multiple dangers around the farmers house and crop fields.

Think about this choice for one minute. Mrs.Brisby was once married to a noble mouse named Johnathan Brisby. After he died from trying to poison Dragon the cat in one mission from the Rats, Mrs.Brisby was left off raising four kids on her own, especially when one of them was diagnosed with pneumonia. Mrs.Brisby and her family’s living location was extremely dangerous to be in and throughout The Secret of Nimh, she encountered creepy locations (seeing the Great Owl) and dangerous situations (being chased by Dragon in the beginning of the movie) without acting so tough or using no equipment in facing fearful obstacles and creatures. She pretty much acted like herself in doing all these fatal tasks.


Mrs. Brisby is a kind and timid mother who would do so much for her family, even if she takes the risks of going through dangerous paths and situations on her own in order to save her kids, especially her ill son Timmy. I’ve always liked the personality and design of Mrs.Brisby, including showing confidence to the character without drastically changing the character’s personality in the film, which is really hard to pull off in fictional storytelling. She is my favourite animated mom of all times and I’ve always found her appealing in The Secret of Nimh. As for her role Secret of Nimh 2… She barely did anything in that horrible movie. Let’s never think of that awful sequel ever again.


And that is the list of my favourite animated moms! You’re welcome to mention your favourite animated mommies by leaving a comment here or at the itstailtime’s forum. Thank you all for reading this latest article entry and hope you stay tune when I post my Top 10 Animated Dad’s this June.


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